Now that the manager said so, Chuck Cannon had nothing to hide, and said, “My friend is hosting a cocktail party here, so I will not let my friend leave until the reception is over.”

For sure, Zelda Maine’s father’s company is hosting a cocktail party here, so how can he be driven away?

Certainly not!

“I can’t help you, our young master wants you to leave!” The manager was indifferent, he thought it was ridiculous, who is this person? Talking like that?

“I can’t help you, I said, I won’t leave until the reception is over.”

The manager frowned, “Is this what you told me to come out?”

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Then you are disappointed, no, you leave immediately, otherwise I will ask the security to blast you out!” The manager snorted coldly, he didn’t want to waste time anymore.

“Do you know whose place this is?” the manager said.


“You have to pay attention to what you say, Zhao Family, you are a nameless guy who can’t provoke them. If you provoke them, you will die, young people, don’t know the sky is high!” The manager is indifferent.

He was about to leave when Chuck Cannon suddenly smiled.

The manager frowned, “You want to die, right?”

The manager thinks this kid is really looking for death!

“Make a price.” Chuck Cannon said suddenly.

“What do you mean?” The manager has a cold face, is this a fool? What is the price?

“How much is your hotel? I will buy it,” Chuck Cannon said.

This hotel is also a five-star hotel, and the location and business are good. Let my mother pay for it. It should be good to buy it. The night hotel of my mother is also about 4 billion, which should be similar to this. Chuck Cannon thinks, 3 Billion or it’s almost 500 million more than that.

After all, this hotel is not comparable to my mother’s night hotel!

The manager sneered, “What are you talking about? Are you kidding me?”

He was amused by Chuck Cannon’s words, buy here? Haha. Not to mention that this is a five-star hotel, but the owner is the Zhao family. Who dares to buy things from the Zhao family? ?

This kid is really ignorant!

“Why would I tease you? Ask your boss, how much is it for sale, and I will accept it,” Chuck Cannon said.

The manager’s face was ugly, “Do you know what you are talking about? If our young master is here, he will break a hand!!”

Yes, if Zhao Yunlei is here, Chuck Cannon would have got his one hand broken because buying it is an insult to the Zhao family. Is the Zhao family short of money? No shortage, billions in front of the Zhao family, nothing counts!

What’s more, this kid is so badly dressed that can he afford billions of dollars to buy this place?

“Then you don’t know how to do business, and you don’t make any money,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Do you dare to say that to our young master?” The manager was cold and angry.

“So what?” Chuck Cannon looked at him and said lightly.


The manager snapped his fingers, and the dozen or so security guards who had just followed up rushed over.

“Take him to the basement.” The manager said coldly.

These more than a dozen people stared at Chuck Cannon, glaring at them, Chuck Cannon glanced at them, “It’s okay, I can go to your basement to talk,”

Chuck Cannon was taken to the basement by more than a dozen people.

The manager said indifferently, “You’re still a fool? Hit, I’ll break his leg first!!”

More than a dozen people gathered around, with steel pipes in their hands. Chuck Cannon glanced at it, “Wait, I am here to talk to you, not to fight.”

“Talk? Are you qualified to talk to me? Call me first!” The manager was indifferent.

Chuck Cannon glanced, “If that’s the case, then you can hit it!”

Chuck Cannon kicked out directly and kicked on a man’s stomach. This kick was heavy!

The man was kicked with a sigh, Chuck Cannon grabbed the steel pipe in his hand and hit it with a crackle.

Three minutes later, Chuck Cannon stood and the manager was also standing, but there were already more than a dozen people lying on the ground.

Chuck Cannon, who is learning to fight, still has a steel pipe. How could he fail to these security guards?

No one can hold the key one by one.

Chuck Cannon came over, holding a steel pipe in his hand, and lightly hitting the manager’s shoulder. The manager frowned, but his face remained unchanged. “I persuade you to have a bit of skill. You can actually win so many people, but it’s useless. You wanna hit me??”

This is undoubted, how can you dare? I am the hotel manager of the Zhao family!

