Chapter 419 – 420: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 419: The Eighth Clanging

It was so incredible, wasn’t it?

Spider Queen said, “The young man called Bone was born with great luck, perseverance, and wisdom. At last, he successfully crossed the Shiwan Mountain and reached the Overseas Immortal Sect.”

“In the end, Bone entered the Spirit Refining Sect and became a powerful body refining practicer!”

“He reached the stage of Accumulated Spirit after a few decades of cultivation in the Overseas Immortal Sect. Then he avenged on the monster beasts that killed his parents and refined their corpses into a magic weapon!”

After hearing the Spider Queen’s words, Fox Rui gasped with horror.

A mortal reached the stage of Accumulated Spirit in just a few decades. How terrifying!

The power of Accumulated Spirit nearly equaled to that of a Monster Emperor.

For thousands of years, the monster race was declining gradually, and it had been a long time since a Monster Emperor had appeared in the Shiwan Mountain.

“The Spider Queen is right, the magic weapon he refined is the Monster Suppression Bell containing a spirit of flood dragon!”

A flood dragon’s spirit?

The flood dragon was at least a Monster Emperor!

There was a spirit of Monster Emperor in the big bell!

Bear King looked worried. If it really contained a spirit of Monster Emperor, then what was the point of attacking the city? They had better retreat right now.

Toad King said, “I don’t think so. That bell definitely can’t be the Monster Suppression Bell because if it really is, no one can destroy the Wuwei City. But the fact is that the city has been taken by we monster race ten times in history.”

“What Toad King said is kind of reasonable!”

Fox Rui shouted, “It definitely can’t be the Monster Suppression Bell!”

Although none of them believed that the bell that hung above Wuwei City was the Monster Suppression Bell, they were threatened by its powerful sound waves even from so far.

By the time the bell clanged for the fifth time, the field outside the city was filled with beast corpses within a hundred meters.

Although beasts and beasts with intelligence lacked brains, they were afraid of the clanging bell.

Especially when they found that the beasts with greater intelligence and monster kings also hesitated, they were more frightened.


Suddenly five tiny cracks appeared on the surface of the bell!

It cracked. The bell cracked after the fifth clanging!

The sharp-eyed Firebird King saw the change from the sky and flew to tell Bear King.

“What? You mean that big bell cracked?”

Bear King was delighted to know that it wasn’t the Monster Suppression Bell.

The real one was at least a top-grade Taoist Weapon which wouldn’t easily crack.

Spider Queen and Pangolin King were also greatly relieved at the news. Although Bone’s Monster Suppression Bell only existed in the legend, they were still afraid of it.

After all, Bone was a real Human Almighty in history.

A Practitioner had a lifespan of five thousand years, so if he hadn’t died in the struggle, then he should still be alive.

“Give an order for the beasts to continue fighting. It would be better if the bell could ring a few more times and crack itself!” Bear King said.

The beasts hadn’t eaten Enlightenment Grass and were regarded as cannon fodder in the battle. Therefore, Bear King wouldn’t feel sorry for their deaths.

Firebird King nodded, turned around, and flew away!

“Family Head, look, all of these beasts hesitate. They must have been scared by the big bell.”

Tu Yan was overjoyed. He had passed the city gate for many times, but he never noticed anything extraordinary in the big bell.

He had never thought that the modest bell would be such a powerful Spirit Weapon.

He was seized with a sudden impulse to take the big bell away.

Tu Yan was startled by his own growing greed.

How could he have such a thought? The big bell saved them from danger and would definitely be worshiped as a divine object by everyone. It was impossible for him to take it away.

If anyone was permitted to own the weapon, he must be Tiangang Yuan.

Tiangang Yuan looked up at the big bell, a great longing came out from his heart. If such a powerful weapon could be taken by him, who else would defy him?

Even that mysterious senior who had killed Tianxiong Ning and helped him got the position of City Lord didn’t have such ability.

Xuefei Yuan was only surprised by the magic power of the big bell, not having too many other thoughts about it, and she only hoped that these monster beasts would be repelled and retreat.

No one knew how many times the big bell could clang.

She also saw the fine cracks on the big bell.

Apparently, the big bell had to pay for the clanging.

Moreover, the interval between the clanging was longer than the last time.

A hundred breaths had passed since the bell clanged last time.

When everyone was immersed in joy, the army of monster beasts outside the city prepared for an attack once again.

The ramparts trembled as more than a dozen monster kings rushed towards the city for an attack.

