Chapter 411 – 412: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 411: Attack at Night

“Please help me, Prof. Guan!” Prof. Guan said: “City Lord, you are too polite!”

“Do you have any plan?”

Tiangang asked.

Prof. Guan lightly touched his beard, and his forehead was bunched in a frown.

He had no plan in his heart at all!

This time, it was Bear King who led the attack. An army of millions of beasts attacked. It was a dream for such a small Wuwei City to defend itself!

But he thought about Kris Chen and said: “City Lord, don’t worry too much. We will try our best to defend!”

That’s it?

Tiangang was speechless!

He invited him here to make suggestions, not to let him talk such bullshit!

“Prof. Guan, I understand. I mean, is there any effective way to fight against these beasts?”

Prof. Guan was also confused. You are the City Lord, and I just came to give you some advice.

Thousands of monster beasts running towards them, and any strategy would be useless unless Wuwei City were guarded by some senior experts, such as Tiangang master, the one standing behind him. If he could show up, Wuwei City would be survived.

Even if this city couldn’t survive, at least Tiangang could be saved.

Prof. Guan smiled and said: “Don’t worry. With that expert, everything will be fine!”

Tiangang: …

Do I still need to be so nervous if I could contact that expert?

Tiangang felt terrible.

But he couldn’t say it. Once he said it, it was all over.

Wuwei City would disappear under the beast tide, and Tiangang and everyone in the Yuan’s Mansion would die under the sword of the City Lord’s Mansion soldiers.

At this moment, he found it hard to tell about his suffering.

“Prof. Guan, let all the soldiers fight against beasts. Please ring the big bell and let everyone cheer up!”

Tiangang said.

“Yes, City Lord!”

And he left!

Butler Mei took the Tiger Talisman of the City Lord and passed the order, and then someone rang the big bell hanging on the City Lord’s Mansion.

This giant bell is an inferior instrument, and its most significant function is to warn everyone in Wuwei City.

The melodious bells broke the tranquility of Wuwei City, and all the lights came up, hundreds of people in Wuwei City all woke up.

“Oh, dear, it is the bell of City Lord’s Mansion, the beast tide is coming!”

“Wake up, everyone. The beast tide is coming!”

Someone ran out of the house and yelled in the street, afraid that someone would sleep too deep to hear the bell!

“What? The beast tide is coming?”

“Wasn’t the beast tide in previous years all during the day? Why is it at night this time!”

“It doesn’t matter if they come in the day or at night. Anyway, someone is on the front line, so we should rest assured and sleep well.”

Some people were nervous, and some were not. After all, Wuwei City has been safe for nearly a hundred years. In previous years, the beast tides were all just small beasts, and only some soldiers and guards would die because of it.

They couldn’t break the defenses of Wuwei City.

“That’s right; let’s go back to sleep!”

“This year, there are so many hunter groups, and they have killed so many monster beasts, so it must be fine.”

Many people took it seriously and greeted them one by one to go home and sleep by hearing it.

At the same time, Kris Chen was practicing Unknown Sword Tactic, and after dozens of days of practice, his acupuncture points have opened to 1,500 points. By all accounts, he was already a Practitioner in the middle period of the Back-to-self stage.

One thousand five hundred acupuncture points mean 270,000 sword energies!

He has reached the seventh level by desperate effort!

How did it feel to increase one person’s primal spirit sevenfold?

The primal spirit figure in Mud Pill Palace has grown from a child to a teenager. His body is strong, covered with mysterious spells, and he looked like Kris Chen.

By releasing the Divine Spiritual Power, he could have an excellent view of a circumference of 100,000 meters!

He could only draw three hundred and sixty tactic patterns in an instant and laid arrays in one breath only by one thought.

It would scare people to death if others knew it.

Ordinary people need to consume a lot of spiritual power to draw tactic patterns. A first-class array needs at least hundreds of arrayed base. That was to say; you need to draw tens of thousands of tactic patterns in one breath!

