The young woman could tell at a glance. Could such a young man be the boss of the square? The ducks are still almost the same. It seems that what Liu Meili said before was fake, what they said about using a helicopter to deliver food, and what yellow-lipped fish and is in glass were also given. They must be fake.

There is no doubt about it.

“Duan Chunhua, shut up.” Liu Meili was annoyed, the young woman actually said that her daughter was looking for a clubhouse duck? She was extremely angry.

How can my own daughter go to such a place? ?

“Why should I shut up? You are so irritated, but I don’t have one. Let your daughter bring him to get to know him. Oh, forget it, I don’t want to know the ducks in the clubhouse. What a shame? Go away, go away .”

The young woman shook her long legs to talk to others. Liu Meili was angry and pulled her, “Stop.”

“Oh, what are you doing? Don’t come to me if you are so angry? Hurry up and find a young man, yes, you asked your daughter’s boyfriend to introduce him? He must know him,” the young woman laughed and opened Liu with her beautiful hands.

“Mom.” At this moment, Zelda Maine walked over with Chuck Cannon.

“Auntie,” Chuck Cannon said.

“En,” Liu Meili felt better. After all, after seeing Chuck Cannon, her hanging heart was also let go, at least her daughter had not broken up with Chuck Cannon.

It looks like it’s still in love.

“Aunt Duan,” Zelda Maine looked at the young woman.

“Oh, why do you call my aunt? How old are you? Call sister,” the young woman said.

Zelda Maine is speechless, she is more than ten years old than her, still, she wants to be called sister?

“This is your boyfriend?” The young woman looked at Chuck Cannon, not bad, a bit muscular. Which clubhouse duck is this? When can I go over and try it, I don’t see it is enough.

“Well, his name is Chuck Cannon,”

Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“It’s very polite. I won’t yell when I see people.” The young woman is unhappy, and she plans to go to his club to take care of the business. Maybe she will pick him up. It’s rude, she won’t go.

“Auntie,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Are you blind? Call me sister.” The young woman was unhappy.

“She is sick. Leave her alone.” Liu Meili was annoyed. She said that in front of her daughter’s boyfriend?

Chuck Cannon shrugged and Zelda Maine became a little angry, “Auntie, you can speak more politely,”

“Ah, you are also very angry, why are your whole family like this? Is your boyfriend not touching you, so angry…” The young woman is disdainful, it must be, or else the angry is so angry?

“He’s really unqualified. I won’t tell you anymore. It’s boring.” The young woman is about to leave. She is enough and has enough to show off. Knowing that Zelda Maine’s boyfriend is so bad, her superiority has come out.

“By the way, Meili said that you have a helicopter at home, when will you take me to play?” The young woman laughed.

Make me impolite! Stun you to death.

“No one is driving the helicopter, so I can’t bring it.” Chuck Cannon shrugged. This is. Although Betty woke up, she was still recovering from her injuries. The person who flew the plane before was also injured by Black Rose. Yes, you can only put it on first.

After all, the plane my mother ordered last time has arrived long ago.

It’s just that Chuck Cannon didn’t let people open it, so he could only open it after Betty was ready.

“No one is driving, haha, you can really pretend,” the young woman sneered.

“I didn’t pretend,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Not pretending yet? Do you look like someone with a plane? Not pretending, you?” The young woman was aggressive. “You said you didn’t pretend, then you ask someone to drive over now?”

“I said no one would drive.” Logan would, but why would Chuck Cannon ask Logan to fly over for such a small matter?

“No one opened it, no!” The young woman stared at Chuck Cannon, even more mockingly. She leaned over, “Don’t think I don’t know who you are.”

“You know?” Chuck Cannon is weird. This young woman has a pretty good figure. This is a standard young woman. But in Chuck Cannon’s memory, she has never seen this woman, so how could she know herself?

“Yes, you are the young master of the clubhouse, right. Oh, don’t pretend, you can’t pretend in front of me, I, go to the club often, how about it, look at your sister, I am in good shape, make me happy, If you let me down I will go to see you this time, but your sister, me, likes a man who likes to be obedient, are you obedient or not?” the young woman said.

