Betty’s injury is not healed, but she led the team here. She drove the fastest. She was worried that Chuck Cannon might have been injured. The large group was still behind, so she could come right away!

Chuck Cannon walked over, and Betty saw that Chuck Cannon was not injured much, and her hanging heart relaxed.

“Master!” Betty got out of the car.

“Sister Li,”

“Well, what’s the situation now, Master?” Betty asked.

After Chuck Cannon called her and said that he had bought a hotel, she immediately checked who the hotel originally belonged to.

It actually belongs to the Zhao family.

Betty was a little surprised, but she was not surprised at anything else, but surprised at how Chuck Cannon liked this hotel??

“I gave the money, but this person didn’t give me the hotel.” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“En, so? Master, let me take care of these matters.” Betty said this matter is simple.

Karen Lee is one of the four largest families in the world, much better than the Zhao family in China, and the structure is different!

This is really trivial to Karen Lee.

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon was relieved, Betty’s performance, Chuck Cannon understood, he still underestimated his mother’s strength.

This is full of confidence, definitely much better than the Zhao family.

“Master, wait a minute, people are still behind.” Betty has experience in this area, and there are too many.

“En,” Chuck Cannon had no objection and asked Betty to deal with these matters, and then let Yolanda come over to take over the matter tomorrow.

At this time, Liu Meili and the others came down. The manager didn’t come to drive them away. She was really surprised. Is this the solution? Otherwise, why doesn’t the manager come?

Could this Chuck Cannon have a better background than the Zhao family? This is unlikely, right?

But that’s the solution. Maybe Chuck Cannon knows other people, such as people from the other three major families?

“Daughter…Is the matter resolved?” Liu Meili came over and asked, the party was over perfectly, she had a lot of faces!

“Solved…” Zelda Maine muttered to herself.

“How does he solve it? Is it because Chuck Cannon knows people from other families that’s how he can solve this problem?” Liu Meili felt that it must be the case.

How lucky it is that Chuck Cannon can still know people from other families!

I didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to have this ability!

Liu Meili is more satisfied with Chuck Cannon.

“No, it was solved because Chuck Cannon bought this hotel.” Zelda Maine said, she felt dreaming, what a tyrant can do. The solution is so straightforward and simple, just buy it. That’s it.

“What? Daughter, what are you talking about?” Liu Meili was stunned, her jaw was stunned, he bought this hotel?

This is the hotel of the Zhao family? How to buy this??

What’s more, how much is this hotel? Billions, right? Seven or eight billion is possible, but it was solved in less than an hour? Liu Meili was beyond words.

“Bought, Chuck Cannon bought this hotel.”

Liu Meili was shocked and speechless. Who is Chuck Cannon??

“Master, let’s go to Zhao’s house now, it’s not too far away,” Betty thought, it’s better to solve this problem today, there are so many nights and dreams!

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon had no comment.

Betty got into the car again and called the person behind, “Everyone turned around!”

“Sister Zelda, are you going?” Chuck Cannon asked her opinion, can’t you just take Zelda Maine directly?

“I, I will go,” Zelda Maine worried about Chuck Cannon, he is going to Zhao’s house!

“Then get in the car, Auntie, you go back and rest,” Chuck Cannon said.

Liu Meili can’t talk anymore.

“Chuck Cannon, you get in the car first, I’ll say a few words to my mother,” Zelda Maine said helplessly.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and got into the car first.

“Mom, you go back with Dad first.”

“Ah? Daughter, are you kidding? This is the hotel of the Zhao family? It can’t be bought by money, right?” Liu Meili was so shocked that she couldn’t describe her heartbeat.

“No, Chuck Cannon bought this hotel.”

“Agree? Others agree?” Liu Meili could not understand. How could Zhao Yunlei agree? Let other people know that Zhao Jiaran betrayed the hotel, this Zhao Jia’s face is going to be beaten!

“He gave it, but…” Zelda Maine couldn’t say it. If it were to say, now he will go to Zhao’s house to ask for the hotel, my mother will be scared to death.

