Chapter 415 – 416: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 415: Four demons arrived

The million troops were only the vanguards. They were consumables. But it’s way too embarrassing to run back like this!

“Bear King, the humans are too cunning! They prepared a lot of Hot Flame Stickers and Thunderbolts”

The Bull Demon fell into a half coma and the Tiger King also crippled his front foot. the Dragon King was not good at talking, so the Firebird King had to stand up and said, “Besides, the City Protection Array of Wuwei City was too powerful. The four of us worked hard, only to consume the first protective light shield.”

“Wuwei City has a small population and limited resources. This wave of attack must have consumed most of its people. If we launch a second attack, they will certainly not be able to resist us.”

Tiger King said, unwillingly.

Hearing the explanation of the two demons, although Bear King was still very angry, his face softened a lot, and his killing intention in his eyes faded slightly.

There were ten demon kings under him, and after he gathered up the remains of Silver Wolf King, he had fifteen demon kings at the moment.

What he wanted to know most was not this kind of information, but whether the sword cultivator, who killed the Silver Wolf King, had made a move.

The Firebird King thought for a moment and said, “Bear King, the sword cultivator you mentioned, didn’t fight.”

He didn’t fight?

Bear King’s heart began to beat violently. Was he still there?

Just then, there was a slight rustle from the ground, then a pointy head came out of the ground.

It was the Mole King, one of the fifteen demon kings under Bear King.

Shaking the soil off, Mole King came closely to Bear King and whispered a few words. Bear King’s face became more serious.

“Are you sure that sword cultivator is really in Wuwei City?”

“That’s right. I took the Dog King to Sword Lake, traced the breath left by the sword cultivator, and determined that he is still in Wuwei City!”

Said Mole King.

The Dog King’s sense of smell was the most sensitive, which was his talent. Any smell within five hundred miles could not escape from his nose.

Moreover, the sword cultivator didn’t hide his breath at all, which made it easier to find him.

Now it’s tough!

Bear King’s expression became extremely serious. He mentioned that sword cultivator only to scare the Supreme Fox. However, “as he wished”, the sword cultivator was indeed there.

was he cursed by the Crow King?

What a big mouth he had!

What should be done next?

Continue to attack or not?

What if the sword cultivator should fight? The Bear King was afraid he might be killed first before he could even finish the task given by the Heavenly Monster.

Go to Heavenly Monster for help?

Tens of thousands of demons couldn’t take down a small Wuwei City. What would the Lord Heavenly Monster think of him?

Would he consider him a rubbish?

No! In no way should he go to the Heavenly Monster’s Palace!

All the monsters dare not breathe. Their heads were bowed low and their eyes were full of fear.

Shall he, if possible, invite the Supreme Fox over?

Although he needed to share the credit, it’s better than being killed.

But his pride did not allow him to bow his head easily.

“Bear King, we’re here to assist you!”

Just then, the voice of the Supreme Fox came from the sky.

Bear King looked up and saw Fox Rui, with two men and a woman, descending from the sky.

Feeling their breath, Bear King’s face changed!

It was the Spider Queen of Spider Cliff, who was dressed seductively and looked enchanting, and was a Supreme Monster of the Perfect Stage.

The one with gray hair and scaly armor was the Pangolin King of Scale Mountain. In Shiwan Mountain, he was also an old demon and a Supreme Monster of the Perfect Stage.

Standing beside the Pangolin King, the ugly looking man with bumps over his head was the Toad King, king of Swamp Forest, and also a Supreme Monster of the Perfect Stage!

Bear King was so surprised that Fox Rui could even invite Toad King over from the swamp forest.

“Spider Queen, Pangolin King, Toad King!”

Bear King didn’t dare to be arrogant. These three were way higher than those rats and snakes.

“Bear King!”

“Bear King!”

The three demons also imitated Human Practitioners and bowed their hands to Bear King.

“May I know, what the Supreme Fox came here with three Supreme Monsters for?”

Bear King asked knowingly.

Fox Rui didn’t care about that, but laughed and said, “There is a sword cultivator guarding the Wuwei City. How can we let Bear King fight alone? Naturally, we’ve come to help!”

Did Shiwan mountain even have a secret?

No secrets!

Five Supreme Monsters could defeat a human sword cultivator, couldn’t they?

The five could even fight the Monster Emperor.

The Monster Emperor was comparable to the Human Practitioner of the Accumulated Spirit Stage. Would there be a Master of the Accumulated Spirit Stage in Wuwei City?

They believed not. They think the human sword cultivator was at most of the Fulfilled Period of the Primal Spirit Stage.

“Do you, Supreme Fox, despise me?”

