Chapter 420: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 420 Scam

The cars streamed in the street, and the neon lights blazed under the night sky. Yulin Xiao sat in front of the french window and raised his glass of red wine to drink it off.

“You sent that girl back?”

Yulin turned around and saw Yuqi Mu walking towards him, who smiled meaningfully at him.

He put down the wine glass and wiped the red wine off the corner of his mouth, saying: “Of course I sent her back, she’s just a little kid, what else could I do to her?”

Yuqi sat down opposite Yulin and poured himself a glass of wine, “No, no, she’s just right for you, who is as simple as a piece of white paper, how adorable!”

“Fuck you!” Yulin rolled his eyes and said, “Only you like that kind of young girls, I don’t want to bring ‘disaster’ to them, who still have a promising future, just like what you always do.”

Yulin was pushed by him and leaned naturally on the glass behind him, “To tell you the truth, I have a feeling that you will definitely be in love with that little girl helplessly!”

“Come on, I think you’d better take care of yourself. What about the thing between you and your young star? If our parents know about your story from the entertainment headlines……”

Thinking of this matter, Yuqi felt quite anxious, “I didn’t know that the paparazzi nowadays are so capable that they can even find out such a secret thing!”

Last night when he woke up, he found that the gossip about him and that young star was being reported everywhere, and those paparazzi even took many candid pictures of them kissing. Now he has been carefully hiding that thing from his family, but as a saying goes: Fire cannot be wrapped up in paper, and he could only hide it temporarily.

Yulin smiled, picked up his wine glass again and took a sip, “Do you think that really was taken by the paparazzi?”

“What do you mean?” Yuqi was quite shocked, thinking: How absurd! If this is not the work of the paparazzi, could it be disclosed by myself?

After Yulin saw him being quite confused, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Who else was with you that night, beside that woman? Think about it, that photo was clearly taken indoors, if it hadn’t been taken by one of you two, who else would have gotten in to take the photo?”

Hearing him say that, Yulin hurriedly checked the news in his phone, and he found that all the photos were indeed very blurred, besides, judging from the background of their hugging with each other, they were indeed in a hotel room.

Several of them clearly showed his and the woman’s faces, and with such a shooting angle, they indeed did not look like the candid photos, but more like the photos that were shot indoors deliberately.

“You mean that she took the photos herself and disclosed them to the periodical office on purpose?”

Yulin waved his hands, saying: “I didn’t say that, but you already have the answer in your own heart!”

Yuqi couldn’t help but smile bitterly, lowering his head: “That’s impossible, what good would a scandal do her? It will only damage her reputation!”

“You’ve been in the entertainment circle for so long, can’t you still understand?” Yulin said as he touched his glass of wine, “She slept with the director some time ago because she wanted to be the leading lady in a certain play, right? If what I guess is right, this play is about to start airing recently.”

“What does this have to do with the play……”

Yuqi said as an idea suddenly came in his head, “Are you saying that…… she is using her fame to create scandal in order to make this play be known by people?”

Yulin nodded, “You finally understand, maybe she planned the whole thing before. After all, she can also be more famous if she can have a scandal with you!”

Yuqi, who knew the truth, sighed reluctantly and drank off the red wine in his glass, “I really didn’t expect her to be such a woman! I was such a fool to be with her!”

“Come on, it’s too late to regret now, let’s think about how to deal with our parents.”

As long as they thought about their parents, they felt quite worried. Although they loved seeking pleasure, they had never caused a big scandal, which was well-known to all.

As long as they didn’t go too far, the elders in the family would just turn a blind eye to their lives. But if something like this happened and was known by them, they would definitely punish them seriously!

“We can only temporarily hide it from them and see what will happen, what if I’m lucky and this matter is not found by them at last?” Yuqi smiled bitterly, although he knew the chance of that was extremely small, he still had a fluke in his heart.

“What’s that look on your face! Now that you can be so optimistic, don’t look so sad! Come on, have a drink first!”

Yulin poured much wine in both of their glasses, and after he handed the glass to Yuqi, they clinked glasses.

Yuqi then frowned and worriedly drank off the wine in his glass.


