Chapter 412: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 412 You Are Unique.

Seeing that Chuxue Ye was angry, Zhao Nangong had no choice, “Well, I listen to you, let’s go now!”

“Then what are you waiting for, let’s go!”

She lifted the blanket and wanted to get out of bed, but was stopped by Zhao, “You are still injured. I hold you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chuxue only felt a little dizzy and when she came to her senses, she was already in Zhao’s arms. She looked up and saw his firm chin and for a moment she felt that he was very manly!



“Don’t keep staring at me.”

Zhao even turned his head a little when he said this but Chuxue was still looking at him. Her sharp eyes saw his discomfort and saw his ears redden so she couldn’t help but snicker.

I didn’t expect this nerd to be so easily shy, what fun!


Zhao was good at driving so there were hardly any bumps to reach the destination. He opened the car door and carried Chuxue back into his arms.

“You put me down here. There’s a wheelchair, isn’t there?” Actually, she was feeling embarrassed to be held in public with so many people watching.

Zhao teasingly smiled, “When the wheelchair got into the elevator, can others still get on the elevator? We also have to think about others, don’t we?”

“You ……” Chuxue rolled her eyes at him so holding her like this was very space-saving?

But she did not say it out. Since he wanted to hold, let him hold. Anyway, she had nothing to lose.

When they walked into the store, everyone casted curious glances at them, a handsome man holding a woman in a hospital gown.It was easy to imagine how attractive the situation was.

Chuxue patted his arm, “Put me in a seat by the window.”

Zhao also saw that seat. Without hesitation, he held her and walked over. Before Chuxue had sat down, the waiter came over with a menu.

“May I ask what you need to order?”

This is a Chinese restaurant. The drinks here are tea besides plain boiled water. It does not sell red wine.

Zhao glanced at Chuxue, “I’d like Tuilu tea.”

The waiter responded, leaving the menu and leaving. Zhao did not even look at the menu and directly handed it to Chuxue.

Chuxue directly picked up a pen to write on the menu. After a while, she didn’t even ask Zhao and directly handed it to the passing waiter.

The reason they came here was because she wanted to eat and Zhao just to accompany her so he might not need to order any dishes.

After they ordered the food, there was nothing to do and they were relatively speechless. Chuxue could only look out the window to the coming and going of pedestrians.

When she was fascinated, two familiar figures suddenly appeared in front of her and walked by. She looked carefully and found that they were Yiyao Duan and Jingyan Ye.

Chuxue hurriedly patted the glass, “Jingyan, Jingyan!”

Zhao did not know why she was suddenly so excited. He looked out the window and saw Jingyan and then he knew the reason.

“Chuxue, take it easy. Do you have something to say to him? I’ll go out and call him back for you.”

“Eh ……?”

Before Chuxue spoke, Zhao had already taken a big step and walked out.

A few minutes later, Jingyan and Yiyao followed behind Zhao and walked slowly. They already drew a lot of attention but now they were getting even more attentions.

Chuxue was a little helpless. She thought to herself that Zhao was such a fool. She just wanted to say hello to her brother, who told him to bring them in?

“I heard you want to see me?” Not long after, Jingyan stood opposite Chuxue, looking down at her. His gaze moved to her injured foot and he couldn’t help but frown.

“Who let you out?” In his impression, mom and dad loved her very much so she must have let him sneak her out.

“Jingyan, I was too tired of sitting in the hospital so I wanted to come out for a walk. You don’t tell mom and dad, I’ll go back immediately after eating!”

When Chuxue saw Jingyan’s eyes, she knew he must be thinking of telling Venus so she started to act pathetic, “I’m still hungry. You have to let me finish my meal before I go back to the hospital!”

“Who knows what you’re up to again?”

Jingyan turned around and looked at Zhao, “In the future, you don’t have to meet all of her demands. You can tell which ones to meet and which ones not.”

Zhao was a little speechless because Jingyan was like an older man lecturing a younger man, which made him more or less unhappy in his heart. But he couldn’t say anything because after all, Jingyan was Chuxue’s brother.

