Chapter 41 – 50: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 41: Treasure identification

This dumbfounded the owners of the antique shops.

This guy… This guy’s way too rich!

Precious as this Phoenix Blood Jade was, it wouldn’t worth more than five million dollars.

While De Qiu was patting his leg, Zhengjiang Fang, with a look of smug, glanced at Xiaorou Xu’s face.

As if he were saying, “Look, I offered you three million dollars, and you are still hesitating; but now I’m offering five million dollars, they just took it without even thinking about it, and you’re going to regret it.”

Sure enough, seeing the Phoenix Blood Jade be taken by others, Xiaorou then started to get panicked.

She walked up to Zhengjiang and said, “Mr. Fang, you promised to sell this Phoenix Blood Jade to me first. First come, first served; don’t you know that?”

The key to bargaining in the antique business is to avoid impatience. Now that Xiaorou talked actively and unexpectedly, it’s obvious that she really wanted this Phoenix Blood Jade.

“Then three million dollars it is!” Xiaorou took a deep breath and said, “According to the quotation given by you, three million dollars, then I’ll take it.”

Seeing this scene, Kris Chen could not help laughing.

This Xiaorou was really able to make things worse.

This Zhengjiang Fang and De Qiu were obviously together; it’s not hard to see that the former made up a story about an ancient jade, and the latter raised the price, which was quite common in the antique circle.

It is hard to imagine that Xiaorou, who was born and raised in an antique family, could not see through such a scam, which sounded so unbelievable to him.

“My beautiful lady, who pays more, who gets it; don’t you know that?” De Qiu said lightly, “I shall take this Phoenix blood Jade with five million dollars, you can keep your three million dollars to yourself.”

Xiaorou did not reply and turned to Zhengjiang, “Mr. Fang, I am your first client after all; it’s reasonable that this jade belongs to me; although my payment is low, the most important thing is honesty, what do you think?”

The antique shop owners also supported her, “Miss. Xu is right; there are trade rules, this business should also obey the rule of ‘first come, first served’.”

“Yes, be honest!”

Hearing the people supporting Xiaorou, Zhengjiang had a change of heart. He thought for a while, and he sighed and made a fist-palm salute, then he said to De Qiu, “I’m sorry brother, I know you are willing to spend five million dollars buying this ancient jade, but what they said makes sense, too; since childhood, my mother has been teaching me to be a man of integrity, so I’ll have to sell this ancient jade to young master Xiaorou.”

Then he said to Xiaoru, “As what I said earlier, three million dollars, this jade is yours.”

“Ah, I did not expect you to be so honest, you just refused two million dollars.” De said with regret, “This ancient jade could be worth at least ten million dollars in the auction abroad; beautiful lady, you just earned a big deal.”

Seeing that she could actually convince Zhengjiang, Xiaorou felt great joy in the heart and hurriedly said to Jun Yang next to her, “Hurry, go transfer money to Mr. Fang.”

Jun nodded and went over to ask for Zhengjiang’s bank account number.

At this moment, Kris Chen, who was quietly watching them from the side, could not help laughing out loud, “Haha, this is too interesting.”

De and Zhengjiang were cooperating and performing together, indeed interesting.

“What are you laughing about?” Seeing Kris laugh, Zhengjiang felt uncomfortable, he felt he was the one being laughed at.

Xiaorou also glanced at Kris, not knowing why he was laughing.

“Sorry, seeing you bargaining for a fake good really makes me laugh, I couldn’t control myself…” Kris shook his head, and with a smile, he took out the mobile phone from his pocket and sent the message he had edited in advance to Lan Yu, captain of the Criminal investigation department of Westriver City.

After Mingdong Wei was caught last time, Kris was asked to go to the police station to make a record, but he didn’t go; thus they got each other’s contact numbers.

Frankly speaking, the acting skill of these two people was really good, and their cooperation was also perfect; not only were the antique shop owners fooled, but Xiaorou was taken in.

Unfortunately, they met Kris this time. He just couldn’t sit and watch it happen since he already saw through their scheme.


He’s saying this Phoenix Blood Jade’s fake!

There must be something wrong with his brain. The antique shop owners had been in this business for decades, they should be able to tell whether it’s real or fake. After they had confirmed it’s real jade, Kris was accusing it’s a fake one.

Wasn’t it a slap on the face?

Zhengjiang realized what happened first, he sneered, “Nonsense, this jade is our family heirloom, and it has passed down many generations, what are you to say it is fake?”

At this time, other people also understood what’s happening. One of the antique shop owners looked Kris up and down carefully and said in surprise, “Ah, isn’t this the adopted son-in-law of The Su Family?”

“The adopted son-in-law of the Su Family?”

Several other antique shop owners heard him saying so, they all recognized Kris.

“He’s really the adopted son-in-law of the Su Family!”

“I heard since he got adopted into the bride’s family, he had been depending on his wife entirely.”

They started to laugh and make fun of Kris. The boss Liu from the shop next door looked at Kris with amusement and said, “Son-in-law Of the Su Family, why do you say this piece of Phoenix Blood Jade is fake? You are saying you know how to identify treasure?”

The others burst out laughing.

Everyone knew that the adopted son-in-law of the Su Family was ignorant and lazy; it’s so ridiculous that he knew how to identify treasure!

“In my opinion, he must feel bored at home and comes out for pleasure.”

“Boy, the several bosses all have been in the antique business for decades; don’t embarrass yourself.” Hearing the ironic words of the owners, Xiaorou’s mood was also a little bit complex, this Phoenix Blood Jade could meet the requirements in accordance with quality sculpture craft.

In particular, it’s recorded that the Phoenix Blood Jade, under the irradiation of strong light, will show the chalcedony that is as red as blood, which in this case, was true; why did he say it’s fake?

She only heard that Kris Chen was a useless fool, lazy and ignorant, which she thought was a rumor because people were only jealous of him becoming the adopted son-in-law of the Su Family.

Now to think about it again, it’s obviously true; no wonder everyone in the Su Family disliked him, that’s why.

Zhengjiang and De looked at each other with a sense of irony in each other’s eyes.

This guy was in no way a big deal; turned out he’s just an adopted son-in-law disliked by everyone.

It almost scared the two to death earlier.

De picked his eyebrows, and Zhengjiang immediately got the message. He stepped forward, like a cat got stepped on its tail, pointed to Kris’s nose, and said, “The bosses here are experts in treasure identification and are the benchmark in the industry; they think it’s true, only you think it’s false. If you don’t give me an explanation today, I’ll call the police and accuse you of maligning me out of nothing!”

This is really a thief shouting to catch another thief!

Kris could not help laughing again. With a performance like this, It’s a shame the kid didn’t go to make a movie.

He reached into the box and picked it up, holding it up to the bright light outside. “The reason why this jade is called the Phoenix Blood Jade is that the red chalcedony inside the jade becomes so red that it looks as if it was set on fire. That’s how it gets its name.”

“The natural Phoenix Blood Jade requires a very harsh environment, it’s the blood jade dip into different human blood. The Phoenix Blood Jade is formed naturally, so it is very precious. Look, under strong sunlight, does the chalcedony become as red as fire?”

“This is a jade for sure, but it is just an ordinary jade made to look old, and the texture of the jade is truly not that good; when taking a close look at it, we can see the impurities mottled; it only looks like starlight because of its chalcedony.

“Such jade is worth thousands of dollars at most.” Kris said and threw the jade into the box, “Three million dollars, why don’t you go to rob a bank?”

Kris’s voice was not loud, but the others heard everything without missing a word.

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Chapter 42: Can you be my master?

“I… I…” Xiaorou Xu bit her lips, “Could you please be my master?” Hearing Kris Chen says this, these antique shop owners all began to hesitate.

What Kris said seemed to be reasonable, making them wonder whether the Phoenix Blood Jade was real or not.

Had they all misjudged?

They looked at each other, and they all saw doubt in each other’s eyes.

Phoenix Blood Jade, like a rare treasure, they had read about it, but they had never seen it, which meant that they probably misjudged.

Xiaorou bit her lips, looking at Kris, unable to say how shocked she was.

Wasn’t he Su family’s ignorant son-in-law?

How did he know all this?

Although she knew this, it’s not as thorough or detailed as he said, as if he had actually met the real Phoenix Blood Jade.

At this moment, she also hesitated. Did herself misjudge too?

Seeing the crowd began to hesitate, Zhengjiang Fang was also anxious, he flushed and said angrily, “My jade is real! I got it from my grandfather. If you think this jade was fake, prove it.”

