Zhao Yunlei is sitting in Du Peixin’s car at this time. Today he is cooler, earning four billion, which is interesting!

He decided to celebrate, such as doing something with Du Peixin.

He looked at Du Pei’s heart while driving, and he had a strong mind in his heart.

Du Peixin, among the many female CEOs of China, her appearance, temperament and body are definitely the top five!

He wanted it for a long time.

Du Peixin is a famous cold beauty. Of course, Zhao Yunlei knows it, but who is he?

The young master of the Zhao family!

What about this cold beauty?

Don’t you want to kneel in front of me?

He looked at Du Pei’s heart, and there was a little smile on his mouth.

Du Pei was thinking in her heart, how can she talk to Zhao Yunlei at this time?

She has never done anything with a man, but she also knows what the playboy Zhao Yunlei is thinking. From his eyes, Du Pei knows what Zhao Yunlei wants to do to her.

She is not young, how could she not know? Things between men and women will become clear after thinking about it.

But to her heart, she is very disgusted with this matter, the progress is too fast!

And to be honest, she didn’t have a good impression of Zhao Yunlei, even if he didn’t, but why would she agree to come over?

That’s right, for the Du family, she chose to compromise!

The Zhao family has been developing in China for many years. Although they have always kept the water from their Du family wells, Du Peixin, who is sensitive recently, has found a little surprise and a bad momentum!

The Zhao family seems to slowly annex the Du family!

Some Du Peixin who is very keen in thinking has discovered this sign!

She is angry!

But there was no way, she chose Zhao Yunlei to have a good talk. Of course, she would not agree with what Zhao Yunlei wanted to do to herself.

Keeping a distance is her attitude towards any man!

It is impossible to want to do that kind of thing in advance. Du Peixin will not agree. She is not a casual woman. Such a beautiful thing must be kept until the day of the wedding. This is her constant thought!

The car stopped slowly on the side of the road.

Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, do you want to come by the road? Not bad, I haven’t tried it in a long time.

“Master Zhao, let’s open the skylight and talk brightly,” Du Peixin turned her head.

“Oh, what are you going to say to me? I am listening,” Zhao Yunlei is not stupid, he looked at Du Peixin, wishing to eat her right away.

“The Zhao family of Master Zhao seems to be doing business with the Du family…” Du Peixin felt that there was no need to make a roundabout.

“Oh, yes, yes, I think you are very attractive, so I proposed to my grandfather to enter your business. Can you give me some experience in your company?” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, he liked the direct woman.

“This,” Du Pei was angry, really want to annex Du’s family?

“It’s okay, in fact, I have always liked loving you, do you know?” Zhao Yunlei reached out and took Du Peixin’s hand.

Du Pei immediately struggled.

But she is a woman, how can she get it out?

“Please let me go!” Du Pei was serious.

“Hehe, I love you so much, how can I let you go? Your hands are so beautiful,” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, eyes full of fire.

He leaned in.

Du Peixin frowned and pulled her hand back. There was no need to continue. Du Peixin originally thought that after the two people met, there was still something to talk about, but now there is no more. In his eyes, she is probably a plaything!

“Hehe, I like your temper. Come, I will kiss you.” Zhao Yunlei laughed and looked at this cold beauty when she was angry.

“Ah! Do you dare to bite me?” Zhao Yunlei burst into flames, and he leaned over to kiss Du Peixin, but Du Pei was shocked and bit him.

The pain made Zhao Yunlei use it strongly, but Du Pei rebelled wildly!


Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei’s heart and snorted coldly. “Bitch! What to pretend? Pretend in front of me?”

Du Peixin flushed on one side of her cheek, but she didn’t even frown, she just stared at Zhao Yunlei.

“Look? Look at you, look!” Zhao Yunlei was upset and slapped Du Pei with his hand up again.


Du Peixin’s beautiful face was red and swollen.