Bear King frowned and asked.

He said so, but his heart was full of joy. Assist came just in time when he needed it!

Fox Rui clearly saw a smile flashing through Bear King’s eyes.

With a sneer in his heart, Fox Rui thought if the Bear King pissed him off, he would erase all the credits of the Bear King and they would become his!

He should tell right from wrong!

Fox Rui said, “If you think I despise you, well, consider I’m never here today!”

“Spider Queen, Pangolin King, and Toad King, please wait for two days until I gather my own army and we shall attack Wuwei City!”

Hearing this, Bear King thought, “Damn it, he wants to attack Wuwei City without me! At that time, wouldn’t it all be his credit?”

When the four Supreme Monsters should gather together, they must be better than him, and the strength of these four demons was hard to ignore.

And Fox Rui had even entered the Yaoguang Mansion, and served as the Lord Prefect for half a year!

He must know more about Human Practitioners than the Bear King did.

Thinking of this, The Bear King felt all his advantages were gone!

“Supreme Fox, do you know that this is an order given by the Lord Heaven Monster himself. Dare you disobey it?”

“Naturally, we dare not disobey the command of the Lord Heavenly Monster!”

The Supreme Fox sneered: “But it’s a different thing if you couldn’t take down the city in such a long time. The Lord Heavenly Monster can give orders and also take back orders!”

“What’s more, we are all working for the Heavenly Monster. As long as I collect enough Blood Food, do you think the Heavenly Monster will blame me?”

Bear King was speechless.

Yes, he knew more about the character of Heavenly Monster than anyone else.

The process wouldn’t matter; the result would.

As long as there’s enough Blood Food, the Lord Heavenly Monster would never blame the Supreme Fox.

Bear King was not stupid. He was just too proud.

Thinking of this, his face changed several times. Finally, he laughed and walked over and took the hand of Supreme Fox: “Supreme Fox, I was just being straightforward. Don’t be angry! I’m too rude. Please accept my apology!”

After that, he looked at Spider Queen and said, “Three of you have come from afar. I have failed to welcome you warmly. Please forgive me for my impoliteness!”

“I’ve got some monkey wine from the Monkey King just a few days ago. Four of you come with me and we will have a good discussion over a drink.”

Fox Rui snorted and did not break away from Bear King’s hand.

What Fox Rui said just now was half true and half false. If Bear King was really stubborn, he would really go to gather a large army of his own.

But they would only be the little foxes of Fox Hill, and he wouldn’t bear to see them die.

Fortunately, Bear King compromised. Let his little demons die if someone had to die. Let the Bear King try his best and the credit would be shared equally. Why not?

Spider Queen wouldn’t care about it at all. She had a vicious heart. It didn’t matter if her own demons died.

But Pangolin King was different. Pangolin was a rare race. It’s unknown how many demons would remain after the great war.

He would rather not have the ancestral blood than have the pangolins die.

The same was true for the Toad King, who needed to protect the Swamp Forest.

Bear King generate wind, and rode the wind with fox Rui to the East.

The remaining three demons followed.

Below them, more than nine million monsters were dumbfounded.

Firebird King and other demon kings all looked at each other, knowing that it is impossible to attack Wuwei City tonight.


When the people of Wuwei City were immersed in boundless joy, Prof. Guan quietly came to a private house.

Standing outside, he knocked on the door and called in a low voice, “Master, I’ve come to see you.”

After a while, the door opened automatically!

Prof. Guan walked in, lowered himself, looked up and saw Kris Chen sitting cross-legged in the courtyard.

Dressed in white, Kris was in the midair. The small courtyard was full of Sword Energy, which could destroy the sky and the earth!

Prof. Guan was amazed. Kris was strong, so strong!

He was even stronger than ever.

He didn’t dare to disturb him. He just stood aside, not even dare to look.

After a long time, Kris opened his eyes and turned off his momentum. He stood there like a holy sword out of sheath.

His eyes contained divine lights, which seemed to contain the whole world.


Prof. Guan quickly knelt on the ground.


Kris sat on a stone bench.

“Thank you, Master!”

Prof. Guan quickly got up, walked over, picked up the teapot on the stone table and poured a cup of Spiritual tea for Kris!

Kris picked up the teacup and took a sip.

“Tell me, what are you coming here for so late?”

Prof. Guan knelt on the ground and told the story without adding extra details.

“I am so incompetent! Please punish me!”

Prof. Guan’s bowed his head low on the ground.

Kris shook his head. “Get up. You’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve expressed your concern. It’s his business to listen or not. Some people just don’t know their limits.”

Chapter 416: Deploy forces

If heaven wants to destroy a man, he will first make him mad!

