Chapter 406: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 406 I’m Sorry I Can’t Make a Choice

Zhao wanted to go over and talked to Chuxue, but Venus was standing right next to her, so he controlled the impulse to go up to her.

“Mrs. Ye, I would do anything for Chuxue. I just want her to be happy.” said Zhao earnestly.

Hearing him, Venus became less hostile to him.

“And what if …… I ask you to cut off your relationship with your father?” Venus said.

“Mom, you’re asking too much.” Chuxue suddenly raised her voice. If Zhao really gave up his father for her, she would feel guilty.

Zhao didn’t say anything. He stood in the ward and thought. Only a few minutes had passed, but Chuxue felt like years had passed. She clenched her hands tightly and sweated a lot.

“I’m sorry I can’t make a choice.” Zhao cleared his throat. “It was a feud between you and my father at that time. It has nothing to do with us. I don’t do anything wrong. Why can’t you give me a chance?”

Venus smiled. “This is a feud between the two families. As long as you are from the Nangong and Ye families, you can’t avoid it.”

“If that’s the case ……” Zhao glanced at Chuxue. Then he bowed his head and said painfully, “I ….really can’t choose.”

He would be very sad to leave Chuxue, and he couldn’t break the father-son relationship with Hao Nangong.

“You’re planning to give up Chuxue?” Venus stared at Zhao.

“I ……”

Not long after, Venus’s face changed. “You are different from Hao Nangong.”

Nangong Hao can do very crazy things for love by any means, but Zhao was very sensible. Although he looked like a dude on the surface, but once he was faced with something that needed careful consideration, he can think rationally.

If he hesitated for so long and finally agreed to Venus’ request, then Venus would have doubted his personality. Now he told her outright that he didn’t know how to choose, which made Venus start to change her impression of him.

“I can agree to you going out with my daughter, but…” Venus paused for a moment, “The Ye family and your family have a deep grudge. We still hate your father.”

Zhao frowned. He had never thought about this. Now he and Chuxue were boyfriend and girlfriend. But he hadn’t had time to think about marriage yet and didn’t think about the feud between Ye family and his family.

“I can assure you that if Chuxue and I get married, we both will move out of my family.”

Zhao said sincerely, but Chuxue blushed. She bowed her head. “I haven’t agreed to marry you.”

“If you are with me, you are my future wife.” Zhao said sincerely.

“If I am not satisfied with you, I’ll still break up with you!” Chuxue said deliberately.

“Which aspect of me are you dissatisfied with?”

“I ……” Chuxue was speechless. She had casually uttered these words. If she really had to say which aspect of Zhao she was not satisfied with, she really could not think of it.

“Anyway, things are unpredictable in the future.”

“Do you want me to marry you right away?” Zhao asked.

“You ……” Chuxue did not know how to answer. The formerly articulate woman didn’t know how to answer Zhao’s question.

Kerry picked up a pot of boiling water. When he pushed open the door, he saw Zhao already standing in front of Chuxue’s bed. When Venus saw him about to speak, she made a gesture to him, signaling him not to speak. Kerry quickly understood. He put down the water bottle and walked out of the ward with Venus.

Zhao had noticed them leaving, but Chuxue was engrossed in arguing with him.

“If you say that again, I’ll never talk to you.” Chuxue threatened Zhao deliberately.

She had previously heard people say if your boyfriend can tolerate your capriciousness, then he must love you.

She also wanted to use this to test Zhao, so she didn’t even think about it and blurted it out.

And Zhao froze for a moment and asked, “Are you serious?”

Chunxue nodded.

Zhao paused for a moment, and then said, “I’m sorry.”

Then Chuxue laughed.

Zhao knew he was being fooled by her again, but he didn’t care. He was afraid of losing her, so he didn’t care that he would always be at a disadvantage. He had been very generous to the woman he loved.

Chuxue saw that he was silent for a long time, so she asked him curiously.

“Why don’t you say anything?”

“What do you want me to say?” Zhao asked back.

“Are you angry?”

“No ……” said he. Woman’s mind changed so quickly. He didn’t even have time to react, and she had become different from earlier.

Venus and Kerry listened to the two bickering outside the door, remembering their own younger days. They couldn’t help but look at each other and laugh.

In fact, it was not that they didn’t like Zhao. It was just that his father had done so many things that made it hard for them to forgive his father.

