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Chapter 407: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 407 I’ve Never Liked You

In the police station, Ziying Duan and her father had already got the notice and been waiting there.

Seeing Jingyan Ye and Yiyao Duan walk in, Ziying stood up from her seat and greeted, “Brother Jingyan…”

She sounded more scared than happy, after being locked in the trail room and being required to come to the police station again, though she still felt love for Jingyan.

She dared not get close to Jingyan any more, because his eyes were full of strangeness, as if she was about to get drowned in them, and would never be able to escape.

“Mr. Ye, you are here,” the police of the trail room came back from getting some files outside. When he saw Jingyan standing by the door, he hurriedly put down the files and walked to him.

He couldn’t afford to mess with a person like this. He didn’t have to flatter him but at least he wanted to leave a good impression, so that he wouldn’t have to lose his job all of a sudden one day.

Jingyan nodded at him, “Let’s get started.”

The police officer touched his nose, feeling awkward because he felt he had been ignored. But luckily, he had a strong heart, so he adjusted himself quickly and started his work.

Seeing Jingyan’s cold face, Ziying felt so desperate. She didn’t know she had been hated so much by Jingyan already.

The police took a look at Ziying then another look at Yiyao – Gosh! They look so much alike! Are they twins? The police guessed in his heart.

It’s just that the latter had that unique aura on her. She could keep her back straight no matter she’s standing or sitting, totally different from those little women. No wonder she could gain the heart of this chairman!

Then the police officer shook his head, blaming himself for breaking the rules of being a police. He’s not supposed to guess or get involved in other people’s matters. Dangerous things could happen in an instant.

The police officer opened the file book and went it through for a while then he asked, “Miss Yiyao Duan, did you see the face of the man who kidnapped you that day?”

Yiyao started to think of what had happened that day. Then she showed a painful look, with her eyes squinted, “Yes, I did.”

Though she felt so painful to death, before she passed out, she saw Ziying’s face clearly and it was deeply carved in her brain.

The police officer nodded and asked, “Did you see that person, too?”

Jingyan looked at Ziying, who’s pleading him with a poor look, with her father sitting behind her praying.

Poor as they looked, they were not innocent. They shouldn’t have tortured Yiyao.

He nodded firmly, “Yes.”

Ziying was totally desperate. She could no longer hope Jingyan to fall in love with her. He’s trying to ruin her!

The police officer saw all their reactions and wrote their words on the file book. Then he asked Ziying, “Miss Ziying Duan, do you admit having kidnapped Miss Yiyao Duan?”

“I…” Ziying’s heart died. She was thinking about admitting it, because she felt so tired and just wanted to get it over with.

“No!” seeing his daughter hesitating, Ziying’s father hurriedly pressed her hands down and denied, “she was with me that day. There must have been some misunderstand!”

“Is that so?” the police officer was sophisticated and could tell who’s lying right away, “giving false evidence will be charged for obstruction. You could be in prison.”

The father nodded, “I am telling the truth. I don’t know what you mean by false ebidence!”


The father hurriedly stopped Ziying and made her swallow her words.

The police officer shook his head, “Stubborn!” then he wrote something down on the file book.

The policeman asked a few more questions, but the father Duan denied them all, saying that Jingyan and Yiyao must have mistaken another woman for Ziying, after all, there’s possibly another woman who looked like Ziying and Yiyao.

Ridiculous it might sound, it’s of the right logic. At least, it’s possible.

Jingyan and Yiyao remained calm. They didn’t get angry because they had enough evidences. And that things wouldn’t just change because of lies.

“Alright, we’ve had enough notes taken. Go home and wait. You shall be informed of the court date!” the police stood up, arranged the files on the table and walked out without saying anything else.

Jingyan and Yiyao had no wish of staying longer here. When they were about to leave, the father Duan called their names.

“Anything else?” Jingyan stopped and asked the father Duan with respect.

Mr. Duan hesitated and finally said, “Please, I beg you, please forgive Ziying. It was just an act of foolishness and impulsiveness, and she has paid a great price for what she did. She has been living in deep regrets!”

Jingyan’s face turned sullen, “A great price? Of having to show a poor look like this? Is that the price you are talking about?”

What about Yiyao? She had been living in pain everyday, and waking up suddenly every night!

The father Duan did not expect Jingyan to be so ruthless. He gave up begging and started to threaten Jingyan directly, “Then what do you want? Ziying’s had enough! She has been detained for two weeks! Do you really want to send her to the prison?”

“I don’t want to, but she has to be punished for making mistakes. I was cold to her, so my child left her – it’s the same thing. It’s called causality.”

Seeing that the father Duan still didn’t understand, Jingyan stopped reasoning and started to walk out with Yiyao.