It can suck up an ordinary first-class array master, leaving him exhausted to death in an instant.

But Kris Chen was not an ordinary first-class array master.

His current divine spiritual power could kill primal spirit if he wants!

But no one knew what methods the accumulated spirit above the primal spirit had.

Giving him another half a month, he would break through to the Pill formation!

When he found his life point, he could condense elixir in his life point!

This life point could be considered as a public region! In other words, it is more important than a public region!

And it is just the starting point for the Devil Land!

The lower-ranked golden pills could increase life span from 100 to 300 years, the middle-ranked golden pills could increase life span from 400 to 600 years, and the upper-ranked golden pills could increase life span from 700 to 900 years!

It is said that there were supreme pills above the upper-ranked golden pills which can prolong life for thousands of years and even awaken one’s supernatural power.

It was quite impressive!

Awakening one’s supernatural power?

It sounds a bit like the ancestor of a monster race. Would there be any connection between them?

After all, humans are just advanced animals!

After dispelling these tedious thoughts in his mind, Kris smiled. Now that he even didn’t figure out his cultivation system, it would be too much for him to think about the connection between the monster race and the human race.

As he was about to continue opening his acupuncture points, Kris Chen heard the musical bells.

“Where did the bell come?”

Kris Chen was startled and released divine spiritual power. When the people of Wuwei City saw it, they instantly knew what had happened.

Is the beast tide coming at night?

He had seen the Wuwei City annals (the same as the county annals) in the Yuan Family library and knew that beast tides usually happened during the day and rarely started at night.

Going out or not?

Kris Chen thought for a while and then gave up his idea. He has killed hundreds of thousands of monster beasts, so this beast tide would not be a big problem for him!

With the help of Prof. Guan, he was not worried at all.

So he concentrated on practicing.

Wuwei City was just a temporary place for him. His next stop would be Infinite Sea, the Overseas Immortal Sect!

Hard work could accumulate strength so that he could be more confident!

At the same time, above the city wall.

Tiangang in armor stood on the city wall, Tu Yan stood beside him, and tens of thousands of soldiers and 30,000 warriors all stood on the wall.

The defensive array has opened, and many spiritual stones were dumped into the arrays’ hub of the city wall.

If Kris Chen is here, he must recognize that this is a first-class defensive array because the defensive line was too long, and there were several arrayed bases here.

There was an array that could gather spirit, and it could also open this time.

Coupled with the fact that the city wall was built by ironstones produced in Wuwei City, it was even more indestructible under the dual protection!

Above the city wall, the soaring light almost illuminated the sky.

Everyone stared at the darkness ahead nervously.

The archers were ready to shoot, and each arrow tied with a low-level detonating talisman, which required dozens of inferior spiritual stones.

“I am coming!”

Tiangang stood on the battlement and couldn’t help but say it.

And suddenly, countless green lights lit up in the darkness, looked like fireflies.

They all knew that they were not fireflies, but the pupils of beasts.

Everyone’s blood freeze!

Tu Yan began to sweat heavily because of nervousness.

“Boom! Boom!”

Standing on the battlement, Tiangang felt a little trembling.

It was the movement when the beasts rolled in.

“City Lord, it’s time to shoot!”

A senior general said.

“No hurry!”

Tiangang said, “Let them come closer.”

The shake was getting heavier and heavier as if a dragon was taking over under the ground.

“Closer, they were getting closer!”

Everyone’s back has been soaked in a cold sweat, and no one could be indifferent in the face of the turbulent herd.

At this moment, Tiangang shouted: “Shoot!”

“City Lord said, let’s shoot!”

Upon hearing the order, tens of thousands of archers fired all arrows, and all the arrows went straight to the herd, like cannonballs.

They pierced those beasts.

After piercing their bodies, a red light burst into the sky.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Countless lights glowed in the sky, and with an explosion sounded, the fiery red light illuminated the entire sky!

