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Chapter 419: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 419 It’s So Humiliating

Chuxue Ye fiddled with the earrings, “It looks good! If you don’t believe me, just ask my brother!”

He brought Yiyao Duan to Jingyan Ye’s side, “Brother, do you think the earrings I picked out for Yiyao look good?”

Jingyan was reading the newspaper, and when he heard someone calling him, he raised his head and sighed in his heart: Now you finally know that there’s me? I really thought you were going to abduct my wife!

His head turned to Yiyao’s ear, but hesitated to speak.

Yiyao apprehensively glanced at him, “Does…it look good?”

“Good-looking.” Jingyan squeezed these two words out of his teeth.

What was going on!

His wife, was dressed up into a courtesan by this little kid!

“See, I told you, brother likes this!” Chuxue raised her head proudly, a posture of knowing her brother best.

Yiyao looked at herself in the mirror a few more times, “Is that so?”

Why did she feel that this look was a bit frivolous?

Or did …… Jingyan just liked women who were a little more frivolous?

Chuxue saw that they all agreed with her vision, and hastened to take credit, “This is the most popular this year, when my brother went to a social engagement, he was followed by a woman like this, I think he likes this kind of dress, but my face is a bit round and not very suitable.”

Saying that, he lowered his eyebrows and looked at her own face

Chuxue turned her heads to Jingyan and asked him with ulterior motives, “Is that so?”

“No, no, no, she said it’s a social engagement!” Jingyan smiled, but he had actually cursed Chuxue in his heart.

“A social engagement at a night club?” Although Yiyao did not understand the rules of business, but she had done so much, knew that this kind of dressing was basically an escort girl in a night club.

Jingyan smiled obsequiously, “Not all, some famous girls also like to pursue the trend, you see, Chuxue has collected so many messy things?”

But Yiyao did not believe it, “Which time period do you socialize the most?”

Jingyan could not say anything for a moment, she asked this, clearly asking whether entering the nightclub was before or after meeting her ……

“A year ago, my brother did not go home all day!” Chuxue heard Yiyao asking, quickly interrupted Jingyan.

Jingyan glared at her fiercely, hating to plug her chattering mouth.

Chuxue, however, remained heartless, and after exchanging a glance with Jingyan, she just indifferently spat her tongue at him, “Brother, why are you glaring at me? Is what I said wrong?”

“Yes, it’s right, I think you should stay at the dessert store tonight, I may not be able to accommodate you here.” Jingyan gritted his teeth, if she was not his own sister, he probably would not have been able to control to beat her up violently.

“Come on, the dessert store is not yet cleaned up!” Hearing Jingyan’s threat, Chuxue instantly became much better behaved, “Well, I won’t say anything, you guys …… discuss it, well, discuss it!”

Yiyao also came back to her senses and asked with a cold gaze, “Now can you explain?”

“Yes.” Jingyan retracted his gaze, “That was before, the customer must go to the nightclub to talk about things, we had no choice but to make the decision, I really never went in myself!”



Seeing Jingyan speak so categorically, Yiyao froze, and the most doubt in her heart disappeared.

Chuxue ran over and pulled Yiyao, “Sister Yiyao, if you don’t like this, I can still give you a new one!”

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This time Chuxue held a handful of punk style earrings in her hand, making Yiyao couldn’t help but shiver and shook her head hurriedly, “No, I still fit the original earrings.”

“Well, people always have to change ……”

“All right!” Jingyan could not help but interject, wearing an earring, he had been forced to ask, if a few more, maybe they would break up, his sister was really not reliable at all!

“If you are idle, just go to the study to get a few books to read, do not hang around here, we still have business!”

“Business?” Chuxue was immediately interested in it, “I can help you!”

Jingyan’s forehead was sweating, the “business” between him and Yiyao, what could she help?

“Well, what business do we have?” Yiyao was also confused, how come she didn’t remember that they had business?

Jingyan gave her a wink, then said to Chuxue, “You just leave it alone, it’s time to sleep, don’t keep hanging around in front of us!”

“Brother ……”

Chuxue stared aggressively at Jingyan, and seeing his serious face, she could only nod aggressively, “Oh.”

She turned back and took one last look at Jingyan and Yiyao, silently went upstairs, and the hall was instantly quiet.

And upstairs, Chuxue took a few books, reading on the bed ……

Yiyao woke up and only felt soreness all over her body, she felt her neck was a little stiff and couldn’t help but move it, but she woke up the man sleeping beside her.

In fact, she couldn’t even remember how she took a bath, only remembered that she was confused and rinsed by Jingyan for a while, and then he took a bath towel and wrapped it around her, and laid down on the bed.