It’s ridiculous that Tiangang thought that he would be able to sit on chair of the City Lord stably after defeating the beast tide. He couldn’t even listen to Prof. Guan’s words. Wasn’t he seeking death?

Kris Chen thought that he had paid back the gratitude he owed to the Yuan Family and they owed each other nothing from then on.

“It’s better for you to practice here. Your accomplishments are too low! You need to break through to the Supreme Beast as soon as possible! “

When Kris took a look at Tu Guan. Tu nodded and turned into a snow-white pangolin.

Exerting its natural powers would limit its cultivation, because Tu had not officially entered the stage of the Supreme Beast. Only when it entered the stage of the Supreme Beast, would it not be hindered when it transformed into human form.

When Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power and a jade bottle filled with pills floated over to Tu, “There are some magic pills in it, which should be helpful for your cultivation.”

Lifting the lid of the bottle, Tu saw seven glossy and round pills in it. Tu had been in the human world for a long time. It immediately recognized that this was the “Soul Gathering Pill”. Tianxiong Ning had to take this kind of pills before his cultivation.

Tu was a demon, and these pills also had an effect on it, “Thank you, Master!”

“I’ll leave Wuwei City in a few days for the Overseas Immortal Sect!”

With that, Kris closed his eyes and continued to open his acupoints!

Overseas Immortal Sect?

Was Kris a member of Overseas Immortal Sect?

Tu’s eyes twinkled. According to Kris, it’s possible that Tu could follow him to the Overseas Immortal Sect?

How could such a good thing actually happen to Tu?

Who didn’t know that Overseas Immortal Section was a paradise for cultivation? There were many immortal sects and it’s a paradise for practitioners. The most important thing was that there are also Monster Beasts mixed up in Overseas Immortal Section. The practitioners there wouldn’t exclude Monster Beasts!

Recalling its grandfather’s words in mind, Tu suppressed his excitement, took out a pill and swallowed it.

Tu thought the power of this pill was very ordinary, but right after it swallowed the pill, it was stunned.

Numerous streams of Holy Aura of Heaven and Earth were breathed into Tu’s body continuously.

The effect of the Pill was way too strong, wasn’t it?

Even if a top-grade Soul Gathering Pill was impossible to have such a strong effect!

Tu didn’t know that this Soul gathering Pill was a second-class magical pill, which had seven propitious clouds in its body, and its power was comparable to that of the first-class pills.

The best pills sold by the Seven-treasures House of Wuwei City was only of the first class of the third grade. Only Yaoguang Mansion could sell the top grade magical pills!

In an instant, its demon acupoints were filled with Holy Aura.

One pill was worth a month’s cultivation. There were seven here, which could definitely help Tu break through the later period of the Demon King.

After experiencing the super effect of Soul Gathering Pill, Tu quickly concentrated on its cultivation.

One man and one demon; one master and one servant, were addicted to cultivation.

At the same time, at Yaoguang Mansion, the Fortune Telling Instrument suddenly flourished.

One official of the Ministry of People’s Livelihood who stood by the Fortune Telling Instrument was awakened directly and looked at the stars shining on the Fortune Telling Instrument. Stars were brighter than ever before.

Each star on the Fortune Telling Instrument represented a city, and each city’s big protective array was connected to the Fortune Telling Instrument.

The official looked at the twinkling stars and frowned. They were the Wuwei Stars, meaning the Wuwei City had been attacked!

There was only one possibility of being attacked at midnight, that was, beast tide again!

When the small beast tides came, the Wuwei Stars only flashed lightly, but at the moment they were shining as brightly as the sun!

He suddenly remembered the records of previous years, which generally showed that the city was under attack right at this moment!

He counted the time. This year was the year of the big beast tide!

“Oh bad news!!”

He struck the bell of Fortune Telling Hall.


He struck the bell hard for nine times. After a quarter, several officials of the Ministry of People’s Livelihood came with the leader of thr Ministry of People’s Livelihood Ming Ying leading the way!

“Why did the alarm ring?”

“My lord, Wuwei Stars are shining brightly. It is suspected that the beast tide has invaded!”


Beast tide!

That’s not good news!

Although Wuwei City was the most remote city in Yaoguang Mansion, it also had a population of more than one million. With the outbreak of the beast tide, Wuwei City had only one ending, which was, the destruction of the city and the death of people!

The destruction of the city and the death of the people were easier to accept compared to the officials being demoted because of this!

“Hurry, get me the other Ministers! Be quick!”

Ming’s face was serious. Yaoguang Mansion was thousands of miles away from Wuwei City. It usually took one hour for the Fortune Telling Instrument to receive information, which meant that Wuwei City was already attacked by the beast tide an hour ago.