“Oh, no! They’re coming again!”

“Quick, ring the big bell!”

“City Lord, please ring the bell!”

Everyone, whether the generals and soldiers on the rampart or the ordinary people in the city, looked at Tiangang Yuan, hope in their eyes.

Tiangang Yuan was shocked. He knelt down and begged again, “big bell, big bell, please be mercy and save the people of Wuwei City!”

However, the bell remained still, not making a sound at all.

Tiangang Yuan sweated profusely with anxiety. Please quickly, please. If it remained silent, he would lose his reputation.

“Boom, boom!”

The protective shield dimmed gradually, and the Medium Spiritual Stones couldn’t support the array anymore.

“City Lord, Medium Spiritual Stones can’t support consumption of energy. We should use Superior Spiritual Stones!”

An apprentice of Array Master stepped forward and said.

“Go ahead and use Superior Spiritual Stones!”

Tiangang Yuan was extremely anxious.

When he felt helpless in front of people’s puzzled look, the big bell rang for the sixth time.

The powerful sound waves directly shook down dozens of monster kings.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Tens of thousands of beasts became smashed flesh.

“Oh, the big bell manifested itself again! Long live the City Lord!”

“Long live the City Lord! Long live the City Lord!”

The crowd cheered again.

But Xuefei Yuan was growing more and more anxious. She noticed that the crack on the bell was becoming longer and wider.

And she thought the big bell would completely crack after six or seven more strikes.

Above the sky, Firebird King was not affected badly by the sound waves.

He saw one more obvious crack on the bell.

He let out a shriek, and then tens of thousands of firebirds spatted flames, burning the shield with blazing fire.

Medium Spiritual Stones and Superior Spiritual Stones were thrown into the array hub, making the shield blaze more brightly.

Damn the City Protection Array! Human Practitioners were really the heretics of the world. Though so weak, they were able to use their intelligence to create such a disgusting array.

The five Monster Kings stood in distance, waiting for the big bell to crack completely.


After 150 breaths, the seventh clanging came and when it came, there appeared another crack.

This time, Tu Yan and Tiangang Yuan also noticed it.

They were both shocked by what they saw, looking at the bell doubtfully.

What had happened to the bell?

Why did it crack abruptly?

All of Tu Yan’s greed vanished instantly.

Tiangang Yuan walked around the big bell, finding that there were seven cracks on it which gradually lengthened and widened.

The latest crack was even as wide as a little finger.

“Family Head, the…”

Tu Yan was extremely worried, “The bell won’t be able to make a sound after ringing two more times, will it?”

“It’s hard to say…”

Tiangang Yuan’s face grew grave. If the big bell cracked and the Superior Spiritual Stones were used up, the only choice for them was stretching out their necks for the executer’s sword.

The beasts advanced wave upon wave, fighting desperately. The battlefield became a living hell, filled with the flesh and blood of beasts.

Looking at the smile on everyone’s face, Tiangang Yuan suddenly realized how cruel the reality was.

The big bell had been regarded as their last hope, however, it wasn’t as powerful as they thought! Now, it was just an arrow at the end of its flight. It would break up into pieces after ringing two more times!

“Father, we must prepare for the attack. Once the City Protection Array is destroyed, we will have hand-to-hand combat.”

Xuefei Yuan said in a low voice.

“If only things wouldn’t happen like that!”

Tiangang Yuan couldn’t tell how frustrated he was now. He was very regretful for having ignored Prof. Guan’s words last night and made no preparations in advance. If he had considered Prof. Guan’s words perhaps he wouldn’t be so passive now.

At least, he could hide his daughter in advance. Even if the city was conquered by the monster race, she would survive and carry on their family line.

“Tu Yan, Xuefei, my dearest beloved ones, if the City Protection Array is destroyed later, leave me alone and run to the cellar at once.”

Tiangang Yuan commanded.

“Family Head, I’ll defend the city together with you to death!”

Tu Yan said, “I won’t leave you alone and flee!”

He was such a person, if he intended to flee, he would have fled when the ten futu monks attacked the city mansion to save him.

“No, Father, I won’t leave!”

Xuefei Yuan said firmly, “I’ve already escaped once. I won’t escape a second time. I’m Tiangang Yuan’s daughter, so I won’t leave even if I die!”

“Me too, I won’t leave either!”

Yujie stepped forward bravely.

Tiangang Yuan was dumbfounded, staring at the big bell silently.


The eighth clanging of the big bell.