“But what. Daughter, what do you think?”

“it’s okay no problem.”

Liu Meili breathed a sigh of relief, “Daughter, this Chuck Cannon really surprised me. Let me tell you, don’t break up with him. You can’t find a few such powerful men.”

Zelda Maine smiled bitterly. There is no certain relationship between her and Chuck Cannon, so why would she break up?

What’s more, Zelda Maine feels that this should be the limit, but she has an idea, she wants a child, a child of her and Chuck Cannon, but this depends on Chuck Cannon’s consent!

“Mom, I know, I’m going, you and Dad go home,” Zelda Maine got into the car. Betty drove outside.

Liu Meili is so proud, her daughter has a good eye, and she has found a man who can buy Zhao’s hotel!

“What are you still doing here? This hotel belongs to my son-in-law.” Liu Meili looked at the stunned young woman.

She saw a lot of things here just now, but she was so shocked that she was speechless. It turns out that Chuck Cannon is not a duck. It turns out that Chuck Cannon has more money than her. It turns out that she is rubbish in front of Chuck Cannon…

“I, I…” The young woman blushed.

“Get out! Get out of here now!” Liu Meili was proud and finally got back around. It feels good!

The young woman blushed and went to the parking lot. She murmured, she actually missed her eyes. She had known that he was on WeChat just now. She has such a charming figure. Maybe he likes young women like her?

The young woman got into the car happily.

She drove away, but Qian Yueying hadn’t left yet. She saw Betty coming in in Rolls-Royce just now. Who is this woman?

Is this woman going to buy the hotel? Bought it? ? should not. She doesn’t know this woman, so how could Betty be able to buy things from the Zhao family?

Qian Yueying felt that she was wasting too much time. Today was ridiculous. Chuck Cannon was fine in the end. However, without the police coming, he would have been beaten badly, so she drove away.

Zhao family!

As one of the four major families of Zhao’s family, this place is very large, and the entire villa complex belongs to Zhao’s family.

No one can approach this place! !

Because this is the Zhao family’s place, other people are not qualified to come over!

Zhao Lao, the housekeeper of the Zhao family, was resting, but at this time, there was a knock on the door outside his door.

He opened his eyes and got up. Open the door, it is the guard of the Zhao family!

“What’s the matter?” Old Zhao asked.

It’s early in the morning at this point, why are you bothering yourself?

This situation is too rare, basically not, because the Zhao family has been on the right track for too long, and nothing will happen at all.

“Lao Zhao, a team has come here,”

“The team? What kind of team?” Zhao Lao frowned. No one applied for a visit today. What’s more, what time is it now, come back? What is this for?

“The leader is a Rolls-Royce, and the others behind are all off-road vehicles, more than twenty vehicles.”

“Kick them away! Without applying, the Zhao family won’t see anyone!” said Old Zhao.


The guard immediately used the walkie-talkie to give instructions, but the response from the other side was unstoppable.

Old Zhao frowned, “Go, go out and have a look. Someone dared to break into Zhao’s place, so wouldn’t he wants to die?”

People from other families won’t do this, after all, they haven’t broken their faces!

But in addition to the other three major families in China, who has the courage?

They came to the door. This was the gate of the Zhao family. It was very atmospheric. Standing on it, Mr. Zhao looked through the binoculars and indeed saw a convoy coming towards this side. Completely ignoring the Zhao family’s warning!

After all, a family as big as the Zhao family must have its own guard team!

“These people, don’t know, how come they come to Zhao’s house?” the guard asked.

“This is not a problem, run into Zhao’s house, take care of who he is, and make him regret it! Dispatch the family guard! Stop them!!” Zhao Lao coldly ordered.

This is offending the dignity of the Zhao family and must be severely punished!

“Yes!” The guard head immediately began to give orders, booming, the Zhao family guard convoy came out of the villa!

Dare to break into Zhao’s house? A dead-end!

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