Chapter 417: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 417 We Don Not Want The World Of Two To Be Disturbed

Anna Xie tugged at the belt that Yulin Xiao had just tied and was a little embarrassed.

How could it be that at this time, she was hungry!

Yulin glanced at her and turned back to the sofa, “Wash your face first.”

Anna touched her face, she just cried so hard, must have become a turtle! If she just washed it, the red and swollen eyes couldn’t be covered up.

She hesitantly looked at Yulin, but he was indifferent, did not react at all, and did not take out something to eliminate the red eyes.

Anna could not stand the hunger coming from her stomach and went into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there was large mirror across the room, which could shine her in all shapes and sizes, just now due to nervousness, she had no time to appreciate the clothes Yulin remodeled.

The white T-shirt dress looked more white and flawless on Anna’s body, and the original wide clothes, became fit with a belt restraint.

The belt around her waist was not like most of the styles she had seen, not too wide, with bits and pieces of embellishment on it, it could both as a men’s belt and as a women’s belt, and it tied to the skirt without any sense of contradiction, but something special.

Anna simply freshened up and hurried out.

“I’m ready, go out to eat!”

“Let’s go.” Yulin put down the book he had just opened in his hand and opened the door.


“You eat so quickly!”

When she saw the dish just served, she used both hands to put the food into her mouth, devouring.

Yulin propped up his forehead, covering most of his face, although he did not often come to this restaurant, he didn’t guarantee that there would be acquaintances. If they saw, they must be laughing at him for half a year!

“Well, it’s delicious, why don’t you eat?” Anna looked up in confusion, only saw Yulin keep staring at her, she touched her nose awkwardly.

She was really too hungry, not paying attention to her image at all, and being looked at by him all the time like this, she felt as if she was a naive girl.

But the food was really too delicious! If she didn’t feel awkward, she wouldn’t want to stop at all.

“I’m not hungry, just eat.” Yulin looked at her eyes full of light and pushed the food in front of him towards her.

“Well …… okay.”

With Yulin’s permission, Anna would be more at ease to eat, she ate with great pleasure and looked up at Yulin sometimes, and saw he did not want to eat, also did not care.

“After eating, tell me where your home is, I will send you back.” Yulin played with the ring on his index finger and carelessly asked.

“No, no, no!”

Hearing that he wanted to send her back, Anna immediately refused. She was not from this place, but studied here, if she went back to school, his car was too flashy, and if she was seen that it was her who got off, there would definitely be people talking about her behind her back!

“Just say, don’t talk about other things.” Yulin frowned, she actually refused him, did she want to take a taxi by herself?

This possibility was denied by Yulin directly, although he wasn’t a man full of pity, he was not ruthless.

“If you don’t say, we’ll stay here.” Yulin clasped his hands on his chest, crossed his legs, and just looked at her casually.

“No, no.” Anna knew that he misunderstood her meaning and hurriedly explained, “I live at school, it’s not convenient to go back like this.”

Yulin did not understand, “Why?”

“Your car ……,” Anna did not know how to explain, said two words and then stop saying, looking at him hesitantly and did not know how to say.

Yulin listened to what she said and immediately understood, “Don’t be afraid. They did not dare to gossip!”

“But ……” If you were there, they certainly did not dare to say, but when you left, then I would die!

“Stop it, let’s go.” Yulin picked up the jacket in the waiter’s hand, turned around and let her follow him, and walked out.

Anna sighed, she couldn’t refuse him, so he could only comply with his wishes.


Yiyao Duan sat on the sofa, waiting for the busy figure in the kitchen to come out with the dishes.

Today he was going to cook for her! Although her wounds hadn’t healed completely, cooking was not difficult for her, but Jingyan Ye insisted on letting her rest and did the cooking himself.

There were several mistakes during the cooking period, but they were all solved. Yiyao was wondering how he could be so skilled when the meal was already set on the table.

“What’s wrong?” As soon as Jingyan sat down, he saw Yiyao staring at the table dumbfounded.