Chuck Cannon is about to fall apart, he becomes a duck himself? How did she tell?? Chuck Cannon quickly said disobedient.

“It’s okay, your sister will still look for you and tell your sister, which club are you from?” The young woman smiled.


“Huh, pretending to be your uncle, your sister won’t tell you anymore, you made me angry with your words, I want to drive you out,” the young woman said.

Chuck Cannon glanced at her and drove out?

“Isn’t it scary? The owner of this hotel is my distant relative, If I say something in a word, you have to get out of here,”

Chuck Cannon understood that this young woman should be the relative of Zhao Yunlei whom he had just met in the parking lot.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to talk to such a woman anymore, “whatever.”

“Humph, what you said, don’t regret it!” The young woman snorted coldly, swaying her long legs out angrily.

“What did she say?” Zelda Maine was curious.

“She said she would kick us out.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Liu Meili’s face changed. By the way, the owner of this hotel is her distant relative, Liu Meili thought of this, she could really drive her out.

“What should I do? The reception has just begun,” Liu Meili was anxious.

“It’s okay,” Zelda Maine comforted. Chuck Cannon is so calm, what is she afraid of?

“Well, come, take Chuck Cannon to see your father.” Liu Meili felt relieved. Maybe Chuck Cannon still knew the hotel owner here. After all, Chuck Cannon’s family has a helicopter worth tens of millions of dollars!

Chuck Cannon went with Zelda Maine and met her father. At the very least, this play is going to be enough.

This young woman took the elevator up and met Zhao Yunlei and Du Peixin.

“It’s Yunlei, it’s been a long time, how are you?” The young woman corrected her mentality. This is a distant relative, but this is the Zhao family of the four major families. She dare not to make a mistake!

“Not bad, are you coming over to the reception too?” Zhao Yunlei said lightly, this kind of relative, with a net worth of more than one billion, doesn’t want to say hello.

“Yeah, this is your girlfriend? Really beautiful.” The young woman was surprised, and Du Peixin is indeed beautiful today, her figure and appearance are incomparable!

Du Peixin was embarrassed and said nothing.

“Is there anything?” Zhao Yunlei was still satisfied. The young woman said in his ear, “On the third floor, there is a small company holding a cocktail party. The people there, the garbage is dead, Yunlei, can you let them Fuck off?”

Zhao Yunlei frowned, and this young woman had no right to let him do this.

“What company’s people?”

“It’s just a small company, only tens of millions, and there is a person who is particularly annoying. What is the name, Chuck Cannon? Yes, it is him. He looks like a duck and is so annoying. He, he just molested me. …Yun Lei, you must vent your anger for me!” the young woman said.

Zhao Yunlei glanced at her, sneered in his heart, that Chuck Cannon rubbish, but he wouldn’t be so hungry and want to tease you, right?

He didn’t bother to expose it, because he thought Chuck Cannon was unhappy, so he would just kick him out in just one sentence.


“Thank you Yunlei, do you remember, I used to hold you when you were young, and you desperately drilled into my arms to eat my…” The young woman smiled.

“If it’s okay, you can go out,” Zhao Yunlei felt sick.

The young woman nodded busily, “Okay,”

She went out quickly, muttering in her heart, you are really hungry, so…

Zhao Yunlei took out his mobile phone, “Yes, go and see the third floor.”

When the phone was hung up, Zhao Yunlei smiled and pressed the top floor of the elevator. The top of the elevator was the reception. Chuck Cannon was not even qualified to go up.

The young woman walked over again and sneered. “I said I will drive you out, so prepare.”

Chuck Cannon frowned. Is this woman sick?

Zelda Maine was a little angry, and Liu Meili was alive, “Go away!”

“It’s you guys who are so angry in your family. You deserve to be so poor,” the young woman sneered. What kind of cocktail party did tens of millions have? I’m not coming to the garbage party.

“Hurry up and get out, when someone will come to drive you, don’t say I didn’t remind you.” The young woman shook her long legs. When she was about to leave, a hotel manager brought someone over. The young woman was overjoyed, ah, here. She stared at Chuck Cannon with a sneer, being disobedient with me, and I will drive you away!!

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