Chapter 421 – 422: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 421: The Fighting

Who is it? Bear King, Fox Rui and other beasts were shocked. That power scared them.

Pangolin King, a hundred meters deep under the ground, had just broken the boundary of the array, but was aimed at by a powerful Qi before he could come out.

In a hurry, he quickly changed to his real body, a hundred Zhang (=3 1/3 meters) long pangolin covered with golden scales curled up like a ball, which is his strongest defense means.

Each scale is equivalent to the first class treasure.

But it is these scales which he is proud of, were smashed under the big sword.


How powerful the sword was that could cut through his defense across a hundred meters of land!

Pangolin King spat blood, and quickly made his way back to Bear King and others.

“Pangolin King!”

Supreme Fox rushed to support the wounded Pangolin King.

Appearances of easy look on their faces have long gone.

Spider Queen and Toad King were also dignified.

High above Wuwei City, a man in a green robe was standing in the air.

Not only were they shocked, but so were Tiangang Yuan and others!

He… was he the predecessor!

Tiangang wept with joy and knelt on the ground, “Predecessor… You finally appeared!”

Xuefei Yuan looked at the man in the sky, astonished and her mind went blank.

It’s impossible!

“Miss… Miss Yuan, it’s… It’s Dong Zhang!”

Yujie was frightened as if her tongue was tied.

Wasn’t he good at poison?

Now, he was standing in the air and flying, which was at least the Pill-Condensation Stage.

Pill-Condensation Stage?

At the thought of this, the little girl hid behind Xuefei like a quail for fear of being seen by Kris Chen.

On that day, she repeatedly ridiculed Kris. What if he held a grudge?

Hearing “Zhang Dong”, Xuefei was in a state of confusion. Countless pictures flashed through her mind.

Why did he save his father and help him become the City Lord?

Was he interested in her?

But… at that time, she disguised herself and he didn’t know who she is.

But on second thought, she was relieved.

Kris reached to Pill-Condensation Stage. He might saw through everything even she dressed up.

Thinking of this, she could not help but become hilarious.

Accompanied with shyness, the girl began to think of love.

Has he been testing her in secret?

Xuefei felt her whole body was hot. Looking at Kris in the sky, he looks more and more handsome.

“Xuefei, kneel down quickly, he is the predecessor!”

Tiangang was not a fool. He pulled Xuefei and wanted her to kneel down with him.

As for Tu Yan, he had already knelt down.

“Father, uncle Yan, get up!”

Xuefei bit her lips and felt embarrassed, “I… I know him. His name is Dong Zhang.”


Hearing this, Tiangang and Tu Yan were both dumbfounded.

The two looked at each other and saw the doubts in the eyes.

Xuefei even didn’t go out of the gate and left home. Where can she know the predecessor?

Seeing their confused looks, Xuefei didn’t hide it. She told her story about dressing up and killing beasts in Wuwei city.

After hearing this, Tiangang was frightened.

“You… How dare you? If you were not lucky enough to know Predecessor Zhang, you would die!”

Xuefei also realized her mistake, took Tiangang’s hand, “Father, I didn’t get hurt.”

Since the situation was emergent, Tiangang did not say much. His attention was attracted by Dong Zhang in the sky for a long time.

After killing hundreds of thousands of beasts with one sword, Kris was not satisfied.

Most importantly, Pangolin King hid under the ground was escaped.

This tactic was easy to use, but it consumes too much sword energy. It takes 5000 sword energy to condense the big sword, but it’s still a little bit deficient when fighting in groups.

By the way, there is a move called ten thousand swords in Nameless Sword Tactics. This kind tactic for group warfare should be very useful.

Now that he has reached to the Fulfilled period of Back-to-self stage. Every sword energy could match with the attack at full strength of Back-to-self stage Fulfilled period.


The thousand Zhang sword was dissolved in an instant and divided into thousands of sword energy. Moreover, Kris released 5000 sword energy again.

The whole sword energy was scattered around him, almost occupying the sky.


When Kris sat cross legged in the air, he inhaled a continuous stream of Heaven and Earth Spirit into the acupuncture points. The speed at which the divine-grade acupuncture points absorbed the heaven and earth spirit should not be too terrifying.

It seemed that the spirit within ten miles had received traction, which was continuously inhaled by Kris into the acupuncture points.

A spirit tornado formed above Kris.