Yulin sat in his car, holding the steering wheel in regret. He drank too much wine last night, and he kept thinking about Anna Xie, so he drove over the school early in the morning and waited at the school gate.

He wanted to drive straight into the school, but he didn’t know where she lived. While he was hesitating, he suddenly remembered that Anna seemed to have left a note with her phone number on it when she left.

Yulin searched the car for a long time and finally found it in a box, but the paper was unsigned with only the word “Xie” and a string of numbers.

As soon as he found the note, someone tapped on his window. Yulin turned his head and saw a man dressed like a security guard looking at him, so he couldn’t help but frown.

He lowered the window and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Sir, please don’t park your car here, our students still will come out.”

Yulin looked out of the window, and it turned out to be noon already and many people were coming out of the school one after another.

“I see.”

After he finished his words, he slowly raised the car window, turned the steering wheel and turned the car around in the crowd. When the car was parked in the parking lot, Yulin jumped out of the car at once.

He typed in the number on his phone, and dialed it after he hesitated for a few seconds.

“Hello?” On the other end of the phone, Anna’s voice came clearly into Yulin’s ears.

He became very excited after hearing her voice, but he soon calmed himself down and asked her, after feeling that nothing was wrong: “Hello, where are you?”

“Who are you?” Anna held the phone in bewilderment. It was a strange number, and it’s a man’s voice on the other end of the phone!

“You tell me where you are first?” Yulin asked again instead of answering her question.

“Who the hell are you?” Anna was already a little impatient when she heard him ask, but she still held back her revulsion and intended to ask him one last time.

Yulin held the phone and couldn’t help smiling, and he could already think of what Anna looked like right now, who was definitely frowning her beautiful brow and pursing her lips.

“Little girl, you can’t have forgotten about me so soon, can you? Didn’t you said that you are going to pay me back?”


Anna had been drinking water, but she was so shocked that her throat was choked with a large mouthful of water after she heard Yulin’s words, and she coughed for a long time before she finally could speak.

“Where …… where, where are you?” Anna immediately lowered her voice, being afraid that her roommate would hear her.

Yulin laughed out loud, “So you are shy now? But that night, you……”

“Fine, fine, don’t talk anymore and directly text me the address!”

Anna hung up after she finished the words, being afraid that he would continue to say something out of the ordinary. And not long after, her phone vibrated, and she saw the address and even a seductive emoticon after she checked the message.

She gripped the phone tightly and cursed “Fuck off”, but finally she stomped her foot helplessly and followed the address.

Yulin leaned against the wall, waiting with determination for the furious little girl to come over. He already knew that she was bound to be quite angry by the time she saw him, but he wasn’t afraid, after all …… that would even be more interesting!

“You!” As Yulin was thinking of how to tease her later, Anna had already walked up to him, who pointed at his nose in exasperation, not knowing what to say.

“I what?” Yulin avoided her finger and stared at Anna with an innocent look.

Anna was even more furious, and as she was just about to speak, Yulin interrupted her, “Didn’t you say you wanted to make it up to me? Then why am I calling you here as if I committed a crime?”

Anna was stunned after hearing his words, thinking: Indeed, it is originally my own mistake and I did want to make up for it. So now I am too pretentious if I am angry at him and have a bad attitude.

“That …… is not what I meant. Tell me, what can I do for you?”

Yulin snickered, “Do you still have classes today?”

Anna thought for a moment and said: “No.”

It was already almost the end of the semester, and her classes were almost over, so after that she would just review by herself.

“Alright, get in the car!” Yulin took a step back, and Anna saw the car that he had driven to send her back last time.

“Where are we going?” She looked at Yulin warily, thinking: Why can’t he talk to me here? I will be in a completely passive position when I get into the car!

“I’ll tell you where we’re going later. But what’s with you being so careful? Shouldn’t I be the one to ask for you to make amends?” Yulin opened the passenger door for her and bowed a little to Anna to invite her to get on.

Anna rolled her eyes, who did not know how to refute him, so she could only indignantly get on the car.

“Can you tell me where we’re going now?”

Yulin started to drive the car, while Anna turned her face to window. All she wanted to do now was to hurry up and do something for him to pay back this favour!

