Chapter 407 – 408: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 407: The Wake of Heaven Monster

Seeing that the giant axe hacked down, the others were helpless. Something serious was about to happen.

The inferiors killing the superiors in this dynasty should be sentenced as treason!

Whoever committed to this severe crime his whole family would be punished!

At this critical moment, Jin Xue’s body escaped the attack of the giant axe in a very special posture.

Immediately afterwards, Jin Xue’s eyes gave off scarlet light, and brown hairs on his arms became visible!

His mouth gradually grew longer and the teeth in his mouth became sharp. The original square face now turned into a triangle one.

This…this was a fox!

“You had not prepared to kill me just now, you had monster-revealing powder smeared on the axe!”


Tian Xiong sneered, “Because I was not one hundred percent sure just now, otherwise, do you think you can hide away with that axe?”

The other three were dumbfounded, and couldn’t help taking a breath. They didn’t expect Jin Xue was a real monster.

“Master Xue, where did Master Xue go?”

Ming Ying looked terrified.

“Idiot, it must have been eaten by this fox!”

The monster could be transformed into a complete human form. It was definitely the Supreme Monster, with extraordinary strength.

Gongpu Li and Zhidao Zhou also called out their weapons and made a fighting posture.

“You broke the contract signed by the two races of humans and monsters, and you should be severely punished?”

Tian Xiong shouted sharply: “Do you want to be chased by the two races?”

“Hahaha, ridiculous contract, why should I wait here and be captured by you?”

The fox laughed in a sharp and unmusical sound, “You do not know how many monsters have been killed in private by your human race?”

“For many years, this contract has long existed in name only!”

“How dare you, then go die!”

Tian Xiong was furious, with his dazzling golden light shining all over his body, and his acupuncture points were lit up like stars.

“Slash the monster!”

He shouted, and the golden axe flew into his hands and slashed towards it!

With a ‘poof’, the fox was cut in half by the giant axe.


Ming Ying was overjoyed, but the faces of Tian Xiong and other two people looked extremely pale.

It hit the fox, but it was not hit.

Because Tian Xiong only saw a piece of fishy fox skin falling on the ground, a white smoke floated out of the fox’s body at the moment when the golden giant axe hit it.

Immediately afterwards, they heard the voice of the fox, “Haha…you are about to die, the Heaven Monster is awake… the catastrophe is coming…”

“What, who is the Heaven monster, and what is that catastrophe?”

Ming Ying looked confused.

Tian Xiong said: “Don’t worry about so much, just report it immediately!”

He glanced at them and said, “The urgent task is to lock down Yaoguang Mansion, and then conduct a thorough investigation. I suspect that the mansion has been taken over by the monster race.”

Gongpu Li and others also looked solemnly, “Yes, there must have a thorough investigation!”

A white smoke blew away with the wind, it drifting afar, across the boundless city wall, across the grassland, and finally to the deep forest.

It landed gently, and finally turned into a brown fox about several feet long.

It had three tails behind it.

There were four before, but just now, one tail was used!

Losing a tail meant losing a life!

Fortunately, although it lost a life this time, Lord Heaven Monster would definitely not treat it unfairly.

Thinking of this, it was in a much better mood, a pair of fox eyes, steadily spinning.

It flew through the forest, and a towering mountain, Tianyao Mountain, just appeared in front of it.

This mountain was said to be thirty-three thousand feet tall, but no one had ever reached the top of the mountain, because above the sky there had boundless thunder and wind, not to mention the Supreme Monster, even if the Monster Emperor couldn’t survive!

Only the Monster Saint can walk in the thunder and wind.

That was the reason this place was the holy land of the monster race, and all the monsters in the Shiwan Mountain, the Supreme Monster, and the Beast King all stationed here.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a majestic hall.

Suddenly it changed, and became a middle-aged man with a mustache.

“Your majesty!”

The little monsters guarding here each uttered people’s words, not because they had a high cultivation base, but because they swallowed the spirit-enlightening grass produced in Tianyao Mountain.

They had already opened up their intelligence!


The Supreme Fox nodded, walked quickly into the hall, and saw a cloud of black air enveloping the throne.

He knelt on the ground, “Little Monster see Lord Heaven Monster!”

“Have you done the task?”

“Master Heaven Monster, we have successfully done it!”

The Supreme Fox knelt on the ground, his face full of flattery, with hopeful light shining in his small eyes.

“That’s good!”

A majestic voice came from the black air.

“It’s for you!”

Immediately afterwards, a drop of extremely rich liquid flew out of the black air.

It exuded an evil atmosphere.

The Supreme fox opened his mouth and swallowed the treasure.

A violent force rushed across his body.

His eyes instantly turned scarlet.


