But Chuck Cannon feels normal. Normal men will have ideas about women like Du Peixin, right? At the very least, Du Pei has a tall body and perfect legs. Who doesn’t like this?

But using this method to force Du Peixin to accompany Zhao Yunlei, Chuck Cannon didn’t take it seriously!

“Mr. Cannon’s, can you help me?” Du Pei found her courage.

In any case, if someone like Zhao Yunlei really accompanies her, then his character is so fond of beating, so when he accompanies her, will she not be tortured to death? ?

Chuck Cannon looked different, at least he had a good temper, and he didn’t have any desire for her in his eyes.

Chuck Cannon glanced at her a few times, “Tell me a reason, why should I help you?”

Chuck Cannon is not her mother, so why would he help her?

The two are not familiar with each other, and they have met several times. Although this woman is smart, Chuck Cannon can help her because of her smartness?

Chuck Cannon doesn’t like to be nosy. There are so many smart people in this world. Whom will Chuck Cannon help?

“I…” Du Peixin bit her lip, why?

She really couldn’t find any reason.

She didn’t have much confidence, and she was not familiar with Chuck Cannon, and she met because her brother was ignorant.

“Can’t tell? So why should I help you?” Chuck Cannon looked at her.

The last time he was at the Zhao family, Chuck Cannon had already left a deep impression on the Zhao family. This was really a matter of a few words.

But why does Chuck Cannon say these few words?

“I…” Du Peixin was speechless.

Yes, why should he help her? ? still is…

What is he suggesting?

Du Pei looked at Chuck Cannon’s eyes and he didn’t have any desire for her. He was not suggesting her.

She thought about it a lot.

“Just forget it, I have something to do.” Chuck Cannon came over here to take a look and asked Yolanda by the way.

“Mr. Cannon’s, can you give me a few days to think of a reason?” Du Pei was heartbroken. She saw the struggle between families. It is a terrible thing for large families to annex their medium-sized families.

“I ask you, is it important for your Du family?” Chuck Cannon asked.


“That’s not the end?” Chuck Cannon shrugged, “You want to keep your Du family, and you want to keep your innocence. It should be clear how to choose between these.”

“I…” Du Peixin would slap Chuck Cannon at ordinary times. But now she was asking for others!

She didn’t dare to do this, because Chuck Cannon was able to break Zhao Yunlei’s leg. And due to this, after so many days, she was still safe and sound. This kind of strength was not something she could be angry with.

If Chuck Cannon is angered, it will be even more trouble waiting for her.

“Okay, think about it yourself.”

“Excuse me, you interrupted Zhao Yunlei’s leg?” Du Peixin asked this confirmation is very important.


“No?” Du Pei was surprised, “Who interrupted that?”

“Zhao Tianlong.” Chuck Cannon shrugged, calm and breezy.


Du Pei was shocked, and she came up with a thought, “What do you mean?”

“Forget it,” Betty meant it, which was what she meant.

Du Peixin was so surprised that she couldn’t speak. When he reached the level of the Zhao family, he would definitely do something to take care of the overall situation. It was Zhao Tianlong who took care of the overall situation, so he personally interrupted Zhao Yunlei’s leg??

Chuck Cannon had such a strong strength, forcing Zhao Tianlong to compromise.

“Will you help me?” Du Peixin’s thoughts are too strong to allow Zhao Tianlong to do this, so Chuck Cannon is a one-sentence job.

“Why should I help you? You can’t tell the reason yourself, and I’m not a great person.” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

Du Pei was completely speechless, “Mr. Cannon’s, what happened that day, I…”

Du Pei thought that Chuck Cannon minded Zhao Yunlei when she didn’t stand up and speak.

“Um, you and I are not familiar at all, don’t think too much, think about it yourself, if you can’t figure it out, I suggest you find a bodyguard.” Chuck Cannon turned around and went to find Yolanda.

Du Peixin bit her lip, she stopped talking, and finally, she could only sigh.

She couldn’t think of this reason for the time being, but Chuck Cannon was right and she should find a bodyguard.

Protect yourself, lest Zhao Yunlei uses her to vent the pain of his broken leg.

How should she contact the bodyguard when she comes out of the hotel?

She called her assistant and asked her to contact him.

“Girl, find me a female bodyguard…” Du Peixin said.

The phone hung up, her assistant should be able to find it.

Sure enough, in less than half an hour, she received the call and the assistant sent a message. Du Peixin saw the name and muttered to herself, “Blood Leopard?”

This simple information is said to be a killer, but a killer who just debuted.

As far as China is concerned, this killer is the cheapest and has the strength.

In fact, Du Pei doesn’t mind how much money, only whether she can protect herself.

Just debuted? Du Peixin didn’t want to choose this person to protect. She definitely didn’t have much strength when she just debuted, and she couldn’t bet her life safety.