What he said made sense.

Convincing evidence was better than say anything.

Everyone focused on Kris, especially Xiaorou, who was looking at him with hope. If Kris could prove it, then she did misjudge.

Misjudging was not a big deal, but not realizing where you were wrong mattered, which was fatal to an appraiser.

Many people were coming with their treasures to beg her to appraise them. If she misjudged, not only would the treasure collector lose their treasures, but the Xu family’s reputation that had accumulated over generations would also be ruined, which was a disaster.

“You want me to prove, right?” Kris smiled and said, “This is even simpler, for what I just said is all evidence. If you don’t believe me, use a magnifying glass. The dots in there are impurities! How could a real Phoenix Blood Jade contain impurities?”

As soon as Kris finished, Jun Yang, the store’s manager, brought a magnifying glass specializing in identifying antiques.

“Fuck, impurities!” Jun shouted out after checking it.

The other owners quickly gathered around!

“Shit, it’s really fake!” Boss Liu changed his expressions. He didn’t expect to be cheated. What a shame!

At this time, Xiaorou also walked over.

She came closer to take a look, which was indeed as Kris had said. The dots in the chalcedony were not presented under the bright light but were within itself.

“You… You…”

Now it was proved. Zhengjiang flushed, pointing at Kris, unable to say a single word!

He fiercely scrambled the jade from Jun and said with a reddened face, “You don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not selling this jade to you.”

Putting the jade into the box, he made a wink towards De Qiu and was about to leave.


“Stop them.”

Those bosses rushed over to block the way and the shop assistants, hearing the noise, rushed over.

Several people then pushed the two men down on the ground and tied their hands and feet with ropes.

Just at this time, there was an alarm sound outside. Kris looked towards the door, and it was Lan Yu.

Lan looked at the two people who were tied and said to the police officer, “Bring them both back.”

“Eh, Madam Lan, I’m familiar with these two people.” A police officer Lan said, “I’ve seen them before.”

“Really?” Lan said, “Take a picture of them and send it back to the bureau. Let someone have a check.”

When the police officer received the order, he took pictures, and in a short time, he got the feedback.

“Madam Lan, the two are wanted criminals. One is Xiaoqiang Fang, and the other is De Qiu. A year ago, they were wanted in Southeast City for an antique scam.” Then the officer gave the phone to Lan.

“Cuff them and take them back to the station for strict interrogation. They must still be running the scam in this year.” Lan said seriously.


De and Xiaoqiang were suddenly hopeless. It was all over.

“Kris, this time, you did a good job.” Lan walked to Kris and said, “The Public Security Bureau of Southeast City has a reward of 100,000 for the two of them. When I go back, I’ll definitely get the reward for you!”

Kris was really her lucky star, for he first rescued hostages and then detected the scam and apprehended the wanted criminals. This was a real achievement.


Kris nodded, ignoring what she said. 100,000 meant nothing at all, “These are the responsibilities of citizens. If it wasn’t for Officer Yu’s timely arrival, I’m afraid the two would have run away.”

What he said made Lan feel shy. When she came, the people had already been caught, Kris obviously gave all the credit to her. She would be grateful for all this.

“I’m leaving first, call me if you need it.” After saying that, Lan looked at Kris and turned around to leave.

“Interesting. She may thank me back later.” Kris laughed. He felt Lan was a bit interesting.

Two antique crooks were caught, but antique shop owners couldn’t hold back their feelings. As professional treasure appraisers, they had all been cheated, which was a shame for them, indelibly.

“Mr. Chen, thank you so much.”

“Yeah, we all misjudged, and we almost fell for the scammer.”

“If others know this, we will definitely be teased.”

“What a shame. Thank you, Mr. Chen.”

Saying that these owners bowed towards Kris to show their gratitude.

“Mr. Chen, from now on, you’ll get a 10% discount on all purchases.”

“Come to our shop, 15% discount.”

“Come to my shop, 20% off…”

After these owners left, Xiaorou bit her lips and walked to Kris.

“Kris, thank you.” She blushed and said, “If it wasn’t you, I would have fallen for the scam.”

“Don’t be.” Kris smiled, “Those closely involved cannot see clearly. I think even if I didn’t say anything, you would soon find it.”

Kris’ words made Xiaorou feel ashamed, but at the same time, this made her completely change her opinion of Kris.

The gossip about Kris, like ignorant, lazy, and poor son-in-law…

Now she didn’t believe what she had heard.

She looked at him for a while and suddenly said, “Kris, Can I ask you for one thing?”

“What?” Kris looked at her with some doubts, “Tell me and see if I can help you.”

“Can you be my master?” Xiaorou looked at him with sincerity.

Chapter 43: Feeling indescribably down

“I’m sorry, But I have no intention of taking in apprentices.”


He said, no!

Jun Yang next to him was dumbfounded; the boy actually said no to his young lady, without any hesitation!

Xiaorou Xu bit her lip and asked unwillingly, “Why don’t you accept me as your apprentice?”

“Ah.” Kris Chen sighed and said, “You and I are of the same level. If I accept you as my apprentice, won’t it be inappropriate?”

Xiaorou was amazed; she didn’t expect he would give a reason like this, but in the antique field, the one who’s competent gets respected; he’s just unwilling to take her as his apprentice by saying so.

She’s very depressed when thinking of this.

Seeing his young lady being so depressed, Jun went over and whispered something to her.

Xiaorou’s eyes suddenly brightened up; she nodded, “Director Yang, I think it’s a good idea.”

She said to Kris again, “Kris, you refuse to take me as your apprentice, and I’ll respect your decision, but would you say no to me again if I’m asking you to be the Honorary Treasure Appraiser of our Treasure Court?”

Kris looked indecisive.

Xiaorou added more conditions, “Thirty thousand dollars of wages, and you don’t have to work every day; plus you only have to show up when needed, how does it sound?”

God, thirty thousand dollars a month, no need to work every day, where could one find such a good job!

Being a person in charge, Jun could get at most ten thousand dollars a month; he was so envious.

“Kris, are you going to refuse me again?”

“Well… Since you begged me… All right, then!” Kris said reluctantly.

Seeing Kris accepted her offer, Xiaorou said delightedly, “Great, so it’s a deal.”

Kris smiled and said goodbye to Xiaorou since it’s getting late.

The next morning, just as Kris arrived at the office, Xue Mi came in to report her work.

“Mr. Chen, the program ‘I am a big star’ will be on show today. It’s Rui Liu’s first performance; would you like to go and watch?”

Kris shook his head and said, “No, if she wants to be an artist, she has to go through this by herself. You just have to set up a device for me to watch the show live.”

If Rui wanted to be an artist, she should overcome her own fear, shouldn’t she?

What’s more, the Su Family was responsible for Rui’s training and marketing, with Mary Su being the person in charge, wouldn’t his appearance make things confusing?

“Yes, Mr. Chen!” Xue nodded and hurriedly went to arrange things, as Kris asked.

Half an hour later, a live screen appeared on the projection screen of the office.

It had to be said that Rui Liu was born to be a star. With Mary’s careful training and design, Rui looked even more attractive on the stage; audiences were screaming for her. But something went wrong while she was singing.

The headset and the microphone suddenly went wrong at the same time. Thus Rui couldn’t catch the rhythm, though she had always been good at singing.

As a result, the words and rhythm couldn’t match. Finally, Rui had to return to the backstage in the sound of discussions of the audiences.

The media soon posted the incident, which said Rui was lip-synching arranged by the program to raise the show’s popularity and create a topic.

In the end, there’s only one problem, Rui Liu’s singing ability was not qualified because she had to do the lip-synch!

Seeing this news, Kris hit the table and called Xue into the office.

“It’s not that simple. Go find out what happened.”

Xue said yes and called the program directly. Finally, she found out why.

“Mr. Chen, there are three people in charge of Rui’s headset equipment at the backstage, but they all said they had done their job well; clearly, they are shirking responsibility,” Xue fumed.

Kris smiled coldly; clearly, they plugged their own ears while stealing a bell; Rui’s incident must have something to do with these three people.

“Haha, shirk responsibility?” Kris sneered and said, “Ok, you bring them over here.”

“Yes, sir!” Seeing Kris’s face, Xue knew that he was really angry, so she did not dare to say anything else and went out hurriedly.

After Xue left, Kris dialed a number.

“Guobang, come to Huanyu Group, right now!”

Twenty minutes later, the three backstage staff were brought into the office, looking very calm.

Sitting on the office chair was Guobang Liu dressed in a suit.

