Chapter 41 – 42: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 41: Stuart Bourn

Tint Chen looked at Nina White in disbelief, “Nina! Why did you explain all this to him! Ain’t you the one making decisions!”


Nina While slapped Tine in the face, “Shut up!”

She shook with anger.

Back then, Nina White did not get along with her family, so when she grew up she changed her last name and cut the relation with them, but by the time after she entered Marquis group, her families came to her for a reunion. Having understood the importance, she compromised.

Especially to this younger brother of hers, Nina paid her attention and took care of him.

Yet he was too stupid!

“Nina, why…um…” Tint covered his face and was astonished, “Why did you slap me?”

The elder man next to him was taken back either. He had no clue why Nina would do that to Tint.

Colin Ward was calm and he just wanted this drama in a smiling face while the two securities were both shocked.

Nina raised her voice, “Marquis has its rule, the decision is not for you to make!”

“Nina!” Tint looked at her with his wide-opened eyes, because his sister never treated him like this before.

“Pay raise.” Colin said, “For both securities.”

“Yes, sir.” Nina nodded her head.

Hearing the conversation, the two securities were surprised.

Meanwhile, they could not help wondering who this man was.

“Nina, why do you listen to this peasant!” Tint then turned to the man next to him, “Don’t drag me!”

The elder man pulled his clothes to shut him up, but he just could not.

“Just shut up!” Nina had to speak frankly, “He’s the manager!”

“But your position’s higher!”

Colin smiled slightly, “Next time, just take a day off.”

“It won’t happen again, sir.” Nina White replied to Colin in a hurry.

Colin glanced at Tint Chen and was about to leave but the elder man came over, “Sorry about that, I’m Stuart, Stuart Bourn, the manager of Tianrui.”

But Colin only paused his steps before ignoring him completely, which embarrassed him a lot.

Seeing the back of Colin moving away, he could not help complaining to Nina, “What’s wrong with him? So rude.”

“It’s none of your business.” Nina rolled her eyes, “Why here today?”

“Let’s grab something to eat first, is that okay?” Stuart asked.

“Fine.” Nina nodded.

Reaching a fancy restaurant nearby, Stuart opened his mouth, “We just missed you. You’re busy and seldom return home.”

While Nina responded with an indifferent expression.

She did not marry this man ought to love. They went together because her family introduced him to her. With time going by, she lost her feelings long ago.

Stuart frowned, “By the way, I heard there’s a new chairman. Can you handle him?”

Nina nodded her head slightly, and she knew what Stuart was implying. He was afraid of losing her because of Colin Ward.

“Good.” Stuart was just a manager of Tianrui that was nothing compared with Marquis.

Not to mention that Colin had the ability to make billions.

To give the couple space, Tint Chen went to the bathroom after ordering food, and Stuart kept on flattering Nina, “I have two tickets for a show tonight, are you going?”

“I’m occupied tonight.”

Colin Ward arrived at Lishi Company soon.

Inside the office, Doris Lee looked worried, “It was so urgent…we never expected it at all. Can you tell Marquis that, maybe a billion will not…”

“I will,” Colin Ward smiled, “Don’t worry.”

“Ms. Lee, another bunch of flowers and chocolate.” An employee came into the office with red roses and a box of chocolate.

Doris glanced at Colin before answering, “Just share them with our colleagues.”

After the employee left, Doris explained, “I don’t know who sent them, you…”

“I trust you,” Colin held her hand, “Plus I know my honey was attractive. It’s not your fault.”

Doris flushed and withdrew her hand.

Seeing her reaction, Colin laughed and asked, “You eat yet?”


“Shall we?”

Colin and Doris left Lishi hand in hand and got to the BMW.

“This car?” Doris was taken back.

“Yeah, I just bought it, come on, hop in.” He replied to her.

Chapter 42: The owner of Xinxi

Doris Lee got into the car but she was still astonished, “One more?”

“Yeah, it’s convenient. Oh, by the way, I bought Eva an Audi as well.”

“T..three cars?”

Colin Ward smiled and looked at Doris who was in shock.

Two more cars!?

“How much was it?”