If you hit me, you hit the Zhao family in the face, do you dare?

“Let your young master come down, call him I will ask him to sell this place,” Chuck Cannon ordered.

“It’s ridiculous, you brat, you actually…Ah!!” The manager turned pale, and Chuck Cannon hit him on the shoulder with a stick. This is an iron stick. The manager’s body is biased.

“Tell your young master to come down, did you hear that?” Chuck Cannon stared at him, but he didn’t have the interest to wait for too long.

“You’re looking for death, do you know?” The manager roared enduring pain!

The ship capsized in the gutter today?


Chuck Cannon slapped him in the face, what to do with him, hit him if he didn’t listen!

The manager was beaten up. When was he beaten? Actually now? ?

Seeing that he still didn’t speak, Chuck Cannon didn’t bother to waste time. He put an iron rod at his hand and said, “Can you fight?”

“I, I, I hit,” the manager was frightened and annoyed, he felt that Chuck Cannon would really hit it like this, so his hand would be useless!

He took out his cell phone, called Zhao Yunlei, and Chuck Cannon said, “Be smart.”

The call is connected.

“How’s it going?” Zhao Yunlei was impatient.

“Back to Master, something went wrong…”

“What’s the problem? Your work efficiency is too low!!”

“No, someone said to buy the hotel!”

“Buy the hotel? Haha!!”

“Master, he wants you to come down and talk about it,” the manager said weakly.

“Talk? No, you ask someone to take him to the basement and beat him hard!”

The phone hangs up suddenly.

The manager was stunned, Chuck Cannon kicked out, and the manager screamed.

“Keep fighting!” Chuck Cannon ordered.

The manager hurriedly called again, this time to answer. Inside is Zhao Yunlei’s cold voice, “You don’t want to do it, do you? Dare to bother me so much?”

“No young master, he is in the basement, and he has beaten all of us.” The manager said hurriedly.


“Master, if you come down, he wants to talk to you.”

“It’s kind of interesting. You also asked someone to clean him up first. I don’t have time on it. When my side is over, I will come down.”

Zhao Yunlei sneered, is this a joke? Yes, for him, no one dares to say that yet, buy his hotel?

What a wicked person can say this?

“Master, wait, I was caught by him,”

“What? Then he should be by your side?” Zhao Yunlei frowned. It was okay. He was able to beat more than a dozen people, and he still had to buy the hotel?

“Yes, he is right by my side. He asked the young master how much the hotel is? He still wants to buy it.”

“Do you think I will sell it? Tell him, don’t seek death, or I have a hundred ways to kill him!”

Zhao Yunlei’s eyes are hideous!

“How much, give a price.” Chuck Cannon said.

Zhao Yunlei frowned, his voice was a bit familiar, it was…


Zhao Yunlei was stunned, it turned out to be that garbage!

“Are you buying my hotel?” Zhao Yunlei joked. This is interesting. It turned out that this person couldn’t drive away, so he made the next move? But it’s pretty good, and can actually beat more than a dozen security guards? interesting.

“Yes. How much,”

“You kind of pretend to be forced, know how much is a five-star hotel?”

“My mother has of three to four billion.” Chuck Cannon said straight.

“Haha, does your mother have?? Haha!” Zhao Yunlei laughed loudly. Isn’t this bragging right? Almost 80% of China’s five-star hotels are under four major families. Who is this for?

“Tell me how much your hotel is, I will buy it,”

“You can’t afford it, how can you buy it? I’ll tell you, this hotel costs 2 billion bare lands, isn’t it a lot? Are you scared?”

“A little bit,” Chuck Cannon thought it was more than 3 billion. He expected that the land area would be so much. Then, wouldn’t it cost 6 or 7 Billion?

“Haha, two billion can’t be taken out, what kind of hotel would you buy? Go home and eat, go shit.” Zhao Yunlei laughed, he was so cute and happy.

“If I can come up with 2 billion, will you sell it to me?” Chuck Cannon felt that it was acceptable as long as the business was good. Even if it was six or seven billion he can just call his mother and talk about it, simple.

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