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Chapter 418: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 418 You Should Be Responsible For It

Yiyao Duan was sympathetic about her , she said, “Let her stay, we are not short of rooms.”

“But we are not short of the third wheels either!”

His words made Yiyao speechless, smiled at Chuxue Ye, “Why not you go outside to play a few days and then come back?”

“I don’t want to!” Chuxue stubbornly stood up, “You will lose me!”

“Anyway, you are redundant.” Jingyan Ye interjected.

These words made Chuxue more depressed, “Well, I’ll go!”

“Chuxue.” Chuxue also did not say much, turned around and went towards the door, Zhao Nangong immediately got up and followed her.

Yiyao saw Chuxue was so angry so she pushed Jingyan beside her, “Come on, just don’t tease her.”

Jingyan raised his eyebrows helplessly, Yiyao had to speak up herself, “Chuxue, we are joking, you can stay here for as long as you want, just come back!”

“Really?” Chuxue turned around and stared straight at Jingyan, waiting for him to nod his head.

“Mm!” Jingyan nodded lightly, not saying much.

But just like that, it was enough to make Chuxue happy, she came over and hugged Jingyan’s arm, “I knew you were the best, brother!”

“Well, I have a condition, you can stay here, but he can’t.” Jingyan disgustedly drew out his arm and gazed at Zhao who was not far away.

“I ……”

“That’s for sure!” Chuxue opened her mouth to interrupt Zhao’s words.

Zhao stood in front of her and was aggrieved, “Chuxue ……”

Chuxue also did not look at him, directly waved her hand, “You do have a place to live, just go back!”

“I don’t have!” Zhao did not move half a step and stared at Chuxue with a pitiful gaze.

“I don’t believe it!” In addition to the villa, he had several apartments, if he said there was no place to live, it must be a joke.

If she also had the foresight to buy a small apartment, she wouldn’t have to run over to beg Jingyan.

When Zhao saw that Chuxue did not have the intention of letting him stay here, he could only instruct her in a whisper, “Take good care of yourself, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

When he closed the door, Jingyan’s gaze cooled down, “What does he mean?”

It seemed like Chuxue had married. Took good care of herself? Chuxue grew up in his family, okay?

“Brother, you do know that he has a low IQ, so don’t bother with him!”

Chuxue saw that Jingyan was still a bit angry, so she had to change the subject, “I haven’t eaten yet! What do you eat at home, I’m starving!”

With that, she ran to the refrigerator and looked for it, taking out a bag of potato chips and running back to the sofa.

“There are still some meals made by your brother, I’ll go and heat them up for you, you can’t just eat snacks for the main meal.”

Yiyao put the dishes on the dining table into the microwave oven, Chuxue heard that it was Jingyan’s cooking, was immediately interested it, “Brother’s cooking, I must eat!”

“Just give her some casual food to pad her stomach, one or two meals is not a big deal.” Jingyan turned his head awkwardly, the meaning of his words was obvious, that was, didn’t heat up the meal anymore.

But Yiyao and Chuxue pretended not to hear, a few minutes later, the meal was ready, Chuxue sat on the dining table and tried Jingyan’s cooking.

“Get up, this is made for your sister-in-law to eat, if you want to eat, go to the kitchen and do it yourself!”

Chuxue spat out her tongue at him, “No, brother you are too stingy, it’s just some meal, and it’s still what you have left over, why can’t you give it to me?”

Jingyan glared at her, “Just because it’s my cooking!”

“Then I have to try it even more!” Chuxue didn’t wait for Jingyan’s reaction, she picked up her chopsticks and started to eat.

“Huh? Brother, is this really what you made?” Chuxue heard that it was Jingyan’s cooking she was not hopeful about it, but when she at, it was not at all the strange taste that she had imagined.

The more you ate, the more delicious you felt!

“It’s amazing, if I did not suddenly come, do I never eat it?”

“If you know, don’t say it.” Jingyan did not want to stay in the restaurant, finished and left.

Chuxue looked at Yiyao suspiciously, Yiyao skimmed her l**s, “Just he is, I guess he is embarrassed.”

“I didn’t expect that brother has so many skills.” Chuxue also did not put it on the heart, continued to eat the meal on the table.


“Here we are.”

Yulin Xiao parked the car in front of a school and gently reminded.

In front of them was a grand and atmospheric retro building gate, this school was the best university in their province, and also ranked in the top ten higher education institutions in the country.

Yulin glanced at Anna Xie through the rearview mirror, she was sitting in the back seat and was hesitant to get out of the car.

He did not understand how a student who could get into such a school could go to a place like a bar, shouldn’t they all live a disciplined life?

“Now there are so many people, can I wait a while before going down?” Anna looked up and asked carefully.

It was time for students to go to class, and groups of students passed by their car on the road, holding their books.

The yellow Ferrari stood out in the crowd, and everyone was curious about who was sitting inside, but the light-blocking glass obscured the faces of the people inside.

Yulin nodded, “Anyway, there is nothing to do, just wait a minute.”

They sat in the car, no one spoke first, Yulin only felt a little dull, so he opened his mouth and asked, “Why did you …… go to that place yesterday?”

“I ……” Anna smiled bitterly, “It’s all in the past, I won’t be stupid again.”

“Because of a man?” Yulin asked tentatively, after all, he remembered when he was about to leave, she was the one who pulled him to prevent him from leaving, apparently treating him as another man.

Anna looked up in surprise, “Did I say anything to you?”

“Maybe you have said all important things.” Yulin held back his upturned mouth, wanting to tease her.

“How can I ……” Anna moved her body in a panic, “Then I also said about him?”

“Not only did you say it, you also took me for him, otherwise why were you in my arms this morning?”

“Huh?” Anna was even more surprised, “Didn’t I do anything out of the ordinary to you, right?”

