Chapter 409: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 409 Going Too Far

Whether to help her or abstain from voting, she definitely had an advantage!

Kerry saw Venus’s gaze and he could sense that she didn’t know what to do for a while, “How about …… I abstain from voting first!”

“Yeah, I want to get out of the hospital. I want to get out of the hospital!” Chuxue Ye sat up from the bed, accidentally touched the wound and then she immediately shut up.

“What? You want to be discharged from the hospital?” Zhao Nangong got surprised. He thought it was something about eating or buying something but he did not expect this vote was about whether to be discharged from hospital!

“What’s wrong with you?” Chuxue looked at Zhao warily.

“I don’t agree.” Zhao did not look at her and directly stated his decision.

“You …… are a traitor!” Chuxue pointed at Zhao and said angrily, “Just now, you clearly said that you would listen to me on everything and now you’re betraying me!”

“This is different. I can listen to you for anything else but you have to stay in the hospital for treatment!”

“I’m already well. I can’t bear staying in the hospital anymore!” Chuxue was a little anxious. She liked to go out and if she took the hospital all the time, she would be bored.

Kerry helplessly spread his hands and said to Chuxue with his eyes, “There’s nothing I can do!”

“You guys ……” Chuxue turned her back on them and looked at the wall in anger.

Venus sighed and shook her head and went out with Kerry after seeing that Zhao had brought food.

Zhao hurriedly took this opportunity to run to Chuxue’s side, “Chuxue, look, what delicious food did I bring for you?”

“Go away go away!” Chuxue impatiently waved her hand, “What’s the use of having you? You are not even on my side.”

“Chuxue ……” Zhao was helpless. With her character, it was estimated to be angry for a few more hours.

“Go away go away. I do not want to see you!”

Chuxue hugged the pillow and buried her head into the pillow, not saying a word.

Zhao sighed and took out food from the food box and put it on the table one by one.

“You really do not eat? There are crayfish and crabs.” This was what she had wanted to eat last night. Now he placed them behind her one by one and the aroma emitted from the food slightly attracted her.

But if she ate these foods, she would be too embarrassed so she had to say, “I do not eat. Take them away from me!”

Zhao said he was leaving, put down the food box and went to the door. After taking a few steps, he heard Chuxue turning over in the bed.

He turned his back on Chuxue and smiled. And the next thing he heard was the crashing sound of the food box being opened.

“You’re eating on the sly!” Zhao walked up to Chuxue and looked at her with a smile.

“You ……” Chuxue was angry. She suddenly knew he put so many foods just to lure her!

“I do not eat!”

Chuxue put down the chopsticks, reluctantly to say goodbye to the food on the table with her eyes.

“Don’t, this is what I bought for you.”

“Humph, you really have an ulterior motive!” Chuxue was not fooled this time but her eyes still could not leave the table.

Zhao knew he had gone too far this time so he picked up the foods on the table and put them in front of her, “Eat, I know you’re hungry!”

“Humph!” Chuxue didn’t say much. When she wanted to hold out her hand, she was stopped by Zhao.

“What are you doing again? Is it fun?”

“I help you peel the shells. Don’t get your hands dirty!” Zhao smiled at her tenderly and then put on gloves.

This was his first time to peel shrimp for a woman. He couldn’t say what feeling it was. In short, it was not bad and it was kind of sweet.

Chuxue was also rare quiet. If so many people cared her every day, she felt that it was not bad to stay in the hospital.

When the thought popped into her mind, she shook her head in a hurry to curb the thought. She could not allow herself to degenerate. She must go back and she could not compromise with them.

But after eating five shrimps and two crabs, she stopped thinking about these things.

“Hoo …… I’m too full.” Chuxue lied on the hospital bed, touched her small belly with her hand and closed her eyes in satisfaction.

Zhao was packing up things on the side. Since Venus and Kerry accepted him, he began to feed Chuxue.

And Chuxue was very cooperative and started sleeping after eating. Not more than ten words were spoken to Zhao throughout the day.

But today was different. She was so excited that no matter how much she tossed and turned in bed, she could not sleep.

