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Yes, are the things of the Zhao family so easy to take?

Here you are, are your fate??

Zhao Yunlei mocked, being caught by you, would you dare to hit me??

He laughed at Chuck Cannon, “I persuade you to let me go, otherwise, you are over today.”

“Quickly, let go of our young master!!”

“See, let him go! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

These people all scolded Chuck Cannon, if Zhao Yunlei had anything to do, they would definitely not be able to eat it!

Du Pei’s beautiful eyes are turning. She has dealt with Chuck Cannon last time. Her impression of Chuck Cannon is that he is a second-generation super-rich and richer than her own.

There is also a bit of temper, but Du Peixin never expected that Chuck Cannon would actually buy the hotel of the Zhao family today, and still hold Zhao Yunlei of the Zhao family like this!

This simply subverted her perception of boldness!

“You make me very upset!” Chuck Cannon was very angry.

At this time, Betty would bring people over, but it was not so fast, but Chuck Cannon didn’t have anything to panic. He caught this Zhao Yunlei, and even if Zhao Yunlei called many people over, he had nothing to fear.

At that time, Betty brought the people trained by her mother herself and hit ten each. How many people can Zhao family beat?

“You are really looking for death, let me go! Let me go!” Zhao Yunlei was annoyed and continued to be arrested by Chuck Cannon, not wanting face? ?

He is the young master of the Zhao family, the four big families!

Being held in such a way, where did he put his face??

“Have you never thought that there is still another mountain high?” Chuck Cannon looked at him.

My mother was abroad before, and only recently came to China for development. Chuck Cannon didn’t know exactly how his mother was in the US, but Chuck Cannon knew that it was definitely not bad!

My mother’s pattern is not mainly in China, it should be global and expanding, so she came to China to invest and buy everywhere.

How to say this, Chuck Cannon feels that his mother must be richer than the four big families, because Chuck Cannon clearly remembers that when she asked her to buy the square, she said that forty to fifty billion was considered trivial. How much does it cost to be able to say such things? ?

This money must be so much that my mother doesn’t know it, because there are too many industries.

“You mean, your family is richer than my Zhao family?” Zhao Yunlei sneered.

“If this is not good, can you guarantee that your Zhao family is the richest in the world?” Chuck Cannon asked rhetorically.

“Ignorance! What do you know? Our Zhao family is not simply the four major families of China. The entire world has our Zhao family’s properties. We don’t know how much money we have in our family. Tell me about this?” Zhao Yun Lei has disdain, the Zhao family has many industries in the United States.

“Also, I have never heard of the Cannon Family!” Zhao Yunlei sneered. Is this the minimum?

Don’t talk about the world, even if you look at China, there are not many Cannon’s. Isn’t this a good proof??

“Cannon’s family, I haven’t heard of it either,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, “but my mother is very rich,”

“Your mother? Okay, tell me what your mother’s surname is and what family it is.” Zhao Yunlei laughed.

What family could it be? You know, the reason why many families can be passed down forever does not allow women to control. In other words, women will not be reused by the family. He has never heard of any truly powerful women in China or even the world.

Except, Logan in Beijing, he knows this.

Logan’s strength is not inferior to that of the four big families. Zhao Yunlei also admits that Logan seems to be only 30 years old, and it has nothing to do with Chuck Cannon, right?

Li family? Chuck Cannon has never heard of it either. This should be because he is ignorant, and the time to contact this high-end society is too short.

Chuck Cannon hesitated and said nothing.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I don’t know who your mother is after thinking about it? Haha, not saying your mother’s name can only mean that your mother is very rubbish, so I am embarrassed to let you say it in front of me,” Zhao Yunlei Laughing.

He still wants to hear it, but he didn’t expect this rubbish to dare to say, afraid of being laughed at by himself?

Chuck Cannon grabbed him, ready to slap him, let him be honest, dare to say this to his mother!!

Chuck Cannon also wanted to slap him, his mother is so rich, so what happened?

But at this time, suddenly there was a sound of an alarm, and Chuck Cannon saw a lot of police cars coming in. What happened?

Dozens of people in the Zhao family looked at each other. Why did the police car come over at this time?

