Chapter 414: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 414 Arguing

“If you want to bring it back, just do it. What are you thinking about?” Yuqi Mu walked over, leaning on the backrest of the seat and teased.

He finally got something. From now on, the two of them would switch their position and he would be the one who didn’t have to worry.

Yulin glared at him, “How? Sleep with you?”

“I don’t care. If you think I’m too noisy, I can choose not to go back tonight.” Yuqi shrugged, waiting for a show.

“Well…drink more…”

The woman lying on the seat suddenly sat up. Seeing the two tall men in front of her, she was confused for a moment, but soon, she got lost, searching for the wine glass on the table.

She was about to get it, but Yulin took the glass and asked her in a cold voice, “Where’s your house?”

“Why don’t you…let me drink?”

The woman was chaotic, completely unable to hear what he was saying, only to know her glass had been taken away by him. Thus, she was unpleasant.

Yulin took a deep breath and repeated again, “Answer me, where do you live?”

“Well…home?” The woman thought for a while, “Across from McDonald’s.”

Yulin pursed his lips. What’s wrong with her? There were so many McDonald’s, so how could he know which one she was talking about?

“Come on, drink with me.”

Yulin took a look at Yuqi. Seeing he was with no expression, he knew he was telling him to make the decision by himself.

He put the glass down and went forward without waiting for the woman’s reaction. He then picked her up and left. The crowd was surprised.

This often happened in bars. What would a woman face after getting drunk? Harassed or taken away. Everyone knew what would happen.

However, it was hard to see a man taking away a woman in this way. Therefore, the crowd knew he was someone. Those who were often in the bars had seen this many times. And no one would offend rich and powerful people because of a lost girl.


However, there were exceptions. Someone was bold enough to stop them.

The two turned around to see who was messing around, but before they got to see his face, they froze.

How could Zhao Nangong be here?

When Zhao Nangong saw them, he was also surprised. The three of them stood there for a while. People there thought they were going to have a fight.

After a while, the person in Yulin’ s arms began to move, insisting on walking by herself. It cost Yulin a long time to make her quiet, but now, he was in vain. And when Zhao Nangong saw her, he panicked.

“I…always see you two as gentlemen…but you…”

He drank a lot, so he was stumbling, but he had expressed himself clearly…

After saying that, he could not stand still and he slid down by the pillar he was holding. Yuqi frowned and went over to hold him.

But Zhao Nangong shook him off, “Don’t touch me. I don’t have friends like you!”

The people watching the show suddenly realized that they were good friends and they were fighting for a woman. They had thought the two did not know each other, but now a hero wanted to save the beauty.

Someone in the crowd was about to take out their phones to take pictures. Yuqi was afraid if they posed on the Internet and his family knew this, it would be a nightmare.

Before gettting Zhao Nangong’ s permission, he directly dragged him towards the outside.

“Let me go.”

Out of the bar, Zhao Nangong was vomiting to a tree.

Yulin felt sick, but he was still waiting for him to finish. He handed him some tissues, “Clean yourself. It’s disgusting.”

Zhao Nangong took the tissue and wiped his mouth, looking at him with contempt, “Where is Yulin? He’s an asshole…”

Yuqi stopped him, “OK, OK. Are you sober now? Don’t mess around.”

“Do you think I’m drunk? When I find Yulin, I’ll kick his ass. Let’s go back and drink more.”

Yuqi, of course, was speechless. He knew he was not sober at all, “Look at you, you’re not OK. Don’t try to save that girl and I’ll send you back first.”

Zhao Nangong pushed Yuqi away, “Send me back? I drove here by myself!”

After saying that, he wobbled towards where he parked. But he was unable to see anything clearly and fell down after a few steps.

“Come on! You? You cannot even walk. Don’t drive, OK? Can you tell me which one is the brake and which one is the gas?”

Yuqi pulled him up with one hand. But all of a sudden, he used too much strength to keep balanced. Fortunately, he hadn’t been dragged to the ground by him.