Once again, a crack appeared on the bell, and there were even iron shavings falling from it.

The bell would completely crack with the next clanging.

Chapter 420: The Fall of Wuwei City

“Keep attacking the city!”

With the order of the Bear King, millions of beasts surged up to the wall.

The defensive formation had reached its limit, and a steady stream of superior spiritual stones and medium spiritual stones had been kept throwing into the hub of the formation. Even a medium spiritual stone’s energy couldn’t last more than a breath-moment.

No one could ever imagine how many spiritual stones they used in this guard battle.

This didn’t even count the Explosive Flame Sticker, Ice Sticker and Thunderbolt!

If he could survive this time, he would rebuild the city wall formation, and no matter how much money that would cost, he must transform it into an offensive and defensive formation. Anyway, it must consume spiritual stones.

Unfortunately, judging from the current situation, after the bell was completely broken, it was only a matter of time before the gate was broken.

Tu Yan, Xuefei Yuan, and even the little girl Yujie was facing their doom fearlessly.

They certainly understood that no one could survive after the breaking down of the gate.

The horn bow was still shooting arrows downward, and countless beasts had been killed. But the speed of the coming dead bodies could never compare with the that of the upward crawling wild beasts.

Too many, there were so many of them. They looked like sardines, like billions of sands in the Ganges River.


The big bell rang the ninth time, and the tyrannical sound wave spread outwards, the mist of blood was instantly filled within a hundred meters of it, and hundreds of thousands of beasts were slaughtered.


The big clock lost its luster, cracked completely, and could no longer made any sound.

At this moment, someone exclaimed, “No, the big clock has broken!”

In an instant, everyone’s eyesight turned to the clock.

A look of horror appeared on everyone’s face.

Everything was over, the big clock had been broken, the big clock could never guard the human race again. What else did they had for guarding Wuwei City!

How would they guard the city?

Fight by hand-to-hand?

Let other beasts aside, just talking about the dozen monster kings they couldn’t beat by bare hands.

Everyone had a look of despair on their faces, believing there had no hope

Some people could not bear the pressure anymore. They yelled, and jumped off the wall, “Come on, asshole, I’ll kick the shit out of you!”

They just jumped off the city wall, then were dismembered by the turbulent herd in no time, leaving nothing behind.

“Big Bell, please ring a few more times.”

Many people knelt on the ground, kowtowing to the big bell for praying.

“City Lord, what should we do now!”

“City Lord, there’s no more arrows!”

“City Lord, we have run out of rolling stone and the last spoonful of gold juice have been used!”

Those families have also emptied their inventory. They had reached the real zero ammunition moment!

But the turbulent herd had been ever again crowding around.

The Firebird King flapped his wings and flew to Bear King’s side to report.

“That’s good, that big bell has finally broken!”

Bear King rubbed his hands anxiously, and quickly said: “Pangolin King, it’s your turn now.”

Pangolin King’s talent and supernatural powers could break through the formation. Now the hope of breaking through the big formation depended on him.

“Wait a minute!”

Fox Rui said: “It is still unclear whether the big clock is really completely damaged, just wait a moment!”

“Supreme Fox is right!”

Toad King nodded.

Pangolin King stroked his beard, did not speak anything, and stood motionless, ignoring Bear King at all.

Bear King thought no one took his idea, and became angry and embarrassed. Had it not been for the blood of Lord Heavenly Monster, he would definitely fight against Fox Rui to the death.

Even if he was so cherished by the celebrity in front of Lord Heavenly Monster, so what?

After a while, after making sure everything was right, Fox Rui said: “Pangolin King, it’s time to bother you!”

Pangolin King nodded and disappeared in no time.

They all knew that this was Pangolin King’s earth escape technique!

Hundred meters underground, Pangolin King saw a barrier, covering the whole Wuwei City.

It was indeed unusual for them to build a such an enormous defense.

In the last hundred years, when he was not the Pangolin King, he followed the previous Pangolin King and lurked to a hundred meters underground.

At that time, his talent and supernatural powers had not been further strengthened, and he couldn’t see through this formation enchantment at all.

But now it was totally different, the nodes and the weaknesses of the enchanted defense could be seen crystal clear!

“Break the enchantment!”

Pangolin King gave a low cry, and his fist burst into yellow light and hit one of the nodes.


In an instant, all the nodes were lit up, and a steady stream of energy was input to that node.

Just one click had consumed one-third of the energy!

Above the ground.


The city wall began shaking, and the light curtain instantly dimmed.