She didn’t know what she looked like when she was drunk, but yesterday she was too painful, drinking alone, and after a few cups her brain was already dazed.

Yulin smiled, “k****d me, touched me, and holding me, do these count?”


Anna screamed, realizing where she was she immediately covered her mouth, “Did I really do …… do those things?”

She completely could not imagine that she was that way when she was drunk, became not even like herself!

“Of course, there was all your saliva when I got up, almost disgusting me!” Yulin said and it seemed that he thought of something and couldn’t help but shiver.

When Anna saw that he reacted greatly, she believed it and covered her face and bowed her head, “Why didn’t you stop me, I really didn’t mean it!”

Yulin’s eyes flashed with a hint of promotion, “You don’t know how domineering you are when you’re drunk, how could I stop you? Besides, you said you were drunk, who knows if you did it on purpose?”

“In case you see that I’m handsome and pretend you’re drunk, I’m totally unaware of it!”

“No, no, no!” Anna hurriedly waved her hand, “I won’t do that, I was really drunk, I don’t remember anything from last night!”

Yulin turned back with a serious face, “You took advantage of me and now you want to deny it, if you really want to deny it, there is nothing I can do, after all, there is no surveillance in the hotel room.”

“You can go if you want, I’m a man, and I don’t need to be responsible for anything.” Yulin sat aggressively in the car and helped Anna open the door.

Anna put her hand on the door handle, but hesitated, it was clear that she was at a disadvantage, but by Yulin, as if she was a client, he was a resentful woman. If she didn’t comfort him, she would be uneasy.

“I ……”

“Just go, I’m fine.” Yulin hold back the smile, he wanted to laugh but just to flirt with her, so he held back until now.

When he said that, Anna was even more overwhelmed, reached out and touched the top of his head, “I really didn’t mean to, don’t be sad.”

Yulin felt a pair of small hands on top of his head, and a string in his heart suddenly trembled.

He moved his head and left Anna’s hand, “I’m really not sad, you should go.”

Anna glanced at the door, there were a few students, she did not recognize at all, so she was considering whether to open the door, and turned back to see Yulin hanging head, and she was a little overwhelmed again.

So she asked him, “Are you really okay?”

“I’m fine, just go!” Yulin was impatient, if he had known that he would not to tease this little girl, now she kept asking, it was not his own personality charm had convinced her, right?

Anna did not listen to him or open the car door, Yulin felt strange, turned his head, saw that she was staring at him with a gaze.

He asked her, “What for?”

“I really didn’t mean to do it, what do I have to do that you don’t get sad?”

“I’m really not sad!” Yulin solemnly emphasized.

Anna did not speak, staring at him, so that Yulin was a little scared. After a while, he said, “If … if … if you really want to compensate me, just leave a phone number. “

“Why?” This was not like compensating.

“I can’t think about it now, of course, I’ll contact you if you leave me a phone number! Otherwise, if you run away, where can I find you for compensation?”

Yulin also just made up a random excuse, he did not understand why he subconsciously wanted to ask her contact information, just this idea suddenly popped into his head, so he opened his mouth to say.

Anna looked at him for a while, could not find a reason to refuse, after all, she was the first to cause trouble, she could only take a piece of paper from the bag, and wrote a series of numbers on it.

“If you think of it, contact me.” She handed the note to Yulin.

Yulin took the note and gave her an OK gesture, Anna wanted to say something else, but after thinking about it, she finally shut her mouth and opened the car door.

When she stood still, Yulin did not say anything, directly started the car, and went away.

Anna stood at the roadside, this night, it was like a dream, there were luxury hotels, expensive cars, and a handsome man.

When she woke up, she was a college student again, following the rules all day, not skipping classes, not missing classes, not being late and not leaving early.

Before getting off the car she actually wanted to instruct Yulin not to call again during class time, because she might not be able to answer. But on second thought, a man like him, he might have a lot of women, how could he miss her?

Maybe as soon as he returned, he threw the note she left into the trash.

The conversation that just asked her to compensate, she also knew that Yulin was teasing her.She could know that he must be a playboy from his appearance, it was impossible that he would be aggrieved just because he was k****d.

“Don’t think about it, don’t think about it!” Anna slapped her head, carrying her cloth bag towards the school.

Yulin saw Anna from the rearview mirror, couldn’t help but smile. This little girl, what’s going on in her head, silly ……


Jingyan sat in the living room, muffled, while on the other side, Chuxue and Yiyao were chatting happily.

He grunted coldly and saw Chuxue with killing gaze.

From dinner he understood why mom and dad had to kick her out, she was always hogging someone else’s wife, how could they not angry.

Before she did not come, Yiyao was his, now she came, taking his wife from this place to another, and always chatting. It seemed that he was not here.

In this way, let alone a few months, he could not stand it even one day!

“Sister Yiyao, how come your earrings are always the same style? I brought this year’s latest model, come, help you try it.”

Chuxue pulled Yiyao to sit in front of her and opened the small case she brought when she came, which was all gold and silver jewelry, all kinds of jewelry.

Yiyao was sitting on the sofa, confused, “I think this pendant is simple, also quite suitable for me, so there is no need ……”

“Come on, you don’t understand, of course women need all kinds of jewelry to decorate, beautiful clothes to set off, only in this way you will look better!”

Chuxue picked a slender tassel pendant, and as she spoke, she had helped her wear it on her ear.

“How about it? I said this suits you, right?” Chuxue clapped her hands, measuring her masterpiece with satisfaction.

Yiyao twisted her head, carefully examining the new earrings in the mirror, her face was not big, wearing such earrings with femininity, the whole person became flirtatious.

“Does this …… look good?” Yiyao frowned, she did not understand what was different at all, just felt that there was a little gravity on her ears.

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