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Chapter 411: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 411 The Wedding Ring

Half an hour later, the owner of the store quickly walked in, seeing the two people on the sofa, he pulled the servant and whispered, “How do they know that I have the Star of Sky?”

After taking a glance of Jingyan and Yiyao, the servant answered, “They are dissatisfied with those rings, so I told them about the Star of Sky, I thought that they are not rich enough to buy it, however they make up their mind to try it.”

“You….” The owner was speechless and patted her forehead.

The servant felt a bit painful but she didn’t dare to rebut. Finally, he could only greet them himself.

He bowed and said with a smile, “Sir, is there anything I can help you with?”

Jingyan looked up at the man in front of him, he might be around forty with a beer belly.

Then Jingyan asked, “Are you the owner of this store?”

“Yes, sir.” The store owner replied with a smile.

“We want to try the Star of Sky.”

Jingyan directly said his request, however, the store owner was a bit reluctant.

“This ……” He smiled awkwardly, “Sir, it’s a bit convenient for us. The Star of Sky is so valuable and it’s still on the evaluation period.”

“Just tell me how much do you want.” Jingyan interrupted him and said forcefully with his leg crossed.

Hearing this, the store owner was stunned and then said in a hesitated manner, “We haven’t decide the specific price yet.”

“Is eighty million yuan enough?” Jingyan didn’t want to waste time and said direct to the point.

The store owner was about to continue, however, after hearing Jingyan’s words, he stopped.

Eighty million? Really?

Although the diamond was priceless, but it was small in size, eighty million had far beyond its price.

“Sir, please come with me.”

Of course he was shock by such a price, although he made efforts to get it, eight million yuan was definitely enough.

Hearing this, Jingyan felt calm, he knew that nobody would refuse such large amount of money, the store owner was no exception.

They went back to the store, the boss took out a key, and a few seconds later, the show case was opened and the ring was shinning in the light.

When Yingyan put the ring on Yiyao’s finger, Yiyao felt a sense of coldness and then held her breath.

The size was suitable, the brilliance of the diamond made her feel dizzy. It seemed that she was already Jingyan’s wife.

Thinking like this, Yiyao felt shy, this was actually the thought in her heart.

Her mind wandered, after a while, she regained her thought and raised her head. However, she found that Jingyan was looking at her with interest, she hurriedly caressed her face and asked, “What’s wrong with my face? Is it dirty?”

Seeing that Jingyan kept silent, she took out her phone to check, however, was stopped by Jingyan. He just stared at her and said, “My wife is so pretty.”

“You ……” Hearing this, Yiyao felt very shy that her face turned red. How dare him to say this in public.

Jingyan, however, did not realize that and just pulled her hand and looked at the shinning ring.

Jingyan nodded, “It looks pretty, I’ll take it.”

“What?” Hearing this, Yiyao quickly held back her hand and was about to take off the ring. Was he crazy? How could he spend 80 million on a ring!

Jingyan knew what she was going to do and quickly stopped her, then he kissed her on the finger.

“Since you’ve put on the ring, you are my wife now.”

Yiyao was stunned by his words and movement. Then Jingyan held her to the counter.

“Sir, the total amount is eighty-one and a half million yuan, will you pay by card or…?”

Jingyan took out a black card and handed it to the servant, “Swipe the card.”

The servant was a bit stunned, and quickly she regained her thought for she was an experienced woman. Seeing the movement of the servant, Yiyao felt a bit depressed, it cost an arm and a leg.

Her mind drifted again, seeing that she was walking slowly behind, Jingyan turned back to held her.

“Money is not necessary but the ring is, we can’t get married without it.” Jingyan caressed Yiyao’s hair and smiled happily.

“Well, it is really a large amount of money.” Thinking of this, Yiyao felt depressed again.

Hearing this, Jingyan laughed, “You’re a money-grubber!

“Of course, it’s money!” Yiyao murmured the whole way, however, Jingyan still listened to her carefully and patiently.

He continued buying things for Yiyao, after a while, many bags appeared in his hands. People only know that women are fond of shopping, however, men can also spend money like water!

After walking for a while, Jingyan found that something went wrong with Yiyao, so he asked, ” Do your legs hurt?”

Yiyao shook her head.

“Then are you hunger?”

Yiyao still shook her head.

“So do you want to buy more? Let’s continue!”

Yiyao couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “Do you really don’t know or are you playing dumb, you must know it!”

“Well!” Jingyan felt happy to see her acted like this and said, “Spending money can please us, why can’t you enjoy this?”


As soon as she thought about the money he spent, she felt very depressed.

“Come on, don’t act like that, it’s just a small amount of money, you have to get used to this or how can you endure me in the future?”

Jingyan felt helpless, after comforting Yiyao for a while, she finally calmed down.

“You must be hungry, let’s go eat!” Jingyan stuffed the things into the car and held Yiyao back to the mall.

“First, please don’t….”

“Well, I know!” Jingyan quickly stopped her words and nodded his head.

Actually, a meal wouldn’t cost much. Since Yiyao had stayed in the army for a long time, she was not sensitive to numbers, except the large amount. The daily consumption made no senses to her.

It was late, so there were not many people queuing. Jingyan picked a restaurant in the corner.

Yiyao felt a bit anxious when sitting in the restaurant for there were just a few customers and even the servants were standing far away.