Right at this time, Ziying who had been standing in the dark shadow ran out and blocked Jingyan’s way.

“Brother jingyan, I am so sorry. I accept the punishment, but there’s just one thing that I need to know from you…”

She looked calm and there’s no emotion on her face, “Though I know the answer, I still want to hear you say it. Is it true that you never liked me? Not one moment, or one second?”

Jingyan was surprised. Looking at the little girl in front of his, Jingyan felt pity. She could have been a naive and happy girl, but meeting him changed all her life.

As much as he wanted to comfort her, he couldn’t lie to her. He looked down and said, “I am sorry.”

Ziying burst into laughter and tears started to fall down from her face, “You don’t have to say sorry. It’s my fault! It’s always been my fault!”

He had never like her for even one second! He could have lied to her and Yiyao wouldn’t get jealous. He could have told her that he liked her so that he could face her fate of being in jail courageously. But he wouldn’t even be that merciful to lie to her…

She finally figured that she’s wrong. She shouldn’t have forced anyone to love her. In the end, all people got hurt.

Seeing Ziying’s poor look, Jingyan felt a bit guilty. But he really couldn’t lie to her, because he’s such a bad liar in love.

He said nothing any more and walked out with Yiyao. It’s really a bad time to comfort Ziying, because giving her comfort meant giving her hope, and Jingyan could not let her be hopeful again.

The father walked over to Ziying and held her shoulders. Like father, like daughter, the father Duan used to be so head over heals in love, lucky that he ended in a loving relationship with Ziying’s mother happily.

But there’s no chance for Ziying and Jingyan to be together any more. He had no feelings for Ziying at all, no matter what she did!

“Dad, am I too silly?”

Ziying leaned her head on her father’s shoulder and cried, “Don’t tell mom that I am in prison. Tell her that I am traveling around and will be back in two years. Do not tell her the truth. I don’t want her to get worried.”

The father’s heart was aching. He patted her gently on the head, “You’re gonna be fine, trust me.”

“Dad, no more fake evidences, please!”

In the case of kidnapping, if no one gets hurt, the criminal will face a two-year penalty in prison. Ziying planned to take this time to calm herself down and think about her life.

Of course her father knew her thoughts. He patted her head and said, “Silly girl, don’t think too much. I won’t let you suffer in the prison.”

Ziying nodded and said nothing else. She just rested her head on her father’s shoulder.

Sitting in the car, Yiyao kept thinking about Ziying’s poor look.

“Jingyan, do we really have to do this?”

“What?” Jingyan turned to Yiyao. He understand what she meant right away on seeing Yiyao’s look, “don’t worry, she will only be inside for two years at most.”

“But is it too much for her?” she considered it too cruel for a girl who was only crazy for the man she loved.

How many two years are there for a girl?

The criminal record would stay with her all her life!

Jingyan touched her hair gently, “Don’t worry, we can help make it to one year.”

Yiyao nodded. She did not know how to put it but she felt it really cruel for a girl to stay in jail for two years.

She’s not going to be too tolerant to the people who wants to hurt her. But Ziying did nothing else to her except kidnapping her…

Jingyan said, “She did!”

Yiyao looked at him in confusion, “She wanted to find someone to humiliate you. Though she didn’t make it, her idea is unforgivable!”

He couldn’t imagine what would happen if he had arrived later. Would Yiyao be desperate?

Fortunately, he had arrived in time.

Yiyao thought about it and laughed at herself for forgetting the pains.

Soon the two arrived at Jingyan’s villa. Servants came out to welcome them.

Jingyan wanted to help Yiyao get out of the car but Yiyao turned him down. Then Yiyao stepped on something and almost fell.

“Are you okay?” Jingyan held her in time and asked with concern.

Yiyao shook her head, “My legs feel soft because I’v been sitting for a long time. I am okay now.”

She told Jingyan to let her go but Jingyan held her up directly and walked to the villa.

Jingyan took a look at Yiyao and got up from her body unwillingly, “What, do you really have to be hungry now?”

Yiyao was unwilling to stop, but she could not control her instinct of getting hungry.

Seeing her cute and poor look, Jingyan sighed, “Fine, I’ll ask the cook to make some food. You should be hungry now.”

Hearing this, Yiyao got up from the bed immediately.

She was hungry but she held the urge. But she really couldn’t hide the sound that her stomach made.

She would definitely hold the urge because she’s got that endurance that she’s proud of.

While they were eating, someone broke in. Yiyao turned around and saw it’s Jun Duan. It made her surprised.


She had not seen her ever since she woke up in the hospital. She had no idea where he had been to.

Jun sighed, “Whew! You are fine!”

Yiyao asked curiously, “Where have you been?”

“There was an urgent task. I knew you were out of danger so I left to fulfill my mission.”

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