Chapter 413 – 414: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 413: Shoot down the bird king

There was only one reason for the big bell to be ringed—the city was about to fall! A military leader ran over in a panic, “City Lord, we need more men in the city!”

Tiangang(name of the City Lord) looked at Prof.Guan.

Prof.Guan said: “Don’t be panic, if I remember correctly, there was a batch of Thunderbolt sent by Yaoguang Mansion, it’s in the treasure house of the City Lord’s Mansion!”

The Thunderbolt was a one-time magic weapon refined by the refining master of Yaoguang Mansion, and its power was ten times greater than that of the Hot-Flame Sticker!

Wow, there was Thunderbolt in the City Lord’s Mansion!

Tiangang had also heard of this famous Thunderbolt, even the practitioner of the fulfilled period and back-to-self stage can hardly resist a Thunderbolt.

“Quickly, bring the Thunderbolt!”

Tiangang took out the key to the treasure house from the storage ring and said to Tu Yan: “You go with Prof.Guan, the sooner the better!”

Tu Yan nodded and quickly walked off the city wall with Prof.Guan.

“Prof.Guan, keep up!”

Tu Yan moved so quick like he was flying.


Within a second, and Prof.Guan flashed in front of him and smiled, “General Yan, you are too slow, let me give you a ride.”

Holding Tu Yan’s hand, they speed up so quick, Tu Yan showed a look of horror, he didn’t expect that Prof.Guan was also a hidden master!

The fire light shined brightly in Wuwei City.

Inside the city mansion, Xuefei stood up, “I can’t stay here any longer, I want to go up the city wall and find my father!”

Yujie was worried, “Miss Yuan, it’s so dangerous above the city wall…”

“If you are scared, you can stay!”

After speaking, Xuefei left the mansion in stride!

At that time, almost all the soldiers had been on the wall, only a few guards stay inside.

Xuefei left without being stopped.

Yujie followed behind her anyway.

Xuefei, dressed in gorgeous costumes, she pulled Yujie and flew towards the gate.

After a short while, they arrived under the city wall.

At this time, the ground were already covered with injured soldiers, they were all wailing, and hundreds of doctors were busy treating them.

“Oh, it hurts …”

“I can’t see anything!” soldiers were yelling miserably.

These soldiers were all burned by the fire, even their eyes were burned.

Yujie hid behind Xuefei, she was afraid of seeing all that.

It was so terrible!

Xuefei glanced at it, without saying anything, and went straight to the city wall.

In the past, these soldiers would definitely marvel at the god-like appearance of Xuefei.

However, at this moment, the tide of beasts and the threat of death made them ignored her.


Xuefei walked toward Tiangang.

Hearing the sound, Tiangang was taken aback, turned his head, his face changed drastically,

“Go back and stay behind!”

Xuefei bit her lips and said, “Father, you are fighting, I want to be by your side and help. I am your daughter!”

As she said, she bowed and tear her robes on both sides and tied them tightly.

That gorgeous clothes became a martial robe!

Removed the gorgeous headdress from the head, she curled up the long hair, tied it with only a hosta, wiped off the rouge lipstick, and knelt down on one knee, “Please! Father!”

The little girl Yujie also hurriedly knelt on the ground.

Looking at the two girls, Tiangang sighed, “Fine, get up!”

Xuefei said: “Father, how was the battle going now?”

Seeing the monsters raging in the sky, Xuefei was shocked, but not afraid.

The worst thing won’t happen, she believed.

Tiangang did not see a trace of fear from Xuefei’s face, if Yuan Xuefei were a boy, she would be a brave fighter.

She was decisive, filial to her relatives, and kind to others. She was simply the perfect heir of Tiangang.

Even if she was a girl, so what?

Thinking of this, Tiangang told Xuefei about the situation.

Xuefei also had a solemn expression, “Uncle Yan should be back soon.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tu Yan’s voice came from behind, “My Lord, I’m back!”

Tiangang was overjoyed, Tu Yan and Prof.Guan walked over one after another, took out a storage ring, and said: “My Lord, that old guy really got a lot of good things, except for Thunderbolt, There are also freezing stickers!”