Tiangang Yuan mastered the formation hub and clearly felt that something powerful was attacking the formation.

The energy consumption speed was beyond expectation, and it was much faster than the speed of the energy transformation.

“Hurry up, cast the Superior Spiritual Stone!”


There was another shaking, and this time the tremor was felt even more intense, and the city wall was cracked.

The light curtain dimmed again.

Everyone panicked, feeling it must be the end of the world!


Xuefei Yuan’s heart was pounding!

Tiangang Yuan guarded Xuefei Yuan behind his body and said to Tu Yan, “Get ready for the battle!”

He had already felt that something was attacking the weakness of the formation underground.


The third attack made the city wall cover with fine cracks, and the light curtain was shattered into pieces in an instant.

“It’s over!”

Many people felt so frightened that they just collapsed!

But still some people had kept their senses.

Tiangang Yuan drew out his sword and shouted loudly: “Defend Wuwei City, kill the enemies!”

“Kill them!”

Tu Yan drew out his two great axes and split the beasts in half, splashing his face with blood.

Tens of thousands of soldiers held dagger-axes and kept stabbing outwards.

Using dagger-axes to kill didn’t need any skills.

Stabbed in, pulled out; the blade in, the blood out.

“Kill, kill, kill all of them!”

“The gate must be held!”


Countless beasts jumped on the wall and bit wildly, breaking human soldiers’ hands and feet, then leaving them bleeding to death.

“Help, Wuwei City has been broken, it couldn’t be held anymore, just run away!”

The crowd in Wuwei City rushed aimlessly, knocking down people along the way. People did not die in the mouth of the beasts, but were trampled to death by their own race.

Outside the city, the herd leaped up the city wall and jumped into it like raining!

People in the city was also attacking the beasts. For a while, most of the herd were killed, and it seemed no way to get in!

At this moment, a deafening voice sounded, and an ancient giant elephant rushed forward, and its body seemed like blowing up.

It directly bumped into the city wall.

The elephant’s trunk rolled, and its giant teeth hit the wall hard.

With a “bang”, the city wall collapsed directly, revealing a gap of tens of meters long.

In the sky, Firebird King led his race breathing fire, directly burning human soldiers half-baked!

The scorching smell in the city made it almost like purgatory on earth.

The Tiger King jumped up the wall, roared, and turned the crowd over directly.

Thousands of tigers ran over, grabbed people, and jumped back into the herd.

“Don’t run away, don’t run away, everyone gathers together!”

Tiangang Yuan’s eyes were about to split. Tu Yan and Xuefei Yuan were firmly guarded in the middle of the crowd. At this time, the people of Yuan family were most reliable.

But there were only a few hundred of them, how could they resist the endless herd?

Tiangang Yuan was almost desperate.

Xuefei Yuan bit her lip tight. At this time, a shadow flashed in her mind, and she couldn’t help smiling, “How come, that was the first and last time we met!”

Hundreds of tigers surrounded them, and it was the Tiger King who headed!

It was this man who ordered to use thunderbolt to hurt Tiger King’s front leg, making him lose face.

The Tiger King Roared.

With talented supernatural powers, his fierce tiger roar directly attacked human spirits, and those offspring of Yuan family with low cultivation bases just passed out, couldn’t resist the beasts at all.

The tigers approached step by step, taking away the fainted people with their mouths.


Xuefei Yuan was in great pain, and Yujie was even more afraid.

“Family Head, it’s better to commit suicide than to be swallowed by the beasts.”

Tu Yan’s face looked ashen. No one could face death calmly, and he was no exception.

Tiangang Yuan’s face was also very pale, not only for the terrible situation, but also for the roaring attack of the tigers.

At this moment, his head was dizzy and he just felt that everything was spinning around him.

“The predecessor pushed me to the position of City Lord, why didn’t he show up again to save the city.”

When he was in confusion, Tiangang Yuan thought of the mysterious man who made him City Lord.

Why didn’t he show his appearance?

Was he such a stone-hearted person?

Or he had left this place!

“My predecessor, please show up and save us!”

Tiangang Yuan shouted to the sky!

Hardly had he spoken out the words, a huge sword that was several thousand feet long slashed downward from the sky.

The incomparable sword energy dissipated and directly strangled the beasts under the city wall.


With a single sword, one-third of the city wall collapsed. Under the crush of the sword light, a deep ditch several miles long and tens of meters wide appeared.

What a mighty force. With this mighty force, anyone would become nothing but a piece of dust!

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