“I want to pee.” Chuxue opened her eyes pitifully. She couldn’t control something like when she wanted to pee!

Zhao frowned and looked at her legs. Going to the rest room was originally an easy matter, but her feet……

If her hand was hurt, it did not need to worry much. But she needed to walk to the rest room and she might accidentally fell in the rest room……

“I’ll go get aunt to come over?”

Zhao was about to go out, but he was stopped by Chuxue, “We still do not know where they eat yet! By the time they come over, I’ll have already wet the bed!”

“Then what should I do?”

“You help me up!”

“Huh? Me?” Zhao pointed to his nose and then got an affirmative answer.

“Hurry up! I’m really going to pee!” Chuxue forced herself on the bed to hold back from peeing out.

“Well ……” Zhao knew that if he didn’t help her quickly, it was afraid that she would really pee the bed.

He bypassed the large pile of infusion bottles above his head and helped Chuxue up.

But after lifting her out of bed, there was another problem. He couldn’t just carry her into the rest room and watch her pee, could he?

“Hurry up, what are you dawdling about?”

Zhao touched his nose somewhat unnaturally, “I’ll carry you in?”

Chuxue smiled, “Or else?”

“That …… that…… okay.” Zhao originally wanted to refuse, but he saw Chuxue looked anxious so he had to agree to it.

“What are you waiting for, hold my shoulders!”

“Oh ……” Zhao looked to the ceiling, but his heart was beating fast.

Chuxue felt he was so funny and she deliberately opened the zipper with a loud noise and Zhao blushed.

“Oops, you can be shy too!” Chuxue could not help but tease him. If she didn’t say it, it was nothing. Once she said that, Zhao became even more uncomfortable.

“I’m done. Help me up.”

Chuxue sat on the toilet, smiling treacherously, but unfortunately Zhao did not see that. He thought she really finished but when he looked down and saw her snow-white thighs, he turned his head in a hurry.

“Chuxue, you ……”


Chuxue saw his shy look and couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

“You quickly put your pants on!” Zhao was shy and angry. But there was just nothing he could do with her.

Chuxue laughed even louder, and the whole rest room echoed with her laughter. The Zhao beside her now was helpless.

He really did not know what to do with her. In all day she had strange and bizarre ideas. He was completely at a loss as to what to do but just let her fool him around.

“You guys?”

Venus was walking slowly in the corridor. When she heard Chuxue laughing, she hurriedly quickened her pace and rushed in.

As soon as she came in, she saw that Chuxue sat on the toilet, tilting her head and laughing, while Zhao blushed and stood not far from Chuxue.

“Auntie, it’s not what you think, listen to my explanation ……”

Zhao wanted to explain, but Venus calmly waved her hand, “No need to explain!”

Her words made Zhao more anxious, “It’s really not what you think, listen to my ……”

“I know.” Venus smiled, “You’re not me. How do you know what I’m thinking?”

“This ……” Zhao was embarrassed. When Venus saw such a scene, how else could she think?

But he was not stupid enough to say it directly. He just rubbed the back of his head and laughed.

“She sat on the toilet and laughed, you are now next to her and your face is so red so I think what I am thinking is right.”

When she arrived at the door at first, she indeed had doubts but once she entered the door, she no longer had any doubts.

Once she said this, Zhao’s already red cheeks became even redder. The space in the toilet was already small and several people crowded together, even breathing was not very smooth. And plus Venus flirtatious gaze, he could not stay there for a moment.

“Come on, you two kids, I don’t know what do you guys do day in and day out?”

Venus flicked Chuxue’s head, and then drove Zhao out of the rest room. Soon she brought Chuxue back to the hospital bed.

Wrapped in the blanket, Chuxue asked Venus, “How come you guys came back so quickly?”

They couldn’t eat so fast. Did they just have a sip of water?

Venus glared at her, “You just don’t like that we came too early and disturbed you guys, right?”

Chuxue spat out her tongue, “No, it’s not! I’m just curious about how you guys eat so quickly!”

Venus helplessly looked back at Kerry, “Your father is old and always forgets something. Now he forgot to bring his wallet.”

