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Chapter 410: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 410 No One Was Allowed to Pick on My Girl

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? Get out, this is not the place you should come.” A shop assistant rushed out and stopped Yiyao Duan, afraid that she would once again reach for the clothes in the store.

“I am just looking around.” YiYao explained with some embarrassment.

But the assistant didn’t believe her. After all, she had been in the store for a quite long time and had seen many people like this, so kicking Yiyao out of the store, for her, was urgent.

“Come on, get out, this is not a place for you to come!”

Yiyao was shoved to the door, right into Jingyan who just hung up the phone. He grabbed Yiyao’ s arm so that she wouldn’t fall down.

“What’s going on? Why did you come out?”

“Well…” Yiyao was too embarrassed to say that she was kicked out. Standing at the doorway, she didn’t know how to answer.

“Why don’t you say anything?”

Jingyan took a glance at the people in the store and asked the person closest to him, “Tell me, what is going on?”

“I…I…” The assistant was overwhelmed by Jingyan, stammering.

“What the hell is going on?”

He raised his voice making, making all shop assistant terrified, “I’m sorry, sir. We don’t know this lady is with you…”

Then, Jingyan got to know the whole thing and he didn’t even bother to guess what happened next. Maybe it was because Yiyao was dressed like this that she made the people inside look down upon her, thus kicking her out.

Holding Yiyao’ s hand, Jingyan patted it, “Don’t be afraid.”

Yiyao looked up and smiled at him. Then she followed Jingyan and walked into the store. This time, she was treated differently from the last time, for everyone was greeting her with smile and offering her the best service.

“This this, and those, try them on.” With a wave of his hand, Jingyan picked out most of the clothes in the shop.

Yiyao was confused, “I don’t need so much!” Trying them on would be a tiring thing and the clothes were not cheap ones. What if he got impulsive and bought them all?

Jingyan did not know what she was thinking, nodding at her, “Just try them on.”

Not knowing what to say, Yiyao followed the assistant and went in. Then she began to try all the clothes one by one.

Sitting on the sofa, Jingyan put down the newspaper to take a look at the clothes she was wearing every time Yiyao came out. He sometimes nodded and sometimes shook his head.


She finally finished trying on all the clothes. Yiyao sat down next to Jingyan and took a breath in relief.

“How was it?” Yiyao closed her eyes and allowed Jingyan to massage her back.

While rubbing her shoulders, Jingyan said, “What do you think?”

Yiyao turned back, “Actually, I don’t even think it’s good. They don’t really fit me.”

Jingyan laughed out, “I do think the clothes are fine. You look good, truly.”

“No way?” Yiyao rolled her eyes. Even if he was rich, he couldn’t just waste it in buying those clothes. The clothes were like those for a show, so how could she wear them in normal days?

Jingyan also seemed to have thought of this, “Since it’s a well-known brand, so there must be a lot of clashing. I won’t allow you to wear the same clothes as others.”

“Let’s go then.” Yiyao got up and patted herself. She reached out to him, wanting to pull him up.

Jingyan didn’t refuse, directly holding her hand. But the assistant was following them with the clothes Yiyao just tired on.

Walking to the counter, Jingyan stopped, “I’ll buy all the clothes.”

“Huh? Okay!” The assistant froze. They realized it until Jingyan looked at them.

After learning what he had heard, she immediately asked other assistants to hurryn up.

Jingyan took out a card and swiped it on the POS machine. Yiyao, standing beside him, counted the number— six zeros!

“Send it to my villa.” After saying this, Jingyan was ready to leave with Yiyao.

Looking back at those bags, she was a little bit puzzled, “Obviously we don’t even like it, why did you buy it? So strange!”

Jingyan stopped halfway and stroked her hair, “They look down on you, so I have to get even. I will never allow anyone to do this to my wife.”

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“Ah…Even so, do you really need to spend this much? It’s not a good deal.” Yiyao, looking at Jingyan, didn’t understand him. she didn’t know she should be amused or be moved.

Jingyan put his arm around Yiyao and blew softly on top of her head, “I don’t care. But you can’t be treated like this. You’re so valuable to me.”

Yiyao blushed and patted his c.hest, “My honor. Thank you.”

Jingyan held her tighter, making Yiyao unable to breathe before he loosened his hand.

“What the hell are you doing…” Yiyao turned around and wanted to ask Jingyan why, but seeing his panicked eyes, she was hesitating.

After thinking about it, Yiyao re-h.ugged Jingyan, “I’m sorry, and…thank you for helping me.”

“Silly girl!” Jingyan h.ugged Yiyao back. He was not angry because of her att!tude just now, but angry that she did not know how to protect herself.

Maybe it had something to do with her profession. Every time, she let herself get hurt, trying to protect others.

In the crowded street, Yiyao and Jingyan h.ugged each other as if the passage of time had nothing to do with them, and they only had eyes for each other.

The romance didn’t last long before Jingyan began to hold Yiyao’ s hand to take her out of the crowd. The two were too conspicuous everywhere they went, and that just now made many people stop and watch, causing traffic congestion.

After Yiyao and Jingyan came out, they saw some following them, and they followed them wherever they went, so Yiyao was a little bit sick.

No wonder those stars didn’t like crowds, for she finally had the same experience.

“Where are we going now?” Taking a rest at a café, she took a sip of fresh juice, and looked at the people coming and going in front of the window with boredom.

