Chapter 417 – 418: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 417: The Secret of Wuwei City

Ming Ying’s proposal was approved by everybody, and after things were arranged, people dispatched their manpower overnight.

Afraid to waste time, they directly got on the first-class magic air vehicle, and the Ferrying Airship quickly flew towards Wuwei City.

As a large flying magic weapon, the Ferrying Airship was not as convenient as a Transmission Array.

However, Wuwei City didn’t have a Transmission Array.

There were ten thousand miles between Yaoguang Mansion and Wuwei City, so even they rushed to the destination without a single halt, it would still take 12 or 14 hours. They hoped that people there could guard the city before they arrived.


After a fierce battle, the entire Wuwei City was overwhelmed by a jubilant atmosphere. People opened the gate and carried the bodies of the beasts in one after another.

Looking at the bodies of the beasts that were piled up into a small mountain, all of the onlookers gasped with admiration.

It was spectacular.

“Long live the City Lord Yuan!”

Someone cheered, followed by a flood of cheers.

Tiangang Yuan stood on the city gate tower, looking at the cheering crowd and was very excited.

Xuefei Yuan was also happy for him.

“Xuefei, I’ve withdrawn that notice!” said Tiangang Yuan.

Xuefei Yuan nodded without saying any words.

Wuwei City survived the battle, so she didn’t have to make concessions for the sake of overall interests.

As for the accusation of going back on her words, she thought it didn’t matter.

Now, no one in Wuwei City dared to gossip about Tiangang Yuan’s decision.

Tu Yan also uttered a sigh, “If our brothers were still here, how happy they would be!”

Except for Tieshan, the traitor, the others were all firm and unyielding.

Tiangang Yuan patted him on the shoulder. All his old brothers were dead except Tu Yan.

Now, he deeply understood the meaning of the sentence that one general achieves renown over the dead bodies of 10,000 soldiers.

Life was really like a dream, and he was really afraid that everything he had now was unreal.

“Everyone be quiet!”

Tiangang Yuan pressed his hand in the air, and all the voices vanished at once.

Everyone looked attentively at Tiangang Yuan who was on the rampart.

“Wuwei City had experienced a great beast tide last night, and it was the first time that we had resisted a great beast tide successfully since 1,000 years ago.

Tiangang Yuan said, “To celebrate the hard-earned victory, all the people of Wuwei City are allowed to get ten pounds of beast meat from City Lord’s Mansion for free!”

What did he say?

Ten pounds of beast meat!

When he finished speaking, the crowd burst in an uproar.

Even the lowliest beasts’ meat can strengthen ordinary people’s constitution.

Who would have thought of such a good thing!

“City Lord, is that true?”

Someone in the crowd shouted.

Tiangang Yuan replied, “Absolutely true. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind, that is, if someone repeatedly receives and is discovered by me, I won’t spare him easily!”

How could he go back on a promise made in front of everyone!

It was just some low-grade beast meat, distributing it to them made no matter to Tiangang Yuan, and as for the beast furs and beast bones of real value, he wouldn’t give them to the crowd at all.

Tiangang Yuan was good at playing politics. He easily bought people over by a bit of benevolence.

Looking at the crowd below, somehow, Xuefei Yuan once again thought of Dong Zhang.

She didn’t see him last night. Could it be that he died in the Shiwan Mountain?

Thinking of this, her heart missed half a beat.

“It couldn’t be that,” she comforted herself, “He’s such a prudent man.”

Suddenly, slight tremors came from the underground!

At first, Xuefei Yuan thought it was caused by the massive crowd near the city wall, but slowly the tremors became more and more obvious, accompanied by a rumbling sound.

It sounded like ten thousand horses galloping!

Tiangang Yuan and Tu Fu were also confused, having no idea about the origin of the sudden tremors.

“Can it be an earthquake?”

Influenced by the tremors, people couldn’t stand steadily, falling one after another.

At the same time, the officers and soldiers who were carrying the bodies of the beasts outside the city desperately rushed back towards the city.

They shouted, “Things look pretty bad! The Beast Tide is coming again!”

“Things look pretty bad! The beast tide is coming again!”

The hysterical shouts reached the ears of the crowd, making a chaotic situation in a short time.

What? The beast tide is coming again? How is this possible?

Tiangang Yuan was stunned. He ran over to look outside the city, only to see miles of dust and smoke and an endless army of demon beasts sweeping in.

Without the cover of the darkness, he could see the beast tide clearly this time.

It was terrifying. The scale was ten times more massive than last night’s!

And the beasts moved fast, running hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.

Tiangang Yunan was frozen, and he suddenly remembered what Prof. Guan had said last night.