Kris had many ways to get them to tell the truth, which wasn’t that easy to perform; besides, he didn’t want more people to know his identity.

So he called Guobang Liu over.

“Now, tell me why Rui Liu’s headset went wrong on the show.” Guobang stared at the three closely and asked in a cold voice.

Sitting on the sofa, Kris was smoking leisurely.

The three people seemed to have discussed it in advance; they simultaneously shook their heads, indicating that they did not know. All three of them noticed Kris and thought he was Guobang’s bodyguard.

Guobang smiled and said coldly, “Not telling the truth, huh? Do you know who I am? I am god damn Guobang Liu!”

Guobang Liu?

On hearing this name, they all trembled and looked at him in fright.

Who does not know Guobang Liu in Westriver City? He’s the man invincible both in the legal and illegal world.

Why.. why was he here? What’s his relationship with Huanyu Group?

“Still not talking? Fine, but let me tell you something; if I finally find out this matter has something to do with you three, I hope you are still tough enough to face the consequence by then.”

As soon as he finished those words, the staff standing in the middle could not pretend anymore; he said immediately, “Mr. Liu, I’ll tell…”

Since the man in the middle said so, the other two could not pretend, either. They looked at each other and slowly told the truth.

The three men spoke for a few minutes and explained everything.

Guobang waved his hands and told the three men to leave, and then he stood up from his chair and said to Kris, “Master Chen, things are clear now.”

Kris smiled, stood up, and patted Guobang on the shoulder, “Ok, Guobang, you’ve got quite a reputation, which is so convenient because you scared them all.”

“Master Chen, I am so flattered; I wouldn’t be what I am today without you,” Guobang shook his head and said hurriedly.

Kris chatted with him for a while and let him go.

A few minutes after Guobang’s departure, Jane Tang called.

“Where have you been fooling around these days, you rubbish? It’s been a mess at home; just get your ass back here as soon as possible!”

Kris automatically ignored Jane’s insult; he knew it must have been for Rui Liu..

After all, Mary Su was in charge of Rui’s training and marketing.

Jane did not want to call Kris at first. Still, after this thing happened, The Old Lady of the Su Family was very angry and required all the Su Family people to be present; that’s why Jane just made the phone call.

This incident was very, very serious.

It’s said that The Old Lady even smashed her most beloved cup after hearing the news!


On the way back, Kris called Rui.

Rui was staying in her upscale apartment offered by the company, feeling indescribably down.

Seeing it was Kris calling, she hurriedly picked up her phone, “Brother Kris, I am so sorry, I am such a useless person that I screwed it all up the first time I am on stage.”

She was very nervous because of her mistakes. The good resources invested in her were all wasted, which made her panic; she thought Kris called to blame her.

“It’s not your fault. I’ve found out that it’s an internal problem of the Su Family.”

Rui’s mouth was wide open, “What? How come?”

“I know you have a lot of doubts right now, but now I need you to do as I say…”

After hearing Kris’s instructions, Rui quickly nodded, “I understand, Brother Kris; I will do as you say.”

“OK.” Kris hung up the phone.

Chapter 44: The Truth

Kris Chen came to the manor of the Su family.

There was anger and discontent in everyone’s face.

There was a crisis of trust between the Huanyu Group and the Su family for the big mistake of Mary Su. Su family would indeed be blamed.

The old lady of the Su family sat in the front seat with a solemn look. The whole hall was hushed.

Mary was in charge of packaging(fame-building preparation for a star) Rui Liu, so everyone was staring at her, which made her very anxious and uneasy.

However, her anxiety and uneasiness were relieved after Kris arrived. The people of the Su family turned their eyes from her to Kris when they saw him.

Everyone frowned subconsciously. “What is the crap doing here? Is there a place for him?”

At that moment, Hai Su suddenly stood up from his seat. He pointed to Mary and said with a sneer, “Mary, it’s not an easy thing for Su family to cooperate with Huanyu Group. But the relationship between the Su family and the Huanyu Group broke down for your mistake. What do you suggest we do about it?”

Mary was speechless for a moment, and she didn’t know what to do. She looked at the old lady and said, “I’ll follow grandma’s decision.”

Before the old lady said something, Hai said with a sneer, “Mary, it’s you who made a mistake, but you want grandma to deal with it. Aren’t you going too far? Nothing can make up your mistake.”

After saying that, Hai looked at the old lady and said, “Grandma, as Mary made such a big mistake, she is no longer fit to be in charge of this task. She should be dismissed directly. At the same time, in order to avoid Huanyu Group venting anger on us, she should not be involved in company affairs.”

After hearing what Hai said, the other people of the Su family nodded in agreement.

The old lady looked at Mary disappointedly and said, “Just do what Hai said. Mary, from tomorrow on, you can leave the company alone.”

Mary had already prepared for it, but when the old lady said it in person, her heart was full of sorrow. She wanted to explain, but didn’t know what to say.

At that time, Kris, who sat beside Mary, stood up and said, “I don’t agree.”

What Kris said caused an uproar again.

“Kris, shut up. Do you have a say here?”

“You are only the live-in son-in-low of the Su family. What right do you have to speak here?”

“Ha, ha, that’s really killing me. Kris is an excrescence. He starts talking nonsense without seeing his own identity.”

There seemed to be a breakthrough in the atmosphere, which was depressing to the extreme. All the people vented their emotions to Kris.

All kinds of angry rebuke, scolding, and enigmatic accusations were uttered mercilessly as if Kris was a heinous criminal.

“That’s enough. Be quiet.” The old lady pounded the table and said. When they saw the old lady was angry, they shut their mouths and dared not speak.

The old lady looked at Kris with a sullen face and said, “What are you talking about? Are you qualified to speak here?”

“The mouth is used to talk. If you don’t talk, what it’s for? I just think you guys are being silly. You don’t even find out what’s going on with the Rui Liu program. But you put all the blame on my wife and want to remove her position. Isn’t it too hasty?” Kris said with a sneer.

The old lady doesn’t like Kris. After being contradicted by Kris, her face was even more terrible. “You mean I do, Mary wrong?” She said.

The moment when Kris was about to speak, Hai jumped out suddenly. He pointed to Kris and scolded, “Who are you? It’s a family meeting of the Su family. What right do you have to boss us around? You are so arrogant that you even question grandma’s decision.”

Kris said with a sneer, “In ancient times, the emperor needed to listen to the opinions of his ministers when making decisions, so why can’t we raise opinions when grandma is making decisions? Besides, I am asking grandma to check it out before she makes the final decision. What are you barking at?”

“Fuck you!”

Hai immediately flew into a rage, and he wanted to hit Kris, but Kris’s half-smiled expression stopped him. He remembered the time when grandma was celebrating her birthday, and he made a fool of himself, so he immediately gave up the idea of fighting.

Kris laughed at Hai and said, “Mary was framed. It’s not an accident that the headphones of Rui couldn’t receive signal suddenly. Someone must, at the back of this.”

What Kris meant was obvious.

But no one believed what he said.

Blue veins stood out on Hai’s neck. “What the fuck are you looking at me? Do you mean I am behind the scene? Fuck you, don’t frame a good person,” Hai said.

Kris smiled and said, “I didn’t say it’s you. Why are you so excited?”

“Kris, shut up. If you make any more nonsense, get the hell out of here.” The old lady pounded the table and said.

        The old lady would rather believe it’s Mary’s mistake rather than Hai, who was behind the scene as to Rui's matter. 

Moreover, the old lady had made it clear on her 70th birthday that if Mary admits Kris as her husband again, she should never call her grandma again.

The old lady was very dissatisfied that Kris appeared at the meeting today. She wanted to scold, but when she thought Rui’s matter hasn’t been solved yet, she didn’t say anything.

The old lady didn’t expect that the crap dared to slander her favorite grandson in front of all Su family people. Wasn’t that meant she was wrong?

After seeing the old lady venting her anger, all the Su family people gloated at Kris. They wanted the old lady to ask him to get out of there immediately.

“Kris, sit down. Don’t you know where here is? Do you have a say here?” Changhe Su, who sat aside and has been silent, said.

Mary was also anxious. She hurriedly pulled Kris’s clothes and said, “Sit down and stop talking.”

Jane Tang looked at Kris with disgust and didn’t say anything.

Kris was very indifferent to the responses of everyone.

“Well, that’s settled. From now on, Mary is no longer the staff of the company. You can leave now.” The old lady said with a sullen face.


