Chapter 41 – 42: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 41: Thanks for Saving Me

The two had some small talks more, then Doctor Han came downstairs under the guidance of the servant. He went up to Kerry Ye and said, “Young Master, I have taken out the glass fragments from the back of the Young Madam, and the wound has also been cleaned up. As long as the wound doesn’t touch water and get infected again during this period, she will be fine.”

Kerry nodded and asked the servant to record that down, and ask the doctor again, “Is there going to leave a scar?”

Dr. Han shook his head. “I’ll go back and order a bottle of special ointment for you. The Housekeeper can send someone to take it tomorrow. After you wipe the ointment on the wound, there won’t leave a scar on the Young Lady.”

Uncle John nodded, “Don’t worry Young Master, I will arrange it.”

Kerry nodded and Uncle John sent Doctor Han off the door.

Kerry strode upstairs, and Hao Nangong thought a moment and then followed him.

Kerry entered Venus Mu’s room, who was lying on the bed, covered with quilts and facing down.

“Are you still alive?” Kerry sat down beside the bed and said crossly.

Venus was taking a rest. When she heard such a harsh voice, she suddenly got angry and said, “Sorry to let you down Young Master. I’m not dead, and I’m still living fine!”

“Of course I won’t let you die. If you die, no one will do that thing with me…” Kerry said, the teasing tone in his words was obvious.

Venus was stunned, minutes later she understood the meaning of his words and immediately turned her head to stare at him. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of Hao behind him. She was a little surprised. After a pause, she said, “Thank you for saving me just now.”

Kerry winced. He didn’t expect that such an unappreciated woman would say thank you. However, this did not mean that he would let her go. He would discuss the old scores with her one by one.

When Kerry was just about to tease her more, he heard Hao chuckling behind him and said, “You are welcome.”

After a minute, Kerry immediately understood that this woman was saying thanks to Hao not him. He was too upset to explode. This damned woman, it was him who saved her.

She knew nothing about gratitude!

Kerry gnashed his teeth with anger and raised his eyes to Hao. He said coldly, “Why are you still here?”

Hao raised eyebrows, “I come here to see Venus!”

Venus, so intimate!

“I have other things to do with my wife. You can go now.” Kerry looked annoyingly unhappy and ready to see off the guest.

Venus twitched her mouth. Kerry was a tyrant. He didn’t like anyone visiting her. He was a psychopath. “My friends come to see me, it’s none of your business!”

“This is my home, my house, and the whole villa is mine. What you are sleeping in is my bed. Why is it none of my business?” Kerry refuted.

“You think I give a damn about your bed!” Venus shouted back.

Hao stood behind Kerry and wanted to say something. Thinking a few seconds, he gave up. He knew Kerry. Although his words were full of sarcasm and contempt, he still cared about Venus. Kerry had a possessive desire for Venus, which was for Hao…not a good thing.

Hao needed to act fast, as long as he could find the woman Kerry desired, then Venus can be replaced. By that time, he can win her over.

Clearly, she was the first woman he liked and wanted.

Keeping this in mind, Hao didn’t want to have a direct conflict with Kerry, nor did he want to show any interest he had in Venus in front of Kerry, so he retreated from the room.

Uncle John knew about the relations going on between Kerry and Hao, and wanted to keep him for dinner, but Hao refused gently and left driving his car.

Chapter 42: His Blue Pupils Can Glow

Now only this couple were in the room on the second floor.

After Venus Mu said “Who give a damn to sleep in your bed”, Kerry Ye pulled her harshly from the bed to the floor. These two were busy fighting that they didn’t even notice when Hao Nangong left.

“Aren’t you wanna sleep in my bed? Then you can sleep on the floor!” Kerry roared. Giving a look at Venus on the carpet, he sneered and lied on the bed, occupying the big bed all to himself.

“…” Venus stiffened out of pure anger. This man was such a jerk. She was a patient now. She had a wound on her back now.

Unreasonable son of a bitch! Wait for punishment from God!

Staring at Kerry and feeling the colder and colder temperature on the floor, Venus started to regret fighting with him.

It was said that a smart girl should be flexible to to any situation. Venus bit her lower lip and though it through over and over in her mind. Finally, she made up her mind, murmuring pitifully, “Young Master, the floor is cold…”

“…” No response!

“Young Master, I still have wounds…”

“Em!” He sounded cold too.

“Young Master, I’m…”

Before Venus finished her words, Kerry raised eyebrows, “I said before that you may ask me in your own way!”

Her way…

Venus’ face suddenly changed. Her heart, which had just softened, became tough again. The floor was cold and she had a back wound, so what? It was better than being tortured and humiliated by this man.

“Kerry Ye, you dream on, I will never ask you like that again! Ever!”

Venus roared in a low voice, trying to prove her determination. Last time in the study room, she had already lost her self-esteem once in order to fight for the opportunity to go to school. She couldn’t do that again.

“Oh, never?” After hearing her words, Kerry laughed out of feeling funny, “Venus, you’d better remember what you said. I will wait for you to come to me for the second time. Only this time, I won’t let you go so easily.”

“Kerry, you bastard, you son of a bitch, you will die young!” Venus growled.

“I die young? You do want me to die!” Kerry grinned grimly. He jumped out of bed and pinched Venus’s chin on the floor, forcing her to look up at him, “I tell you, Venus Mu, there are too many people who want me to die in this world, and you are only one nobody of them! “

Venus was terrified, not because of the pain on her chin, but because of Kerry’s eyes. The pupils were so blue that it seemed that ocean was about to engulf her.

Just staring at him like this, she was to be drowned by the dark blue ocean. Were these human eyes?

Venus was a little puzzled. She had seen foreigners with blue pupils before, but no one was like Kerry. His blue eyes seemed to able to glow…to shine.

“I won’t touch you for the time being because of your wounds. But today you lied to me and you had an affair with Zihang Lu. When you get well, I will settle these with you one by one.”

Kerry said with a bitter tone. He shook off Venus’s chin and left the room without giving her another look.

Venus froze in the spot, not only confused by his eyes, but also by his words. What was “You lied to me today”? When did she lie to him?

Suddenly, she thought of a scene in her mind. Venus saw the clearer picture now. The reason that he would agree and take her back to Mu’s home was because of her brother’s news, which they didn’t get any, so they came back.

Damn, how could he blame her? It was him who took her away like a crazy man. She was going to ask Uncle about her brother!

For Zihang, when did she have an affair with him? Remembering the hug she and Zihang had, Venus regretted desperately. She knew that no matter how she explained now, Kerry would not believe her.

That man, he believed himself and outsiders, but not her, never her!

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