Chuxue looked back at Kerry who was standing at the door helplessly. Obviously she worried about Chuxue and wanted to come back to take a look, but now she blamed him. It was really……

Venus was still scolding him, “Look at you, told you to think about it in advance, right? Now what to do? We can’t find it!”

Kerry’s forehead showed veins. He endured again and again so the veins on his forehead finally could not be seen. His hand gave a shiver and something dropped from his pocket.

Chuxue instantly saw the wallet and immediately called out, “Mom, isn’t that the wallet?”

Venus looked over in the direction she pointed and saw the wallet at the feet of Kerry and she was also a bit embarrassed at this point.

“I told you to check your wallet, but you said that you forgot it and now I come back for nothing.”

Kerry gritted his teeth, put his arm around Venus and whispered in her ear, “Don’t you go too far!”

Venus trembled a little but didn’t spoke again.

Kerry just embraced Venus in his arms and said to Chuxue who was dumbfounded, “We’re leaving first, call me if there’s anything.”

“Ah? Oh ……” Chuxue was completely ignorant of the situation and watched them as Venus and Kerry embraced each other and walked away.

Zhao was not stupid at that moment. He had long understood what Venus was thinking. Seeing Chuxue was confused, he did not tell her what Venus was thinking.

“Hey, you said what’s wrong with mom today?”

Zhao smiled and shook his head, “It is estimated that something is about to be lost so she is not comfortable in her heart.”

“When something is lost, it’s lost. Something is not about to be lost.” Was she a prophet? Chuxue did not understand, but also did not continue to ask.


Yiyao Duan and Jingyan Ye sat in the living room. And Jun Duan left in a hurry on the pretext of not disturbing them after dressing the wounds.

They just kept sitting like this for hours, not knowing what to do.

“Why don’t we go out shopping?” Jingyan suggested.

She had been in the hospital for a long time and hadn’t gone out for a walk. It wasn’t a good idea to just sit like this so they just went out for a walk.

Yiyao also had no opinion and agreed to Jingyan’s proposal. She tidied up her clothes and went out with Jingyan.

Walking on the street, Yiyao and Jingyan who were very charming immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

“Are they stars?”

“I don’t know. Is there any star so handsome that I don’t know?”

“They are really good-looking!”

“Who are they? I feel they are so happy. I want to follow them!”

All along the way, they heard the “whispers” of others. Despite the fact that Yiyao was used to having beautiful women around Jingyan, she still couldn’t help but be uncomfortable.

They walked into the mall and Yiyao had no interest in shopping. She strolled for a while and found that in addition to clothes, there were shoes and bags in the mall. She did not lack these things at all. They really did not need to come out to buy this.

“What’s wrong?” Jingyan thought she was uncomfortable and hurriedly said beside her ear.

Yiyao didn’t adapt to his sudden proximity so she shifted to one side and said, “Let’s go back.”

“Why do you want to go back after just coming here?” Jingyan was puzzled. He didn’t know what was wrong with this and why she suddenly wanted to go back.

Yiyao shook her head, “There’s nothing to buy. It’s better to go back.”

Jingyan looked around the mall and indeed there was nothing to buy. But they just came here and then went back immediately. Didn’t they come for nothing?

“I heard that Chanel has new products. You can also buy a few pieces and you will need to wear them in the future.”

“I ……” Yiyao wanted to refuse, but thinking of Jingyan’s identity, she began to hesitate again.

He was at least a rich man but his girlfriend was dressed so shabbily, which was really inappropriate.

“Well, let’s go take a look.”

Just when they reached the store, Jingyan’s cell phone rang and he took out his cell phone and said to Yiyao, “You go in first. I’ll take a call and come in!”

Yiyao hesitated for a moment and then took a deep breath and walked in.

“Welcome!” The welcoming guest guarding the entrance didn’t look at Yiyao carefully and bent down to give her a salute.

Yiyao was still a bit uneasy to face such a scene alone. After taking several deep breaths, she could barely calm herself.

She stepped into the door and was dazzled by the flashy clothes inside. She casually picked up a piece of clothing and immediately put it down after she saw the price tag.

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