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Chapter 41: How Are You Here? – My Billionaire Mom

Hearing Yolanda’s words, Chuck was stunned and asked without thinking, “You are…”

“Uncle Wendel asked me to come here,” She whispered.

Uncle Wendel? That would be the previous owner of the plaza, Harold Wendel. When signing the contract, Chuck did remember that he asked him to find someone suitable for the job. It seemed that the person he found was Yolanda.

Chuck didn’t know if he should laugh or worry- The plaza was not very big, but it required capable people to manage it. The people that Chuck was looking for were brains, not brawn, and certainly not beauty.

There were still a few months before Yolanda graduated, and she didn’t have any experience.

How could she be a manager? Chuck felt helpless.

“I know I haven’t graduated yet, and you are not satisfied with me, but can you just let me introduce myself in three minutes?” Yolanda whispered in a particularly serious and sincere tone.

This made others in the class burn with envy!

What was Yolanda Lane doing?

Lara was really dumbfounded. Although she could not hear what they were talking about, Yolanda was actually whispering to Chuck softly.

“Can you give me a chance? Just let me tell you about my work experience in three minutes.” Yolanda begged.

Chuck looked into her eyes. After hesitating for a while, he nodded and said, “Yes, but not here.”

“Thank you.” Yolanda heaved a sigh of relief.

“But we can’t do it here, there are too many people.” Chuck shook his head.

“Yes, you don’t want others to know that you are…” Yolanda stopped in time.

Her intelligence left a good impression on Chuck.

“In that case, let’s go to the field, maybe?” Yolanda suggested.

Chuck nodded and walked out of the classroom with her, leaving the whole class dumbfounded.

What was he doing? Are they leaving for a date? They had already been shocked that Yolanda was here for Chuck, but now she was taking Chuck out?

The whole class was in an uproar as they were both furious and envious!

“Humph, this is just crazy.”

Lara curled her lip and snorted. She took out her mobile phone and muttered, “You guys stick to losers, while I’ll go look for my Baller. You’ll regret it.”

She sent a message to the Baller: What are you doing? I really want to eat hot pot, let’s go out for hot pot…

However, time ticked away, and there was still no response. She smacked her lips and thought: what was the Baller doing now?

Yvette returned to reality after a short period of looking blank and saw Chuck and Yolanda leaving the class. Her heart was inexplicably unhappy as her expression hardened. She packed up her things and quickly left the class as well.

She noticed the two of them heading over to the field while chatting away, as though they were sharing an intimate secret. Yvette was secretly annoyed. Chuck couldn’t just mess around just because he knew Zelda!

She didn’t want to see this anymore, not even for one more second. She turned around and headed straight to the parking lot. She wanted to go to the company.

In the field, the fact that Yolanda, the campus beauty, was accompanied by a male student beside her left everyone else in shock.

What was going on? Didn’t Yolanda have a boyfriend? If so, how could she walk side-by-side with a guy?

Chuck was the center of attention, and he was uncomfortable. He sighed, indeed, walking with the campus beauty almost guaranteed everyone’s eyes on him.

“Although I still have four months before graduation, I have already been doing part-time jobs since my freshman years, from setting up a stall, working as a waitress, and doing sales. Back then, I could make 3000 dollars a month, and I haven’t stopped until now. Currently, I have a monthly income of about 13,000 dollars. I know this isn’t a big deal for you, but these are my previous work experiences. I think I am qualified to be the plaza manager, please give me a chance.” Yolanda said in one shot.

Chuck was a little surprised. As a freshman, he didn’t know that Yolanda, one of the three campus beauties, was actually doing part-time jobs. She could totally rely on her appearance to earn!

“Are you serious?” Chuck asked.

“I’m serious, just look at my hand!” Yolanda exclaimed as she stretched out her hand. It was slender, but there were a lot of scars on it. Clearly, it was a hand that was had gone through a lot and definitely not the kind that was living a spoilt life.

Chuck once aga in looked at her. These hands of her proved that she wasn’t lying at all. She was both pretty and hardworking, prompting him to change his perception of her.