Chuxue hurriedly greeted Yiyao, “Yiyao, you haven’t eaten yet, sit down and eat with us!”

She knew that she would definitely be rejected if she spoke to Jingyan directly but Yiyao was different because she didn’t usually refuse others.

When Yiyao heard her say that, she wanted to refuse but Chuxue gave Zhao a look.

Zhao immediately understood, “How tired we are standing. Let’s sit down and talk!”

He didn’t dare to touch Yiyao, but he stepped closer to her and then Yiyao helplessly sat down. Since she sat down, Jingyan naturally had no problem with it.

They had already eaten earlier so when they saw the greasy meals, they didn’t really want to eat.

“Eat, how delicious!” Chuxue saw Yiyao didn’t pick up chopsticks, thinking she was embarrassed so she took the initiative to pick up food for her.

Yiyao quickly waved her hand, “No need! We’ve just eaten!”


Chuxue suddenly shrieked, “Don’t move!”

Yiyao didn’t know what she was going to do again so she held her hand up and didn’t move.

She pulled over Yiyao’s hand and stared at her hand, “This diamond is so pretty!”

The corners of Yiyao’s mouth twitched. She screamed because she saw the diamond. Yiyao thought she was not afraid of being heard by others?

“Where did you buy it?” Chuxue suddenly raised her head, her eyes shining. She was also very fond of this kind of jewelry.

“Don’t think about it, it’s unique.” Jingyan patted Chuxue’s hand and said carelessly.

When Chuxue heard him say that, she suddenly lost interest. “It’s just a diamond. The world is so big. There must be a better diamond than this!”

Jingyan raised his eyebrows and that expression was as if to say that you went ahead and found, anyway, you couldn’t find this one.

After the meal, Chuxue was a little depressed. She thought what kind of ring she would buy for wedding. Venus’s and Yiyao’s rings were unique, should she just buy one casually?

Zhao noticed that Chuxue was lost in thought but he said nothing, lowered his head and ate by himself, chewing the food in his mouth.

After eating, Jingyan really didn’t leave her a trace of hope and called Venus directly. In order to prevent her from escaping, he even waited until Venus arrived before leaving.

“I’ll go first.” After speaking to Kerry, Jingyan turned back and waved to Venus.

Chuxue sat across from him, glaring at him and spitting out her tongue. She thought to herself that he should stay here all the time and accompany her until she was discharged from the hospital!

Jingyan felt her resentment from a distance, gave her a look which told her to conduct herself well and then turned away, leaving a dashing back.

Venus patted Chuxue on the forehead. “Stop staring! Come back with me at once. Don’t act like we hurt you!”

“Mom ……”

Chuxue aggrievedly touched his head, “If you hit me like this, I will become stupid!”

“You are not smart at all. It’s okay to be more stupid!” Venus did not care this at all and patted her head again.

Chuxue shook her head in protest. She thought to herself how did she get such a family? It was not good to go back to recuperate? Did they have to catch her like a fugitive?

Venus saw that she did not want to get up. She was about to go forward but was stopped by Zhao, “Auntie, her foot doesn’t heal. You get on the car first. We will be there soon.”

Venus wanted to say something but stopped, glanced at him and turned around to walk towards the car.

“Ouch, my foot hurts!” Chuxue waited for Venus and the others to leave and started to be unreasonable.

Zhao did not know that she was acting so he nervously went forward and squatted half of his body to check her foot, “Where does it hurt, let me look at it!”

“Ouch! It hurts so much, it hurts so much!” Chuxue bent over and as soon as Zhao touched her foot, she called out loudly.

Zhao saw that she was in pain and became even more anxious, “Chuxue, hold it for a minute. I’ll take you to the hospital right away.”

And then he was about to pick her up. Chuxue reached out her hand and tapped him on the forehead, “Dumbass, why are you so stupid!”

“Chuxue, I’ll take you to the hospital right away. Hold it for a minute!” Zhao thought she was in so much pain that she started babbling.

