Chapter 405: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 405 Wake Up, His Care

It made him have to believe it’s his fate…

“Believe me. I never lie. The way our shopkeeper looks at you shows that she likes you.” When the waitress saw Zhao’s unbelievable look, she got a little anxious, so she explained to him.

Zhao Nangong was confused and she kept saying thought Zhao Nangong couldn’t catch her meaning.

But a voice kept echoing in his head—Chuxue liked him!

He remembered the day when she had a car accident. She did confess to him, but he hadn’t thought that she had fallen for him so long ago.

They loved each other, but why did they have to separate? This made him, who was just ready to give up, keep wondering why. He was eager to find out why she didn’t be with him at the very beginning.

Jingyan Ye stayed in Chuxue’ s ward for a while. Venus Mu and Kerry Ye were reluctant to leave, so he decided to leave and to check on Yiyao.

When he went in, it was already very late. Yiyao was sitting alone on the edge of the bed, staring at the wall. He didn’t know what she was thinking about.

Jingyan deliberately made some noise to catch Yiyao’ s attention. She turned back dazedly and seeing it was Jingyan, she got interested.

“How is Chuxue today?” Yiyao remembered that Jingyan’ s leaving was because Chuxue had a car accident. If it wasn’t something serious, she knew that Kerry and Venus wouldn’t have let him go there.

Jingyan sighed, “Doctor told us that she is now out of danger, but she has a high fever…”

He really worried a lot about his sister, but he was not a doctor, so what he could do was waiting.

Yiyao began to worry about Chuxue too, “Then why did you come here? You should stay with her, what if…”

Yiyao stopped saying more. Why did so many shitty things happen recently? One after another, it just happened…

Jingyan shook his head, “Mom and Dad are there. That’ s enough, so I come over to see you.”

Yiyao froze, “I’m fine…”

The wound on her belly didn’t hurt that much and she could just endure. Although she occasionally couldn’t hear anything, it didn’t affect too much. She still could communicate with people like before.

Jingyan nodded and went over to hug Yiyao, the warmth coming from her made Jingyan feel safe.

“Don’t move!” Sensing Yiyao wanted to leave his arms, he stopped her, “Stay a little longer for me, OK…”

Yiyao didn’t dare to move when she heard him say so, so she just stopped struggling and allowed him to hold her.

He had never been so vulnerable in front of her, making Yiyao’ s heart ached, bleeding.

Not long ago, he lost his child. And then, his wife might be disabled. Now, his sis had a car accident and she was still in danger…

After three-days of torment, Venus couldn’t hold on. She hadn’t been sleeping for several days, with no appetite for food, so the moment she stood up, everything went black and she fainted away.

Kerry came in with water for washing, and when he saw her on the floor, he hurriedly threw away what he was holding on and picked up Venus.

“Doctor, doctor!”

Kerry, with Venus in his arms, shouted for help in the corridor. Not long after someone heard it and opened the door of the office.

“What’s going on?”

Kerry took a glance at Venus in his arms, “What happened to her?”

Kerry really cared Venus a lot, though they were already middle-aged couple. The doctor was not surprised by this kind of thing and gestured with his chin, “Carry her to that ward.”

Kerry hesitated for a moment and walked in, putting Venus on the hospital bed, and waited for the doctor to bring the medical kit.

He observed Venus for a while, and then drained a small bottle of blood, “In ten minutes, we will get the result. Wait here.”

But how could Chuxue wait there? There was no one in the ward, and what if she woke up during this period?

Venus was in a coma, who needed someone to be by her side. Kerry was finally caught in a dilemma, just like mother and wife falling into the water question. Which one should he save?

In the end, he chose Venus, so he called Jingyan, but the phone was dead.

Putting down the phone, Kerry was very distracted. But then he realized that it would only take about 15 minutes, so nothing should happen…

Then, he would be at peace, waiting for the doctor to tell him the result.

Before Zhao Nangong finished his Blue Mountain coffee, he left the money on the table and hurried to the hospital. Following the route he remembered, he found the ward where Chuxue was.

He nervously pushed open the door, ready to be cold-eyed by Venus and Kerry. After glancing at the ward, he surprisingly found no one was there.

He was surprised, but still relieved. He did not want to argue with others at such a time, otherwise Chuxue couldn’t have a good rest.

Getting closer to her, he found Chuxue looked peaceful, with her eyes closed. Her eyelashes were blew by the wind and he reached out to put her hair behind her ear.

Sitting on a chair, Zhao Nangong gazed at her. For the first time, the two of them were in the same room, without argue or fight. They were just breathing the same air.

Thinking of the past, Chuxue always had an aggressive look and was not afraid of anything. Every time, she was unsympathetic, bullish, and oftentimes downright mean.

At that time, all he wanted was to gag her, but now he was sadder when she didn’t talk to him.

What’s wrong with him? could he be a masochist?

