Chapter 409 – 410: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 409: An opportunity for Monster Emperor

Fox King rode on the wind to three hundred miles away, looking at the lake several miles long and tens of meters wide, he was instantly confused.

Sword energy was everywhere on the lake, and the land around the lake seemed to be plowed.

The dense sword energy didn’t clear and lasted for a long time!

What kind of battle happened in this place?

Sword cultivator, this was definitely left by the sword cultivator.

Only sword cultivators had such an attack method!

He had nearly believed the Bear King’s words in his heart. At this time, the Rat King and the Snake King arrived.

Seeing the scene in front of them, their pupils dilated, and they were also shocked.

It was too powerful, and the sword energy left over from the battle could form such scenery!

This sword energy would not decline in a hundred years, and the ten-mile area around this lake has become a forbidden area!

The two monsters looked at each other, and both saw the fear in each other’s eyes.

It seems that Bear King did not deceive them!

These two monsters were notoriously timid.

At this time, they got cold feet.

“Snake King, this attack to the Fearless City is useless, and we couldn’t make it. Let’s reject the Fox King!”

The Snake King also nodded, “You are right!”

The two monsters looked at each other and left with a gust of wind.

Upon receiving the news from the two monsters, the Fox King gritted his teeth and thought in his heart, they were really cowards and even afraid of a human race’s sword cultivator.

No matter how powerful it was, they could just find a few more monsters fighting against it.

Thinking of it, he rode on the wind to the edge of a cliff. There were countless caves on this cliff.

The Fox King stood outside and shouted: “Spider Queen, I am Fox Rui. I came to visit you.”

His voice was loud, and after a while, countless seven-colored spiders came out from the cave.

They were big, and their bulging belly sacs were filled with poisonous spider silk.

Looking at these poisonous insects, Fox King had a cold sweat.

This Spider Queen is the most vicious monster among all the Supreme Monsters in Shiwan Mountain!

She was the most beautiful one, but no monster dared to have sex with her!

For nothing else, all the monsters that had sex with her would be swallowed by her.

Even the most lustful Snake King in the Shiwan Mountain dared not!

At this time, a monster with a human head and spider body walked out of the middle’s big hole.

Her face was extremely beautiful, but her long feet and big poison sacs made all the monsters daunt!

“Little fox, you are not in your Qingqiu Mountain. What are you going to do in my Wanzu Cliff? Are you planning to spend the night with me?”

Spider Queen giggled, her voice was charming, and the Fox King had a strange feeling.

This damn monster dared to use magic to fascinate him. Didn’t she know that his fox race was the master of using magic to fascinate others?

“Spider Queen, don’t make fun of me!”

The Fox King smiled, “I came here today for business. I wonder if you are interested or not?”

“Oh? What business?”

The Spider Queen looked at the Fox King with interest.

“A drop of Ancestral Blood!”


Spider Queen’s face changed drastically, and she opened her mouth to spit out seven-colored spider silks. The Fox King didn’t expect that she would do that, and the spider web covered him!

“Spider Queen, what are you doing?”

This Spider Queen was also the Supreme Monster in the fulfilled period, and she was even stronger than the Fox King.

The Spider Queen jumped out of the cave tens of feet high and looked at the Fox King condescendingly.

“What are you talking about? A drop of Ancestral Blood! Do you know what Ancestral Blood means?”

“Of course I know!”

Fox King said: “Heavenly Monster is about to be born, and he still needs millions of Blood Food. This time, the Bear King will lead thousands of monster race soldiers to attack Fearless City and loot the Blood Food.”

“But, the human has invited a powerful sword cultivator, so I came to invite you, and when the Heavenly Monster is born, he will treat you well.”

“Your words don’t count. How should I trust you?”

“I, Fox Rui, swear by the monster race. If I deceive you, I will never be born again!”


Spider Queen’s heart leaped!

She has been stuck in the fulfilled period of Supreme Monster for decades, and one step further, she would be the Monster Emperor!

Monster Emperor, with a life span of 1,500 years, how could she not be excited!