When his hand was just placed on Chuxue’s back, she hit it down, “You …… you want to piss me off. I pretend to be in pain!”

“Huh?” Zhao stiffened in place and still did not know why, “Why did you pretend?”

In that way, when she went back to the hospital, she had to check. That was a lot of trouble!

“I just don’t want to go back!”

“You want to stay here a little longer?”

“You ……” Chuxue was so angry that she couldn’t speak. The hand pointing at him shook angrily.

“You can’t leave if you pretend to be in pain.” Zhao did not know why he had made her angry again and could respond to her aggrievedly.

“You can tell my parents that I’m really in pain. Your home is close to here so I go to your home first to rest!” Chuxue helplessly pushed him away and she was really too angry.

“Chuxue, don’t get angry, I’ll go talk to your parent right away!”

“Then go quickly!” Chuxue turned her head, not wanting to see him.

“Well, well.” Zhao made a gesture to let her take it easy and hurriedly ran out.

Not long after, Kerry and Venus reappeared in front of Chuxue.

Kerry frowned and asked, “The wound is cracked again?”

Chuxue hurriedly put on a pitiful face and nodded to him, “Yes!”

“You can’t walk?”

“Yes!” Chuxue nodded again.

“You want to go to his house to rest?”


Kerry did not ask more questions and directly picked up Chuxue, “If I hold you, can we go back to the hospital?”

“No, Dad ……”

Chuxue lied in his arms and did not dare to move, but she was very anxious. If she got in the car, she basically went back to the hospital.

“I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to go!”

She didn’t care about her injury and kept moving restlessly in his arms in order not to go back the hospital again.

Seeing her fierce reaction, Kerry helplessly put her down, “What the hell do you want?”

“I …… I just don’t want to go to the hospital.” Chuxue usually did whatever she wanted, but as long as Kerry was angry, she would also restrain her emotions.

“You just want to go to his house?” Kerry was unhappy. Obviously he was already angry.

Chuxue waved her hands repeatedly, “No, no, I just want to go home!”

Kerry looked at her for a while. He found that she did not lie so he was not so angry, “Well then we will go home.”

“Kerry ……” Venus on the side wanted to object, but she saw Kerry gave her a look and thought for a moment and then she also did not speak.


Back at home, Chuxue lied on the sofa, took a deep breath and smiled, “This is what home feels like!”

There was no smell of sterilized water and it was not all white here. At home, even the breathing was much smoother.

“Chuxue, do you want to eat fruit?” Zhao also followed her back, holding a bunch of grapes and shaking them at her.

Chuxue waved her hand, “I’m not hungry!”

She wanted to get well as soon as possible and then go out.

In the hospital, her goal was to go home. Now that this had been accomplished, her goal had become to go out.

Zhao looked at her round eyes and couldn’t help but be scared for a moment because he knew she had some ideas in her mind.

“You come here!” Chuxue hooked her finger.

“What?” Zhao was scared for a moment and had a feeling that he was going to die.

“Oops, come closer!” Chuxue impatiently hooked his neck over, “You’re so far away, am I a time bomb?”

Zhao skimmed his mouth, thinking that she was not a bomb, but more terrifying than a bomb.

Of course, he only thought about it in his heart and didn’t dare to say it. After all, she had a bad temper!

“What is it?” Zhao began to listen carefully to what Chuxue wanted to say.

Chuxue rolled her eyes, “Now, your task is to find a way to get me out!”

“What?” Zhao did not understand. She had already been out of the hospital. Where else did she want to go?

Chuxue felt helpless and sighed that she had just rolled her eyes at him too early and she might be even more helpless later.

She took a deep breath and tried to restrain her emotions, “Are you stupid, do you want me to be looked at like a prisoner every day?”

“No one is watching you.” Zhao wondered. After sending her back, Venus and Kerry went out on a date. He didn’t watch her either and even he helped whenever she wanted to go anywhere!

Chuxue was so angry, “Are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid! According to today, I will be caught back wherever I go, not to mention freedom!”

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