Du Peixin heard the sound of this text message, she glanced at Chuck Cannon, hesitated and walked over, “Your phone rang,”

Because she saw that Zhao Yunlei didn’t mean to look at the phone at all.


In just a few minutes, how could there be any information on the account?

Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, “When the phone rang, let it ring…”

“Look at your mobile phone, it’s paid, four billion is paid.” Chuck Cannon said solemnly.

Mom’s work efficiency is super fast, and this piece of information must be received.

My mother said just now that she is taking advantage, of course, Chuck Cannon knows. This is the best way. Who told you to look down on me?

Let you sell it at a low price.

“Haha, received information? Do you think I will believe it?”

Zhao Yunlei felt that if he really took out his mobile phone, he would really be laughed at, especially by Chuck Cannon.

He would think that he really believed it, and this kind of behaviour would be particularly stupid.

When Zhao Yunlei thought so, his face became cold, he was playing with himself in public! !

Zhao Yunlei raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

These people immediately surrounded Chuck Cannon with cold eyes. To them, Chuck Cannon was rubbish. After all, there are too many people, and if a person only gives him a punch, then Chuck Cannon is estimated to be killed.

“Look at the phone, it’s paid!” Chuck Cannon frowned.

What is this Zhao Yunlei pretending? Didn’t believe it when it arrived?

“Fight!” Zhao Yunlei spit out such a word.

Du Pei hesitated, should she speak in this situation?

Said it, but it will offend the Zhao family.

Not to mention, he will definitely be beaten.

These people immediately punched and kicked Chuck Cannon, and Chuck Cannon was also on fire. He still had an iron rod in his hand, so he raised his hand and hit someone.

However, there were too many people. Chuck Cannon was beaten several times at once. Chuck Cannon was so painful that he was beaten like this. ?

Suddenly, it was quiet!

Because everyone here heard Zhao Yunlei’s cell phone ringing, who would dare to interrupt Zhao Yunlei’s answer? Don’t dare to fight, pause.

Zhao Yunlei frowned and took out his cell phone to see that this was the call from the Zhao family butler. What did he call at this time?


“Hey, what’s the matter?” Zhao Yunlei asked. This housekeeper is deeply trusted by his grandfather, so he dare not disrespect the housekeeper.

“Master! What did you just do?” There was an old voice on the phone.

“What did I do? What do you want to ask?”

“Oh, master, don’t worry, I just want to ask, there was a lot of money in your account just now, so I asked,” the butler said.

“Money?” Zhao Yunlei didn’t even look at Chuck Cannon, because this money should have been transferred by his friend. He borrowed the money before, and it should have been paid back just now, but it is not much, only 300 million. The butler called and asked in person.

Zhao Yunlei was puzzled, “How much?”

“No more, no less, four billion!” said the steward. This matter is nothing to the Zhao family, but Zhao Yunlei is just one of the many descendants of the Zhao family. Suddenly there is such large liquidity. He must ask clearly,

“What? How much did you say?” Zhao Yunlei’s voice suddenly became louder.

It’s quiet here, you can hear the needle drop!

These people are even more afraid to do it. What happened to Master Zhao??

What is this?

Du Pei’s beautiful eyes are moving, could it be…

“Master, you have such a big reaction, didn’t you know it in advance? Four billion! Your account was four billion just three minutes ago!” said the butler.

Zhao Yunlei is sure he heard it right, these four billion, this is…

After he was surprised, it was incredible, impossible!!

He stared at Chuck Cannon, how could this idiot have so much money? ?

“Have you read it wrong?” Zhao Yunlei was annoyed.

“I’m getting older, but I can’t make a mistake with this number. It’s for four billion. It’s not wrong, Master, what’s going on? Could you please tell me something.”

Zhao Yunlei’s eyes were about to burst into flames. Suddenly, he smiled, “I will tell you when I will go back, this is money that others respect me…”

“Oh, it turned out to be like this, then it’s okay, four billion to honour you, young master, there is no problem,” the housekeeper hung up, it was normal.

There must be someone who wants the young master to do something, or to cooperate with him, to do it in the name of the Zhao family, then for the Zhao family, four billion is not much at all to buy the name of the Zhao family.

