“But this time I can show you who you are with compassion. Remember, I am Zhao Yunlei!” The man sneered.

“Zhao Yunlei?” Chuck Cannon still hadn’t heard of it.

“Hehe, you see how rubbish you are. Have you never heard of my name? Are you scared to pee? Don’t worry, my level is different from you. People like you are not qualified to talk to me. But today you know, Why did I give you this opportunity? Very simple, your woman is very beautiful.” Zhao Yunlei smiled.

Yes, Zhao Yunlei felt more and more that he would be one conquering heavenly objects. Such a beautiful woman was going to be with a pig?

It’s too wasteful, a good woman, he should let her play. Such shabby is only suitable for shabby.

Chuck Cannon frowned.

This guy actually fell in love with Zelda Maine? That’s right, Zelda Maine’s figure and appearance are perfect. It’s normal to be liked by this kind of brother.

But if Zelda Maine knew about it, he didn’t know how she would react.

“That’s why I gave you a chance to talk to me, understand now?” Zhao Yunlei smiled.

Chuck Cannon glanced at him. At this moment, Zelda Maine stopped the car and walked over to Chuck Cannon and said, “Let’s go up.”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and went up with Zelda Maine.

Zhao Yunlei sneered, it’s really good that the cabbage was overrun by the pig.

He walked to the car and said, “Peixin, you can park the car.”

“En.” Du Peixin felt that in the situation just now, it’s better not to say hello to avoid embarrassment. After all, she knew that Chuck Cannon was with Kristen, and now he was with another woman at this time. What is the situation??

Step on two boats??

So after careful consideration, Du Peixin didn’t say hello to avoid embarrassment.

Du Peixin stopped the car and Zhao Yunlei smiled, “Peixin, is it true that the person said he knew you just now?”

Du Pei was surprised, Chuck Cannon admitted?

“Well, I know.”

“Is he cook?”

“Unfamiliar.” Du Peixin said, not quite familiar at all, and had met several times.

Sure enough, it’s definitely impossible to be familiar. Zhao Yunlei has no more, even if he has no interest in it, this kind of shame is worthy of him?

Not worthy at all! No qualifications to waste saliva!

“His name is Chuck Cannon, yes…” Du Pei wanted to introduce a little bit. After all, she didn’t know Chuck Cannon’s strength too much, but she knew Zhao Yunlei’s!

The Zhao family, one of the four major families of China!

This is the existence of cattle!

But among the four major families in China, there is no Chuck Cannon’s Cannon family, so Chuck Cannon should be a bit worse than Zhao Yunlei, but it is definitely better than Du’s.

This is what Du Pei knows clearly.

“Don’t talk about him, let’s go.” Zhao Yunlei has no interest at all. A low-level person can trample to death with one foot, so he said?

Du Pei felt helpless, “Well.”

It seems that the Zhao family, one of the four major families, does not look down upon Chuck Cannon’s family.

Two people walked inside, as they went up the stairs, Zhao Yunlei smiled and stretched out his hand to hold her hand, Du Pei was embarrassed, “Thank you,”

Zhao Yunlei smiled, Du Peixin is indeed a first-class beauty, how beautiful is this hand? Zhao Yunlei’s heart moved, Du Peixin was the woman he had always wanted, and only recently had the opportunity to contact.

It is impossible for him to deal with this kind of woman in a short time. She is too good and very restrained, but this is better, and it evokes Zhao Yunlei’s desire to conquer crazily. He thinks this is better.

Du Peixin declined and withdrew his hand, Zhao Yunlei’s heart became itchier, Du Peixin, you are so tempting!

This figure is perfect till the extreme.

Zhao Yunlei is slowly admiring.

The two entered the hotel and attended the reception.

Of course, this reception is not the reception of Zelda Maine’s father’s company, but the reception of others.

“Chuck Cannon, what are you talking about? Did that man just like me?” Zelda Maine was stunned, what Chuck Cannon said just now.

“Yes, he fell in love with you.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Zelda Maine’s beautiful eyes are moving. “Are you jealous?”

Zelda Maine was happy, Chuck Cannon came out with this, isn’t he jealous?

“No.” Chuck Cannon just said it, not jealous. How could Zelda Maine’s figure not be appreciated?

“Can you comfort me and say it’s okay to be jealous?” Zelda Maine was lost and comforted me.

