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Chapter 413: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 413 Meeting A Girl

Zhao Nangong wondered, “Why do you always want to go out?”

“I ……” Chuxue Ye didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t know why she was always thinking about going out, just letting her stay like this made her feel very annoyed.

“Anyway, mind your own business. If you don’t agree that, I’ll think of my own way.”

Chuxue sneered and sat back on the sofa and that made him at loss.

“Chuxue, what’s wrong with you again?”

He felt helpless because as long as his thoughts were different from hers, no matter it was right or wrong, she would get angry and even lose her temper.

“I ……” Chuxue also reflected on it. What the hell was wrong with her? In front of others, she was not even so selfish, but once in front of Zhao, she seemed too pampered. When they were together, he had to listen to her completely and she …… became completely unlike herself.

Zhao saw that she didn’t say anything and thought that he had made her angry again so he carefully apologized, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, don’t be angry!”

“All right, all right, you just stop saying that!” Chuxue hugged a pillow and sat in a corner of the sofa angrily.

Zhao sometimes wanted to come over to apologize to her but he was driven back by Chuxue. To the end Zhao was angry too, “Why are you angry? Why are you so inexplicable ……”

“I just don’t want to see you!” When Chuxue heard “inexplicable”, she became even angrier and she didn’t even think about what she had said and blurted it out directly.

Zhao was so angry that he laughed, “So it’s like this. You should tell me earlier, I’ll leave!”

After saying that, he turned and left with a big step. With the door closed, Chuxue was left alone in the living room. She curled up and felt a pain in her heart.

This fool, how could he be so stupid. When he was told to leave, he left without hesitation. Did he not understand the temper of women?

The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she was. She thought if Zhao never looked for her again, would they just break up?

But …… she was too embarrassed to go to talk to him. What was she going to do?

When Venus and Kerry came back and saw Chuxue curled up on the sofa asleep, they were a little surprised and thought it was a little unbelievable. With her character, she definitely wouldn’t stay so peacefully.

After looking at the living room, they found that something was missing. Kerry went over to check Chuxue’s foot and then they remembered that Zhao was gone!

Where did Zhao go?

He was so thick-skinned and he specially wanted to live in their house. It was kind of unbelievable that he left before they came back?

“Wake up, wake up!” Venus tapped towards Chuxue’s face a few times. She moved his lips slightly and woke up.

“What’s wrong?” Chuxue rubbed her sleepy eyes and saw that it was Venus and then she was a little disappointed.

“You go to bed to sleep. You are drooling. You’re not even under the covers……” Venus was a little less satisfied with Zhao. How could he go back without covering her with a quilt?

Chuxue wiped her mouth casually, “Why did you guys come back?”

“It’s night, where are we going to go if we don’t come back?”

After Venus said that, Chuxue looked out the window and realized that it was already dark. She even did not know what Zhao was doing……

Why did she think of him again? She really shouldn’t be thinking about him.

“Why are you alone here? Where is he?” Venus couldn’t help but ask.

She didn’t directly say who that person was but everyone knew. Chuxue shrugged her shoulders indifferently, “I let him go back first.”

Venus and Kerry looked at each other, knowing that things were definitely not that simple, but they didn’t want to ask more questions. Zhao and Chuxue had their own ideas. If they got involved too much, they would be a burden.


Yulin Xiao drove around the empty street, behind him was Yuqi Mu. Yuqi turned a corner and they drove together.

“How’s it going with you and that actress?” Yulin steered the wheel and asked Yuqi who was concentrating on driving.

Yuqi paused for a moment and his car became much slower than Yulin’s car. He smiled bitterly, “Stars don’t have serious relationships. We should never be in a relationship with them again.”

“What? It sounded like she dumped you!” Yulin teased and smiled and then parked the car.

Yuqi saw him parked so he also followed him to stop, “I’m not being dumped by her, just I understand some things.”

“Oh? Tell me about it!” Yulin raised his eyebrows with interest.

“The other people all say that actresses do not have true feelings. As long as you give money, you can chase any actresses.”

Speaking of this, Yuqi smiled bitterly, “Am I not handsome?”

Yulin looked up and down, “You’re pretty handsome, but you’re not as handsome as me.”

“Fuck you!” The originally serious Yuqi pretended to kick him after he said that.

“She slept with that fat director just for a movie, you say ……”

Yuqi was still angry when he thought of this, “You say if she is with me, not to mention a movie, as long as she tells me about it, I can help her make ten or even twenty movies.”

“You are so generous!” Yulin couldn’t help but tease.

“Don’t be garrulous.” Yuqi was in an extremely bad mood. After a few casual words with him, he had no desire to talk to him.

But Yulin kept teasing with him and didn’t stop until they reached their destination.

“All right, all right, I know you are prescient, so be it. Don’t talk when we drink and I feel irritable when you talk!”

Yuqi waved his hand. He was already very unhappy but Yulin kept talking about this thing that made him upset.

Yulin also knew when to stop teasing him, in case one day he would be dumped by women. Love was unpredictable.

There was noisy music, confusing lights and people who danced to music in the bar,

As soon as Yuqi and Yulin entered, they relaxed. They walked to the bar and casually ordered a whiskey.

Sitting on the chairs, they had a pleasant conversation. Usually at this time, even if they were sitting in the corner, there were many women who would come up to talk to them because they were both so elegant and handsome that women wanted to flirt with them.

They had just gotten halfway through their conversation when a seductively dressed woman twisted her sexy waist and approached them.

“Don’t you two gentlemen have any other companions? Would you like me to have a drink with you?” Although she said so, she had already sat down.

Yuqi frowned and was just about to speak when he was stopped by Yulin.

Yulin smiled, “Yes, drink this cup first.”