Under the attack of Monster Beast, people had no idea whether they could defend the city or not.

Soon, Zhidao Zhou, Minister of Martial Arts, Gongpu Li, Minister of Criminal Laws and Tian Xiong, Minister of Demon Hunting, all came to the Political Hall of Ministry of People’s Livelihood.

Since Tian beat Jin Xue, the fake Lord Prefect disguised by Fox Rui, the whole government office had been in a state of panic. Even the fools knew where the real Lord Prefect had gone.

They reported the news to the upper ministry and the upper leaders were furious. Soon they sent someone here to check it out.

While this was going on, Wuwei City was under attack again.

If Wuwei City was really to be destroyed by the beast tide, they were all doomed!

The two major crimes-failure of protecting their Lord Prefect, and failure of defending Wuwei City, were enough to cause them to lose their heads.

“Let’s talk about it. What shall we do?”

Yingming was confused. The four of them were grasshoppers tied to one rope. They would prosper and die together..

“It should be the responsibility of the Ministry of Demon Hunting!”

Zhidao said: “With so many cities in Yaoguang Mansion, why only Wuwei City has no members of Ministry of Demon Hunting?”

Gongpu looked directly at Tian without saying anything.

Tian sneered, “My responsibility? You’re still messing around here at this time. It is stipulated that every city must set up four Ministries. Is it just my Ministry of Demon Hunting that is absent in Wuwei City?”

Hearing this, the other three were speechless.

Yes, each of them should take this responsibility. It’s not because Wuwei City was too dangerous. It’s a remote and poor city. No one would want to send people there because they couldn’t get any profit!

When the upper leaders should come and check, they would all be doomed.

Tian said again, “If we want to survive this disaster safely, the four of us must work together.”

“Each of us should send people there to set up Ministries. If Wuwei City is finally taken, as long as our people are there, we could get away easily with it.”

“If Wuwei City is safe, we four ministries will supervise and balance each other and jointly manage Wuwei City. If none of us would like to be the city Lord there. We may as well find a local people of our own and let him be the City Lord!”

Zhidao, Gongpu and Ming all looked at each other.

Ming first said, “I don’t have any problem. Anyway, the strength of the Ministry of People’s Livelihood is the lowest. I’ll cooperate with you as you say it!”

The Ministry of People’s Livelihood not only managed the ranking cards of officials of Yaoguang Mansion, but also the promotion and demotion of the officials. The most important thing was to control the Fortune Telling Instrument to check and ensure the security of the cities.

To put it bluntly, if anything happened to Wuwei City, he would be the first one to blame.

Zhidao stroked his beard and said, “We Ministry of Martial Arts is willing to send a principle of the Middle Period of the Pill Formation, plus twenty more principles of the Back-to-self stage, three Array Masters and three primary Weapon Refiners.”

They controlled the refining tools, stickers and arrays, even the alchemists. It’s the richest Ministry in Yaoguang Mansion.

Let alone the principles of the Middle Period of the Pill Formation and the thirty principles of the Back-to-self stage. The three array masters and the three weapon refiners were excellent.

Looking at Yaoguang Mansion, this incident was no small matter. In order to survive this disaster, he really gave his effort.

Gong said, “We Ministry of Criminal Laws is willing to send one principle of the Middle Period of the Pill Formation and twenty more officers of the Back-to-self stage, fifty fighters of the Return-to-nature stage, and one hundred officials of The innate-power stage.”

Tian thought for a moment and said, “We Ministry of Demon Hunting is willing to send a principle of the Later Period of the Pilling Formation, twenty demon hunting masters of the Back-to-self stage, fifty demon hunting officers of the Return-to-nature stage and one hundred officials of The innate-power stage.”

The three Ministries really paid a lot of effort this time. For other cities, unless they were big cities with tens of millions of people, they would never send a principle of the Pill-Condensation Stage of the Pill Formation!

But at the moment there were three such principles going toward Wuwei City which was a remote small city. This was really the first time!

Ming said: “The Ministry of People’s Livelihood is willing to send one principle of Back-to-self stage, ten members of the Return-to-nature stage and fifty attendants of The innate-power stage!”

This was all he could do. The strength of Ministry of People’s Livelihood was so weak.

“However, there is a problem about something Minister Xiong mentioned. We four people restrict each other? It’s controversial here.”

Ming added, “There is a big beast tide in Wuwei City every hundred years, and the rest are small beast tides which we shouldn’t worry about. It’s really a waste of four principles to guard Wuwei City. I suggest that, after this tide, each Ministry should take around for one year.”

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