Jingyan picked up his coffee, “Do you want to see the wedding ring?”

“What?” Yiyao was surprised. They were ready for a wedding, but, seriously? Ring was not ready?

What’s the point of getting married? It seemed that he didn’t care it so much.

Sensing her awkwardness, Jingyan laughed, “Although the wedding ring was prepared before, I did not have time to show you before so many things happened. Now since we are here, we can go together to have a look and pick out the one you like.”

Yiyao stuck her tongue out. She shouldn’t think about Jingyan in this way, “Then let’s go now!”

She felt some regret after saying that, for it made Jingyan feel she was eager. God knew she just wanted make it normal.

Jingyan just smiled, putting his arm around Yiyao’ s wa!st and walked out.

The jewelry store was well-decorated, with all the gems in the counter shining, so that Yiyao wanted to see them carefully one by one.

Maybe this was the nature of women. Although they didn’t like it, as soon as they got into the store, they were attracted by the things inside.

“May I help you?” The seller standing on the counter found Jingyan’ s extraordinary aura, who was in couture, so she came over quickly and introduced the products for them.

“May I ask what you need? Here are all the new ones.”

The seller wasn’t sure what they wanted, for they stopped at every display and observed carefully. Therefore, she had to introduce every one to them.

“How about this one?” Jingyan pointed at a necklace and asked Yiyao.

Yiyao was confused. Didn’t they come to see the wedding ring? Why did he pick a necklace?

“It’s not bad.” Yiyao was not interested in jewelry, only feeling the gemstones inside were shining, unusually pure in the light.

“Take it out and try it on.” Jingyan finally remembered that there was a seller following him.

The seller took it out with gloves carefully and handed it to Jingyan.

“This…” Jingyan took the necklace, but he had no idea what to do.

Yiyao directly turned around, “Why do you hold it in your hand? Put it on me.”

Jingyan felt himself was despised. Of course he knew he should do that, but the thing was, he didn’t know how to do it.

The waiter probably saw Jingyan’ s difficulty and wanted to go over to help, but she was stopped by Jingyan.

They were going to live together for the rest of their lives, and he had to learn these things, otherwise who should help her when it was just the two of them together?

There was a small clasp on the necklace, so he gently pressed it to open the necklace. With his fingers carefully crossing her neck, he tied it behind her, but after all, it was the first time for him, so Jingyan tried several times but failed.

Back to him, Yiyao felt it had been so long. What was he doing? Yiyao was wondering.

“What’s going on?”

Hearing this, Jingyan scratched his head awkwardly, “Just wait a moment. It’s almost.”

Only then did Yiyao realize that Jingyan didn’t know how to do this. He was a man and although he was surrounded by women, he didn’t have the chance to do this, so it was inevitable that it took him so long.

Yiyao waited patiently. After a few minutes, Jingyan wiped the sweat from his forehead, “It’s done!”

“Ah, gosh. Lady, it looks so good on you!”

When Yiyao turned around, the seller got surprised. She wasn’t flattering, but admired the thing she liked.

Yiyao was embarrassed by her praise and turned to ask Jingyan, “Really? Is she telling the truth?”

Jingyan stared at her neck for a while. Then he nodded and said, “Very good!”

Her neck was slender and her skin was white. And with the necklace, she made people fix their eyes on her.

Yiyao was even more embarrassed. It’s not easy to see Jingyan act in this way and this made her more awkward.

“Let’s take this one.” Jingyan put his arm around Yiyao, so that she wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

When the seller heard this, she got excited, “Sir, should I wrap it up for you or just wear it like this?”

“Wear it.” Jingyan turned to ask Yiyao. It was actually not asking, but a decision.

“Wait.” Yiyao stopped Jingyan and asked in a small voice, “Well…Didn’t we come to buy a wedding ring? Why do we buy this?”

Jingyan stroke her hair, “Silly girl, buy whatever you like. We can afford that.”

“But…” Although he said so, she didn’t think it’s a good way to spend money like this. It’s extravagant!

“No more. Just follow me.”

Yiyao nodded. She seldom hung out with him and she didn’t want to ruin it. Besides, she liked this necklace.

“Sir, do you still want to see the ring? The new arrival Star of Sky has not yet been officially sold…” She suddenly introduced.

The reason why they haven’t sold it yet was because it’s just too expensive and their boss had to sell it with a good price or else, he would keep it for himself.

But she felt that the gem was just too good looking to leave to her fat boss, so she might sell it to the two, who at least looked good and made her feel right.

Jingyan got interested by her introduction, “Where is it? Can you show us?”

The waiter took them to a private small room with a display case in the center. Though they hadn’t gotten close to it, they could feel it’s glorious.

Jingyan was also attracted. It was rare to see such a pure gem. Except for the wedding ring on Venus’s hand, he hadn’t seen another one.

Although Yiyao didn’t know too much about the gem, she could tell the difference just by looking at it. And when she got closer, it looked even better.

“Try it on.”

Jingyan took a step back and waited for the seller to take the key to open the door, but after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see her do it.

Looking back, the assistant explained with sorry, “Sir, I’m sorry. I don’t have the key. If you like it, I’ll call my boss right away.”

Jingyan frowned. He didn’t want to miss it, “Then call him, please.”

She nodded and walked out. After getting through, she hung up after a few words.

“Sir, our boss will be here soon. Please wait.”

Jingyan waved his hand and sat on the sofa with Yiyao.

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