Freezing sticker, a low-level rune, had no attack power, but it can instantly freeze the surroundings.

Xuefei’s eyes lit up, “This was really a good thing. We can freeze the city wall, which can strengthen the city defense! And it can also resist the high temperature flames emitted by the fire bird, killing two birds with one stone!”

Tiangang nodded and took the storage ring, which was full of various supplies!

With this Thunderbolt and Freezing sticker, his confidence has greatly increased!

Now the needle master was trying to repair the Spirit Gathering Array. As long as the Spirit Gathering Array was successfully repaired, they would have hope to win.

In the thousand-year history of Fearless City, there had never been destroyed by big beast. Tiangang hoped that he can keep this tradition!

He quickly distributed the Freezing stickers, in an instant, the cold and the scorching heat offset each other, and the soldiers inside the city wall no longer have to fear the hot flames from the fire bird!

“Sure enough!”

Tiangang was overjoyed. In this way, the attack of the fire bird was useless.

“Shoot, shoot these beasts down for me!”




After taking the medicine powder, the rested soldiers went into battle again, pulling the horn bow.

Dense arrows rose to the sky.



One after another, the fire bird was pierced by arrows, wailed, and then fell from a height of hundreds meters.

The tens of feet long Bird King was so angry that it roared and swooped down immediately, hitting the city wall directly.


It was surrounded by fire, like a meteorite falling from the sky.


The earth was shaking!

The city wall trembled, and the person standing on it was directly knocked over by the power!


The Bird King flapped wings and rose to the sky again.

Coupled with the stone thorn attack of the Tiger King and the unknown Beast King, the overall city defense dropped by one layer.

However, there was an elementary stone, it was still difficult for them to break the city defense.



At this moment, tens of thousands of beasts rushed under the wall after a long line of defense!

They were all doing an action, shoveling sand like a dog, their speed was fast and the dust was flying.

“Quickly, pour the shit and oil!”

Tiangang’s face changed drastically, and he quickly ordered.


The pungent yellow shit and hot oil fell, and countless beasts were scalded to death.


The arrow was tied to a ignited oilcloth and shot into the ground.

With a bang, the hot oil under the city wall was ignited in an instant, and the beasts were all roaring and screaming in the sea of fire!

“Oh my god!”

Yujie, the little girl couldn’t help but vomit, the smell was so disgusting!

Xuefei resisted the nausea and looked down.

Cruel, so cruel!


The Bird King rushed into the sky again.

Once again everyone was knocked on their backs!

“Bring me the big bow!”

Two guys came over with an iron bow weighing several hundred kilograms. It required great power to use it. Tiangang only pulled half of the bow in the early days, but today, he fully pulled it.

The muscles all over his body were tightened, the genuine energy flow in the bow, a flow of dark red light attached to the arrow.



He drew and lose the arrow.

The ultra-fast speed of the arrow even surpassed the speed of sound, a short vacuum was formed around the arrow.

The flaming long arrow arrived in front of the Flamingo King in a flash.

At this speed, it was impossible to escape.

When everyone was looking forward to it, the long arrow directly hit the Bird King.


The arrow burst directly, creating a huge explosion.

“You got it, my Lord!”

“Hurrah, the Bird King must be killed!”

“Long live the city lord!”

Hearing the compliments from everyone, Tiangang was a little proud, but he didn’t show it.

Only Prof.Guan looked calm.

These people looked down on the fulfilled period of the Demon King. Although the Bird King may be hurt in the flesh, but definitly not by the iron bow, a middle class weapon.

When the flames faded, everyone was dumbfounded!

Chapter 414: Retreat of the beast tide


How could this be possible!

Tiangang Yuan was stunned. The Firebird King remained unhurt in the air. The arrows shot from the Middle Class weapon were pasted with the precious Middle Class Hot Flame Sticker. He didn’t even burn a single hair of his opponent!

Xuefei Yuan, Tu Yan and others were even more shocked.