“The same as yours, about two millions.” Colin replied to her breezily.

“What about the one you bought for my mom?” Doris asked with wide-opened eyes.

“Pretty much the same. They were all custom cars.”

“Colin…” Doris now as worried, “Did you spend all your money?”

“I told you, Doris,” Colin knew Doris was being caring, “I’ll give you and your parents a good life. Trust me, that’s the least I can do right now.”

Doris was touched. She stared at Colin, feeling warm.

Not only Colin was the manager of the Marquis group now, but he also treated her and her families so well, which for a moment, made her believe they were a real couple.

Thinking of that Doris was a little shy, “Okay, but don’t spend too much in the future.”

“As you wish, my lady.” Colin smiled.

Hearing his sweet talk, Doris looked outside of the window and smiled.

After they finished their lunch, Colin drove Doris back and stayed for details after going back to Marquis.

In his office, Colin asked Nina White, “What’s new about Xinxi?”

Nina, on the other hand, was curious why he paid attention to Xinxi so much all of a sudden, but still, she answered, “We talked to them in the morning, but it didn’t go well.”

“Hmm…” Colin frowned, “Do some research on the staff and owner of them.”

Nina received his order and went out, while Colin did not move. He was thinking.

Five minutes later, Colin left the company again.

On the other side, Doris started to work immediately when she was back from lunch, but Barr Martin called in and interrupted.

She did not even think and hung up the phone.

It rang again.

Doris sighed and answered the phone, frowning, “Hello?”

“Hey, Doris.” Barr spoke on the other end of the line, “What are you doing?”

“I’m busy.”

She was telling the truth. Right now, almost all projects and even the whole management of Lishi met some problems.

Moreover, she did not want any relation with Barr Martin anymore.

“I gotta go.” She said coldly.

“Wait!” Barr opened his mouth in a hurry, “I heard you had a situation?”

“It’s none of your business, and I really gotta go now. Bye.” Doris then hung up.

It pissed Barr off.

“Okay, ” Anger flashed through his eyes, “You had it coming, Doris.”

Doris rubbed her forehead and then got back to her work, forgetting Barr Martin already.

The second day, in the Marquis.

“The staff are clean,” Nina was reporting the findings to Colin, “But we found nothing about the owner of Xinxi.”

Colin frowned, “Okay, keep looking.”

“You got it, ” Nina paused and continued, “One more thing, the manager of Mingxiang just called. He wanted to express his thanks to the chairman in person.”

“Didn’t you refuse him?” Colin told Nina to refuse these kinds of things for him.

Nina nodded her head, “Some managers of other companies asked you to attend the dinner, too.”

Every time when someone asked the chairman for dinner, Nina just refused for Colin, but this time, all those people who were curious about him united and invited him together.

She explained the situation to Colin who understood that it would be improper to refuse this again.


“Six o’clock tonight. At Jiuzhou Hotel.”

“Okay, I’ll be there.”

After this, Colin’s attention was drawn by Xinxi again.

If even the people of Marquis could not find out who its owner was, then he must be hiding on purpose just like what Colin was doing.

Thinking of that, Colin was more curious about who the owner was, and he had a feeling that what happened to Lishi had something to do with it.

He took out his phone and called the scarred face.

“What up, boss?”

“Five hundred thousand. Find out who owns the Xinxi Group.”

“You got it.”

Ten minutes to six o’clock, Colin showed up in Jiuzhou Hotel.

He went upstairs to the reserved room and ran into Dean Brown who just came out from men’s room.

It was the first time Colin met Dean after the reunion. As usual, Dean was wearing a neat suit, but he was clearly not in a good mood.

Seeing Colin, Dean thought of all the humiliation Colin brought to him at once.

“Colin Ward! Why are you here!?”

Colin ignored Dean and walked straight to the room without a single halt.

“Hey! I’m talking to you! Are you deaf!?”

“Well, I’m not,” Colin turned around and looked at him, “It’s just I’m blind.”

Or Colin would find out what Dean Brown was long ago.

Dean understood what Colin was implying right away, “Who do you think you are, Colin Ward! You think you’re better than me!? You’re nothing but a filthy hypocrite!”

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