Yulin did not look at her and said, “I haven’t thought about……where we’re going yet, but now that it’s meal time, and I’m a little hungry, we should go eating first.”

“You ……” Anna finally couldn’t stand him anymore and said, “You are on purpose!”

“What?” Yulin showed an innocent look again, thinking: We are just going to have a meal, why is she so angry?

“You just want to command me by virtue of my promise!”

“Shouldn’t I?” Yulin asked her, “I was taken advantage by you, can’t I even let you do such a small thing?”

“Besides, it’s not a hard thing, and I just ask you to have a meal with me so that I won’t be too lonely……”

Saying that, Yulin looked quite aggrieved, “It’s not like I’m asking you to give me money or do heavy work ……”

“Fine!” Anna couldn’t stand his expression, so she quickly compromised.

Yulin smiled triumphantly and thought: This woman is really easy to be deceived!

But …… after thinking of the scene of her eating before, he felt very appetizing, although she was not ladylike when she ate!

It was probably because she ate so much that the people around her were easily influenced by her and became appetizing!

Yulin deliberately chose a restaurant that he thought was quite good this time, and he took Anna inside after handing the car to the doorman.

But the moment they went in, someone who was hiding in the shadows pressed the shutter, and stopped shooting them once they were inside.

Yulin led Anna into a box, in which was a large dining table, and only the two of them were seated.

Anna fidgeted and could not help but move a little, then she asked: “It’s just the two of us here?”

“Or what?” Yulin said as if nothing was wrong.

Seeing that Anna was a little apprehensive, he hurriedly approached her face and asked: “What’s wrong? What’s going through your mind……”

“Stop it!” Anna hurriedly pressed Yulin’s chest to prevent him from making the next move.

“Aren’t we here to eat? Then hurry up and……eat!” Anna pulled her chair a half step back awkwardly to increase the distance between them.

Seeing that his purpose had been achieved, Yulin pressed the button on the watch, and immediately someone knocked on the door, asking: “May I come in, please?”

“Come in!” Yulin stopped kidding and answered seriously.

The waiter walked in with the menu and went in front of them, after putting it down, he asked: “Sir, madam, here are all the dishes in our restaurant, do you need my recommendation?”

“Okay, recommend some to me.” Yulin didn’t look up, but just took the menu.

“Our restaurant’s signature dish are there, among which the ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ (A Chinese food which is made with sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce) is the most famous, you can try it.”

“Oh? Mr and Mrs Smith?” Yulin was interested at once. Although it is a standing dish, its name is very meaningful.

But the waiter didn’t understand the profound meaning in Yulin’s words, who answered at once: “Yes, this is one of the most popular dishes among the couples.”

“Couples……” Yulin sighed, “Shall we order it then?”

Being stared by him, Anna was quite nervous, “No …… no need, it is made with sliced beef, and it’s not good as soon as you hear it!”

“Madam, it is made with our chef’s original cooking method, which tastes different from the outside’s. If you don’t believe me, you can order one and have a try!” The waiter explained hurriedly, after all, this was one of their restaurant’s signature dishes, and it definitely couldn’t be underestimated!

Yulin glanced at Anna in confusion, “Then lets’ order one and have a try. And you don’t have to be so shy, you were very active just now!”

The waiter was stunned, remembering that they did not call the waiter to come in for a long time after entering in the box, so it turned out that they……

As the waiter misunderstood them, the expression in his eyes naturally changed as he peeked up at them, and he immediately looked down again for fear of being discovered by them. However, although he just saw them for a few seconds, he had already gotten a good look at their looks, thinking: They are indeed a pair of good-looking people!

While Anna looked down in embarrassment and said to Yulin in a low voice, “What else do you want, order them all at once, don’t dawdle, didn’t you say that you were hungry?”

“Yes, I am hungry~” Yulin smiled meaningfully, and he deliberately emphasized the pronunciation of ‘hungry’.

This deepened the waiter’s misunderstanding of them, and he bowed his head and dared not say a word. He actually also hoped that they would finish ordering the dishes quickly so that he could go out at once and not disturb him from ‘eating his fill’!

“Just serve all the signature dishes of your restaurant.” Yulin then handed the menu back to the waiter, and never looked at him again.

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