A burst of blue smoke flashed, and the Supreme fox re-transfigured his body. The power that caused his body growing bigger made it want to scream.

This feeling was so wonderful, he felt that there was only one step away from becoming the Monster Emperor.

As long as he could break through the Monster Emperor, it would be able to regenerate a tail, and then his innate and supernatural power would be completely awakened.

He even could return to the ancestors and became a Heaven Fox.

“Thank you, Master Heaven Monster!”

The Supreme fox transformed into a human form, couldn’t speak enough of his gratitude!

“You can leave now, go help Supreme Bear and plunder more blood for me!”

The black air said, “When the time comes, when I come out, I will surely lead you to reappear in the prosperous age of the monster race!”

The Supreme Fox Emperor was full of enthusiasm by what he had said, his face flushed with excitement, “Even if we die.”

After saying a lot of words of allegiance, he left.

The door of the main hall was closed, the black air slowly dissipated, and the main hall became silent again.

In the ground thousands of feet deep below the hall, a fiery red sword was inserted across a huge body, and countless bones were scattered aside, there ghosts and blood kept wearing down the confinement of the sword.

“It’s almost the time…It won’t be long before I can take possession of the body of this giant Heaven Monster.”

At the same time, things were going on in the Wuwei city!

Kris Chen put away the magic weapon liberation tactic and took out the “Hacked in Pieces”.

Turning to the first page, there were seven shocking words, “Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain, pain, pain…”

“Enter the path with pain, pain in the heart, pain in the lungs, pain in the liver, pain in the spleen, pain in the body… pain in the bones, pain in the soul…”

“The pain is extremely painful, the heaven and the earth are painful, everything is painful!”

The words above seem to have magical powers, just a look made Kris Chen feel uncomfortable, as if every part of his body was aching.

What a strong effect!

Kris Chen was a little frightened.

The cultivation method of “Hacked in Pieces” was indeed the same as the shopkeeper Wang said. The cultivator must keep cutting himself with a knife.

And the more pain he experienced, the better, and from the extreme pain he could perceive the way of pain, sharpen the Divine Spiritual Power, thereby strengthen its ability.

But the disadvantages were also obvious. Just like Shopkeeper Wang said, almost no one could survive this self-harming practice.

Take Lingchi (kill a person by a thousand cuts) as an example. It took only three thousand six hundred slicing to cut all of a person’s flesh and blood.

But after the cultivation, there would be hundreds of thousands of times or millions of times of slicing. Even if one kept taking drugs and growing flesh and blood, he still didn’t know how much time would be wasted.

This kind of exercise was the kind that low-level cultivators didn’t dare to practice, and couldn’t afford to practice, yet masters looked down on, and disdain to practice.

It didn’t have so much benefit to me. What a waste of money, Kris Chen suddenly felt regrettable.

If he didn’t practice, he would regret buying the book with one hundred and ten thousand high-grade spiritual stones more than anything.

He carefully read “Hacked in Pieces”, and then swallowed a refined energy-returning pill, and the sword fetus kept cutting out sword energy.

Even if it was not the first time, Kris Chen still felt painful and numb.

It hurt, it hurt too much.

The pain came from inside.

A cut was only bloody, and the pain was less than half of this!

While cutting out the sword energy to open up the acupoints, Kris Chen was running “Hacked in Pieces”. The Divine Spiritual Power figure kept changing its gesture, a mysterious feeling crushing his heart.

One sword energy, two sword energy, three sword energy…

The pain superimposed by one hundred and eighty sword energy was simply painful.

It was hard to imagine that, before this, Kris Chen had borne fifty thousand sword energy.

Another acupoint was successfully opened, and Kris Chen was already saturated with sweat.

Immediately afterwards, he began to open a second acupoint, and his task tonight was to open a hundred acupoints.

In other words, he had to endure the pain caused by 18,000 Sword Energy.

The two-hundredth sword energy cut out, the three-hundredth sword energy, the three-hundred-sixth sword energy!

The second acupoint was full!

Kris Chen swallowed the second energy-returning pill.

The four-hundredth sword energy was cut out, and now the four-hundred-sixth sword energy…

“Works, it really works!”

Even though it was so painful that he wanted to commit suicide, but his brain became clearer and ran faster. This was how Divine Spiritual Power had grown.

But the growth of Divine Spiritual Power brought an infinite amplification of pain.

It was now even more painful when the pain that was originally superimposed on one hundred and eighty sword energy.

People had a tolerance for pain. Once they exceeded that limit, they either fainted or just collapsed.

But Tian Xiao’s Divine Spiritual Power was too powerful. This level of pain could neither faint nor collapse him, just like using a blunt knife to cut his flesh.

Only forty sword energy was left to reach the five hundred sword energy.