He complained, “Fuck. Yulin only cares girls. How can he leave me alone to deal with this asshole?”

“Asshole? Who do you think is an asshole?” Although Zhao Nangong was drunken, he was still very acute. When he heard the bad words, he immediately asked.

Yuqi was grabbed by the collar, which made him mad, so he said fiercely, “You! You’re an asshole.”

“Fuck you!” Zhao Nangong made a drunken move—punching him in his face.

Yuqi did not drink much, so he dodged his fist. Then he started punching. It hit Zhao Nangong’ s face.

He only felt his face hurt. But this made him sober up. Touching his face that had been hit, he looked at Yuqi in puzzlement, “Why did you hit me?”

“Why ask me? You started first.” Yuqi was still in anger. Seeing Zhao Nangong’ s appearance, he knew that he had sobered up. However, he became even more furious.

Zhao Nangong wiped the blood from his mouth, not caring that Yuqi had hit him too hard, and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Of course, I came over to have fun, but you, don’t you should stay by Chuxue’ s side? Why did you come here and drink so much? It’s not like you.”

Yuqi calmed down. Seeing his lonely appearance, he had already known the reason.

He must have quarreled with Chuxue again.

Talking about Chuxue, Zhao Nangong smiled bitterly, “Don’t say her name. I really don’t know what she was thinking about. I really don’t know why she is so complicated.”

“I have time to listen to you, so tell me what’s going on with you guys.” Leaning on his fancy car, Yuqi was ready to hear the long story.

Zhao Nangong rubbed his sore temples, recalling the thing happening during the daytime, and retold it.

After listening to it, Yuqi laughed, “I told you you’re a fool, but you just do not admit it. It’s not a big deal. She was having a temper. If you cannot stand this, what to do in the future?”

“But I did nothing and I do not know what I did wrong to make her so angry…” Zhao Nangong was more puzzled. He just said a few words, but why did she kick him out?

“Women, don’t you know them? They are temperamental, but, the more temperamental she is, the more she likes you.”

“Is that so?” Zhao Nangong did not understand. He had lived for more than twenty years and had contacted with many women, but why did he was in a mess when he met Chuxue?

“You are within and without. I bet Chuxue is also in a mess. Listen to me, make an apology and everything will be fine.”

Zhao Nangong nodded, “Then I’ll go to her tomorrow.”

Yuqi already opened the door, “tomorrow? You want to wait until tomorrow? If I were her, I wouldn’t forgive you.”

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Nangong had a bad headache, for he drank too much today. He planned to go back and have a rest before going to her. Then he would look better.

Yuqi came back to his sense and walked to him, not knowing what to say, “I’m speechless. I don’t think this can be waited till tomorrow. Because at night, keen women are very fragile and they will think a lot. In the end, she will be disappointed about you.”

“Seriously?” Hearing Yuqi’s analysis, Zhao Nangong felt that he learned nothing from his experience with women. Yuqi deserved to be his love teacher.

“Belie me.”

Yuqi got Zhao Nangong into his car and drove out like a sword off the string.

Yulin, sitting in his own car, helplessly rubbed his forehead. What’s wrong with him? Why did he take this woman to the car?

Now she was drunken and unconscious and where could they go?

Home? Definitely not!

As an adult, although he was not living with his parents, they occasionally would come over. What if they saw…

Yulin shook his head, trying to make himself not think about such a terrifying scene. How could he take a girl to his house? He didn’t know who she was and what if she was a rival, pretending to be drunken to pry?

Thinking about it, he finally decided to take her to the hotel, which was simple and not troublesome

When they arrived at Ye’ s villa, Yuqi honked the horn. When the butler saw him, he opened the gate.

The butler bent down to him, “Good evening, Master Mu.”

Yuqi woke up Zhao Nangong, who was sleeping in the car, and asked, “Where’s my uncle and the others?”

“They are inside.” He showed them the way before leaving.

Zhao Nangong took a step back and hesitantly looked at Yuqi, “Do we really have to go in?”

Yuqi wrapped his arms, “We’ve already here! What do you think?”