The sky has changed!

Sword energy was here and there in Wuwei city. Every time it shuttled, several beasts, beasts with intelligence and even beasts with greater intelligence were penetrated.

Every time a sword energy was consumed, a new would be added.

Sword energy was overwhelming and endless. Just one single person could fight against millions of monster beast armies.

The beasts that had been lucky enough to jump into Wuwei City were harvested by sword energy and bled.

All the people were staring at the rakish figure in the sky.

Many people even knelt on the ground.

Who shocked most was Tu Guan.

Was this the real strength of the master?

Although he had overestimated the identity of Kris as much as possible, in the end, he found that he underestimated it!

He’s too strong that even the god and devil are afraid of him.

What’s more, Kris has more powerful tactic unshown, which would make people die silently.

His desire to resist and betray vanished.

Well, it’s his pleasure to have such a master.

In the sky, Kris was still a little dissatisfied because the efficiency was too low.

A sword energy can kill ten beasts at most. If it breaks through the pill formation, the sword energy will condense into genuine vital energy, and its power will increase tens of times. A sword energy will sweep over a large area.

If anyone else knew what Kris was thinking, he would be speechless.

However, millions of beasts were slaughtered by Kris in a short time.

The air of blood almost dyed the sky red.

The Qi of resentment was still rising, Tian Xiao summoned his Kill Qin, the dagger which was in upgrading out to absorb those Qi of resentment.

The killing was still going on, but Bear King was angry. “We can’t let him kill any more. Those are the soldiers of our monster race.”

He roared, displaying his talent magic power, “Thunder Roar.”


In the clear sky, a blue thunder appeared!

The target of the thunder was no others but Kris!

Kris sneered, could this hurt him?


He wielded a sharp sword energy, which collided with the thunder, shining dazzlingly.


Sword energy directly cut off the thunder and went up. The clouds in the sky were cut in half!

What a feat to fight against thunder with sword energy!

Bear King was so stupefied that his thunder summoned had been cut off.

How could that be possible?

It is this talent and magic power of thunder that helps him sweep across Shiwan Mountain.

Though Spider Queen and Toad King seem to be domineering, they don’t want to fight with Bear King either.

They are all masters of poison, but the thunder is the natural enemy of poison.

If there is a fight between Bear King, their success rate is less than 40%.

It’s only Pangolin King, the most powerful monster in defense, who can rival Bear King.

But now, the sword energy that the human Practitioner casually wielded could cut off the thunder, which… was dreadful!

“Why are you standing still? Help me!”

Bear King roared and directly changed to his real body. A giant bear of hundreds of feet high ran across the earth.

Along the road, many beasts had been killed under his stamp, and the earth was shaking.

“Celestial Bear Change!”

Behind him came a roaring bear with eyes closed and thunder flashing on the body.

This was Bear King’s magic state of the world.

If he continues to return to his ancestry, there is a great probability that he will become a celestial bear.

It is said that celestial bear was born in thunder, became the son of thunder, who was good at manipulating thunder and was very powerful.

“Thunder Roar!”

Bear King had electricity flashing in his mouth, concentrated as one blue ball.

“Bang!”Thunder shot out of his mouth.

Devastating power poured out as if a hundred-meter mountain would be flattened if hit.

Sneak attack?

Kris sneered, thousands of sword energy condensed into one big sword.

“Cut it!”

No matter what means you have, I will cut it with one sword!

“Be careful!”

Xuefei couldn’t help shouting!


There was a big bang, and it exploded.

Huge explosion heat wave swept over, even with hundreds of meters’ distance, people were blown all over the place, simply unable to resist!

It’s just the power peripheral. What about Kris in the center of the explosion?

Xuefei was worried to the extreme.

Tiangang and others also became dignified.

“Well, I hit it!”

Toad King couldn’t help crying.

Chapter 422: Refine his body through the celestial thunder

Standing on the ramparts, Xuefei Yuan covered her mouth with her hand.

Her beautiful eyes were full of worry and concern.

“He’ll be fine! It’s going to be okay!” She prayed.

“It’s all over!”

Tiangang Yuan was dumbfounded by what just happened. He thought Kris Chen must be dead after receiving such a deadly strike!

Tu Yan was also in despair.

“That’s it? That’s the best attack you can give?”

At this moment, a disdainful voice from Kris was heard in the sky.