Just as everyone was about to stand up and leave, the hall’s door was opened, and a beautiful figure came in.

She is Rui Liu.

The hall fell silent when she appeared.

They all had some embarrassed expressions on their faces. Did Rui come to denounce them?

The old lady was silent for a moment, then she showed a polite smile on her face and said warmly, “Oh, here comes Miss. Liu. Please have a seat.”

Rui is a new artist of the first serious of Huanyu Group, and her future is boundless. Even the old lady dared not slight her.

Mary was very surprised. She didn’t expect that Rui would come here in person. For a moment, she was very upset. She wanted to apologize but didn’t know how to say it.

It was Rui’s debut, after all. As there was such a big problem, Mary couldn’t shirk her responsibility.

Rui smiled and didn’t sit down. She went straight to the old lady.

As Kris was there, she dared not to sit down.

Seeing that Rui didn’t sit down, but walked toward her, the old lady frowned but unbent after a while. “Is Miss Liu here for the program? I’m really sorry. It’s the responsibility of the Su family. Please rest assured, we will find out what’s going on. Besides, I have just removed Mary from her post. I promise that this will not happen again,” The old lady said.

As soon as the old lady said that, Mary’s eyes dimmed down. She was completely hopeless.

“No, I have known what’s going on,” Rui shook her head and said. Then she said to Mary with a smile, “Mary, take it easy. I’ve checked it out. It’s not your fault.”

After Rui said that, all these in the hall were nervous.

What? Is it not Mary’s fault?

Was there really a person behind the scene?

The people of the Su family looked at each other confusedly.

“Miss Liu, what’s going on?” The old lady said with a dull look.

Rui didn’t speak but turned her head to Hai, who was not far away from her…

Chapter 45: Getting Jealous

Hai Su’s body trembled, and the expression on his face also showed that he panicked.

Just when Rui Liu said she had learned the truth, he still put his faith in luck; but when Rui’s vision was cast over, his heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

“You three, come in, too.” Rui moved her eyes away from Hai and shouted at the door.

Immediately, the three staff in charge of Rui’s headset came in with their heads lowered.

When Hai saw the three people’s appearance, his brain suddenly went blank; he was completely blindfolded.

“You three, tell us about it,” Rui said.

After Rui spoke, the staff standing in the middle, looked up and glanced around, then he pointed to Hai and said, “It is this Mr. Hai Su who told us to do so.”

“Yes, he paid the three of us to fiddle with Miss Rui Liu’s headset, and told us there would be an extra bonus after it’s done.”

“Yes, yes, he did!” Said the other two.

What? Was it really Hai Su? Hearing the words of these three people, all the people of the Su Family were shocked. They did not expect the truth to be like this as it was too much to accept.

“Darn it…” Hai was just about to curse something, but he finally swallowed the harsh words; the person in front of him was the artist supported by Huanyu Group, someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

“This is an insult, a pure insult. Do you know who I am? Do you know the consequence of insulting me?” Hai dare not be angry at Rui, so he just got mad at the three staff. He looked at the three with an evil expression, and anyone could hear the threat in his tone.

The Old Lady recovered from the shock; she still couldn’t believe Hai would do this kind of thing to damage the Su Family. She said seriously, “This is not a joke. You three shall be sued and charged for framing innocent people.”

Facing Hai’s threat and the oppression of The Old Lady, the three staff looked at each other and laughed bitterly; it was so greedy of them to expect this amount of money, and they all regretted about it.

And they were here to identify Hai after taking his money; they really offended Hai big time!

Life wouldn’t be easy for the three from this moment, they were afraid.

But compared to Guobang Liu, Hai could hardly be a little brother; the worst result of offending Hai was a tough life at most, but the result of offending Guobang was not something they could bear. They might not even have a way back apart from a tough life.

One staff gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve got proof in my hands.”

“So do we!” Said the other two.

“We all have the record of the financial transaction from Mr. Hai Su on our mobile phones,” Said the three people, and they showed the proof. With the evidence as solid as a rock, the truth was revealed.

The Old Lady’s face was pale, and she got dizzy because of anger; with trembling finger pointing at Hai, she said, “Hai, You… Why are you doing this?”

Hai opened his mouth but realized he could not find a word at all. He fell to the ground like a deflated balloon.

At this time, Mary Su by the side also sighed in relief; the truth of this matter finally got clear.

The Old Lady looked at Hai in disappointment and could not say a word; but she suppressed her anger because Rui was here; she said to Rui, “Miss. Liu, I failed to discipline this kid; about this matter…”

No matter how many mistakes he made, Hai was still her favorite grandson, and no matter how important Rui was, she was, after all, an outsider, so she still wanted to defend Hai.

Rui said with an expressionless face, “You Su Family have caused this matter. I’ll leave the matter to you to deal with, just don’t let me down.”

The Old Lady got her meaning from her words that they must give her a satisfying explanation.

She glared at Hai and said angrily, “You useless piece of crap, I have put all my efforts in you, and this is how you repay me… You really let me down! From this day on, you are not allowed to meddle in anything in the company, and you are not allowed to step out of the house for half a year!”

“Grandma, no, please, I… I know I am wrong.” Hai knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

The Old Lady didn’t look at him. She turned and looked at Rui, “Miss. Liu, are you satisfied with this result?”

Rui did not say anything, instead, she looked at Kris Chen.

Seeing Kris nodding gently, she opened her mouth and said, “So be it.”

Seeing Rui agreed, The Old Lady’s heart was relieved that the rest would be more comfortable to do as long as Rui stopped arguing over this matter.

“Let the matter rest,” Rui said, and she added, “But I have a condition.”

“Blurt it out, please!”

As long as she could forgive the Su Family, they would take ten conditions.

Rui smiled, went to Mary, and announced, “My marketing and appearance design shall still be in charge of Miss Mary, I do not recognize anyone else; am I clear?”


Only Mary? Hearing this, the people of the Su Family were once again shocked.

The same conversation happened once when they were talking about the cooperation with Huanyu Group that they wanted Mary only, but now Rui also said so… What the heck’s going on here?

“Fine, since you say so, we Su Family shall support you fully.” The Old Lady was actually very reluctant, but Rui was so firm, so she had to nod no matter how unwilling she was.

They did not expect that in such a short time, the project of Rui’s promotion and marketing returned to Mary’s hands again.

Besides, with Rui saying it personally, that she would only recognize Mary, this whole matter would be impossible to have interfered, as they considered Rui’s words as an imperial edict.

They were all really envious; although Rui’s imaged was damaged temporarily, by virtue of the resource and channels of Huanyu Group, she would in no doubt be hot soon.

With such a superstar to-be, Mary could make money easily, even in her dreams!

Hai was really speechless, and he couldn’t defend himself; why did he even do what he did? He actually did a big favor for Mary finally; he hated himself so much!

The things that should be done were done; Rui smiled and went to Kris, “Brother Kris, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go first!”

Rui’s tone was full of respect and humbleness.


Brother Kris?

Rui called this rubbish Brother Kris?

Oh, god, was there something wrong with their ears?

Everyone was dumbfounded, and their mouths were wide open.

Even the Old Lady got surprised when she heard this… What on earth was going on?

“Well, you shall go and do your business,” Kris nodded and said.

Hearing this, Rui showed a sweet smile, then left with her high heels kicking the ground, together with the three staff who felt a relief when they could finally flee the Su estate; the three looked at each other, feeling like they had just survived a disaster.

After Rui left, Kris stood up, stretched his arms, and said languidly, “Getting framed by your own family, how interesting and eye-opening.”

The sarcasm in his voice was shown clearly.

The Old Lady remained silent after hearing it; she recalled herself swearing that it couldn’t have been Hai, and now felt so hot on her face as if someone had slapped her.

The rest of the Su Family’s facial expressions were also complex, as they wanted to refute, yet found themselves so powerless.

Kris smiled and walked out of the hall slowly.

As soon as he walked out the door, Mary caught up with him and said, “Kris, wait a minute.”

Kris stopped and looked at her. “What’s wrong, darling?” He asked.

Hearing Kris addresses her so intimately, Mary blushed. She would have been angry if he had called her like this before; but at the moment, she got a little shy.

But it was not the moment to be shy, which was also not what she came after him for. She thought for a while and said, “Did you know the truth before you came? And… What’s the matter between you and Rui?”

Mary bit her lip, and there was a hint of interrogation in her words.

“Darling, what are you… Jealous?”

Chapter 46: I’ll try

Mary’s look became unnatural.

“Why do I care about his relationship with Rui Liu?” Mary thought.