The decoration was simple, but Yiyao knew that it was just the style of those top-class restaurants. People who ate here were all well-educated and talked in a low voice.

Yiyao browsed the menu in her hand, she was not that hungry and handed it to Jingyan.

Actually, she didn’t know how to order for all of these dishes were written in English. Although she was an educated woman, she didn’t know some of those dishes.

Jingyan simply took the menu and started to order, as soon as he finished, the servant took the iPad to the back kitchen.

“Are you a regular here?” Yiyao felt bored and asked casually. Since Jingyan quickly ordered the dished, he must come here frequently.

Jingyan took a sip of tea to clear his throat and then answered, “I’ve been here several times before, the desserts here taste good. I’ve always wanted to bring you here have no chance. We can finally eat here together.”

Hearing this, Yiyao pouted her mouth. It turned that he already had a plan. However, since he praised the dessert here, she must have a try.

Since it had not many customers, the dishes were served quickly, each of them looked delicate and delicious, which arose Yiyao’s appetite.

“Let’s start” Yiyao inquired, actually before Jingyan answered her, she quickly picked up the food she liked.

After tasting it, Yiyao felt satisfied and said, “It tastes good!”

“Then eat more!” Jingyan kept putting food in her bowl, quickly her bowl was full. Then Yiyao quickly stopped him and said, “That’s enough!”

Hearing this, Jingyan put down his chopsticks and started to watch her eating.

Yiyao ate with great enjoyment at first, but the more she ate, the more tedious she became. Finally she just stopped eating and looked at Jingyan and asked, “Why don’t you eat?”

“I’m not hungry.” Jingyan wipe off the rice on her mouth and then replied.

Yiyao felt a bit shy with her face turned red, then she said, “Then don’t look at me either, or I won’t eat!”

“Well.” Jingyan nodded and started to eat himself.

Yiyao didn’t expect him to be so obedient, after looking at him for a while, she started eating again.


Chuxue still lied in the bed, her gaze could burn the ceiling.

She didn’t leave the bed except going to the toilet. She didn’t know how long she would bear this. She felt bored and now every once in a while, she would turn over and change a pose.

“Chuxue, eat some fruit.” Zhao took a banana and peeled it.

Chuxue pushed his hands away and said,, “I’m not hungry, juts eat yourself!”

Seeing this, Zhao felt helpless, then he continued, “Bananas are good for digestion, how can you excrete what you’ve eaten if you keep lying on the bed?”

“Well, it seems that you know I’m lying on the bed.” Chuxue sneered, “It’s very inconvenient for me, you can’t help me if I want to go to the toilet?”

“This ……” Thinking the embarrassed scene, Zhao didn’t know how to answer.

“Well, just eat yourself.” Chuxue said impatiently and turned back her head. He was really stupid sometimes.

Zhao didn’t know why she was unhappy, he touched his nose and ate the banana himself.

“You ……” After hearing the sound, Chuxue turned to look at him, how could he really eat it?

“What’s wrong?” Zhao took another bite and looked confused, it was she who asked her to eat.

Chuxue was furious, “Do you really don’t know or are you playing dumb with me?”

“I ……” Zhao didn’t know how to answer this question. It was hard for him to give an appropriate explanation.

Chuxue was really a smart girl for she gave him such a difficult question. So he could only answered, “I don’t know, it depends on you!”

“You! I’m really very angry.”

“No way! How can you say that!” Zhao looked at Chuxue seriously.

Hearing this, Chuxue felt even more furious, she didn’t know how to communicate with this man.

“Well, I want to go out.” Since Kerry and Venus were not here, Chuxue wanted Zhao to take her out.

However, Zhao refused firmly, “No way!”

“I’m starving, I want to eat the dish of Wang Family restaurant!” Chuxue pretended to be sad. If needed, she could even cry.

And sure enough, Zhao asked, “I can buy it for you, what do you want to eat?”

“Please, the food tastes bad if you wrap it up!” Chuxue continued to beg him. She said that all the food she liked should be ate at the restaurant or the taste were destroyed.

Hearing this, Zhao was a bit convinced, it was rare for Chuxue to make some requirements, how could him refuse her.

Seeing this, Chuxue squeezed out a few tears, “I’m so hungry.”

“Can you eat this first? I’ll definitely bring you there after you discharge form the hospital.”

“No way, I want to eat now!” Then Chuxue started crying, which made Zhao felt heartbroken.

“Well, please stop crying, I’ll take you there!”

“Really?” Hearing this, Chuxue suddenly stopped crying and asked excitedly, “Don’t lie to me!”

Seeing that she was excited, Zhao knew he had fallen in the trap again, so he smiled helplessly, “You….”

Chuxue spat out her tongue and said, “Let’s go now, there must be not many people now since it’s not mealtime.”

In fact, she just wanted to leave the hospital, if Venus and Kerry came back, there was no chance for her to go out.

Seeing that she acted energetic, Zhao felt a bit excited and hungry. Then he said, “Clam down and change your cloth.”

“Well, there’s no need for me to do that since it is inconvenient for me. Do you want to help me to change the pants?”

“This ……” Zhao didn’t know how to do and said, “We can just wait for auntie, she can help you!”

“Then, you can just ask me to stay here.” Hearing Venus’ name, Chuxue felt depressed, of course Venus wouldn’t agree her to go out.

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