When everyone saw the beasts ahead, they couldn’t help but take a deep breath!

“Oh my god! Why are there so many of them?”

“It’s overwhelming, and no one could see the end!”

“There are probably millions here!”

“Isn’t it just a small beast tide? How could there be so many of them?”

Chapter 412: Kill Beasts Like Flies

Countless beasts were coming for them, and they were not afraid at all!

The bomb blast a wave of beasts, and another wave came after it!

It was known that there must be a Beast King in the beast tide!

That monster beast is similar to the Pill-Condensation of the human race!

In the entire Wuwei City, there was no strong person in the Pill-Condensation Stage.

Besides, there was a 60% chance that the Supreme Beast will show up in the beast tide records!

Beast King is difficult to deal with, and with another Supreme Beast, Wuwei City couldn’t defend!

Tiangang prayed in his heart that Supreme Beast would not show up!

At that time, Wuwei City would be devastated, and none of them would survive.

After all the arrows were shot, tens of thousands of beasts were killed and exploded.

“Shoot again!”

The sky was full of arrows again.

“Boom, boom!”

The heat from the explosion of runes could be felt even hundreds of meters away.

“Keep shooting!”

The third round started!

At this moment, the cannonball-like arrows stopped in the air.


A roar of a tiger solidified the time and space, and a soil wall blocked all the arrows.

“Boom, boom!”

The arrow exploded and blew up the soil wall in front of them!

Everyone was shocked!

“Oh, dear, it… it is the Beast King of the Pill-Condensation Stage!”

Someone in the crowd yelled, and the crowd was in an uproar. The soldiers on the wall were still well, but the warriors recruited from the family were scared.

Some were timid, and even their legs trembled.

“And the one who roared just now was the Tiger King!”

After he finished speaking, a tiger that was several feet high suddenly jumped over.

The sharp tiger claw fell from the sky and hit the white light curtain. The light curtain shakes for a while, and a considerable force shook the tiger claw.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The great defense array showed its effect, and the Tiger King flew out.

At the moment it fell from the sky just now, Tiangang’s heart started to beat much quicker.

He was in his forties this year, and it was not the first time he has resisted the beast tide. But in previous years, he has never seen a beast king tide.

He was afraid in his heart.

It was said that even the Supreme Monster couldn’t break through the great defense array. Seeing it today, it was fairly stable!

With such a substantial defense array, he had nothing to worry about.

Tu Yan said lightly: “Family Head, there is a great defense array, and we can rest assured!”

At this moment, someone in the crowd shouted: “No, the solid wall was not released by the Tiger King; there are other beast kings.”

After he finished speaking, everyone was shocked.


In addition to the Tiger King, are there other beast kings?

At this moment, countless hard thorns emanated from the ground.

The speed was as fast as lightning, cutting through the air and vibrating the soldiers’ arrows.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The arrow exploded in the air!

The solid wall was not Tiger King’s talent.

The sharp soil thorns hit the light curtain and make the light curtain shake.

Within a few seconds, the light curtain was attacked by tens of thousands of soil thorns.

The sheen dimmed a lot.

“City Lord, the spirit in the array has been exhausted. Do we still need to put more spirit stones?”

A junior tactician of the magic weapons stepped forward and said.

“Yes, of course!”

Tiangang was terrified. Only after a while, the spirit in the array was exhausted. Although the real great defense array was under the light curtain, breaking the light curtain would negatively influence morale!

“Yes, City Lord!”

That junior tactician of the magic weapons turned and left.

A cart of lower-grade spirit stones was thrown into the array.

Soon, the light curtain returned to its previous appearance and even brighter than before.

Tens of thousands of soil thorns hit again.

But this time, the force seemed to be weaker than before.

“The Beast King hid in the dark is exhausted.”

Tiangang’s eyes lit up. No matter how powerful a monster beast is, he couldn’t release soil thorns endlessly.

“Keep shooting!”