“Wake up?” Jingyan tenderly stroked the hair on her face.


Jingyan moved his arm and put his arm around Yiyao again, “It’s not yet dawn, just sleep!”

Yiyao opened her eyes slightly, saw the darkness in the room, and nodded her head with her eyes closed.


“Brother, what time is it that you guys are still sleeping?”

Yiyao had just fallen asleep again when she was called up by a startled cry, she opened her eyes in confusion and heard another knock on the door.

“Brother, are you guys there?”

The veins on Jingyan’s forehead bulged, he pulled his arm out from Yiyao’s head and tenderly helped her cover up the quilt, “You can sleep a little longer, I’ll go.”

Yiyao couldn’t sleep, she just nodded her head, but did not close her eyes.

“Bro ……”

Chuxue just wanted to call him again, but the door suddenly opened from the inside, she saw Jingyan standing there, the rest of the words was swallowed into her stomach.

“What the hell is the matter?” Jingyan impatiently rubbed his forehead.

“Well…” Chuxue stammered for a long time, “I’m hungry, but there’s nothing to eat in the refrigerator ……”

Jingyan heard her words, forced to resist the urge to get angry, “You will not go out to buy yourself?”

“I’m not familiar with here, I don’t know where to buy breakfast!”

Jingyan stared at her coldly, “There is a store nearby.”

“Oh …… then I’ll go first.” After saying that, Chuxue ran out, she did not want to wait for Jingyan to lose his temper and then leave, then it was not so easy to leave!

Walking halfway, she suddenly retreated and called out to Jingyan who was ready to close the door, “By the way, brother, do you and …… Sister Yiyao want to eat anything?” After all, they were tired all night ……

She did not dare to say the latter phrase , she was afraid that Jingyan bore grudges.

“Just buy what you see.” Jingyan impatiently sent her away and then unceremoniously closed the door.

“Is it Chuxue?” Yiyao asked as she lay on the bed.

Jingyan could not see the expression on his face against the light as he answered softly.

“What time is it?” If she heard correctly, Chuxue had just said it was so late.

If even she said it was late, then it must be very late!

Jingyan opened the curtains and the sunlight spilled through the window onto the bed, he turned back and glanced at his watch, “It’s almost eleven o’clock.”


Yiyao shrieked and wanted to sit up, but realizing that she had nothing on, she hurriedly laid back down again.

No wonder Chuxue said it was late! Because they didn’t open the curtain, it made her think it was still dark outside, but even so, she didn’t sleep well, she was really tired last night!

Jingyan returned to the bed and took Yiyao into his arms, “It’s still early, if you’re tired, just sleep a little longer.”

“No.” Yiyao struggled to get up, how dare she sleep again, it was almost lunch time, how bad would it be if Chuxue saw her!

Jingyan seemed to know the concern in her heart and gently touched her head, “If you are concerned, I’ll ask her not to come back!”

“How can I do that?” Yiyao raised her head, “She’s your own sister, how can you do that!”

“How can a real sister be so ignorant.”

Although that Chuxue thought she had played her best acting skills this morning, she was still seen through by Jingyan at a glance. His sister was completely deliberate, she must have heard about them and deliberately came over to provoke him.

But in order to protect the face of Yiyao, he could only accompany her acting.

They sat quietly for a while, and Chuxue came back with a lot of things.

“Brother, look, I’ve bought back everything I saw! How is it? Good, right!”

Chuxue put the things on the table, all kinds of edible bird’s nest and some ordinary breakfast.

“How’s that? I am thoughtful, right?” Chuxue came close to Jingyan, wanting for his compliment.

When Yiyao saw the things on the table, she instantly understood and her face turned red into a monkey. But Jingyan looked as usual.

Jingyan turned over the things on the table and nodded in satisfaction, “It’s okay, I’ll pay you later.”

“Okay!” Chuxue clapped her hands, squinted her eyes and smiled brightly.

When it comes to money, she knew that what Jingyan gave her could not be just this amount of money for the edible bird’s nest, so she volunteered to pick up the edible bird’s nest on the table and was about to run to the kitchen, “I can boil this edible bird’s nest, I’ll make it for you!”

After saying that, she happily ran away, and from her back, she looked like a little nanny they hired.

Yiyao was red-faced all the time, waiting for Chuxue to enter the kitchen before she finally raised her head shyly, “Does she know about last night?”

Jingyan pondered how to answer, but seeing Yiyao’s red face, there was no way but to nod to her.

“Ah! It’s so humiliating!” Yiyao buried her head into the pillow, she had been controlling her voice, but she didn’t expect that Chuxue had already heard it!

In addition, this person was her sister-in-law!

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