“I dare not lie to you!”

Fox Rui said.

Her talent was not good. To break through the Monster Emperor, she must rely on Ancestral Blood, and the Ancestral Blood was only available in the Heavenly Monster Palace.

She was also a monster who didn’t like being restrained, and she didn’t like doing things for Heavenly Monsters even if he was the famous Heavenly Monster!

Not all monsters thought that the birth of the Heavenly Monster was a good thing!

If the Heavenly Monster is born, their good days will come to an end.

No one wants a Heavenly Monster on top of his head, and they couldn’t resist.

But now, the Spider Queen was moved by his words. She has spent five hundred years for practice. The spider had a short lifespan. Even for she was Supreme Monster, her lifespan was only 600 years.

In other words, if she couldn’t break through the Monster Emperor within a hundred years, she would die.

It was definitely something she couldn’t accept.

“What do you want me to do?”

Fox Rui gave a wry smile, “Can you untie me first?”

The Spider Queen blew a black smoke ring, and the spider web on Fox King melted immediately.

“Thank you!”

Fox Rui said: “It’s simple, siege and prey, the more, the better!”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, it is!”

Fox Rui nodded.

“Okay, then, I promised!”

Spider Queen smiled. There were millions of spiders on her Wanzu Cliff. It was easy to grab Blood Food!

“When shall we start?”

“No hurry, I have to invite another king!”

Fox Rui smiled.

On the other side, Linjia Mountain!

It was the territory of pangolins, although their king’s attack power was not good, the defense power was one of the best among the Supreme Monster.

The most important thing was his ability to escape, which was the strongest among all Supreme Monsters.

Moreover, he also could break others’ defenses!

The master of formation made the wall of Fearless City, and the Monster Emperor cannot break it!

However, the formation of the Fearless City had its weaknesses. Only by attacked its weak spots, and coupled with the Pangolin King’s ability to break the defense, it could definitely break the defense by one shot.

In the past years, Fearless City was broken because of pangolins, although they did not rely on Blood Food for promotion.

But in this generation, the king of the pangolin was already old, and they must rely on Ancestral Blood to breakthrough!

Arriving in pangolins’ territory, the Fox King was taken into a cave by a group of little monsters covered in scales.

Inside, there was a pangolin with a length of tens of feet and golden scales lying in it.

“Pangolin King, I am Fox Rui, from Qingqiu Mountain!”

When his voice fell, the huge pangolin opened its eyes, “Oh, little fox, why are you here!”

Fox Rui, who was only a hundred years old so far, looks old, but in front of these hundreds of years old monsters, he was still a junior.

“I’m here to talk about a business with you!”

Fox Rui smiled slightly.

“What business?”

Pangolin King snorted, “The Qingqiu clan is notoriously cunning. If I do business with you, you will definitely deceive me!”

“Pangolin King, you can’t say that!”

Fox Rui smiled and said, “I didn’t say anything about the business. How did you know that I would cheat you?”

“I don’t want to listen, get out!”

After speaking, Pangolin King closed his eyes!

Fox Rui was not angry, but shook his head regrettably, “Alas, it’s a pity. You just missed the opportunity to break through the Monster Emperor.”

When his voice fell, he turned around and was about to leave the cave!


An opportunity to break through the Monster Emperor?

Pangolin King suddenly opened his eyes!

“Stop, little fox, what are you talking about?”

“No, no, no. Our Qingqiu Foxes are all cunning, and doing business with us will be miserable.”

Fox Rui waved his hand, “If so, I’ll go find other monsters to cooperate.”


Pangolin King stood up from the ground, “This is the territory of pangolins. Could you just come and leave as you want?”

His eyes were full of threats, and there was an oppressive aura from his body.

“Pangolin King, you’d better give up!”

While speaking, Fox Rui also broke out an oppressive aura.

Although this aura was not as strong as Pangolin King’s, it was nearly the same.

It was because he has just broken through the Monster Emperor’s fulfilled period and couldn’t completely control his power.