Zhao Yunlei grabbed Du Peixin’s hair, “Give me your face, are you shameless, right?? Are you shameless? Lao Tzu looks at you, it is your blessing. I will give you three days to open a room for Lao Tzu, wash and lie down. Wait for me on the bed! Otherwise, I will kill your Du family, do you hear?”


Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei again.

Zhao Yunlei was disturbed. He stared at Du Pei’s heart and opened the car door and came out, “Remember, there is no woman I want, but I can’t get it. Think about it clearly and spend a few days with Lao Tzu. I might be in a good mood. Home! Du Peixin, the destiny of your Du family is in your hands, you know??”

Du Pei was silent, her red and swollen face was especially obvious.

Zhao Yunlei glanced at her, took out his mobile phone, “Come and pick me up!”

In less than a minute, a luxurious Maybach drove over, and a beautiful lady opened the door, “Master!”

Zhao Yunlei snorted and got into the car.

“Call me twenty women and go to my villa! Don’t be the same as the last time, get a new one!” Zhao Yunlei ordered!

“Yes, master!” The driver took out her cell phone to contact.

At this time, Zhao Yunlei’s cell phone rang, and he took it out to see that it was his grandfather’s number.

He answered.


“You come home fastly!!” In the phone, there was an old voice.

“Grandpa, what’s the matter?” Zhao Yunlei was a little surprised, no, it should be particularly unexpected! Why is Grandpa getting a little angry?

This is not normal!

My grandfather has always been amiable, how could he be like this today?

“It’s all because of you, won’t you come back? Come home in half an hour!”

When the phone hung up, Zhao Yunlei looked at the phone in a puzzled manner. “Is it all because of me! I didn’t do anything”, Zhao Yunlei muttered.

“Master, twenty beauties have been applauded,”

“Well, let them wait, first go back home, drive home, hurry up!” Zhao Yunlei said.

The driver drove in a hurry!

On the side of the road, Du Peixin, with messy hair and aching face, kept looking at the front. After waiting for a long time, her face didn’t hurt so much. Then she lay on the steering wheel and cried silently. After a long time, she felt better. What should I do?

In order to compete with the other three families, the Zhao family has been expanding its territory recently, and the Du family has been targeted by them.

After three days, if you don’t open a good room and wait for him, then the Du family will definitely be annexed.

The strength of the Zhao family is too strong.

But this is Du Pei’s bottom line, how can she sell her body? However, if you don’t betray, your home will be gone. For the first time, Du Peixin felt that she was in a desperate situation…

“What should I do? What should I do…” Du Peixin muttered to herself, the sadness in her heart made her tears unable to stop. She doesn’t cry, but today, she was beaten and threatened like this…

“Master…” The driver who drove was shocked when he saw everything in front of him.

What is Zhao Yunlei enjoying? The standard equipment in his car is a beautiful woman.

“What the fuss!” Zhao Yunlei was interrupted, he scolded!

“No master, this road of our Zhao family seems to be in ruins, look.” The driver was shocked. Looking around, this road is actually full of crashed cars. What is the situation? This seems to be the car of the family escort, and the plane, my God!

Zhao Yunlei also saw it, he was angry and furious!

“What’s the matter? Someone dared to cause trouble in our Zhao family? I won’t let it go?” Zhao Yunlei roared, yes, there has never been such a situation before, this is being provoked!

“I don’t know.” The driver was shivering, and she dared to do this. Could it be from the other three families?

In China, only the other three families dare to do this, right? After all, this situation has never happened since the establishment of the Zhao family. You know, these are all family guards. They are extremely powerful, so how could they be so vulnerable? It’s too incomprehensible.

“Go, go in. I’m going to see, who dared to be wild in our Zhao family!!” Zhao Yunlei’s eyes were gloomy, which is really a shame!

If this is known to other people in China, wouldn’t this turn the Zhao family into a laughing stock?

This is absolutely impossible!

The car stopped at the door of the house, Zhao Yunlei walked down gloomily, dare to provoke my Zhao family, I will let you die! !

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