Yiyao didn’t pick up her chopsticks to taste first, but looked up and asked him, “When did you become such a good cook?”

“I am a good cook!” Receiving Yiyao’s affirmation, Jingyan couldn’t help but gloat and handed her the chopsticks, “Try it, it must taste good too!”

Yiyao held the chopsticks and didn’t know where to start, although the dish was finished very well, the appearance was still not enough, it was a mess of several clusters, so she didn’t know where to try it from.

Yiyao hesitated for a long time and finally put down her chopsticks and asked him tentatively, “Why don’t you eat first?”

“I’m not hungry!” Jingyan stared at Yiyao with interest, and saw her turning her head back and forth, not knowing which one to choose.

Then he kindly reminded, “Just eat whichever dish you want, it’s all made for you anyway.”

“Okay.” Yiyao gritted her teeth, reluctantly smiled at him, and picked the nearest dish to herself and chucked it into her mouth.

After chewing carefully for a few times, she suddenly opened her eyes, “Did you really make this?”

Jingyan saw her expression and then relieved, “Of course I made it, otherwise have you seen who else is in this house, besides the two of us?”

Yiyao thought about it, except for the two of them there was indeed no other people, although this dish did not have a good appearance, but eating it, it was not as hard to eat as expected, no, with Jingyan’s skill, it could be said to be delicious.

Jingyan was so happy, at first he also hesitated for a while because of the selling of the dish, but after tasting, he was confident.

“How did your cooking skills suddenly improve?” She remembered that he seemed to be unable to cook, today he offered to cook by himself, she was watching TV, but kept a frightened eye on the direction of the kitchen, fearing that he might blow it up if he didn’t pay attention.

“I don’t know, maybe I was born with it, I didn’t get the hang of it before.”

Jingyan looked smug, holding his head high like a child who had won a big red flower.

Yiyao couldn’t bear to see his smug look and just wanted to hit him when the doorbell suddenly rang.

“Who could it be at this time?” Jingyan frowned, his parents would not come over at lunch time, let alone others, they would come over to say hello in advance, only strangers seemed to be ringing the doorbell like this.

The two men in police uniforms were standing outside the door, and Jingyan was even more confused, “What happened?”

The police handed him a piece of paper, “This is a notice of court, I hope Mr. Ye will come on time!”

Jingyan took the paper, and looked at it, it was the matter of Ziying Duan. These days had been so restful that he had forgotten that this matter had not been resolved.

“Thank you for coming!” Jingyan accepted the paper and then said a few polite words to the police.

Seeing that he didn’t come back, Yiyao also followed him out, and when she reached the door, she only saw the backs of the two policemen.

“What’s happened?” Yiyao asked in confusion.

They just cooked a meal, how did they get the police to knock on the door?

Jingyan took her into his arms, his chin rubbing the top of her head, “It’s okay, it is about Ziying, it’ll be quiet when I’ve settled all these things.”

Yiyao’s body stiffened for a moment, but she quickly came back to her senses, “When is the court session?”

“Two days later.”

Jingyan had carefully read it once and had already memorized all the important information in it, basically as soon as he was asked, he could answer it.

Yiyao gently responded, it’s time to end it, otherwise there was always a scar in her heart, when somebody mentioned it, the scar was deeply torn again, it would never be healed.

Jingyan saw she was silent, knowing that she thought about the baby so he hugged her tightly.

“Don’t think too much, Yiyao ……”

Yiyao ambled on his chest, listening to his heavy and strong heartbeat, and nodded gently.

They cuddled in the doorway for a while until the sun veered towards the door before they let go of each other and then closed the door to go back to the villa.


When the door was still a crack away, they were suddenly shouted at, Jingyan saw Zhao Nangong and Chuxue Ye running far towards them. When they wanted to close the door, Zhao was quick to reach out a hand to stop Jingyan’s movement of closing the door.

“Why are you guys here?”

“We came to see you …… er, you guys!” Zhao chuckled and secretly glanced back at Chuxue.