“Well, I’m jealous,”

“Hehe, I won’t like him, he is not the type I like, I like…” Zelda Maine stopped, looked at Chuck Cannon with beautiful eyes, and appeared affectionately.

She has always been single, but when Chuck Cannon is here, she has fallen.

The atmosphere is a bit awkward.

“Ah, who do I like? I will think about it,” Zelda Maine smiled. Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, Zelda Maine’s emotional intelligence was extremely high, which made Chuck Cannon a little uncontrollable, so empathetic, Chuck Cannon really couldn’t help but do something that would be sorry for Yvette someday, then it would be out of control.

“Sister Zelda, you are so kind,” Chuck Cannon sighed.

“Okay? I’m not good. If it’s good, someone hasn’t been rejecting me, hum,” Zelda Maine pouted, acting like a little woman.

Chuck Cannon smiled, “Sister Zelda, you are so cute,”

Zelda Maine’s face turned red all of a sudden. She was exasperated by being so complimented. Why did Chuck Cannon speak so sweetly? Zelda Maine’s heart is soft, “Chuck Cannon, am I really cute?”

“Yes.” Chuck Cannon didn’t lie. At this moment, Zelda Maine was ashamed and looked forward to it. This expression was like a girl who was in love for the first time. The point is that she is thirty years old, and this expression is not at all inconsistent.

“Chuck Cannon, I want to take you to the toilet,” Zelda Maine said. She thought of her two experiences with Chuck Cannon, and Chuck Cannon was stunned.

“Why hasn’t my daughter come here yet?” Zelda Maine’s mother Liu Meili was anxious and urged many times. Zelda Maine kept saying that there was no time. Chuck Cannon is the boss. Why is he so busy?

Liu Meili was worried about her daughter whether she broke up with Chuck Cannon. After all, Liu Meili could see that her daughter especially liked Chuck Cannon. This is the first time that Zelda Maine has always insisted on singleism!

If this breaks up, what should she do?

“It might be a traffic jam! Don’t worry.” said the young woman in shorts who went to Chuck Cannon Square with Liu Meili at that time. The fish gelatin that Chuck Cannon gave her last time was envied by relatives and friends after letting her go home!

She also wanted to see Chuck Cannon, after all, Zelda Maine also called her aunt. If Chuck Cannon really got on well with Zelda Maine, she would be blessed too!

Liu Meili sighed, traffic jam? She worries that her daughter will find another excuse when that time comes.

“Oh, beautiful, didn’t you say that Zelda Maine will bring friends over this time? Why didn’t I see it?” A young woman walked over.

Liu Meili glanced at her.

“Listen to you. Last time, Zelda Maine’s boyfriend also asked someone to fly over to bring food. Didn’t he come by plane this time?” The young woman laughed.

When she heard Liu Meili say this last time, she didn’t believe it at all!

how can that be possible? Flying over to deliver the ingredients, what kind of local tyrant can do?

Liu Meili was angry.

“He’s probably not coming anymore. People nowadays all like to pretend…” The young woman shrugged and Liu Meili hummed, “It doesn’t matter whether he comes or not, right?”

“Oh, you’re angry? Didn’t Lao Mo not put you in sleep clothes, making you so irritated? Ouch, how can it be done? My husband is still strong, I am happy every day, how is it like you? , I will breathe fire when I say a word, I don’t know what you are.” The young woman gave Liu Meili a blank look.

“You are sick, what are you doing to mention my man?” Liu Meili was really annoyed and wanted to hit someone.

“You are sick. Didn’t you say that your daughter’s boyfriend is very powerful? You also said that there is a square, oh, there is a square? In this society, a square can be bragging?” The young woman laughed.

Her husband has a big company, and he came to the reception this time to show off. It won’t work if you don’t show off. Every day, beauty is boring.

“Shut up,” Liu Meili was angry.

“You are so angry, find a young guy… I won’t tell you, it’s boring,” the young woman left with a mockery, Liu Meili was extremely angry, “Are you sick? Talking about these things?”

“It’s you who is sick, oops, look, isn’t she your daughter who walked in? So that’s your daughter’s boyfriend? Is it a duck who works in some club?” The young woman laughed, this is a good match for young and old. Yeah, Zelda Maine is looking for such a young boyfriend. No, it should be the duck who came to charge.

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