Chapter 408: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 408 His Wound

Jun Duan took a look at Yiyao and saw she was looking at him, too, then he quickly lowered his head.

Jun had to explain to her for so long, saying that he was going on a very dangerous anti-drug action. The leader of the drug team was a cautious business man who had been hiding under the police’s nose for more than a decade. When they finally found out who and where that man was, they were worried about having no leader to instruct them of this action. That’s why they called Jun back who was having a vacation.

Yiyao knew how hard their work and how dangerous the task was, she was so grateful to God that her father could stand in front of her safe and sound. How could she blame him?

“My dear daughter, please believe me. I really had to go that time. I was really worried about you when I was out fulfilling the task…”

“Dad, you don’t have to say it,” Yiyao interrupted him, “I know! You know me well – always focus on the overall situation.”

Jun nodded but still looked guilty. When he looked up, he saw that JIngyan was smiling at him.

Finally he felt this Jingyan no longer annoying. After all, Jingyan was the one taking care of his daughter while he was away. What if he’s not here?

Jun shook his head. There’s no such thing as “what if”. He could see that Jingyan truly loved Yiyao. He was so impressed by the way Jingyan looked at Yiyao that he almost accepted Jingyan heartfully if Jingyan hadn’t broken Yiyao’s heart last time.


“Huh?” Jun got back from his thinking.

“What are you thinking about? You haven’t eaten yet. Come join us!”

Yiyao sat aside and patted the chair next to her. The waiter went to get another set of tableware.

“Okay.” Jun wiped the sweat off his forehead. He did forget to eat something.

When jun joined them, everyone started to get nervous. Jingyan put a piece of meat in Yiyao’s bowl, “You need this to recover yourself.”

Yiyao chewed the meat happily, and the scene made Jun happy, too.

Everyone felt relaxed and started to eat. Jun only ate for a short while then he left the table.

Seeing her father leave, Yiyao put down her chopsticks and went to sit by his side.

“How’s your ear?” Jun had been wanting to ask this for quite a while. Finally he asked her.

“Yes, I had a surgery on it.”

“Good.” Jun said in relief. He had wanted to ask her but did not want to ruin their happy mood.

Seeing that her father sigh, Yiyao comforted him, “I’m really fine! Don’t worry about me, dad!”

“That’s really good…”

It seemed that Jun was bothered by something else. He said, “i am just coming back to see you. The case is still not over. I have to go soon.”

“What?” Yiyao was surprised. An urgent case could mean a dangerous case. She looked at Jun worriedly.

“Dad, do you really have to go?”

Jun nodded, “Don’t worry, I am only the instructor. I am safe.”

“Really?” Yiyao stared at him doubtfully. She had sensed something strange from the moment Jun stepped in the room. According to her experiences, something must have gone wrong.

Yiyao noticed Jun’s left hand kept hanging, which looked so unnatural. He explained that his hand was stuck in the car door. But Yiyao felt things were not that easy.

A cautious soldier like him shouldn’t make such a stupid mistake. Yiyao thought so and patted Jun on the left shoulder suddenly.

“Dad, let me help you. There’s some dust here.”

Jun trembled suddenly but soon he calmed himself down. He sat still and no matter how hard Yiyao patted, he did not move or dodge at all. Seeing that her father was calm, she finally stopped.

Jun sighed in relief secretly and rolled his sleeves up, “I have to go, if there’s nothing else.”

“Wait,” Yiyao was still worried. But she did not dare to check his left arm by rolling up his sleeve.

“Anything else?” Jun turned around, pretending to be alright. But when he moved his left arm, he felt that something was flowing down along his arm. He bent his arm, pretending to check the time. Then he frowned, “It’s getting late. I have to go.”

Yiyao stood up, “Let me walk you out. And take care of yourself when you work.”

Jun took a glance at her belly and said, “You rest well. There’s no need to walk me out.”

Then he walked out of the door immediately. Then, by the gate of the villa, he finally took off his coat. His arm was wrapped with bandage which was bloody.


Jun heard it and turned around. He saw Yiyao standing by the door looking at him. He was so nervous that he did not know where to hide his hand.

He stuttered, “How…come you are here?”

“I am worried about you,” Yiyao walked to him, “what’s wrong?”

“I…I’m fine,” jun tried to hide his left arm behind his back but Yiyao had already seen it. She grabbed his left wrist directly.

“That on earth has happened?” Yiyao stared at him with her eyes full of anger. Jun was so awkward and did not dare to look her straight in the eyes.

“Nothing…nothing happened,” jun turned his head away, “Just got stabbed in the mission.”

He said it so easily but Yiyao didn’t buy it at all. A stab won’t cause such a big wound.

“Dad, be honest with me!”

Jun sighed, knowing that she wouldn’t let him go if he refused to tell the truth. “We found the criminals’ spot but our undercover inside was exposed, too. They held him hostage to bargain with us. So I had to go in to exchange him…”

He did not tell the details but Yiyao knew he must have gone through something terrible.

She looked at his wounded arm and said worriedly, “Look at you. Do you still have to go?”

“Yes,” Jun nodded. He had asked for a permission this time. And when he saw that Yiyao was being taken good care of, he’s no longer worried.

“Can’t you stay longer?” Yiyao sensed something’s wrong. He wouldn’t have stayed to chat if he really had an urgent task.

“No, I have to go.”