Chuxue walked a little slower, at this time,during their conversation, she accelerated her steps and ran to Jingyan.

“Brother, you haven’t come back for several days, I miss you so much!” Chuxue squeezed in between Zhao and Jingyan.

The distance between them was almost close to their noses, Jingyan frowned and stepped back a little, “Why are you here?”

Both people were behaving abnormally, they must had done something wrong.

“We came to see you!”

Chuxue took the opportunity to open the door and burrowed in, and her afterimage swept to Yiyao, and hurriedly ran over to hug her arm.

“Sister Yiyao, I miss you so much too!”

Yiyao was startled by the sudden intimacy, and looked at Jingyan for help, seeing that he was also confused, so she could only wait for her later words without making a sound.

But after waiting for a long time, Chuxue just ate some fruit and never said anything else.

Zhao just carefully accompanied Chuxue, helping her to serve tea and water, as if they had ignored the two masters.

Jingyan finally couldn’t help but snatch the apple from Chuxue’s hand, “What’s wrong with you today? Why are you coming to our place.”

Chuxue discontentedly reached out, “I just want to come to see you guys, why don’t you believe me?”

“How can I believe your words, just say, if not, get out.” Jingyan lifted her up from Yiyao’s side.

Zhao just wanted to step forward, but was stopped by a look from Jingyan, “You’d better not get involved in the affairs of our two siblings.”

“I ……” Zhao’s outstretched hand immediately retracted and smiled awkwardly.

“Brother, let go of your hand!” Chuxue struggled in Jingyan’s hand, seeing that it didn’t work on him, she had to turn her gaze to Yiyao, “Yiyao, help me ……”

“It’s useless to beg anyone, if you don’t tell the reason, I’ll throw you out now!” Jingyan said and made a gesture to move two steps towards the door.

“No,no,no! I say! I say!”

Chuxue saw him really want throw her out and couldn’t help but whisper aggrievedly, “Just like mom and dad, not humane, I must be picked up!”

“What is the same as mom and dad, you quarreled with them?” Jingyan keenly found the loopholes in her words, immediately pursued the question.

“That …… is ……” Chuxue’s eyes flashed, and finally closed her eyes under Jingyan’s sharp gaze, “It’s not a quarrel, it’s that mom and dad kicked me out!”

“Kicked out?”

Jingyan stared at Chuxue, “What kind of trouble did you get into?”

Chuxue gave him a blank look, “It wasn’t me!”

“Then who is it?” Jingyan turned to Zhao and narrowed his eyes dangerously.

They hadn’t even officially informed their parents about him and Chuxue yet, and they were already having trouble with their parents.

Zhao was scared and he waved his hands repeatedly, “It’s not me either!”

“Then who the hell is it?” Besides the two of them, there were others?

Under the pressure of Jingyan’s gaze, Chuxue swallowed.

“It’s mom and dad…”

“It’s you who don’t know what to do, and you blame them!”

“No!” Chuxue was so anxious that she couldn’t speak, “We didn’t quarrel, it was they who disliked me and kicked me out.”

“You better speak clearly!” Jingyan lifted her back and sat on the sofa with a cold face.

“Dad said he wanted to spend time with mom as a couple, but Zhao and I were always hanging around in front of them, and they found us annoying, so they kicked us out.”

And they did not ask them whether they had place to go. She got out with a man, would it be safe? This kind of behavior of theirs was not like the performance of her biological parents.

“So why did you come here? We don’t want to be disturbed either.” Jingyan took a sip of water carelessly and spoke indifferently.

Chuxue rolled her eyes, “How can you do that, I’m your sister!”

“I don’t know about that.” Jingyan indifferent shrugged his shoulders, the corners of his mouth hooked up a smile.

Chuxue called out in chagrin, “Brother!”

“Even you won’t take me in!”

Jingyan spread his hands, “I can’t help it.”

“Please let me stay here for a few days, otherwise I’ll have to sleep on the bridge!”

She pityingly blinked her eyes at Jingyan, seeing that it didn’t work so she immediately looked at Yiyao for help.

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