If it hadn’t been for the City Protection Array, who couldn’t have stopped the Firebird King?

It’s no wonder that the people of Wuwei City failed to survive in the past. Facing such a powerful Monster Beast, they didn’t have the ability to resist at all!

“Has the Energy Gathering Array been repaired?”


Firebird king made a dive and went straight down, and the wall trembled again.


At this time, a huge Bull Demon of tens of feet tall with a long head, appeared in the people’s sight, roaring.

“Bull Demon!”

“Another Beast King!”

Prof. Guan’s expression became serious. The Bull Demon was one of the top three Demon Kings under Bear King. And the Bull Demon was at the Fulfilled Period. He had a terrible strength.

“Hurry! Everyone aim at the Bull Demon!”

Prof. Guan yelled.

In fact, other people knew what to do without him telling them so!


Whoosh, whoosh!

An overwhelming array of arrows shot to the Bull Demon.

However, these arrows, which had great killing power to ordinary beasts and even to beasts with greater intelligence, were just like tickling for the Bull Demon, or even lighter than tickling.

The Bull Demon was originally the powerful race of the monster. When his talent should get awaken, his body could evolve into a demon body with a height of dozens of feet. Although this formation could not stay long, he was a huge threat to the City Protection Array of Wuwei city.

Could it even resist one foot of the Bull Demon?

“It’s useless. Don’t let it transform!”

Prof. Guan again said, “Use thunderbolts, don’t hide it any more!”

Tiangang came back to himself and asked Tu to send out the thunderbolts in the storing Ring!


The Bull Demon roared, and the whole body was glowing yellow light. Its body grew a few feet in an instant!


Tiangang’s eyes opened wide and were about to crack. The Bull demon could even display the magic state of the world!

Was it the legendary Supreme Monster?

He was even in despair. How could a Supreme Monster appear in the beast tide?

Boom, boom, boom!

Tens of thousands of thunderbolts, whose power was ten times more powerful than the Hot Flame Sticker, were thrown on the Bull Demon!

The explosion almost resounded through the whole city of Wuwei!

The earth trembled and a huge mushroom cloud rose. The shock waves from the explosion even scattered the dark clouds in the sky.

Even Firebird King fluttered his wings and flew far away.

The dissipated energy created a huge void within a kilometer.

Hundreds of thousands of beasts, beasts with intelligence and beasts with greater intelligence were killed instantly and their corpses were everywhere.

Tiger king was also wounded in the front foot in the explosion.

The army of monster beast were suffering, so were the people standing on the wall!

The City Protection Array blocked ninety-nine percent of the explosion, and the rest of the explosions were tough enough for them endure.

The people of the Innate-power stage were directly stunned by the shock. The people of the return-to-nature stage were also affected by the quake. People of the The back-to-self stage were doing okay, because they had automatically generated the Sturdy Energy to offset the aftereffects.

Tiangang and others looked seriously at the Bull Demon in the explosion center.

When the clouds dispersed, the Bull Demon in the center of the explosion was bloody and messy, and the hard horn was half broken. Even so, it remained standing.


Everyone took a cold breath!

It’s still alive?

Tu was dumbfounded. If he had been at the center of the explosion, he would have been dead already.

The power of thunderbolts was huge enough to kill him ten thousand times!

Just when everyone was worried, Prof. Guan said, “Don’t worry too much. It’s no longer capable of fighting.”

The Bull Demon was too conceited. He didn’t take human beings seriously. It was because of his stupid arrogance that he took tens of thousands of thunderbolts with his flesh!

It’s not dead, which was enough to show that it was powerful. Its demon body was strong.

However, It’s such a pity that a small stubborn bull wanted to guess what Human Practitioners were thinking. It’s true that Tiangang didn’t have enough thunderbolts. With a thousand more, the Bull Demon would definitely die here!

All of them looked at Prof. Guan at the same time. At this time, Tu suddenly yelled, “Look, that Bull Demon is getting smaller!”

People all turned their heads and looked at the Bull Demon. Sure enough, the Bull Demon, which was dozens of feet in size, shrank several times, waved the half of tits tail and ran away in embarrassment.