At night, soldiers couldn’t go out and kill the enemy, so shooting is the only way out!

Although there were many arrows, there were not many explosive arrows. They can support three rounds at most. After three rounds, they can only rely on the lethality of ordinary arrows.

They could kill beasts, but what about the beasts with intelligence?

Thousands of beasts were biting under the wall, and no one knew whether the great defense array could defend them!


Tens of thousands of beasts were blown to death, and a large area of open space was soon exposed, but soon these open spaces were filled by these beasts, even denser than before!

The soldiers on the city wall were all exhausted, and they released more and more arrows!

Below the city wall, the corpses were everywhere, and blood flowing like streams!

The Tiger King kept swinging his claws and tried to break the defense of Wuwei City, as well as that beast king, who kept releasing soil thorns in the dark.

Tiangang was confident that he could defeat these two beast kings and defend Wuwei City.

However, at this moment, there was a cry from the sky.

Everyone looked into the sky in unison.

A big red bird flew in the sky, and tens of thousands of birds followed behind it.

“They…they are flamingos!”

Prof. Guan said solemnly.

“Prof. Guan, is flamingo very powerful?”

Tiangang has never seen it or even heard it before!

In the past, most monster beasts could only walk, rarely flying. Even if they could fly, they were relatively low-level birds.

“They were awesome. They are fulfilled period beast king, one step short of breaking through to the Supreme Monster!”


Could they break through to the Supreme Monster by one step?

Tiangang’s heart shuddered, and he knew it was not a joke.

And they were still flying overhead!

“The flames of these flamingos are mighty, and many of them can spit fire. The flames they spit can even break metal stones!”


When hearing Prof. Guan’s words, everyone was shocked!

“All the soldiers, please shoot upwards!”

Tiangang quickly changed his tactics.

Whether they can hit the flamingo group or not, the arrows would fall from the sky to the ground and hit those beasts.


The soldiers shot into the air.

After several rounds of shooting, everyone’s hands trembled, and it was hard to shoot the arrow from the bow.

They were all ox horn bows, and they required a lot of force to open.

After a dozen rounds of shooting, they have run out of power.

The general noticed that there was something wrong with the soldiers and quickly reported to Tiangang. Tiangang quickly asked half of them to stop shooting, take medicine to regain their spirit!

Few flamingos were shot down, and at this moment, the big bird in the sky screamed angrily and spat out a flame.

The flame fell on the light curtain, and the heat almost melted the light curtain through.

Tiangang was shocked, and the flame was too hot, and his face turned red across the light curtain!

“What…what the hell is going on?”

Tiangang was shocked and scared, was there a protective array?

Why could he still feel the heat!

He is at the Back-to-self stage, then what about other soldiers?

Would they get burned?

A veteran of the City Lord’s Mansion came out and said, “City Lord, although the array is good, it is not omnipotent!”

It can isolate attacks, but it can’t isolate heat!

Few people knew this secret, and this veteran happened to know it!

“What? It can’t keep the heat away?”

Tiangang looked at those flamingos in the sky. When the flame fell on the light curtain, the light curtain began to shake violently, and the light became gloomy!

It was like a candle that could go out at any time!

At this moment, with a sound, the light curtain collapsed directly!

Many people’s faces and eyes were burned by the heat when the flames fell.

Fortunately, the fire was blocked by the great defense array.

It was much more powerful than the light curtain, and the fire can hardly cause real damage to it!

“Go back!”

Tiangang shouted quickly.

“Hurry up and replace the wounded soldiers!”

At this moment, the flamingos hovering in the sky spit out flames together!

All the city walls ignited a raging fire, almost illuminating the whole Wuwei City!

At this time, everyone in Wuwei City couldn’t fall asleep.

They felt the seriousness of this situation.

The endless explosions, the roars of the beasts, and the roars of the soldiers made them sober.

Many timid people have hidden in the cellar.

At this moment, the big clock on the wall rang!

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