He thought that Prof. Guan was just joking and didn’t take his words seriously at that time.

Now the endless army of demon beasts gave him a loud slap in the face.

Tu Yan’s face also turned ghastly pale with fear,

“Family Head, it’s too late. Order the closure of the gate!”

“No, there are still officers and soldiers who haven’t come back!”

“It’s too late, we must close the gate right now!”

Tu Yan was so agitated as to be like an ant on a hot pan. By the time they all entered the city, the monster beasts would also have entered the city and people would be plunged into an abyss of misery at that time.

Tiangang Yuan was not stupid, if he hesitated at the critical moment of life and death, they would be finished.

“Quickly close the gate, activate the City Protection Array and Energy Gathering Array, ring the bell to summon the city guards and warriors, and pull up all the soldiers of every family!!!”

He quickly gave the order and the bronze gate slowly closed. The officers and soldiers who had not yet entered the city were filled with despair. They ran and cursed, “Son of a bitch, open the gate, I don’t want to die!”

“I need to take care of my kids and parents, so I mustn’t be devoured by beasts.”

“Open the gate, Tiangang Yuan. Fuck!”

All these curses, however, perished when the beasts came.

They were mercilessly trampled by the tide of beasts and trampled into smashed flesh.



The loud and clear clang of the bell spread throughout the whole Wuwei City. Everyone was astounded, knowing that the bell would only continuously strike nine times to alarm the coming of Beast Tide!

Was the beast tide coming again?

It was impossible, wasn’t it?

They just repelled it last night, didn’t they?

According to common sense, the beast tide wouldn’t come again when it was repelled. It was a common practice.

As they were wondering, the people of Yuan family shouted madly on the street, “Everyone go up the city tower and guard it. The beast tide is coming, and the scale is even larger than last night!”

Hearing this, the crowd began to panic.

The beast tide was coming again and the scale was even larger than the last one.

It meant another big beast tide!

Last night, they had already consumed a large number of defensive equipment. Hot Flame Stickers and Thunderbolts had been used up. How could they defeat so many beasts?

By jumping down from the rampart to fight hand to hand?

At the same time, inside a tranquil courtyard,

Tu Guan opened eyes after hearing the clang of the bell and sneered, “As expected, all that is due has happened, and it’s a little bit earlier than I thought!”

Kris Chen also put down the top-grade magic stone and looked at Tu Guan, “What’s happening? Why the bell rang again?”

Tu Guan said, “Master, it should be the Bear King accompanied by his army of monster beasts!”

“Tell me what this is about!”

Without reservation, Tu Guan told Kris about the whole story.

“It shouldn’t have to be like that. Didn’t the human race and the monster race sign an agreement that the Monster King is not allowed to attack ordinary people?”

Tu Guan said, “The agreement was indeed signed that way, but this time it was Lord Heavenly Monster who gave the order!”

“Lord Heavenly Monster is the key role to rejuvenate monster race, and as long as he awakens, we monster race can regain ancient glorious!”

“Heavenly Monster?”

Kris Chen showed an interest. It sounded like a high-grade monster.

“What grade of monster is the Heavenly Monster?”

Tu Guan thought for a while, shaking his head, “I’m not sure, but the ancestor said that the grade of Lord Heavenly Monster equaled to Monster Saint at least!”

Monster Saint?

Like a Practitioner in the human race?

“Lord Heavenly Monster was imprisoned under the Monster Jail Mountain by a Human Almighty. Tens of thousands of years have passed and the power of imprisonment has declined. And he needs a large amount of human blood to support the blood sacrifice ritual which aims to consume the power so that he can get out of the jail and lead the monster race again!”

How cruel it is to use human blood to support blood sacrifice rituals!

Kris Chen was shocked, however, Tu Guan told a secret that surprised him even more.

“To tell the truth, all of the beast tides in the history of Wuwei City were initiated by Lord Heavenly Monster. He has blood-sacrificed tens of millions of humans over thousands of years!”


Hearing that, Kris Chen gasped in horror.

Tens of millions of humans were killed by him!

He’d read the historical records of Wuwei City. Now he understood the reason why the city was attacked by the beast tides so regularly, almost once every hundred years!

And each time, there were some people left.

He thought of leeks that were picked in waves.

After a hundred years of recuperation, the population of Wuwei City had increased to one million again, which meant that it was time to pick the leeks again.

“This time should be the last time for Lord Heavenly Monster to hold the blood sacrifice ritual. And he’ll be able to completely get out of the imprisonment, so this time…no one in Wuwei City can survive!”

Thinking that the monster race was planning to kill everyone and spare none, a chill spread to Kris Chen’s heart.