The crowd were all shocked, feeling unbelievable.

Xuefei was moved almost to tears, “He’s fine, I knew it, he’s fine!”

“How is this possible!”

Though Tiangang’s horizon was narrow, he was sure that the monster beast which could transform into human form must be the Supreme Monster, the legendary monster beast he had only read about in books.

However, Kris had survived the strike from the Supreme Monster, which means that Kris was at least a Human Almighty who had reached the Primal Spirit Field.

Primal Spirit Field!

God, an Almighty in Primal Spirit Field appeared in Wuwei City! He, Tianfang Yuan, must had saved the world in his previous life so that he could be under the protection of an Almighty in Primal Spirit Field this lifetime.

“God bless us!”

Tu was also astonished with his mouth widely opened. There was a time he had complained about Kris. If he hadn’t kill Kang Ning, then Tiangang Yuan wouldn’t have suffered that painful ordeal, and his brother wouldn’t have died miserably.

But now, all those thoughts disappeared. He wasn’t qualified to complain or to resent.

In front of the Almighty in Primal Spirit Field, Tu was nothing but an ant. If Kris wanted, he could crush him to death with a finger.

“Almighty in Primal Spirit Field, definitely an Almighty!”

Tiangang was thrilled.


Hearing his words, the disciples of the Yuan family got excited and stared up at Kris, who was safe and sound in the sky.

“Primal Spirit Field? This brat is actually an Almighty in Primal Spirit Field! How’s that possible?”

Knowing that Kris was in the Pill-Condensation Stage had already scared Yujie before, and now the Family Head said he was actually in Primal Spirit Field!

What did that mean?

Yujie had never thought she would meet an Almighty in Primal Spirit Filed in her lifetime. Besides, she had scolded this man before. How dared she?

Xuefei’s face was flushed with shyness, like she was drunken.

At this point, Kris Chen had became the ideal husband she had imagined in her mind.

However, Kris had no idea what she was thinking, or rather, it didn’t matter what Xuefei was thinking for the present.

The full forced strike from Supreme Monster was really powerful, even much more stronger than the Silver Wolf King he had encountered before.

Unfortunately, Kris was not who he used to be. His strength had increased tenfold, especially his flesh body, which had been enhanced again when he was practicing the Nameless Sword Tactics.

He felt that ordinary Taoist Weapons could hardly break his flesh body’s defense now.

So he had endured the hard blow from Bear King with his flesh, and as expected, though a little numb, he resisted it.

It should be also attributed to the new clothing of first class Powerful Weapon he had refined himself, which was highly defensive.

“That’s impossible!”

Bear King stared at him in disbelief, “Who the hell are you!”


Kris snorted, “I’m your father!”


Hearing Kris’s mockery, Bear King instantly went berserk, “The Second Change of Celestial Bear!”

Bear King had returned to its ancestors formation again. This Second Change of Celestial Bear could not only greatly enhance his strength, but could also summon the Three Divine Thunderbolts of Heaven through manipulating the thunders.

Bear King’s body gradually shrank, transforming into a several feet long body. Instead, the thunder huge bear behind him was solidifying, as if there were thunder flashing in its body.

The sky, which was clear before, was somehow dense with dark clouds, flickering with lightning.


The thunder above the dark clouds was still brewing, everyone was nervous, feeling there was a large stone pressed against his heart under the pressure of Thunder Roar.

The energy contained within the thunders was frightening.

Fox Rui, Spider Queen and the others were all terrified.

After al, the most frightening thing for them was the celestial thunder!

Undergoing the tribulation of thunder was a close shave for them, but Bear King could manipulate the thunder. As the Supreme Monster in Fulfilled Period, Bear King, could be considered as the Monster Emperor to some extent.

His ability of manipulating thunder was enough to frighten all of them.

“Thunder Rage!”

Bear King growled.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Three red lightning bolts struck down from the sky.

The powerful thunders and electromagnetic field brought by them gave everyone goose pimples.

The first one to be struck by the lightning was Kris.

Seeing the Three Divine Thunders of Heaven strike down, he was actually a bit excited and wanted to see if this was going to hurt him.

“Come on!”

Kris didn’t move a single bit, letting the lightning strike on his body directly.

“Arrogant!” Bear King laughed, “This is the Three Divine Thunders of Heaven, which could attacking a person’s flesh, primal spirit, and divine soul at the same time! You won’t survive!”