When she was about to let the assistant continue to look for, the phone called, it was the number of a stranger.

Du Peixin answered.

“I am the blood leopard, you can let me protect you, you can rest assured, I will use my life to protect you,”

Very cold voice.


The blood leopard is Yvette!

She has completed her first task. She thinks the industry is good and can exercise her physical and psychological qualities!

What’s more, there is still money to make!

When she saw this task just now, she did not hesitate to apply, and the killer organization also agreed. After all, the speed at which Yvette completed the task had already allowed the killer headquarters to give her extra points.

Now it’s up to the guests.

Yvette fought for herself, so she called.

“If a man wanted to do something to me, what would you do? Can’t kill.” Du Peixin asked. This cold voice gave her confidence. Is it a master who just joined the killer industry?

“Protect you from leaving,” Yvette replied simply.

“Well, where are you?”

“Sea market.”

“I am on Huaxia Road in the downtown area next to you. There is a nine-day hotel here. I will wait for you for an hour.”

“no problem.”

Du Peixin hung up the phone, she sat in the car and waited. Time passed quickly. About an hour later, Du Peixin, who closed her eyes in the car, heard the sound of beating the glass.

She opened her eyes, opened the window of the car, and there was a surprise in her eyes.

What a beautiful killer, wearing a peaked cap and wearing a simple set of cowboy clothes, but can’t hide her good figure!

Yvette came over.

“Are you blood leopard?” Du Peixin was particularly surprised. Is such a beautiful woman a killer? ?

She can’t see it at all!

“Yes,” Yvette said, her tone indifferent.

With so cold voice and so cold eyes, Du Pei felt confident, “Okay, you can sit in.”

Yvette was carrying a backpack, and she sat in.

First, I asked Du Peixin about the situation. Du Peixin didn’t hide it, and said it.

Yvette nodded, “Understand, who are you talking about?”

Du Pei hesitated and said it out. Will she leave because of fear? Stop taking this business?

“You can say, I know this task in my heart,” Yvette does know it. This kind of rich lady is definitely not an ordinary person who can seek protection from a killer so desperately.

“Zhao Family.”

“Which Zhao family?”

“The Zhao family of the four major families.”

Yvette was stunned. She is a native of China, how could she have never heard of the Zhao family?

This woman was actually taken by the Zhao family?

“Scared?” Du Peixin was a little disappointed by Yvette’s surprised reaction. She must be scared, the four big families!

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Yvette doesn’t care, she is all about it now, what is she afraid of?



Du Pei was satisfied with Yvette’s answer, “Okay, if you are not afraid, start protecting me now until this matter is resolved.”

“Solved, do you have a solution?” Yvette was a little surprised.

“Yes,” Du Peixin looked out, and Yvette also saw that Jiutian Hotel? She hadn’t heard of it.

“Is the owner of this hotel helping you?” Yvette is smart, it must be so.

“He didn’t say to help me, he told me to find a reason for him to help me.”

“Reason, what reason?”

“I can’t think of it for the time being, but I did. He should help me.” Du Pei was still not confident.

“Who is the boss? Can he have the strength to compete with the Zhao family?” Yvette was a little curious, and China Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, she knew.

“Mr. Cannon.”

“Mr. Cannon?” Yvette hadn’t heard of it, she was a little emotional, “My husband is also named Cannon.”

“You still have a husband?” Du Pei was weird, what’s the situation? A husband let her wife actually to be a killer? ?

This is soft rice?

“Yes, yes,”

“Then he… don’t mind, let me tell you, does he depend on you to raise?”

“He used to be, not now. He raises me…” Yvette thought of Chuck Cannon and hadn’t seen each other for several days.

She missed Chuck Cannon, but she didn’t know where Chuck Cannon was.

Du Pei couldn’t understand it, so why did she come out as a killer if he raised her?

“You didn’t tell your husband?”

“No, I dare not tell him.” Yvette’s eyes are soft, telling Chuck Cannon this, he must be particularly worried, then Yvette would be too concerned about it, and she can’t continue the mission!

What’s more, after saying that, Chuck Cannon will definitely not let herself do it. Maybe he won’t say it, but he will stick to it. So what is the difference between not letting herself do it?


Yvette was silent.

Du Peixin saw that Yvette didn’t want to say more, she didn’t ask much, maybe she was afraid of worrying, it is a blessing to have such a wife who can make money like this.

“This Mr. Cannon’s is sure to deal with the person you said, right?” Yvette had to be sure, and then she could consider what to do when she met Zhao Yunlei.

This is a very critical issue. If she kills him, it must be troublesome. If she doesn’t kill him, it will also be troublesome.

“Yes, this Mr. Cannon’s’s background is too strong.” Du Peixin muttered to herself, very curious, Chuck Cannon, what is your background? ?

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