Seeing Mary was silent, Kris said, “Rui and I are classmates before. I didn’t know about it until I called her and asked her.”

Mary nodded. Originally they still had this kind of relationship, but she still had some doubts, “you are just classmates, why is she so polite to you?”

“It might have something to do with the fact that I used to be a monitor.” Kris paused and made up an excuse.

“Really?” said Mary.

Just then, Kris’s cell phone suddenly rang.

“It must be my boss. He must have known that I have sneaked out. I have to get back to work.”

This phone call solved Kris’s crisis.

Mary also did not think too much, said hurriedly, “Ok, just go back quickly.”

Kris nodded, waved goodbye to her, and strode out of the manor. He took out his phone and saw that it was a call from Xiaorou Xu.

“Kris, where are you? Can you come over now? There’s an urgent matter that needs your help,” Xiaorou said anxiously.

“Okay, I’ll be right there soon.”

Kris didn’t ask her what it was about. But she was so anxious and lost her usual calmness, Kris guessed that she must have run into something important.

Hanging up the phone, Kris drove to the antique shop. Twenty minutes later, Kris parked his car at the door of the antique shop. As soon as he got out of the car, he saw many people standing outside the shop.

“What are these people doing?” Kris said to himself.

Kris squeezed through the crowd and saw the owner of a couple of antique shops talking about a middle-aged man.

“This stuff is fake.”

“Yeah, it looks like it was made in an assembly line.”

Kris saw the middle-aged man holding a blue-and-white porcelain vase in his hand. He looked a bit unnatural as he was surrounded by so many people. Apparently, he was not used to being surrounded by so many people.

In front of this middle-aged man stood not only Xiaorou and Jun Yang but also a hale old man with white hair.

This old man was Xiaorou’s grandfather, Qianshan Xu. The Xu Family’s great reputation was also the result of his hard work. By the generation of Xiaorou’s father, Jianguo Xu, the Xu Family’s reputation was known throughout the country.

Kris didn’t know him but felt that this old man wasn’t ordinary.

What surprised him was that there was a familiar figure among this group of people.

“Yu Su is here too. Why is she here?” Kris said to himself.

After thinking a while, Kris found it was normal that Yu Su would be here, the Su Family and the Xu family had a good relationship. Yu Su might be here to help Xiaorou.

Yu also spotted Kris, and she froze for a moment. “Why is he here too? Did he come over for fun?”

Although Yu was a little curious about why Kris would be here, she didn’t greet him and talked to him.

“Last time we celebrated grandmother’s 70th birthday, I had a conversation with him, but we haven’t talked with each other since then. If I greet him now, will he think that I’m approaching him on purpose?” Yu couldn’t help but think.

While everyone was arguing, Qianshan Xu waved his hand to signal everyone to be quiet. He placed the blue-white porcelain vase in the middle-aged man’s hand on the table and carefully examined it.

Qianshan was a true master of antique appreciation. After he finished speaking, everyone around him quieted down and held their breath. They were afraid of disturbing his appreciation of the vase.

Several antique shop owners also stopped arguing. They all held their breath, not daring to make a sound. Qianshan, the true antique master, was here. These antique dealers certainly didn’t dare to express their opinions casually.

“The blue-white porcelain vase is indeed exquisite, and the glaze is very pure, but I can’t determine which dynasty it is from.”

After looking at the blue-white porcelain for a while, Qianshan shook his head and said to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man scratched his head, “You’re an expert in the antique world. How hard could it be to learn the age of a blue-white porcelain vase?”

“Antique connoisseurship is profound and extensive. The more I know, the more ignorant I feel. I’ve only lived a few decades, and it’s normal to have some antiques that I can’t know the ages.” Qianshan put his hands behind his back and said

Qianshan’s words were frank. He told people directly that he didn’t know. He didn’t pretend to understand what he didn’t know. He also didn’t say some nonsense about antique appreciation. Because the people present with antiques could write down these things even if their eyes were closed.

As soon as Qianshan finished speaking, the people present nodded their heads in recognition. In the antique industry, people really couldn’t pretend to know the expertise of antique appreciation. A few antique shop owners also admired Qianshan’s courage to admit his ignorance as an expert in this field.

“Grandpa, did you really not see which dynasty it came from?” Xiaorou was confused. There was no antique that her grandfather couldn’t identify in her impression

Qianshan thought about it and said, “If I had to say which dynasty it came from. I would identify this vase as a modern artifact.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle-aged man said, “This porcelain is a modern artifact? What I want to ask is which kiln can produce such beautiful porcelain?”

“This…” Qianshan was so stunned that he didn’t know how to reply.

Just as the situation became awkwardness, Kris stepped forward and said, “May I see it?”

After he finished speaking, everyone present froze, discussing.

“Where did this young man come from?”

“What qualifications do you have to authenticate something that even Master Qianshan can’t authenticate?”

Several antique shop owners were also stunned. Wasn’t he the Su Family’s live-in son-in-law?

Last time, if he hadn’t uncovered the fraudster, they would have lost their face.

But now the old man standing in front of him was a master expert in the antique world. When he became famous in the antiques world, Kris’s father hadn’t even been born yet, let alone Kris.

“Who are you? Why don’t you get out of here?”

“That’s right, didn’t you hear that Master Qianshan has already given an appraisal. This is a modern artifact.”

“Just leave quickly, don’t embarrass yourself here.”

A group of onlookers stared at Kris and made sarcastic comments.

A few antique shop owners didn’t join them, but their expressions were odd. This Su Family’s son-in-law was still too young. The Master Qianshan had already given the results, but he still wanted to authenticate the antiques. Wasn’t he going to embarrass the Master Qianshan?

Yu Su, who was standing at the side, also frowned.

Although this Kris was just not considered a son-in-law by the Su Family, he was still a member of the Su Family. He wanted to authenticate the antiques, wasn’t he afraid of offending Master Qianshan?

Although Master Qianshan had now handed over the power of the family to his son, he was still in a very high position in the Xu Family. How could Kris offend him?

“Young man, you are?” Qianshan frowned

“Grandpa, let me introduce him to you.” At that moment, Xiaorou stepped forward and said, “His name is Kris. He’s the honorary treasure hunter I hired two days ago.”

“What? He’s an honorary treasure hunter?”

“Even a brat like him can be an honorary treasure hunter, so wouldn’t I be able to be the chief treasure hunter?”

Everyone present was surprised. There was a discussion in the crowd at this point. Some people even started to mock Kris.

Qianshan sighed, looked at Kris, and said, “Then you come over and take a look.”

Ever since He handed over the property to his son a decade ago, Qianshan had done little to manage the family’s business. Jianguo Xu was good at doing business, but he didn’t have talent in authenticating the antiques. If a person wanted to start an antique business, how can he do it without an eye for quality?

Fortunately, his granddaughter has talent in doing business and authenticating the antiques, so he gradually cultivated Xiaorou wholeheartedly.

“Since Xiaorou hired him, he must have talent. I just don’t know how capable he is. I should see how he identifies it next,” Qianshan pondered.

With Qianshan’s permission, Kris went up and looked at the porcelain carefully.

Chapter 47: Blue and white porcelain

Different from when Qianshan Xu appraised porcelain, it was so noisy when Kris was appraising.

The former watched with respect and worship, while the latter as if he was watching circus clowns.

Honorary appraiser?


Miss Xu was still too young to believe such a young man. Let’s have a look. How foolish joke he would make.

Xiaorou Xu couldn’t help but get nervous. Wasn’t Kris too confident?

Wasn’t it a little arrogant that Kris identified it after her grandpa gave the result? If Kris made grandpa unhappy later, which was extremely bad.

Kris looked around the blue, and white porcelain suddenly rose his finger and flicked on its porcelain.

Making a crisp sound.

“Stop it, if you broke it, could you afford it?” The middle-aged man’s face changed and restrained him.

Several antique shop owners also shook their heads when they saw his action.

The son-in-law of the Su family was still too young.

Although we needed to tap the porcelain body with our hands when identifying porcelain, it was not like him taping with his fingers, which was such unprofessional.

In addition, a pair of white gloves were usually needed for treasure identification, firstly, which could prevent fingerprints from damaging antiques, secondly, which was to prevent slipping.

“Eh” Qianshan said lightly, standing aside.

Kris’s movements seemed to be unprofessional, even a little playful, but it seemed that Qianshan had ever seen his unique way of identification.


Kris put his finger on his mouth, then put his ear close to the porcelain, quietly listening to the reverberation of the porcelain.