He just needed to cut himself five hundred times to practice the first level.

He couldn’t wait to see if it really could work.

Chapter 408: A surge of Divine Spiritual Power


When the 500th Sword Energy went out, a cool stream of air flowed through Kris’s brain.

In the Mud Pill Palace, the body of the Divine Spiritual Power little person suddenly expanded then contracted. After repeating like this for three times, it stopped!

On a closer look, there were skin lines appearing on the body of the Divine Spiritual Power little person, and miraculous runes appeared on its body.

Kris let out the Divine Spiritual Power, and had a panoramic view within twenty thousand meters.

His Divine Spiritual Power had doubled!

It’s really useful!

What a precious!.

What’s the feeling of having a surge of Divine Spiritual Power? What he didn’t understand before, he could understand it after a little thinking at the moment.

It’s a great feeling.

Keep practicing!

On the second layer, he needed give himself a thousand cuts!

It’s just a matter of punching through a few acupoints!

Then Kris used the Sword Energy to punch through the acupoints. One after another, the acupoints were punched through by Sword Energy, followed by the superposition of pain.

The pain was magnified ten times even a hundred times.

Kris’s face was a little twisted . It was too painful. He couldn’t think of any words to describe it.

How could he still feel the Demon King’s stage in such a great pain! Feel my ass!

Thus in pain, Kris opened the tenth acupoint tonight!

The second layer of “A thousand knives and thousands of cuts” had also been successfully done. The Divine Spiritual power expanded once again, and the arms and neck of the little person were covered with mysterious runes.

But it’s more painful when the Sword Energy came out!

Even if Kris blocked his six senses, it still wouldn’t work!

Anyway, one hundred acupoints must be punched through tonight!

Eighteen thousand streams of Sword Energy should be enough for him to cultivate to the third level of “A thousand knives and thousands of cuts”!

It was a long night. The next morning, Kris let out the last stream of Sword Energy, and his whole body was almost empty, as if he had been dragged out of water.

“It’s so painful!”

However, after the pain, the harvest was huge. The Divine Spiritual Power of Kris had been able to reach fifty thousand meters.

If he met the Silver Wolf King at the moment, he could easily wipe out his spirit with the knife of Divine Spiritual Power.

When the Sword Energy entered the body, it was actually refining the body of Kris.

He took out a high-quality weapon and cut it down on his body. There was no mark at all.

His body was physically stronger than before.

He didn’t expect that the Unknown Sword Tactic had the effect of refining the body.

Now the attack methods should be enough, and the Divine Spiritual Power attack was also enough. The magic weapon The dagger: kill Qin, which devoured the spirit of the Silver Wolf King should have absolutely no problem to improve.

Now, he’d better continue to practice the Tactics of the Magic Weapons!

He had a feeling that mastering the method would be of great use in the future.


At the same time, in the Shiwan Mountain, the Fox King came to Bear King’s tribe.

By this time, the Bear King had already recruited the remains of the Silver Wolf King.

The Bear King had been a Supreme Monster of Shiwan Mountain. At this time, the number of herds under his command had exceeded to ten million!

“Bear King!”

In the void, a brown fox fell down slowly and turned into a thin middle-aged man.

On the throne below, a tall, burly man was sitting there.

He was the Bear King!

“Why are you back so soon?”

“Ha ha, I finished the task ahead of time, so I came back!”

The Fox King laughed and said, “I have seen lord Heavenly Monster. He asked me to help you collect Blood Food!”

The Bear King looked at the Fox King, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, “Fulfilled Period of the Supreme Monster, are you one step away from the Monster Emperor?”


The Fox King laughed, “The Heavenly Monster rewarded me with a drop of ancestral blood!”

Ancestral blood?

There was a glimmer of envy in Bear King’s eyes.

In the Shiwan Mountain, who wouldn’t want to have the ancestral blood!

The reason why they worked so hard to collect Blood Food for the Heavenly Monster was to get the ancestral blood!

A few years ago, the Bear King was just a Beast King. When he was looking for food in the forest, he was favored by the Heavenly Monster, and that’s how he became the Bear King!

After attacking the Wuwei City and plundering millions of Blood Food, the Heavenly Monster would not treat him badly.

How many drops of ancestral blood would the Heavenly Monster give him?

Three or five?

Or more!

He was excited when thinking of it!

“Fox king, I’m here. It should be enough. You can go back!”

Bear King smiled, “I won’t bother you with this kind of small matters.”

He sneered in his heart. No one was allowed to take away his credit, no way!

How could the Fox King not know what the Bear King thought.

How could the Bear King take all the good things by himself.

“What you said is wrong.”

The Fox King said: “the array of the Wuwei City is quite powerful. I’m afraid that you alone couldn’t break the defense. Even if with me, I’m afraid it’s not enough!”