“You… broke through?”

Pangolin King couldn’t believe it!


Fox Rui looked arrogant!

Pangolin King restrained himself and said to Fox Rui: “Please forgive me, Fox King. I will apologize to you!”

Fox Rui snorted. Pangolin King should be polite to him earlier.

Although he thought so in his heart, he still said calmly: “No, no. You are welcome. It was me who come too abruptly!”

After some preliminaries, Fox Rui directly said: “I mentioned the opportunity to break through the Monster Emperor. I wonder if Pangolin King is interested or not?”

Chapter 410: Compete For Marriage

At the same time, in Wuwei City!

Yuan’s Mansion!

Xuefei had exposed her female identity, and under Tiangang’s request, she showed her real face in front of everyone.

Except for Yujie and Butler Mei, everyone in the Yuan’s Mansion was shocked by Xuefei’s beauty!

They couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman in front of them was Miss Yuan!

Was it a joke?

Everyone in Wuwei City knew that Miss Yuan was ugly and vulgar.

Her beard was much longer than Yu Yan’s!

Someone in the Wuwei City even said whoever married Miss Yuan would not have offspring.

But now, everyone in Yuan’s Mansion was shocked by Xuefei’s beauty.

Especially those male servants, their eyes nearly popped out of their heads.

Gorgeous, breathtaking, dainty, fairy, they racked their brains to praise Xuefei by saying all the words they knew.

Besides, the news that Miss Yuan is a beauty spread.

Others all laughed when they heard the news!

If Miss Yuan is as beautiful as a flower, then the Wuwei City’s sows could be regarded as fairies.

Just as everyone laughed, two soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion came to Yuan’s Mansion, and two women came out one after another from inside.

The first one was wearing a white gauze dress, with a cyan jade hairpin on her head, covering her face with a flimsy veil, but even so, everyone knew that she is a wonderful woman!

The one behind her looked like a maid, wearing a green maid costume, following that beautiful woman step by step, with a pretty face.

Some people speculated that they were new concubines of Lord Yuan, and others said that this woman was the sibling sister of City Lord’s beloved wife. There were always different opinions among everyone.

But at this moment, the leading general shouted: “Miss Yuan comes out, others step aside!”

When the voice fell, everyone was shocked.


Miss Yuan?

Did they mishear it?

Wasn’t Miss Yuan a fat and ugly woman who looked like a strong man?

But the woman in front of them was graceful and beautiful, especially her eyes, which was even more fascinating!

Or was there another young lady in Yuan’s Mansion?

Everyone was full of doubts, but soon, their misgivings were gone!

This woman with a veil was Miss Yuan, the ugly and crude woman in the rumors!

It was just that Miss Yuan was too beautiful and afraid others would offend her, so she deliberately defaced herself.

Hearing this reason, everyone was relieved.

That’s it.

She was too beautiful, so she deliberately defaced herself!

How beautiful was she under the veil?

Everyone imagined her face in their hearts!

Then why didn’t she say it before, but said it out now?

The Yuan family used to be small. The son of Tianxiong, Kang Ning, was a masher. If he knew that Miss Yuan is beautiful, he would have come to rob her.

But now it’s different. The Yuan Family has become the lord of the Wuwei City, and there were also experts standing behind Tiangang. The massacre not long ago was famous in the entire Chang’an Avenue. How could they forget it?

It was a pity that such a beautiful woman had married a little monk!

She is out of his league!

Just as everyone regretted, the City Lord Mansion issued another announcement that Xuefei had divorced Kris Chen half a month ago!


As soon as this announcement was issued, the whole city was in an uproar.

Has Miss Yuan divorced that little monk?

Such great news!

Now the Yuan Family was very influential. If someone marries Miss Yuan, then he would be successful!

Tiangang only had one daughter. After several decades, the position of City Lord would be his son-in-law!

After the news spread, those aristocratic families in Wuwei City became active.

One after another, they gathered all their genius offspring to discuss.

They were discussing how to own Xuefei.