Yes, Zelda Maine called the police!!

She suddenly found out that Chuck Cannon was missing. She was so panicked that she did not find him after a round of searching. She was worried that Chuck Cannon had something wrong, so she could only call the police.


Zelda Maine ran down.

Many policemen came down from the police car, and Zelda Maine led the way, “Over there!”

The police followed Zelda Maine inside. Qian Yueying in the parking lot was a little surprised. He actually saw Chuck Cannon kidnapping Zhao Yunlei. This is really a fearless person!

Qian Yueying didn’t bother to watch it any longer, and if he hijacked Zhao Yunlei, it would end badly!

There is nothing to look at. The only thing that puzzles Qian Yueying is that Zhao Yunlei seemed to have answered a call just now, and his face changed a little?

What is the situation here? ?

“Zhao Yunlei, what’s the situation? Someone called the police, saying that someone here was wounding someone with a weapon!” The police came over. At this time, Chuck Cannon had already let Zhao Yunlei go. Now that the police are here, what else is he kidnapping for?

“This is a misunderstanding.” Zhao Yunlei said. He was irritated, who called the police? ?

“Misunderstanding?” When the police looked at Chuck Cannon, they really didn’t see Chuck Cannon’s injuries.

“Police, misunderstanding,” Chuck Cannon also said.

“Okay, don’t mess around,” the police said helplessly, both sides said so, and he couldn’t force it anymore.

“Chuck Cannon is okay,” Zelda Maine saw Chuck Cannon, and she rushed over.

Chuck Cannon shrugged. He was punched several times just now, but fortunately, the pain was gone.

“Zhao Yunlei, you let so many people go,” the policeman said.

Zhao Yunlei waved his hand, and the thirty people quickly dispersed.

The policeman glanced at Chuck Cannon, “Young man, do you want someone to send you away?”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and sent himself away? No need, Betty will bring someone over.

“All right. Close the team,” the policeman began to leave.

When the police left, Zhao Yunlei stared at Chuck Cannon, “You have a kind, but you call the police. How rubbish are you?”

Zelda Maine was very angry today. When she saw Chuck Cannon missing, she was heartbroken in panic. You know, Chuck Cannon was brought here!

“Good luck to you today, you immediately get off! Did you hear that?” Zhao Yunlei snorted coldly.

“It’s you who are going to get off. You have such bad memory? It doesn’t matter, I remind you, this hotel is no longer yours.” Chuck Cannon calmly, everyone is coming soon.

Zelda Maine was stunned. What does it mean that it is not his? This hotel belongs to the Zhao family?

Could it be… Zelda Maine was shocked, could it be said that Chuck Cannon came down and bought this Zhao family hotel?

This is too bold, right? ?

“It’s yours, why don’t I know? Get out!” Zhao Yunlei sneered. Today is not suitable for beating. He walked up to Du Peixin, “Peixin, let’s go,”

Du Peixin glanced at Chuck Cannon.

She didn’t move, but Chuck Cannon came over, “If you don’t, I will go to your Zhao’s house!”

Chuck Cannon calmed down, gave the money, not the hotel? This is impossible!

“Haha, I’m waiting for you at home, dare to come!” Zhao Yunlei laughed wildly.

“Well, I will go,”


Zhao Yunlei was about to laugh, he didn’t want to look at Chuck Cannon anymore. It was a little bit cooler today. It’s worth four billion in vain, which is a good thing.

Zhao Yunlei and Du Peixin left, Chuck Cannon stared at him.

“Chuck Cannon, did you buy this hotel, right?” Zelda Maine asked in a daze.

This is better than she knows that the night hotel belongs to Chuck Cannon’s mother, and it shocks her.

This is against the Zhao family!

“Yes, I bought it.”

“But, do you have to come back?”

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, and when someone came over, you can go to Zhao’s house. This is too simple. If I give you money, then the hotel must be given to me!

“But…” Zelda Maine stayed, Chuck Cannon, is so confident, isn’t Chuck Cannon’s background better than Zhao’s??

This should not be possible!

In China, the four big families are the most powerful.

Chuck Cannon laughed suddenly because he saw a car coming in outside, Betty…

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