“The Heavenly Monster is about to come out. Naturally, the sooner the better, so I also brought two old friends here today!”


Bear King quickly stood up, “Who did you bring?”

“Snake King, and Rat King!”

Then two voices came from the sky, “Fox king, we are coming!”

Then, a woman dressed up seductively and a man with tricky eyes came over.

These two demons were well-known demon companions. Snakes and mice, share a nest! Both of them were the Supreme Monsters!

“Brother rat, sister snake!”

The Fox King was overjoyed and walked over and arched his hands at the two demons.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you very much.”

The Rat King’s voice was hoarse and deep, and his small eyes were full of cunning.

“Brother fox, I heard that you finished the task this time. The heavenly Monster awarded you a drop of ancestral blood. I am so envious!”

Snake woman was born seductive. She had long been sneaking with the Fox King.

“Oh I am just so lucky.”

Fox King laughed, “I lost a tail so that I could escape this time.”

Snake king and Rat King were surprised. The foxes considered tails as their life. It seemed that this mission was extremely dangerous.

“Let’s not talk about this. Here’s Bear King. You should all know him. This time, the Heavenly Monster let us help the Bear King plunder the Blood Food!”

“Brother bear!”

The Snake King said sweetly. The two sharp fangs looked very scary.

Bear King sneered, “I advise you to stay away from this!”

“Because this time, there is a great human power in Wuwei City!”


Fox King said in surprise, “What great human power?”

“Those hypocritical human beings will come to this kind of remote town?”

During his six months’ stay in YaoGuang Mansion, he had a great understanding of human hypocrisy.

It’s said that foxes are cunning. In fact, humans are the most cunning.

They are full of morality in their words, but what they do could always raise anger and resentment.

Those Human Almighty of human race would never bend down and come here! It’s impossible!

Hearing the words of the Fox King, Bear King sneered again, “Who told you that they are Human Almighty? I suspect they are the Overseas Immortals!”


This time, the Snake King and the Rat King were both dumbfounded.

Overseas Immortals, the words were too heavy. None of the Overseas Immortals was simple.

They killed demons as easily as stepping on an ant, and they were moody.

Every thousand years, when the monster race was at its peak, the Overseas Immortals would send people to wipe out the Shiwan Mountain, causing tens of thousands of deaths.

It was the tradition passed down generation to generation.

Even the Fox King was nervous, “No… it’s only June now. Those Overseas Immortals will come out to recruit principles in September. It’s still not the time yet!”

“Yes, and there are still hundreds of years to go before the wipe out. They wouldn’t do it at this time!”

“Hum, Bear King, I think you want to take this task alone, don’t you?”

Said the Rat King with a sneer.

“I want to take the task alone?”

The Bear King looked at him disdainfully, “It is my task. How can you say I want to take it alone? I’m kind enough to warn you of the danger. You don’t appreciate it, and you are accusing me here! It’s really hard to know a monster’s heart! Let me tell you, two days ago, the Silver Wolf King was killed by a human Sword Practioner. According to the Beast King who survived, the Silver Wolf King could not even resist one strike of the man’s sword!”

“It’s impossible. The Silver Wolf King was one of the top five among Beast Kings. How could he not resist a strike?”

The Fox King looked at the Bear King, and the suspicion on his face became more serious.

He had never dealt with the Silver Wolf King, but he knew he was very good.

In particular, his talent of attacking spirits made him have no rivals among the Supreme Monsters.

Bear King was too lazy to explain, “You three, just walk three hundred miles to the East. There are traces left by their fighting. Though three days have passed, the Sword Energy left by the Sword Practioner is still there. Now, that place has become a sword field!”

The three monsters looked at each other, and the Fox King was still suspicious. Finally, he said, “Brother rat, sister snake, I suddenly remember that there’s still something to handle in the family. Excuse me and see you around soon!”

As soon as he finished the words, he directly turned back to his original formation, which was a fox, and flew to the east!

There’s nothing to handle in his family. The Rat King was the least daring. He turned his eyes, “Bear King, I have something to do with snake sister. We’ll leave first.”

Then the two also flew away.

Seeing them fly away, the Bear King laughed. How dare the three monsters take his credit when they were cowards themselves!

As a matter of fact, he knew the whole story from Beast King. It was the Silver Wolf King who provoked the Human Practioner when the human Practioner was just passing by! He asked for it.

As a result, he provoked the wrong people, and was directly killed by a sword. It’s said that even his demon soul was destroyed.

The Bear King believed that the man should be a senior from the overseas mountains. This time, he was just passing by here.

It is impossible that those Overseas Immortals, who were superior to others, would care about the lives of ordinary people.

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