Jun ignored Yiyao’s doubtful look. He turned around and was about to leave when suddenly Yiyao took him by his wrist.

“They don’t have anyone else to instruct the case? I don’t believe it. You are wounded and they still want you to work?”

Jun felt helpless, “It’s an order and I am not supposed to question about it.”

“I don’t believe you!” Yiyao took out her phone and found the number of her leader, who was Jun’s battle mate back in the army.

“Hello?” A middle-aged man said.

Yiyao took a look at her father and the latter just shrugged. She cleared her throat, “Uncle Chen, this is Yiyao Duan.”

“Ah, Yiyao, how are you?”

“I am fine. But how’s my dad?” Yiyao started to lie naturally, which made Jun anxious and angry.

She figured it’s the best way to ask. Being Jun’s battle mate, uncle Chen would definitely hide the truth from Yiyao. So she had to lead him to tell her the truth by caring about her father.

“Didn’t you know, that your father was seriously wounded and he has been granted a sick leave.”

“Really? Is it serious?” Yiyao got nervous right away, but uncle Chen didn’t notice it.

Uncle Chen got serious, “He’s seriously injured. The doctor said if he had been admitted to the hospital a bit later, he would have lost his left arm! Yiyao, go to see him if you are free…”

“Yes, I am going now. Thank you, uncle Chen.”

Hanging up the phone, Yiyao stared at Jun, “Dad, what else do you want to say to defend yourself?”

Jun had nothing to say about Yiyao’s acting skills, after all, even uncle Chen was unable to notice.

“Yiyao, don’t listen to him. It’s just a small cut. They are too nervous about it.”

But Yiyao no longer bought it. “Let’s go back inside first. Have you brought the medicine with you? Let me handle the wound for you.”

Jun did not know what to say. He laughed awkwardly and followed Yiyao inside.

There were a lot of medicine and bandages inside Jun’s van. When Yiyao unwrapped the old bandage, she was scared by the terrible wound, from which Jun’s bone could be seen clearly.

“A small cut?” Yiyao smiled sarcastically, which made Jun nervous.

“I am fine. Look at me. I am fine!” Jun said then he kept his mouth shut.

Actually, he felt it too painful to talk. Yiyao took out the medicine from the medical box and applied it on Jun’s arm to stop bleeding. Jun frowned but he endured.

Yiyao noticed his look of course. But there’s nothing she could do to help. Applying medicine on an open wound is of course torturing.

Jingyan was standing behind Yiyao and watched her do this. Seeing her handling the wound in such a sophisticated way, he couldn’t help sighing.

Was she handling her wound by herself like this when I was away? She had no one to complain to when she got hurt. Did she suffer it all alone? Jingyan thought.

Jingyan felt so guilty. When he saw Yiyao touching her belly softly, his heart ached again.

She might have got wounded in the army, but the hurt he gave to her was lethal. Her heart was broken into pieces…

“Don’t just stand there! Help pass the medicine to me!”

When Yiyao saw Jingyan standing there absent-minded, she frowned.

Hearing Yiyao’s voice, Jingyan said at once, “Huh? What medicine do you need?”

“The power next to your right hand.”

Jingyan lowered his head and passed the medicine to Yiyao.

It was a box of medicine for inflammation. After applying it, she could use the bandage. Seeing that his daughter was more sophisticated than a nurse, Jun felt guilty, too.

He regretted having let her in the army. She should have lived a happy life as other normal girls, so that she could grow up safely and healthily, and when in her twenties, she might meet someone she liked and her kids might already be running around.

Thinking of kids, Jun glanced at Jingyan then fixed his eyes on Yiyao’s belly. Then he shook his head lightly.

Yiyao and Jingyan had gone through a lot of hardships but they did not give up each other.

“Take a good rest these days. Do not wander around.”

After saying this, Yiyao almost laughed. Her father was the one who used to say these words to her. But now she became the one.

“Yes, madam!” Jun made a salute and it made Yiyao laugh.

He had used to be a serious man. He never joked, not to mention making her laugh.

In the hospital, Chuxue Ye was complaining, saying that she wanted to leave the hospital. Actually there’s nothing big deal, except that her leg broke. She passed out because of losing too much blood. Now that she’s fine with the plaster on, she could no longer standing lying on bed.

“I want to go! Sister Yiyao has left. I want to go!

Chuxue was rolling around on bed and her foot kicked the bed, “ouch! It hurts!”

Venus Mu hurriedly ran over and checked her, “How are you? Are you okay?”

“I want to go home!” Chuxue blinked her big eyes, looking like a poor little cat.

“I know, but you have to recover first. What if it gets worse at home…”

“No! How can it get worse at home!” Chuxue looked up and saw Zhao Nangong walking in, then she hurriedly said, “Hey, silly, am I right?”

“What?” Zhao was stupefied, and Venus and Kerry Ye were staring at him. He turned to Chuxue, trying to figure what was going on.

Chuxue blinked her eyes at him and finally Zhao got what she meant, knowing that all he had to do was cooperating with her.

“Let’s vote, the four of us,” Chuxue smiled at Kerry.

Venus knew what Chuxue was up to, of course, so she turned to Kerry, too, which got Kerry into a predicament – he should support neither of the two ladies. But he had to.

“Dad, say something!” Chuxue challenged Venus with a proud look – she already had two votes and it’s time for Kerry to vote!

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