After that, Kris put down the porcelain, turned to Xiaorou, and said, “how much does he want to sell this blue and white porcelain?”

Without waiting for Xiaorou’s answer, the middle-aged man said: “800000 dollars, no bargaining.”

800000 dollars?

Kris narrowed his eyes and smiled in his heart. He immediately said to Xiaorou, ” we can buy it with 800000 dollars.”

What Kris had learned most from Qian Wang was porcelain identification.

The present blue and white porcelain in front of them, no matter its glaze color or texture, was as good as Qianshan had said. But its age could hardly be determined because its pattern was actually a blonde foreigner.

Kris originally agreed with Qianshan’s appraisal, but he soon discovered the secret hidden in porcelain’s bottom.

Its bottom was very thick, and there was a layer of gray soil. Kris knew the soil, which was the residue of glutinous rice juice. It was definitely a tabia.

So Kris concluded that it must be a newly unearthed ware of the Ming dynasty.


800000 dollars to buy it?

Before Xiaorou could react, people around her laughed.

“Oh, it’s killing me.”

“Guy, are you blind? Such a handicraft, we can buy it with only hundreds of dollars in the ceramic market.”

“Ha, 800000 dollars. Are you crazy?”

Yu Su saw that Kris was made fun by them, then shook her head secretly. He was sure to offend Mr. Xu.

Xiaorou’s eyes were very complicated. She had thought he would make a surprise speech. It was unexpected that he agreed easily to spend 800000 dollars to buy “modern crafts”. She began to suspect whether it was a wrong decision to hire Kris as an honorary appraiser.

Qianshan frowned and looked a little angry. He turned and asked Xiaorou in a low voice, “is this the honorary appraiser you hired with 30000 dollars a month?”

It was so fun. He didn’t think the guy was worth it to hire this guy, let alone 30000 dollars, even 3000 dollars.

Xiaorou bit her lips but didn’t speak. Her beautiful face just turned red.

At the moment, the middle-aged man laughed loudly and walked forward to pat Kris on the shoulder: “You do know the goods.”

Kris smiled and did not reply.

Seeing that his granddaughter was so ashamed that her face turned red, Qianshan didn’t have the heart to blame her. So he turned to vent his anger on Kris: “you just tell me why it is worth 800000 dollars.”

Let alone 800000 dollars, it was even worth eight million dollars! Buying the porcelain wouldn’t make one lose.

Kris thought to himself, but said calmly, “don’t get angry, sir. Give a brush to me first, and you will understand.”

Qianshan had already been a little impatient. When he heard Kris ask a brush, he felt that the young man in front of him was not outright at all. He was a man who spoke directly. Now the impression of Kris got even worse for him.

He snorted coldly and said to Jun Yang, “Yang, go and give him a brush. I’d like to see what medicine his gourd sell!”


As Jun heard the order, he quickly took a special brush from the counter, which was especially for brushing the antique dust.

“Sir, this is the brush you want!”

After receiving the brush from Jun, Kris said, “Oh, I almost forgot it. Please bring me a pair of white gloves and a file.”

Jun did not move. He just looked at the old man.

Qianshan said angrily, “what do you look? Just get it!”

“Alright,” Jun replied, injured, turned around, took out a pair of white gloves and a file, and then handed it to Kris.

Kris put on gloves, put blue and white porcelain mouth down, bottom-up, then picked the file and gently started grinding.

When he was grinding, He also used a brush to brush away the dust.

Seeing Kris’s movements, all of them didn’t speak. Each of them stretched their necks out to avoid missing Kris’ step.

The tabia on the bottom was very thick. Kris used a file to grind it carefully.

The process was bound to be long. At the beginning, the crowd just felt novel. As time went on, the crowd became restless.

“Shit, the fool just uses a file to grind the bottom of porcelain. Isn’t he afraid to broke the porcelain through? “

“Alas, it is obvious that the bottom was so thick when it was burned to mold. He doesn’t even know it.”

Mr. Xu, an acute man, was getting even more upset when he listened to people’s words.

When the middle-aged man saw Kris grinding the bottom of the vase with a file, he hurriedly said, “you see, he grinds my porcelain with a file. Whether you buy it or not, you have abraded it. You must pay 800000 dollars for it.”

Kris didn’t speak and was concentrating on grinding the porcelain.

As the time went by, little by little, the original thick tabia was cut away by Kris with a file, revealing the original appearance of blue and white porcelain bottom.

“Manager Yang, please help me to get a bottle of water. There is last little left at the bottom, which is not easy to grind with a file.” Kris politely said to the sleepy Jun.

Hearing Kris’s words, Jun got up his spirit, took a mineral water bottle, and handed it to Kris.

“Thanks!” Kris replied. He took the water, unscrewed the cap, and poured it at the bottom of porcelain.

Gradually, a magical scene happened. A red seal appeared at the bottom. Kris was so happy that it just was what he expected.

He couldn’t help but speed up his movements.

Five minutes later, Kris stopped.

Keeping an action for a long time, Kris felt the muscle ache sorely. Although the process was quite uncomfortable, the result made him very excited.

“Just look, what’s this!”

Kris said to Qianshan and others, held the bottom of porcelain to them.

Qianshan, who had been waiting impatiently for a long time, hurriedly walked over. When he clearly saw the red seal at the bottom of the porcelain, he was surprised: “blue and white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty!”

Chapter 48: He’s been discovered

“Yes, it is blue and white porcelain from the Yuan Dynasty.” Kris Chen nodded with a smile.

“What? Blue and white porcelain from the Yuan Dynasty?”

Several antique shop owners were shocked and gathered around. When they saw the red seal, they were dumbfounded.

At the same time, Xiaorou Xu and Yu Su’s hearts were beating so fast.

How precious is blue and white porcelain from the Yuan Dynasty?

It had been sold for more than 200 million dollars on an auction two years ago.

Looking at Qianshan Xu, who’s being so excited, two women dropped their skepticism.

“This vase of blue and white porcelain is from Yuan Dynasty!”

“Oh my god, it’s crazy.”

“But… Something’s wrong…” The owner’s surnamed, Liu of the antique shop, hesitated. “The characters on the vase are clearly foreigners. It’s not right!”

“Yes, Mr.Liu is right.”

The other antique shops nodded in agreement with Mr.Liu.

“I’ll answer that question for you.” Before Kris opened his mouth, Qianshan explained: “Blue and white porcelain started from the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Yuan Dynasty, as you all know. Counting the four vassal states, the Yuan dynasty had an area of 33 million square kilometers across the Eurasian continent, so the Europeans there have naturally blond hair and blue eyes.”

Hearing Qianshan said that a few antique shop owners were suddenly enlightened.

“You said so much, so do you want to buy the vase or not? I f you don’t want, I’ll go to another shop.” At this time, the middle-aged man impatiently said.

After hearing this, Kris smiled.

This guy was obviously a layman, if ordinary people hear the name of blue and white porcelain from the Yuan Dynasty, they would know its price is not less than ten million dollars. But this man just wanted eight hundred thousand dollars.

However, it can be seen that the bottom of the vase was glued by the soil. But it had just been dug out of the earth. There must be something wrong: Where did the vase come from? Kris frowned.

“We’ll take it!”

The middle-aged man just finished the words, Qianshan nodded, again and again, he shouted at Jun: “Pay this gentleman as quickly as possible.”

After saying that, he cautiously put way the blue and white porcelain vase and let Xiaorou put it in a safe box prepared for the antique.

The other antique shop owners were the envy of them. They looked at Mr.Xu with an envious face. He’s really a lucky man.

Thanks to Kris, the way they looked at him now has completely changed.

He’s not a layman, he’s an expert at this.

Jun transferred the money, the middle-aged man took out his mobile phone to check the money and then left happily.

Qianshan went to Kris and said with an ashamed face, “Mr.Chen, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you this time, I would have missed this treasure.”

Kris said with a faint smile: “You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure.”

Seeing Kris being so humble, Qianshan was more satisfied with this young man, he really has manners, then he glanced at Xiaorou: “My dear granddaughter, you didn’t choose the wrong person, Mr. Chen is really good at appreciating antique, you should listen to the advice of Mr.Chen more later.”

“Yes, grandpa.” Xiaorou couldn’t be happier when she heard the praise of her grandfather.

“You helped us to get a treasure today. How about we have a drink tonight on my treat?”

It’s blue and white porcelain from the Yuan Dynasty!