Saying this, Bear King summoned three divine thunderbolts again.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

And these time, the three divine thunderbolts were even more exaggerated than the previous ones.

After summoning six divine thunderbolts in succession, more than half of the Demon Energy in Bear King’s body was deprived!

However, he knew this was not the time to show his weakness, he must kill Kris in one go.

Because he could feel that Kris was still alive!

“Go on! Give me more!”

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Three more divine thunderbolts were striking. The thunderbolts were so red that it almost turned into purple.

Though they were far apart watching this, Fox Rui and the others were shaking with fear, which was an inborn fear for the celestial thunder.

They had survived two tribulations of thunder, but they didn’t dare to recollect those memories because that was too painful.

Take Pangolin King as an example, he had already reached the Fulfilled Period as a Supreme Monster more than two hundred years ago, and could have tried to undergo the tribulation at any time.

However, he was uncertain if he could succeed. The tribulation of thunder for a Supreme Monster to break through to the Monster Emperor was so horrible. They knew very well that only one out of ten thousand Supreme Monsters would be able to survive it.

So when he heard that Fox Rui could offer the Ancestral Blood, Pangolin King was impressed and wanted to have a try.

With the Ancestral Blood, his chances of surviving the tribulation of thunder were more 50%.

Now, Fox Rui finally understood why the Heavenly Monster thought highly of Bear King.

In the midst of the thunderbolts, Kris’s clothes had been burnt to ashes.

Countless electric arcs were flickering on Kris’s skin.

Numbness, pain, soreness, itch. These four feeling mixed together, torturing Kris right now.

The Three Divine Thunders of Heaven was not as unbearable as the previous tribulations Kris had undergone, but it was also vehement.

It seemed to be a good option to refine his flesh.

The impurities within his flesh were eliminated from the body; the dirty blood oozed out of the pores and then was evaporated by the heat.

The hair was constantly burned out by the lightning, but grew again and again with his strong regenerative ability.

Once, twice, three times, four times…

Until the tenth time, the ends of his hair were also full of electricity. Each hair was incomparably tough, shining with fluorescent flow.

He suddenly remembered that a single hair of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, could transform into thousand different shapes. Perhaps, when he had cultivated his flesh to the extreme, he could also possess that magical ability.

Gradually, the energy of the celestial thunder was exhausted. Before the light was completely gone, Kris took an ordinary piece of clothing from his storage ring.

He thought to himself, he should refine a few more sets of stand-by clothes next time, or refine a few sets of high quality clothes.

When the thunder light disappeared, the sun shone down through the clouds, as if the sky had been poked through.

Bear King transformed into his human form, panting heavily, “Now, you should be dead.”

However, a man stood still in the air at this moment. His eyes were shining with divine lights. He didn’t seem to be damaged by those thunderbolts but became stronger than before.

“Not bad, this Three Divine Thunders of Heaven is perfect for refining my body.”

Kris touched his chin, he initially planned to kill Bear King, but now he changed his mind. Why not take him as a pet and ask him to summon the divine thunderbolts to help refine his body?

Just now, he felt that his flesh still had potential to be discovered and improved.

“You… You’ve gone too far!”

Bear King was irritated by his words, gritting his teeth tightly.

Bear King was trembling inside. After all, he was a Supreme Monster in Fulfilled Period. He was pretty confident that he could even combat with the Monster Emperor. Now he had used his killer weapon, but Kris acted as if nothing had happened to him.

Kris even said that his killer weapon was just a tool for him to refine his body! How’s that possible?

By the way, body refining? Was Kris a body refining practicer?

Wasn’t he a sword cultivator?

Or he could practice both of these methods?

Both sword cultivator and body refining practicer are the highest levels of the Human Practitioner. He must be a genius.

“Are you human being?!” Bear King shouted angrily.

Kris laughed, looked at Bear King, and said, “You have two options. The first one, be my pet; the second, go die!”

These contemptuous words stunned everyone on the spot.

Kris wanted a Supreme Monster to be his pet?

How defiant he was!

Tiangang couldn’t help but want to kneel down as his feet trembled.

Xuefei’s legs also gave out, and almost collapsed. She was captured by Kris’s charisma.

Kris was the top hero, the greatest man who she had been dreaming of!

Yujie also gawked at Kris enthusiastically. She was overwhelmed by his domineering prowess!

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