Tiger King and Firebird King also took a hard look at the people on the wall and flew away.

The beasts came with murderous temperament and finally retreated with embarrassment, leaving only dead bodies on the ground!

Everyone was stunned. Then the crowd standing on the city wall burst into loud cheers.

“It’s gone, the beast tide is gone!”

“We’ve won, we’ve kept Wuwei city safe!”

“Long live the City Lord! Long live the City Lord!”


All knelt on the ground before Tiangang could respond.

Tiangang was also ecstatic. The all four demon kings attacked Wuwei City together, which was rather rare in history!

Winning the defensive war this time, he would definitely be recorded in history and be remembered forever!

This time, even if without the Senior behind him, his position was stable, and no one could challenge his authority again!

Thinking of this, he cleared his throat and said, “Everybody, this victory was the work of everyone’s unity and bravery. I, Tiangang Yuan, would like to thank you on behalf of all the people of Wuwei City!”

With that, Tiangang bowed three times to the soldiers guarding the city!

When Tianxiong Ning was the City Lord, he did not pay attention to these little soldiers at all. Kang Ning even regarded them as family dogs.

They had never took them seriously.

“Long live the City Lord!”

“Long live the City Lord!”

Every soldier had a feeling that they would die for their bosom friend!

Xuefei was also relieved and happy for her father.

After today, the City Lord of would surly belong to the Yuan Family!

She glanced around the crowd but did not see the person she wanted to see, which made her disappointed.

When Prof. Guan saw that the beast tide had retreated, there was no happiness on his face at all. He went to Tiangang and said in a low voice, “City Lord, this beast tide has retreated, but it is likely to make a comeback again!”

“How could the beast king tide be so easily defeated?”

Moreover, Bear King, the initiator of the beast tide, was unlikely to give up easily.

Firebird King, Bull Demon, Tiger King, and Dragon King.

Only four came out of the ten monster beasts under Bear King!

As the adviser of the Bear King, Prof. Guan knew a lot . For example, he knew that this time the Bear King would even tear up the treaty signed between the human race and the monster race and attack the Wuwei City in person!

If the Bear King should attack, this City Protection Array would absolutely fall!

Tiangang looked unhappy. “Prof. Guan, what do you mean?”

He added, “Don’t you see that the beast tide is gone? And the thousands of beast tides recorded in history have never made a comeback, nor this time! “

The implication was that he should not try to raise fear around here!

“City Lord, please believe me, I really…”

“That’s it, no more talks!”

Tiangang waved his hand to interrupt him and gave him a deep look. “Do you know that Wuwei city needs a victory?”

Prof. Guan gave a wry smile and nodded.

Well, he said what should be said. But for Kris Chen’s sake, he would have killed Tiangang with one claw.

And he would have never had to sell his own race.

“City Lord, now that the beast tide is gone, I am a little tired, too. So I’d like to resign!”

Prof. Guan arched his hands and said.

“Prof. Guan is leaving?”

“Yes, please allow me, my Lord!”

Tiangang felt surprised, but he didn’t try to make him stay!

As Tianxiong’s confidant, Prof. Guan’s staying in the City Lord’s House was a factor of instability, and he would like him to leave.

He was only pretending to be a wise Lord by making the appearance of courteous and virtuous.

“In this case, everyone has his own ambition, so I can’t force you to stay!”

Tiangang’s face changed very fast, which was out of Prof. Guan’s expectation.

“Farewell, my Lord!”

Prof. Guan went straight down the wall and left without looking back!


The edge of Shiwan Mountain.

Bear King was furious that the army of millions of monsters retreated but only half made it back!

The Bull Demon, in particular, was nearly killed by Bear King’s paw!

The Bull Demon, who was seriously injured, almost died.

Fortunately, Bear King spared its life. Otherwise, the Bear King would have been killed directly by his paw!

They knew better than anyone how terrible the angry Bear King Could be!

“Give me an explanation. Why can’t we take down Wuwei City?”

Bear King looked around, and there was murderous anger in his eyes!

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