After Chuxue woke up, the atmosphere in the Ye family became much more relaxed. They did not reject Zhao so much.

Jingyan Ye and Yiyao Duan also came several times to chat with Chuxue, but their conversation was often interrupted by Zhao.


Yiyao had been lying in the ward for many days.

“Let’s get out of the hospital. I don’t want to stay here.” She said to Jingyan

Jingyan paused for a moment and said, “Okay, I’ll check out of the hospital later.”

Suddenly balloons flew by the window. Yiyao looked downstairs and found a child standing there. The child was crying in his mother’s arms for the balloon that flew away.

“What are you looking at?” Jingyan saw that Yiyao’s attention was all outside the window and looked over with her.

“Nothing.” Yiyao hurriedly turned her head. Jingyan just happened to see the child crying in his mother’s arms through the window.

He was instantly silent and waited for a while before speaking, “Yiyao …… are you still angry with me?”

Yiyao didn’t know how to answer. She knew it wasn’t Ye Jingyan’s fault. But she just can’t help but blame him. Maybe it was because there was no one else around her besides him who would always accommodate her unconditionally.

“In fact, I’m glad this child is gone.” Jingyan bowed his head and smiled bitterly. “You had to have surgery on your ears. If this child was still in your belly, you definitely wouldn’t have agreed to the surgery ……”

After hearing the news that Yiyao got a miscarriage, he was in pain but also relieved that Yiyao would finally undergo the surgery.

Yiyao touched the scar on her stomach. She seemed to have gone numb with pain, and she couldn’t feel the pain at all.

She naturally knew Ye Jingyan’s thoughts. The day Louis appeared she had understood his intentions. It was just that the child was already gone at that time, and she had no reason to refuse to have the surgery anymore.

In that case, perhaps she was also considered a selfish person. If she was suffering in her heart, she should have given up the treatment as a punishment for the miscarriage. What reason did she have to blame Jingyan?

“What’s past is past.” said Yiyao. Then her eyes were instantly moist.

Jingyan knew she didn’t want him to know how sad she was, so he pretended not to know.

“I’ll go do the discharge procedures.”

Yiyao nodded. After hearing the sound of the door closing, she couldn’t help but choke up.


They were ready to leave the hospital when they ran into Yuqi Mu and Yulin Xiao carrying many gifts to visit them

“You guys are leaving the hospital? It’s a pity. I haven’t given this tonic to Yiyao yet.” Yuqi patted Jingyan’s shoulder.

Jingyan glanced at him, “you are hoping that Yiyao will stay hospitalized?”

“I made a casual remark. Please do not misinterpret my meaning.” Yuqi hurriedly explained.

“It’s good that you didn’t think so.” Jingyan smiled faintly.

He hurriedly pulled Yulin, “Let’s go. If I stay here any longer, I’m going to be breathless from his stare.”

Yulin then nodded, said goodbye to Jingyan, and then immediately went to Chuxue’s ward.

“Are you that scary?” Yiyao heard what Yuqi said and didn’t understand.

Jingyan wrapped her into his arms and smiled, “You is just getting better. Don’t think too much.”


The two were about to leave the hospital when they received a call from the police station.

”Hello, is this Mr. Ye?”

“Yes. What’s up?” Jingyan frowned. He turned the phone on amplified.

“This case has been dragging on for months. The suspect has been released on bail. Do you want to continue with the prosecution?”

Jingyan glanced at Yiyao and said without hesitation, “Yes.”

“Then please come to the police station and make a case record.”

“Ok, I’ll.” said Jingyan. Then he hung up the phone. He looked up, only to see that Yiyao was lost in thought, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sure she didn’t mean to make me miscarry. Isn’t it bad for us to hold her responsible for that?” Yiyao said.

Jingyan frowned, “I’m going to sue her not for this crime, but for kidnapping and intentional injury.”

Seeing that Yiyao was confused, he explained in detail. “Someone already confessed that those men deliberately dragged you and caused you to miscarry.”

“I just want to teach her a lesson so that she won’t dare to hurt you again.” He added.

Jingyan were looking forward when he said this. He didn’t want Yiyao to see his evil side. What he wanted to leave her was the best of him.

In fact, Yiyao didn’t notice his expression either, only that the tone of his words just now made her feel that he was a bit scary.

Jingyan also did not say much. No matter what, he must get back at Ziying Duan. Otherwise, he was worried that she might still do something terrible against Yiyao.

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