Someone sent six billion yuan to the lord before, saying that he wanted the lord’s shelter…

Four billion compared to six billion, is not that much? Not much at all.

Zhao Yunlei received his phone, looked at Chuck Cannon mockingly, snapped his fingers, and these people stepped back temporarily.

“I can’t see it, you really have four billion out, yes, yes,” Zhao Yunlei chuckled.

Dozens of people present were dumbfounded, he actually turned 4 billion?

So this kid is also a rich second generation?

But what is the rich second generation in front of the Zhao family?

No shit!

Du Peixin was not surprised. How could Chuck Cannon put out 2.5 billion before, how could it be impossible to put out 4 billion?

But four billion has been taken out, Chuck Cannon, would you dare to pick up this hotel? Aren’t you afraid that the Zhao family will turn their faces and deny them? ?

“So this hotel is mine. I’ll let someone come over to handle the transfer procedures tomorrow.” Chuck Cannon shrugged. This matter must have been handled by Yolanda. Yolanda will be more busy taking over this hotel. Chuck Cannon is thinking, yes Shouldn’t you look for other people?

After all, it is impossible for Yolanda to manage too much. Let Yolanda grow bigger and he would find some helpers for Yolanda. Chuck Cannon thinks so. Look, if you have the ability, Chuck Cannon will win.

“Haha!! I’m curious, who did you call just now?” Zhao Yunlei laughed.

“My mother, my mother is very rich,” Chuck Cannon said seriously.

“Haha, haha!”

These people roared with laughter, what, in front of the Zhao family, they said they had money? ? There is such an ignorant person, haha, it’s ridiculous.

Du Pei was embarrassed, she was curious, Chuck Cannon, who are you? Showing off your wealth in front of the Zhao family, are you really as rich as the Zhao family? This should be impossible!

Because the four big families are the richest people in China.

“You want to laugh at me?” Zhao Yunlei walked over and patted Chuck Cannon’s shoulder as if he was slapping his pen.

“I didn’t make you laugh, this hotel is mine, you can leave.” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“Haha, you are really wicked, I’ll give it to you, do you dare to ask for it?” Zhao Yunlei hideously.

“You didn’t give it to me, I bought it, you have to give it to me,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, no? That’s easy.

He can call hundreds of people over and directly enter Zhao’s house, and see if you can give it!

After all, those people are all trained by my mother, and each can beat more than ten.

Zhao Yunlei furrowed his brows, and his ferociousness became even more obvious, “Shabby, you are filial piety to me, don’t you understand that? Hit, give me a call!!”

Chuck Cannon glanced at him, and his heart sank, do you come up to here?

He took out his cell phone and made a call.

The phone is connected, “Master.”

This is Betty’s voice.

“Call someone over, I took over a hotel.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Good master, wait a minute.”

Hanging up the phone, Zhao Yunlei sneered, “Do you know what the Zhao family means?”

“I don’t know, but I bought your thing. If you don’t give it to me, I will let you know who I am.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

What are you afraid of?

“It’s a waste of words to talk to you. I won’t say anything. Just beat him half to death before talking.” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, beat him half to death, and asked the people in Chuck Cannon’s family to come over and kneel down to admit his mistake? !

“Yes, Master!” These people immediately gathered around, and Chuck Cannon looked at Zhao Yunlei who was sneered, and he suddenly caught him.

“What are you doing? Let go of our young master!!”

Thirty people present glared at Chuck Cannon!

Zhao Yunlei was calm, he was pushed by Chuck Cannon with an iron rod, but what was he afraid of? This is Zhao’s place.

Talking about China, he really didn’t meet, someone dares to move him.

Haha, I met someone who is not afraid of death today.

Du Pei is a little weird, what are you doing, Chuck Cannon, do you know?

Get the upper body on fire!

“Boy, I count three, you let me go obediently, otherwise, I will make your whole family die!” Zhao Yunlei is ferocious, dare to move him? This is the end!

“I ask you, would you give me the hotel honestly?” Chuck Cannon looked at him.

“Do you dare to?” Zhao Yunlei sneered, not knowing how high the sky is!!

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