The blue and white vase that has been sold for a huge price two years ago was inferior in both size and glaze color to the one Qianshan bought today. This one contained much more historical information than that one.

He didn’t expect that he will have the honor to get such treasure.

Though Qianshan’s a high-level master, he couldn’t help but be excited.

He really needs to have a drink with Kris as thanks.

However, Kris was not interested in Qianshan’s invitation at all.

His attention, at the moment, was all put on the middle-aged man.

“I’m afraid that we have to take a rain check. I’m in a hurry.” Looking at the direction of the middle-aged man left, Kris said a few words and hurried out of the Treasure Court.

Qianshan and Xiaorou were looking at each other’s face. They were wondering why he left hastily.

Looking at the back of the middle-aged man not far away, Kris quietly followed up.

After the middle-aged man successfully sold the blue and white vase, he was filled with joy, at the same time, he is keeping alert. While walking, he still looked around and looked like he’s afraid of being caught by others.

This is a sign of guilty conscience.

Seeing the middle-aged man so vigilant, Kris didn’t dare to follow him too closely.

After a while, a van pulled up next to the middle-aged man, and he got on. The car turned around and headed to the east of the city.

Kris hurried back to drive his Mercedes.

The imported Mercedes S-class’s performance was really good, it didn’t take him too long to catch up with the van.

But Kris did not dare to follow them too closely for fear of being discovered by them.

Twenty minutes later, Kris followed the van to the Dongmang Mountain.

It is an undeveloped barren mountain in Westriver City and a mass grave. There are lots of graves in it, making it even more scaring.

Now the sun was setting, and it was getting dark.

On a flat spot on the mountainside, the van stopped, the driver and the middle-aged man got out and then climbed up from a winding road ahead.

Kris parked the car in a hidden corner and followed up.

The wild grass was swaying in the wind. From time to time, exposed the graves and shabby tombstones, Kris felt a little scared.

Oh my god. Aren’t they digging the graves here?

Could it be that the blue and white vase was dug out from a grave on this mountain?

Kris was speculating, and soon, the two men in front of him stopped.

He quickly crouched down, hiding behind a tree to quietly observe.

The scene Kris saw made him stunned at that time.

He saw dozens of meters ahead, more than a dozen people were digging a hillock with hammers and spades in their hands.

One of them was fat and bald man, it’s obviously he is the leader of the group, who was smoking cigarettes and commanding them all.

At this time, the middle-aged man came back, the bald man hurriedly asked: “How did it go?”

The middle-aged man said with excitement: “It’s sold out for eight hundred thousand million dollars.”

“My God, eight hundred thousand, is that vase so valuable?”

The bald man was stunned, then he took a big gulp of smoke, his face showed his excitement.

The people around were also thrilled to hear this, now they’re even more energetic.

“We picked the right place, Chief.”

“We’re going to be rich.”

Seeing them stopped to chat, the bald man laughed and scolded: “Why are you still standing there? A vase worth 800,000 dollars. If we can find more vases, we will all become rich, won’t we? Hurry up. There must be something valuable.”

Money is the power, even he didn’t open his mouth, the group of workers were all energetic and more devoted to their work.

Although Kris was far away, he could still hear their loud voice.

It seemed that the blue and white vase was dug out here. This tomb can’t be a simple one.

But these guys used hammers and shovels to dig. What if they destroyed the treasure in there? The treasure there was all the left by our ancestors.

How should he do?

Kris didn’t come up with a good idea for a while.

All of a sudden, he heard the voice of the bald man coming from the front: “Who is hiding there? Get out!”

Kris was nervous.

He’s doomed. He’s been discovered.

Chapter 49: The Baji Blast

When Kris Chen was thinking about how to escape, he saw the bald guy picked a shovel on the ground, walking straight towards another tree more than ten meters away.

“How dare you rob a grave? You are committing a crime. You guys stop right now!”

Before the bald guy approached the tree, a lady was yelling at him angrily behind the tree.

Fortunately, she was speaking to that bald guy. Kris thought that he exposed himself.

There were so many people with weapons in their hands that it was hard to win no matter how powerful Kris was.

“Whew, I didn’t expose myself, but… why this sound so familiar?” Kris thought.

Just when Kris was puzzled, a heroic figure came out from behind the tree.

Kris was stunned: “Holy shit! Why is she here? Is she alone?” Her beautiful face was covered with coldness, and in her eyes was fearless. This must be Lan Yu.

With a look of anger, Lan stared at the bald guy who was standing in front of her.

When she got off work from the police station this evening, she saw a group of people holding hammers and shovels and furtively went up the Dongmang Mountain.
She felt strange. Even in the daytime, people hardly go to that mountain due to fear, and now it was about to go dark, yet those people sneakily went up that mountain, there must be something unusual. So she carefully followed behind that group of people.

After got off work, Lan wore her casual clothes without weapons. When she saw that that group was robbing a grave, she did not act rashly but was looking for opportunities to call her colleagues for support.

However, the message had not been sent yet. The bald guy came over and found her.

The bald guy was shocked by her beautiful face, and other people were stunned as well.

“Haha, I didn’t expect to meet such a beauty in this barren mountain.” the bald guy looked at Lan with a horny look.

“Oh shit, she’s so pretty, like a movie star.”

“She’s so stunning, if I could sleep with her, I would be willing to live ten years less for that.”

Hearing the words of the sidekicks, the bald guy was shaking with a horny laugh. He looked at Lan wretchedly: “Have you heard what my brothers said? Come over to have fun with us.”

Lan gritted her teeth and scolded: “Watch your mouth, listen, I am the captain of the Westriver City Criminal Investigation Department. Put down your weapon and squat on the ground with your hands on your head.”

Hearing this, those criminals looked unhappy. They had heard that there was a beautiful policewoman in Westriver City. They didn’t expect it to be her.

There was a trace of fear in the bald guy, but soon this trace of fear was thrown behind him, and he sneered: “You dare to be so arrogant just by yourself.”

While talking, the bald guy made a come-here gesture to the people behind, and the middle-aged man walked up quietly with a few people.

“What do you want to do?” Lan shouted with a fighting stance.

The bald guy said sternly: “Do or die!”

It’s all at this point, he can’t just give it up and be arrested.

As soon as the bald guy finished his words, the middle-aged man and several others rushed over toward Lan.

Lan was serious, coldness in her eyes, and she didn’t wait for them all to come over, she moved.

Fighting alone, she believed that no one can fight her alone, but if they swarm up, then she was really in danger.

As the captain of the Criminal Investigation Department, Lan quickly analyzed the situation and made a plan.


Needless to say, she fought good, more than twenty seconds, several people around her were knocked down by her.

However, there were more than a dozen enemies. She was only one person, no matter how powerful she was, she will lose. Soon, Lan failed to pay attention and was successfully attacked by the bald guy. She was tightly tied with a rope now.

“Captain of the Criminal Investigation Department? Still, be tied up by me!” The bald guy laughed smugly. “Don’t you stare at me? After we finished digging, we would play with you.”

“Bah, you wish, none of you can run away.”

The bald guy wiped the saliva from his face, and a cruel look appeared on his face: “Dare to disobey me, believe it or not, we will rape you and bury you alive.”

Hearing his swear words, Lan began to tremble, but she did not expect that she was actually insulted by a grave thief as a captain. This was intolerable.

“Oh, you guys are too bold.”

At this time, Kris could not hide anymore. If he did not show up, Lan would be in danger, so he came out.

Lan and the bald guy saw him appeared under the tree not far away.

“Kris?” Lan recognized Kris at a glance. Seeing him, Lan not only had no surprises but was very nervous. These thieves were all desperate and dangerous to Kris.

“Run, call the police!”

Kris stood motionless on the spot, and didn’t mean to run at all.

The bald guy looked at Kris murkily, said coldly: “Who are you? Why are you here!”

As soon as he asked, the middle-aged man on the side shouted at Kris: “Damn, ain’t you the appraiser of the Treasure Court?”

The appraiser?

Everyone was stunned.

Lan only knew that the person standing there was the son-in-law of the Su family.

“Run!” Lan shouted at Kris.

Just as she shouted, the bald guy came over, took a pill from his pocket and stuffed it into Lan’s mouth at once, forced her to swallow it with a wicked smile on his face: “Shut up, wait for us to kill him, we will come and play with you.”

After Lan was forced to swallow the pill, her legs were soft: “You… what did you give me?”

“Don’t be nervous, beauty.” the bald guy evilly smiled: “This is not a poison, this is the Exhausted Pill, you will feel weak all over the body, not a trace of strength.”