Now he understood why the human race and the monster race had been locked in a fierce fight countless years ago. fight countless years ago.

Chapter 418: Monster Suppression Bell

The human race and monster race couldn’t coexist peacefully.

Just like the orthodox sect and heretical sect on earth, they fought with each other fiercely.

But there were fundamental differences between the two.

The battle between the orthodox sect and heretical sect was more like a battle of beliefs, however, the battle between human race and monster race was about lives!

Monster race could promote their stages by eating humans while human race could strengthen themselves by eating monsters.

Therefore, the relationship between the two had already been established since the beginning of the two races.

Let’s come back to the present situation, what troubled Kris Chen now was the question about how to reach the Infinite Sea and visit the Overseas Immortal Sect. He had to pass through the Monster Jail Mountain, so if Wuwei City was slaughtered and the Heavenly Monster got enough strength to get out of the mountain,

how would he reach the Infinite Sea?

Damn! He just wanted to practice Taoism to enhance his strength and then picked up his wives and children from Earth and let them be immortal. Why there were so many annoying things?

Did he have the strength to defeat the Monster Saint?

Even though Kris Chen was confident about his strength, he understood that he couldn’t defeat the Heavenly Monster. He couldn’t win the fight even though now he was ten times stronger than before.

“Well, It seems that I have to suspend the practice plan.”

Now he was only one step away from Pill-Condensation Field, and he had already opened up one thousand acupuncture points while there were only one thousand and eighty acupuncture points in one’s body.

He had planned to make final efforts to reach Pill-Condensation Field today, but the beast tide broke out again.

Well, forget it, things always changed fast. He must solve the crisis caused by the beast tide first.

“Master, are you going out?”

Tu Guan transformed his appearance into a figure of a human.

“Well, I want to see what’s going on and if I can help. I can’t ignore the lives of endangered people and stand by without making any efforts.”

By the time he walked out, Kris Chen had transformed from a graceful gentleman into an insignificant-looking person.

At first, to save Fairy Aura, he had to use flour to disguise his face, but now he didn’t need to. It was a piece of cake for him to change his appearance.

However, not everyone possessed such an ability, only the one whose body was developed to a certain degree could change appearance like that.

Seeing Kris Chen’s undistinguished appearance, Tu Guan understood the thoughts of his master and changed his appearance into a thirty-year-old strong man. He still looked a bit nasty, but he couldn’t do better because of his limited magic power.

Even some Supreme Monsters couldn’t change their appearance completely, so it was remarkable for him to change into a human perfectly when he was still in the Middle period of Monster King.

Glancing at Tu Guan, Kris Chen admired inwardly, “This guy has a quick mind.”

Maybe he could ask Tu Guan to run some errands for him.

Kris Chen had been a leader of a union, and was highly respected after all, he didn’t have to do everything himself.

At the same time, the entire Wuwei City was in chaos, and all the big families sent out their elite troops without any reservation.

Hot Flame Stickers, rare Thunderbolts, Ice Stickers, low-grade Thunderbolt Stickers, and even rare miniature Illusion Arrays were all thrown down by them.

A portion of monster beasts was killed and trapped, however, it was little more than a drop in the bucket.

The army of monster beasts advanced wave upon wave. People stood on the rampart, looking over the army, only to find that the monster beasts were countless!

At this moment, there was no need for Tiangang Yuan to say any words. Everyone spontaneously defended Wuwei City because they understood that once Wuwei City was destroyed, none of them could escape death.

Dozens of monster kings dashed towards the city including the Firebird King, the Tiger King, the Elephant King, the Leopard King…

The raging fire, sharp claw, and elephant’s hoof caused unparalleled damage which was severer than last night’s!

As the attack just arrived, the newly repaired Energy Gathering Array was destroyed in less than a second!

Only a thin golden coating of it was left to defend the city.

Thousands of Inferior Spiritual Stones were continuously being poured into the array hub, providing energy for the City Protection Array!

“Boom, boom!”

Although they attacked fiercely, they couldn’t break through the defensive coating.

Tiangang Yuan gave a quick order, “Use the Medium Spiritual Stones!”

The energy of one Medium Spiritual Stone equaled the energy of hundreds of Inferior Spiritual Stones and it was much purer, besides, its conversion rate was much better.

Bases of the array were positioned at intervals of hundreds of meters in the City Protection Array, after absorbing a massive amount of energy, the bases echoed with one another and blossomed with dazzling lights!

The trembling ramparts were reinforced in a breath.

“Mole King, dig hard until the ramparts were compeletely undermined.”

The Mole King kept digging into the earth, head first.

His magic power was not limited to dig!

