“What are you talking about?” Qian Yueying frowned, so ignorant things could be said?

The Qian family is one of the four big families. Does Huaxia still doesn’t know the four big families? ?

This guy, don’t you know that this is Zhao’s hotel?

Can people be ignorant to this point? Qian Yueying is an eye-opener.

Chuck Cannon was a little impressed. He certainly didn’t know this woman, but a native of China, how could he not know the four major families?

Could it be that the Qian family mentioned by this woman is the Qian family of the four major families?

Chuck Cannon had this question, but soon there was no doubt. Because of his temperament, he is not a member of the four major families. How could he have such noble temperament??

“Oh, you’re talking about the Qian family of the four big families, right? I know, I know.” Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, “what’s the matter with you then?”

Know? what do you know?

Qian Yueying frowned deeper, “Answer my question just now. Are you going to buy the Zhao’s hotel?”

“Yes, yes, it’s me, how did you know?” Chuck Cannon asked, very curious, why did the Qian family appear in the Zhao family?

Is their relationship between the four major families good?

Can you ask this question? Qian Yueying glanced at Chuck Cannon, “How would you buy?”

This question is hopeless, and Qian Yueying feels that it is for nothing.

But why should she ask?

Very simple!

As a Qian family, it must be very interesting to see someone slap the Zhao family in the face!

This is the reason she came to ask. At the very least, if the person who wants to buy doesn’t have that much money, she won’t mind giving this person money.

But this Chuck Cannon made her give up this idea because he has money?

This may be an ignorant, fearless prank.

It happened to be seen by her.

“Well, if he is willing to sell, then I can buy it as soon as I call,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, really, he wanted, just call his mother.

“A phone call?” Qian Yueying felt that there was no need to ask, this person was bragging.

Completely ignorant, but too ignorant.

“Yes, it’s just a phone call,” Chuck Cannon said.

Qian Yueying didn’t say anything, there was no need to say it. She thought it was ridiculous to her, but she actually asked such a thing, is he okay?

Yes, I just have nothing to look for.

“You don’t believe it?” Chuck Cannon asked, why don’t you believe it? Are you so like a liar? Not really.

Qian Yueying was quiet, waiting for the elevator door to open.

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll call now.” Chuck Cannon took out the phone, called in front of Qian Yueying, and was connected quickly.

“Hey, mother, I have fancy a hotel, I want to buy… well, it is a hotel in the Zhao family of the four major families… can you buy it? Yes? Well, I saw this hotel, it is about six or seven billion. Got it…good.”

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone, his mother said, and immediately transferred the money.

Chuck Cannon was surprised. Can such a large amount of money be transferred at once? What Chuck Cannon didn’t know was that Karen Lee had his own bank in the US…

“My mom transferred the money right away,” Chuck Cannon shook his phone.

Qian Yueying glanced at Chuck Cannon, not seeing Chuck Cannon anymore.

Really joking, Qian Yueying felt that this was the worst move in her life. She actually talked to such a person??

She couldn’t understand herself.

Chuck Cannon’s cell phone rang, and when he saw that his mother actually transferred 8 billion to him, Chuck Cannon suddenly felt confident.

“Look, this is an incoming text message…” Chuck Cannon reached out to show her mobile phone. But Qian Yueying frowned.


The elevator door opened, and Qian Yueying went out without saying a word, not wanting to look at it.

Chuck Cannon is speechless, telling the truth when showing you the evidence, you didn’t believe it? Just take a look!

Qian Yueying walked out and got into her car.

She was about to leave, she wasted her saliva just now.

But as soon as she started the car, she saw three cars coming in from the outside. This was the Zhao family car. What happened?

She was puzzled.

At this time, thirty people came down in the car. These were the people Zhao Yunlei called over. They were all well-trained!

They want to catch Chuck Cannon, after all, Zhao Yunlei has spoken!

Chuck Cannon frowned when he saw so many people. As expected, this Zhao Yunlei asked someone to stop him.