“Is that ok? Give me a chance. Just one chance is enough. I can try working for three days. If you are not satisfied, you can fire me immediately, but just give me a chance.” Yolanda’s voice was sincere, and she begged in a low voice.

This reminded Chuck of how he had borrowed money from someone else in a low voice before. He sighed and gave in. “Okay.”

“Thank you, thank you very much! I can go to work now!” Yolanda was pleasantly surprised and beamed, two lovely dimples appearing on the corners of her mouth.

“Right now?”

“Yes, I can’t wait to let you see my ability!” Yolanda said.

Chuck thought for a moment and nodded as he was also in a hurry to find someone. Since the plaza was now his, he had to renew the contracts of many shops as their contracts were near to expiring. The only one who could help him with this was the manager.

“Okay, then come with me now,” Chuck said.


“But, how much do you want in terms of salary…”

He suddenly thought of this key question.

“A manager usually earns around 7000 to 9000 dollars, so I’m fine with that,” Yolanda said.

“Isn’t that lower than your income now?”

“Yes, but Uncle Wendel said that by working under you, I will have a good future!” Yolanda said directly. Although he did not tell her who Chuck was, someone who could buy the plaza at such a young age could never be an ordinary person!

It was very important to work under the right people!

Chuck looked at her a few more times, but he didn’t say anything.

The two of them immediately walked out of the school, and the students on the sports ground were envious. Where were they going?

“Should we tell this to Yolanda Lane’s boyfriend, William Yuri?” One of the students muttered.

“What do you think? Of course!”

Several other students agreed. One of them who had William Yuri’s contact contacted him through WeChat about this matter. No matter what, they didn’t want Yolanda Lane to be taken by others so easily.

Chuck’s car was not parked in the parking lot of the school but on a nearby road. Yolanda blinked her eyes. “l wasn’t convinced when Uncle Wendel told me that you are very low-key, but now I am.”

Chuck shook his head, opened the door, and went in. Yolanda sat next to him. Chuck drove to the plaza, bringing Yolanda directly to the manager’s office after they arrived. After arriving, she took out a stack of documents from her bag, which turned out to be a detailed plaza operation plan. Chuck was relieved that she seemed really prepared for everything.

He decided to let her try out for three days. If everything worked out, he would allow her to continue permanently.

Chuck was prepared to leave when someone knocked on the door. It was probably someone who was looking for the manager since Manager Yarn had been fired, and the position had been vacant for
several days. Things had probably piled up since then. Chuck glanced at Yolanda, and Yolanda said, “The trial has begun.”

Chuck smiled and nodded.

“Come in!” She immediately turned serious, looking much like a stern and successful businesswoman.

A few people came in, carrying belongings and preparing to give gifts. Seems like Manager Yarn had really messed things up here.

However, they were surprised when they saw a beautiful woman sitting on the manager’s chair.

“Hello, I’m Yolanda Lane, the new plaza manager. What’s the matter?’ Yolanda said.

“Here’s the thing we want to…” When they put the gifts on the table, Yolanda immediately became serious. “We don’t accept anything here. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

These people were stunned and immediately had a good impression of Yolanda Lane. They started to talk, but of course, they did not notice Chuck. To them, he only looked like a subordinate of Yolanda Lane.

Chuck didn’t particularly mind. However, the door was once again pushed opened, and Yvette walked in. She immediately noticed Chuck, and his mind just went blank the moment he saw her.

Oh no, Yvette must have come here to renew the contract, because the Baller had already told her that the matter had been solved. If she saw him here, wouldn’t that expose the fact that he was the one who bought the plaza?

Meanwhile, Yvette was equally shocked. She noticed that the manager’s office in operation for a few days. When she passed by just now, she saw someone entering, so she thought that she would come over to make an appointment to renew the contract. However, when she came in, she didn’t expect to see Chuck and Yolanda!

Yolanda was sitting in the manager’s seat. Was she…… the new manager?

In that case, what was Chuck doing here? What was going on?

When the two of them looked into each other’s eyes, Chuck knew that something was wrong…

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