He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply, and the soil that had been black instantly turned yellow, deprived of moisture and nutrients!

The black soil directly turned into yellow sand which was rustling under the foot.

He was…destroying the foundation of the ramparts!

Tiangang Yuan was stunned and shouted, “Quickly, use Thick Earth Stickers to reinforce the ramparts!”

Yellow runes flew out one after another, and the yellow sandy ground instantly turned hard.

Unfortunately, there was only a small quantity of low-grade Thick Earth Stickers which were contributed by the families.

Very soon, the stickers turned into flying ash after consuming energy.

Beasts, beasts with intelligence, and beasts with greater intelligence frantically ran towards the city. Then everyone saw the scene which they would never forget for the rest of their lives!

One by one, the beasts stacked up higher and higher, reaching the height of the ramparts in a twinkle!

And the height of the stacked beasts was still rising!

The beasts almost blocked out the sun, bringing people a feeling that the sky was falling.

“Ah… Help, the Wuwei City can’t bear the fierce attack!”

Some faint-hearted family members were so frightened that they directly went crazy.

“Help, I don’t want to guard the city anymore. The beasts are too scary!”

Some people even began to flee in all directions!

It wasn’t a good omen. If more and more people began to flee, they would be finished!

As the army of monster beasts was about to cover their heads, the large bell hanging above the rampart made a deafening sound of clanging.


No one knocked it, it was moving on its own.

The air was stirred by the sound, and then an invisible wave spread outwards.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The invincible sound waves swept the battlefield, and those monster beasts were directly shaken into bloody foam!

People saw a slim chance of survival from the sound waves.

“It’s the big bell! The legend is true! The bell has intelligence.”

Legend has it that the big bell hanging above the rampart is an intelligent magic weapon!

An intelligent magic weapon was an Inferior Taoist Weapon at the very least!

“Big Bell, Big Bell, please manifest your spirit and save us!”

The big bell became the only straw to clutch at when they were haunted by the horror and despair, and it was their last glimmer of hope.

Tiangang Yuan and Xuefei Yuan looked at each other, both seeing shock and relief in each other’s eyes.

There was always a way out!

Even the beasts stopped attacking, the large quantity of army would crush the City Protection Array!

As the City Lord, Tiangang Yuan had to do something at this point.

With a glint in his eye, Tiangang Yuan knelt at the feet of the big bell, “Big Bell, Big Bell, if you have intelligence, please save the people of Wuwei City in deep water and scorching fire!”


A clanging of the bell again.

The bell seemed to respond to his words, Tiangang Yuan suddenly raised his head, “The big bell has manifested itself! The big bell has really manifested its spirit!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Countless monster beasts were shattered by the sound waves, and the blood rained heavily, almost dyeing the shield red.

“Oh! We’re saved, we’re saved!”

The generals and soldiers of the city and warriors of each family whooped and cheered together.


The bell clanged for the third time, and the wall of stacked monster beasts had completely collapsed!

Several kilometers away, the Bear King frowned, feeling a sense of danger from the clanging of the bell.

Fox Rui, Spider Queen, and Toad King were also pondering with a heavy look.

The bell must be a high-ranking Taoist Weapon.

“Pangolin King, do you know the origin of that big bell?”

Asked Fox Rui.

Pangolin King stroked his white beard with a scrupulous look, “Could it be…the legendary Monster Suppression Bell!”

Monster Suppression Bell?

The four were startled, looking at Pangolin King. It seemed that the bell had a strong backing.

“No, it couldn’t be. And if this is the Monster Suppression Bell, then… Why didn’t it beat back until now? What about the previous ten times the city was destroyed? Why didn’t it do anything to help?”

Pangolin King almost pulled off his wispy beard.

Fox Rui was young and didn’t know much about the secrets of Shiwan Mountain.

So did Bear King.

Spider Queen looked worried, “If it really is the Monster Suppression Bell, then the battle will be difficult for us!”

“Legend has it that a thousand years ago, Wuwei City was just the territory of a relatively powerful tribe in the Shiwan Mountain, but there was a young man named Bone.”

“Bone’s parents went out hunting and were killed and devoured by monster beasts. In order to avenge their deaths, Bone himself set out on a journey to the Overseas Immortal Sect.”

“Now that the young man named Bone dared to cross the Shiwan Mountain by himself, he must have reached a superior stage, right?”

Fox Rui asked.

Spider Queen shook her head, “You’re wrong. He was just an ordinary person at that time, and since he didn’t have the chance to practice, he was not allowed to go out hunting!”

What did she say?

An ordinary mortal crossed the Shiwan Mountain?

That’s impossible!

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