Just as everyone was making plans, an announcement for finding a new husband for Xuefei was posted from the City Lord’s Mansion.

Seeing this announcement, everyone in Wuwei City laughed!

They were just thinking about marrying Xuefei, and it seemed that their dreams would come true.

Miss Yuan was going to marry again, but the method was somewhat different this time.

It was no longer the previous martial arts contest, but the one who could kill more monsters and get more Demon Pills could become his husband-in-law!

There were detailed rules above to prevent them from cheating!

“Xuefei, you really think it over?”

Tiangang asked.

“Yes, I have already thought about it, and we must make a good plan!”

Xuefei knelt aside, her face covered with a veil so that no one could see the change in her face.

“I’m such a useless father!”

“Dad, don’t blame yourself!”

Xuefei said: “It is all my idea. My husband must be a great hero. Who could kill more monsters and get more Demon Pills could be my husband!”

When she said it, she suddenly thought of that homely man in her mind. She had a hunch in her heart that he would show up in this beast tide!

Of course, if he didn’t show up, then she would also give up. At least she could help his father share some pressure and let Wuwei City survive in this beast tide.

This tide was likely to happen once in a blue moon. Although she is beautiful, those beasts would not be soft to her because of her beauty!

The most important thing is that the expert behind Tiangang seemed to have left.

In the past few days, Tiangang tried every means to contact that expert, but there was no response!

Without that expert, the City Lord’s Mansion would be out of his control at once. This time, she considered it thoroughly and then stood in front of the stage from behind and showed her real face in front of the public.

This way could distract these people’s attention and let those aristocratic families in Wuwei City become active.

It is not enough to rely only on Tiangang or the City Lord’s Mansion alone.

That was why Tiangang blamed himself so much.

“Xuefei, I am sorry.”

Tiangang looked at his daughter full of regret.

Xuefei was born beautiful, and he was afraid of causing trouble, so he kept raising Xuefei in the backyard. Although Xuefei was very sheltered and had everything she wanted, she was not free after all.

Even so, Xuefei never hated him. Instead, she wanted to help herself, and she always held the grudge because she was a girl.

In fact, in Tiangang’s heart, Xuefei is ten times better than the son!

“Dad, it is my choice. You gave birth to me and taught me to protect myself. How could you say sorry to me?”

Xuefei’s tone was calm without any emotion, but the more so, the guiltier Tiangang felt.

At this moment, two wounded soldiers rushed in from the outside, “Oh dear! Some bad things happened…”

An urgent voice came in, and the guilt on Tiangang’s face disappeared immediately, and he became serious, “Xuefei, you go back first!”

“Yes, dad!”

Xuefei bowed and left directly.

When she had just left, the soldiers stumbled to the hall with blood, “City Lord, the beast tide is coming… Thousands of beasts gathered on the plain ten miles away from the city wall.”

By hearing it, Tiangang’s expression changed drastically, and he quickly stood up and exclaimed: “What are you saying? The beast tide is coming?”

“Where is the pioneer camp?”

“They were all died. We fled after a desperate struggle!”

The soldier knelt on the ground, his face was full of horror, “They appeared so suddenly and overwhelmingly, and we cannot see the edge at one glance.”

“There are more beasts than last time. It’s an unprecedented big beast tide!”

After speaking, the soldier’s eyes suddenly widened, he opened his mouth and vomited blood, fell to the ground, and died instantly!

He was so frightened that he scared himself to death!

Tiangang was anxious and hurriedly shouted: “Go and find Prof. Guan!”

After a while, Prof. Guan came over and bowed to Tiangang, “City Lord!”

“You are welcome, Prof. Guan!”

Tiangang eagerly helped Prof. Guan to his feet and said directly: “The soldiers of the pioneer camp said a large number of beasts had gathered dozens of miles outside the city wall. The beast tide is coming. Please teach me how to tide over this difficulty!”

These days, Tiangang was impressed by Prof. Guan’s erudition and talents. He would feel at ease if Prof. Guan could give him some suggestions.

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