The woman didn’t even think about it and drank it directly. After she had just drank this glass of wine, she felt that the taste was a little strange but before she thought more, she was a little dizzy.

“Sir, what kind of wine did you give me? Why do I feel a little dizzy?” The woman held her forehead and swayed to move closer to Yulin.

Yulin slightly leaned over and the woman fell on the edge of the counter. She held the counter and said, “You are so bad.”

“You take care of her first!” Yuqi was so disgusted with this kind of women that he just turned around and left.

“Ugh?” Yulin wanted to call out to him but he was stopped by the woman behind him.

“Don’t go, let’s have another drink.”

Yulin was a little confused. She just drank a glass of wine that mixed with three or four kinds of wine. Any others must be very drunk after drinking this wine.

But he did not know that this woman kept holding his arm after she drank that wine. When he managed to break free, Yuqi had already walked away.

He sat helplessly on a booth, drinking alone with women around him always coming to seduce him. After a few times, no one came to try to talk to him anymore.

“There you are!”

A woman’s voice came from above. Yulin looked up and was wondering who she was when he just saw a dark shadow and then she fell on top of him.

“Hey, who are you? Get up quickly!” Yulin wanted to push her away but she stuck to him like an octopus.

“Don’t …… say anything, drink!”

The woman lied on top of him and her hand grabbed the wine cup on the table haphazardly, “Cheers!”

Yulin felt baffled, “I don’t know you. Don’t pretend to be drunk, get up!”

“I …… I’m not drunk. Eww.”

Before she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but vomit it all over him.

“You get up!” Yulin finally could not maintain his gentlemanly demeanor and he directly pushed the woman to the ground.

He took off his jacket and threw it on the booth, “You …… forget it!”

The woman on the ground still didn’t know what she was doing and spoke unclearly. Yulin lowered his head and finally saw her face clearly.

Unlike other women who wore heavy makeup in the bar, she didn’t wear much makeup.

She was good-looking and lovely, wearing simple clean jeans and white T-shirt, not like a person who often came to the bar.

“What are you doing? Did I make you angry again?” Yulin was about to leave but she hugged his leg. He tried hard to break free but he didn’t succeed either.

He then squatted down and tried to reason with her, “Little girl, it’s dangerous for you to hug a stranger in a bar like that!”

“You’re not a stranger. You’re my boyfriend!” The woman hugged his leg pathetically and refused to let him go no matter what he said.

Yulin was a little confused, could it be that he was wrong. This woman was not as innocent as she looked?

Thinking like this, he took out money from his pocket and put it in front of her, “You’ve got the wrong person. If you want money, let go of me!”

Unexpectedly, when she heard to give her money, she howled, “I do not want your money, I just want you back!”

Yulin knew that she might be dumped by her boyfriend, drank too much in the bar and mistook him for her boyfriend.

Yulin had no too much flaws and the only flaw was so soft-hearted. Seeing a woman crying in front of him, he couldn’t bear to blame her.

His legs were held tightly by her so he simply sat on the ground, handing tissues to her.

“Don’t cry yet, tell me what happened.”

His gentleness made her slightly calmer, “I dreamed that you didn’t be with me and wanted to break up with me and even you were with another woman.”

“E ……” Yulin did not know what to say. He thought that it was another girl who met a bastard.

Although he was not a good person, he simply couldn’t tolerate for the man who had an affair with two women at the same time. This kind of behavior didn’t show how powerful the man was but it just made this man shamed.

He handed an issue to her, “Do not cry. There are many good men. Why you make yourself into this situation for a bastard now?”

Yulin smiled bitterly because he never thought that he would one day give others advice about emotional problems and still would give advice to a little girl whom he did not know.

She probably drank too much, looking at Yulin’s legs for a while and falling asleep.

“I searched for you for a long time but you’re staying with a girl!”

Yuqi ran over and saw Yulin was in a mess so he couldn’t help but laugh, “What, like this kind of girls again? You use to like charming mature women and now you like a naive girl!”

“Cut the crap. Quickly pull her away from me. My feet are numb!” Yulin glared at him and asked him for help.

Yuqi also found it strange and stopped teasing him, “What’s going on? She wouldn’t let you go?”

“She broke up with his boyfriend, came bar drinking and ended up mistaking me as her boyfriend.”

Yulin helplessly spread his hands. Did he look ordinary? Did everyone look like him?

“Well, she may be the one you love!” Yuqi patted his shoulder and could not help but laugh.

“What love, a little girl, I am not interested in her at all.”

Yuqi skimmed his mouth, “That’s impossible!”

“All right, all right, don’t be silly, hurry up and drag her away!”

They made a lot of effort to pull her off Yulin’s feet. As soon as Yulin just walked away, she clasped him round the waist again.

“Don’t go ……”

Yulin helplessly rolled his eyes at the ceiling. Today he was so unlucky. How could he to be haunted by such a woman?

He turned back to Yuqi for help but Yuqi took a step back, “She is yours, it’s useless to force others to take her away. Believe me. You should accept her so as not to spend more physical strength.”

“Let me go.” Yulin’s strength was after all bigger than her so he was easily to ditch her. He pushed her to the booth, got up and prepared to leave.

“It hurts ……” the woman covered her hand and gave an aggrieved wail. Her hand was made red by Yulin and she didn’t dare to pull his hand again.

Yulin had just stepped out a few steps and then a punk came over. He skimmed his eyes, just in time to see the punk touched her.

He was worried about her so eventually he went back and scolded in a deep voice, “What are you doing?”

The punk turned back unhappily and saw that Yulin’s aura was different from the others around so he did not dare to mess things up. He had to take back his hands and leave with curses.

Yulin turned back helplessly and stood in front of her, not knowing what he was thinking about.

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