“I…I’d better come tomorrow.” The smell of alcohol was in the air and if he got inside, he would be disgusted by Kerry and Venus.

“Come on, I’ll give you three seconds to think about it. Go in or not?” Yuqi just stopped there, instead of walking towards the house.

He really didn’t have to do this, for it’s really none of his business. He couldn’t figure out his own thing but he still worried about others.

“Let’s go. Just do it.” Yuqi got impatient and dragged him inside before time’s up.

Yuqi found he was pretending to regret, for he already flushed. Yuqi was really speechless, so he shook his head.

Chuxue was not in the living room after Zhao Nangong took a glance disappointedly and bent down to greet Venus, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, “Good evening, Mrs. Ye.”

Venus looked up in surprise, “Why are you here?”


“Chuxue said you went back home, so why are you here again?”

Zhao Nangong subconsciously looked back, only to see Yulin was signaling him. He awkwardly scratched the back of his head, “That, I’m exactly here for Chuxue. Is she here?”


Venus took a deep breath, and asked Zhao Nangong while covering her nose, “Did you drink?”

Zhao Nangong bent his head lowered even more, “Yes, I drank a little because…”

“I asked him out for a drink. I was alone, and he was free, so he accompanied me to drink a few cups.”

Yuqi knew Zhao Nangong was going to tell the truth like a fool, so he quickly interrupted him, afraid that he would tell Venus all the thing.

If so, not to mention asking for Chuxue’ s forgiveness, he would be kicked out before he could say anything.

Venus, for sure, didn’t believe this completely, “Is that so?”

Yuqi turned his gaze at Zhao Nangong, who immediately understood and nodded, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Chuxue is upstairs. I’ll go and ask her to come down.” Venus got up and stopped pursuing whether what they just said was true or not.

“Hey! Auntie, no, thanks. We can just go upstairs.” Seeing that Venus wanted to go upstairs, Yuqi hurriedly stopped.

They were hoping to talk to Chuxue alone, so they came tonight. If Venus and Kerry were here, how could they say it?

Venus stopped and turned back, “You? Go up for her?”

Zhao Nangong nodded, “Yes.”

“What for?” Venus warily surveyed Zhao Nangong. He looked honest, so he shouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary, right?

“We…that…” Zhao Nangong didn’t know how to lie, so he stuttered when Venus asked.


Being pressed by Venus, Zhao Nangong could only turn to Yuqi for help with his eyes fixed on him.

Yuqi thought abought it and laughed, “Auntie, why are you asking so much about the two of them?”

Venus nodded, “The two of them…so why are you following him?”

“I…I’m afraid that Zhao Nangong doesn’t know the way.”

Yuqi kicked at Zhao Nangong, who echoed, “Yes, yes. It’s been so long and I’ve already forgotten where her room is.”

“The first room near the stairwell.”

“Sorry?” Zhao Nangong was still thinking about the question just now and he was surprised that Venus suddenly changed the subject.

But Yuqi, different from Zhao Nangong, naturally understood what Venus meant and waved his hand at Zhao Nangong, “Auntie has told us the location of her room. Don’t you know what this means? Idiot, hurry up!”

“Me?” Zhao Nangong pointed to himself. Didn’t he promise him to be his adviser? Why did he let himself go up alone now?

“Yeah. Have a good conversation and make an apology. I trust you.” Yuqi winked at him, hoping to take some short minutes to teach him how to deal with Chuxue.

But Zhao Nangong was not that smart after all. After thinking for a while, he still couldn’t figure it out, so he chose to ignore it.

“Okay, then I’m going upstairs now.”

He looked at Venus and asked. Seeing she nodded, he went up step by step as if he had received the message from the king.

Though it only took him a minute to get there, Zhao Nangong had imaged several different scenes of Chuxue opening the door. No matter which one, he stood at the door, not daring to knock the door.

“Chuxue! I’m coming!” When Yuqi saw Zhao Nangong standing at the door like a dummy, he couldn’t help but shout out.

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