He didn’t cherish it when he had it, but now he was so longing for it. Even if she got up and kicked him, he would be willing to accept all…

He rubbed his forehead and laughed at himself. Staying here, he felt worse.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Zhao Nangong reac hed out to gently touch Chuxue’ s nose, “If you tell me earlier that you liked me, how could I have hesitated for so long, making me almost miss you.”

After saying that, he realized how ridiculous he was, for he was telling this to a comatose person. How could she possibly respond to himself?

He dropped his hands, trying not to look at her. He bowed his head and sat there. As long as she was with him, he would be happy.

Taking a look at his watch, he realized that Venus and Kerry should be back. He controlled his heartbeats and left a kiss on Chuxue’ s forehead.

When his lips touched her forehead, he didn’t want to leave. He could smell her special fragrance from her nose, not pungent or strong, but it miraculously let him instantly calm down.

Zhao Nangong stopped for a long time until he felt a slight movement of the person under his body, so he hurriedly popped up. When he looked down, he saw Chuxue was staring at him.

“Well…” Zhao Nangong awkwardly scratched the back of his head, not knowing how to explain his behavior.

“Cut the crap!” Chuxue gritted her teeth and gently tugged his arm. He got up too fast to stand firmly, so he fell on Chuxue completely.


Her wound also happened to be pressed by him, “Are you trying to kill me?”

Zhao Nangong hurriedly supported himself up and make a safe range for her. Looking down and seeing Chuxue’ s eyes, he mumbled, “Yes…sorry, I didn’t mean to do this.”

The door was suddenly pushed open from the outside, scaring them. Zhao Nangong turned back, only to see Kerry and Venus, who had just awakened. This was too scary for him.

The two of them were still in shock, but they didn’t say anything. Zhao Nangong opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say, so he chose to shut up.

“Well…dad, mom.” Chuxue was the first to say something, whose voice was small and weak. She was in a coma for several days, so she was weaker than ever. But Zhao Nangong still did something to her. She actually didn’t have the energy to argue with him.

Now after such a big shock, she felt tired, lying on the bed with no energy.

Venus sensed her weakness, so she took several steps to her, whose face was pale and her forehead was sweaty.

Venus worriedly touched her forehead, which was no longer that hot, “Why are you frowning? Does it hurt?”

“Well, my whole body hurts!” Chuxue seized this opportunity to change the subject.

Kerry, however, wasn’t that stupid. He stood at the door, staring at Zhao Nangong with cold eyes. Seeing this, Chuxue knew she needed to do something, “I feel so bad and I need some water…”

Venus then said to Kerry, “You go and get her some water. The water here is not hot.”

Kerry nodded. When he left, he took a look at Zhao Nangong again. He was still a little uneasy, but he didn’t say anything and left.

Only Venus, Chuxue and Zhao Nangong were in the room and Venus let go of Chuxue’ s hand and said in a serious manner, “Don’t pretend. I can see it.”

She was still painful, but she couldn’t change that fast. Just now, the two were sticking to each other. But when they came in, Chuxue began to hurt that much. Was she too naïve? Or did she think they were fools?

“Mom!” Chuxue pouted, “My mom is the smartest!”

“Don’t be silly. Your father also sees it, but he just pretended to know nothing. Do you think you can get away from us?”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?” Chuxue was frustrated, for she thought she was so perfect that she deserved an Oscar nomination!

It turned out that it was all just her own wishful thinking.

Venus shrugged indifferently, “If you want to act, just do it. How boring it will be if I just tell you the truth?”

Chuxue was a little said. Her parents were too sophisticated and she could never defeat them.

“Instead, you…” Venus suddenly turned her gaze to Zhao Nangong and glanced at him.

“You abduct my daughter. Don’t you feel sorry for her? How can you act as if it’s not your business?”

“Mom!” Chuxue got annoyed. Abduction? She wasn’t that stupid, OK?

And they didn’t come back at a right time. It was clearly that she seduced him first. If they saw what she had done, they would not have said so.

Venus still gazed at Zhao Nangong, “Don’t bring me more trouble. And we’ll see later.”

Zhao Nangong was actually a little surprised. Compared to her previous paranoia, this time, she was having a normal conversation with him, as if asking how the weather was today.

Compared to the previous times, he obviously did something bad to Chuxue this time. But why did she talk to him with a better attitude? Could it be that she was testing him?

Thinking of this, he got more cautious. He respectfully replied to Venus, “Mrs. Ye, I will be nice to Chuxue. This time, I will definitely be responsible for her and make her happy.”

Venus, with a not-so-bright look on her face, continued to ask, “I have not agreed, so how can you be sure that I will give Chuxue to you?”

This was very aggressive, even Chuxue was struggling to get up, but she was stopped by Venus, “Stay there. Stop messing around.”

“No, mom, as I see, I think you’re trying to sell me with a good price.”

Venus, finally, took a look at Chuxue this time, “Smart girl. If I don’t think he values you that much, I won’t agree you two.”

“Seriously? I am your daughter, so how can you…” Chuxue, lying on the bed, was dying inside, making Zhao Nangong laugh out.

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