When Lan felt her body stiffened, she became panicked.

Exhausted pill?

Sound like some self-made pill, it probably be fatal.

“You… why do you want to follow me? I sell my vases, you just be an appraiser, did I have any conflicts with you? Why should you follow me?”

Said the middle-aged man, stepped forward, and asked Kris fiercely.

“I helped you earn 800,000 dollars for you, you don’t thank me, you question me?” Kris pretended to sigh and walked towards him step by step.

In fact, Kris was not sure he can win or not. Although he practiced Baji Fist very well, he was not sure that he can deal with so many people at once.

Therefore, Kris can only comfort the bald guy first.

“Thank you?”

The middle-aged man heard Kris say this as if it were really such a truth, and he was a little confused for a while.

Kris laughed inwardly and slowed down, randomly said: “Actually, the vase you just sold was fake. Without my help, you can’t sell it.”


“That was impossible, people say that the vase was called something like blue and white porcelain of Yuan dynasty.”

The middle-aged man was stunned, and he was obviously blindfolded.

At this time, Kris suddenly moved.


The middle-aged man had no time to react, and he was heavily punched by Kris.

After punching the middle-aged man, Kris did not hesitate at all. He rushed towards the others as soon as he turned around.

Baji Fist was as strong as thunder and storm.

He was like a leopard hunted on the prairie, he was unmatched.

“Kill him!” the bald guy was screaming in shock and anger, but what he didn’t expect was that Kris was not only fast, but also hit very sharply. Those thieves were basically lost their combat power.

In just one minute, more than a dozen people were beaten to the ground by Kris alone.

“You… who the hell are you?” the bald guy didn’t know that Kris was a master, and he was so scared that he even became stammered.

Kris rubbed his sore fist and said with a smile: “As you said, the appraiser of the Treasure Court.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Kris used the move named Baji Blast, which was generated from the Baiji Fist. Just one stroke, the bald guy was thrown out for a few meters and fell into a coma.

Chapter 50: The School

Watching Kris Chen easily beat these people, Lan Yu was surprised. Her charming eyes followed him tightly as if she wanted to see through something in him.

Kris didn’t expect his improvement in fighting with others. It seemed that there was infinite energy bursting out from his body.

“Why did you …”

Lan opened her mouth and tried to speak, but since the efficacy of Exhausting Pill worked in her body, she was just too weak to speak.

“Can you stand up?” Kris squatted down, untied the rope from Lan, and asked.

Lan said hardly: “I…I can’t ……”

Oh my gosh, was the Pill’s effect too exaggerated? Kris thought.

He frowned and said, “I’ll make a frisk. That baldy may carry the antidote.”

Then Kris made a body search on the baldy, while there was no antidote except some belongings.

When searching, Kris found that there was something strange on the baldy’s stomach. As he unveiled the man’s clothes, two yellowed ancient books were exposed.

He guessed that the two ancient books perhaps were dug out from the tomb and hidden by the bald-headed man.

Kris gave a brittle smile: what a cunning baldy! What a trick of a shark eating shark!

Then he took out the two books curiously. Through the fuzzy handwriting on the cover of the books, he could roughly recognize these two books’ name.

One cover read “The Eight Diagrams and Feng Shui”, and the other read “Prescriptions Recipe”. Feng Shui is mysterious metaphysics of Han Chinese with a long history. It is the power of nature and the energy of the large magnetic field of the universe.

Judging from their titles, one provided guidance to practice Feng Shui and the other a book of prescriptions.

He was very interested in Feng Shui. He opened “The Eight Diagrams and Feng Shui”, and a row of neat characters came into view: among the ultimate, two possibilities are implicit, which matching with each other could make up four signs. The four signs, called Xiang, are the basic elements of the Eight Diagrams……

Kris read it out in a low voice, feeling that it was more than tongue-twisting but particularly carrying some implications too. But it wouldn’t be strenuous to understand if he tried to understand it carefully.

The first half of The Eight Diagrams and Feng Shui describes how to decorate the dwellings, called Yang House, according to the Eight Diagrams’ guidance, and it explains the relationship between the Eight Diagrams and Feng Shui.

The second half is about how to place the tomb, called Ying House, after people died.

Whether a Yang House or Yin House, there are detailed explanations and even illustrated analyses.

“Uh, the layout of this house is so familiar.” Something occurred to Kris when he watched a picture on the book, “God damn it. Isn’t this layout the same as my home?”

Kris scanned the analysis below the picture: this house is located in a square way, but there is no through-flow, so it is impossible to gather wealth. Since the middle of the house is cut off, the family is doomed to lack posterity and fortune if residing in it. Everything goes wrong.

Reading here, Kris understood something troubling him long.

No wonder Mary Su had been suppressed all the time in the Su family, and her company often faced investment failure and got trapped in the fund shortage.

It turned out that it was not only her problem but also related to the dwelling’s geomantic layout.

Recalling what happened in the past two years, Kris had a sense of epiphany.

Just as he wanted to see if there was any solution, Lan’s weak voice came from behind: “Kris …… Kris, have you …… found the antidote?”

Kris came to his senses and saw that Lan was still on his side. He quickly rolled up the two books and put them in his pocket. Then he stood up and said: “No antidote.”

Hearing his words, Lan looked a little disappointed.

Kris walked over and said, “Shall I take you to the hospital?”

“No …… it doesn’t matter, it can’t be cured by doctors……” Lan said with difficulty: “The effects of this …… pill …… is only twelve hours, and after twelve hours, it will be fine. “

Kris’s eyes flashed a trace of doubt. How can she know so much about the pill?

However, Lan didn’t give him much time to think. She raised her hand arduously and said, “Please…… take out my mobile phone from my pocket…… call the police!”

Kris nodded, crouched down, and stretched out his hand to take the phone in her trouser pocket.

Lan was wearing tight jeans with a tight pocket. Kris put her hand into the bag and groped for the phone, and accidentally touched her plump thigh.

Even if it was separated by a layer of pocket, he could clearly feel the smooth skin.

He couldn’t help but swallow, especially accompanied by a tinge of the fragrance of Lan, which got into his nose and made him thirsty.

He took a deep breath, tried to calm himself down, and called the police.

After the call, Kris put her mobile phone back and said smilingly, “Well, your colleagues will arrive soon.”

Lan nodded gently and immediately stared at Kris with her charming eyes: “Why did you come here?”

Kris explained with a slight smile: “Seeing them sneaking up the mountain, I was interested and thus followed them. It was also unexpected for me that they were actually the tomb robbers.”

Kris said easily, and Lan didn’t doubt it.
If she pondered his words, she would find there were actually many contradictions in his explanation. But Lan was weak with a dizzy brain, she couldn’t concentrate at all, so she was fooled by him.

After waiting for ten minutes, there was an alarm from the foot of the mountain.

Kris patted the dust on his clothes and said, “Your colleagues are right here, I’ll go first.”

Nonetheless, Lan’s weak voice came from behind when Kris was just several steps off her: “You …… Don’t leave me here ……”

Kris said over his shoulder with a bitter smile: “Since you know the ins and outs of this matter, it was unnecessary for me to go to the police station to record the confession?”

“Kris …… Kris.” Lan gasped, “Can you …… Can you take me down the mountain first?”

Kris didn’t figure out her intention and asked: “Why?”

“Don’t ask why…… I just beg you.” Lan said anxiously.

Since she is the iron-woman of the Criminal Investigation Team in the Westriver police station, her colleagues respect her very much. How can they imagine that she almost died because of a gang of grave robbers? It was a shame for her.

Besides, they would take this case as a joke for several years if seeing she was caught in such an awkward predicament like a drowned mouse.

Kris nodded: “OK, I’ll carry you down the mountain.”

Kris went to her side, helped her up, and bent down to carry her.

At the moment, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

“Please …… please hold me tightly,” Kris said.

“Fine. ” Lan blushed, but she was afraid that she would fall down, so she held his shoulder tightly.

Fortunately, Kris’s car was not far from here. A few minutes later, Kris put Lan in the car and drove her home.

Lan’s home was in a high-end residential area in the south of Westriver City. Her home was quite clean and spotless, and there was a tinge of fragrance in her bedroom, which smelled exactly the same as her.

Putting Lan on the bed, Kris was exhausted. Although not a fat girl, she lived too far from the mountain.

Just when Kris was wiping his sweat, Lan asked: “Kris, tell me the truth, are you …… are you a disciple of any school?”



Kris was astonished when hearing her words.

“What? What is school? “

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