Chuck Cannon came out of the elevator.

There are too many people, so I can’t beat them, but just run away.

Chuck Cannon is not afraid. Learning to fight has greatly improved his physical fitness. If he runs, these people would not be able to catch up.

These thirty people gathered around, staring at them.

But at this time, the elevator door opened again, Zhao Yunlei and Du Pei’s heart fell, Zhao Yunlei saw Chuck Cannon, he smiled slightly and slapped a finger. The people surrounding Chuck Cannon stopped temporarily.

“What did you just say?” Zhao Yunlei came over, Du Pei was helpless, Chuck Cannon, your family is rich, but there is still a big gap with the Zhao family of the four major families!

“Buy your hotel, bid!” Chuck Cannon didn’t care.

Very calm. It’s better for Zhao Yunlei to come down, the big deal is to catch Zhao Yunlei directly, then is it easier to leave?

“Hehe, would you buy it right?” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, this joke is not bad.

“I can buy it.”

“Okay, I’ll bid you six billion! If you put out six billion, I will sell it to you!” Why does Zhao Yunlei say that!

First of all, Chuck Cannon can’t have so much money. Secondly, even with so much money, would he dare to buy it?

If you give it, you won’t be able to take it back.

Zhao Yunlei thinks that he can do this business, he is not a member of the other three big families, he will not take it seriously, so if he gives it, the money is made for nothing.

Because you dare not take things from my Zhao family!

Give it to honour the Zhao family, so why is Zhao Yunlei not happy?

Although this kid is unlikely to spend so much money.

“This price is a bit expensive,” Chuck Cannon muttered. The price in Chuck Cannon’s mind should be between 5.6 or 5.7 Billion, while the price asked was 6 Billion which is 300 million more. Of course, Chuck Cannon is not willing. He is not a fool, and he will not be slaughtered if he wants to buy it!

“Expensive? Haha! How much do you think is appropriate?” Zhao Yunlei smiled. This is really a shame. Now that there are so many people, you dare to take money out? No one dared to trouble my Zhao family if they snatched your money or killed you!

Chuck Cannon thought about going, think about it, it’s time to bargain. “It’s about Four billion”

“Haha!!” Zhao Yunlei laughed, what is it? Four billion? ?

Du Pei was also embarrassed. How could this money buy this hotel?

The other men sneered and mocked. Looking at Chuck Cannon like a fool, this is really ignorance to the extreme.

“Yes? I can buy it now.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Haha, well, you can have four billion for my hotel…” Zhao Yunlei laughed, but Chuck Cannon took out his mobile phone. “Wait, let me take a shot. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.”


Everyone laughed at it. Isn’t this a shameful act?

Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, “Okay, you shoot, if you have four billion, I will sell this hotel to you.”

Chuck Cannon filmed this passage.

A piece of evidence is fine.

“Give me the money.” Zhao Yunlei laughed, this is completely ridiculous.

“Oh, I’ll make a call later.” Chuck Cannon called. This transfers so much money at once. Chuck Cannon’s card is definitely not good, so my mom will get better.

“Hey, mom, it’s settled, four billion… yeah, that’s not wrong, I don’t believe it, but they sold me four billion, um, I also took a video as evidence, oh, You take out four billion of the money in my card and call him on the account…” Chuck Cannon looked at Zhao Yunlei, “Where is your card number?”

“Haha, you are quite professional, and asked me the card number?” Zhao Yunlei was about to laugh, he took out a card, and one of his men handed it over.

Chuck Cannon answered, “Mom, the card number is…well, I’m fine, I’m hanging up,”

The phone was hung up. My mother just said that the amount in the account will be received soon. Zhao Yunlei snapped his fingers, and the others surrounded him. Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Wait a minute, this hotel is mine. You can’t show up here. It will be mine soon,”

“Haha!” Zhao Yunlei laughed, he was so happy today, how could he encounter such a silly pen.

But suddenly, Zhao Yunlei’s phone slammed, and a text message came…

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