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Chapter 421: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 421 Don’t Misunderstand

The waiter must misunderstand them, for the man did not want to order food, only to be impatient to drive him away, which indicated that the two people would…

Thinking of this, the waiter reminded himself that when the food was served later, he must knock on the door first, lest he would see something he shouldn’t!

“What are you doing?” Anna Xie frowned, she knew he was doing it to mislead the waiter!

Yulin Xiao pretended to be innocent, “Nothing, I just chatted with you casually, how could I know he would misunderstand?”

“You …”

Anna was speechless. He always argued with excuses, but she was unable to prevail upon him, so she could do nothing but to sulk by herself.

Yulin didn’t care about this, still drank in a good mood, “This is not a big deal, why are you so angry like this? What if misunderstood by everyone?”

Anna glared at him angrily, “If you didn’t do that, who will misunderstand?”

“What did I do?” Yulin looked helpless.

Seeing this, Anna didn’t want to talk anymore, turned around to look at her phone by herself, and Yulin stopped teasing her.

It didn’t take long for the waiter to walk in with an assortment of dishes, and he took a special look at both Yulin and Anna as he entered.

Seeing that they were farther apart than just now, he guessed that after he left, they must have done something, because they were caught off guard when heard a knock on the door and moved a bit more than before.

And the strange expressions of them were the best evidence!

“All the dishes have been served!” The waiter stood by Yulin’s side and bent down respectfully.

Yulin nodded, “All right, you can go!”

The waiter understood it, in fact, he could fully understand Yulin’s meaning only with a wink.

“Okay, no one is bothering us now, you can eat!”

Yulin handed the chopsticks to Anna, but Anna didn’t take them. She kept staring at Yulin until he felt uncomfortable.

“What are you doing?” Yulin finally couldn’t help but ask!

“What do you want? Please, let me do it quickly and leave early!” Anna was upset. If he just wanted to humiliate her, he had achieved his goal!

“Nothing, just eat your food! I’m hungry now!”

Yulin put the chopsticks in front of Anna, then had some food by himself. seeing that she didn’t react, he began to chew it loudly.

“Mmm! It’s delicious! It’s really a signature dish, tastes much better than the others!” Yulin spoke extremely exaggeratedly, in fact the taste of the dishes here was just moderate, but in order to get Anna’s attention, he acted very exaggeratedly.

Sure enough, hearing him, Anna couldn’t help but turn her head in the direction of Yulin, which was also the direction of Fu Qi Fei Pian(a famous Chinese food, “Fu Qi” means “couple” in China).

However, when looked at the waiter, she turned her head in anger again, but when smelled the aroma, she could not help but swallowed secretly.

Forget it, it was not necessary to starve herself.

Then Anna picked up the chopsticks in front of her and ate a piece of Fu Qi Fei Pian. Although it was not as delicious as she thought it would be, to Anna, who was starving, it was very good.

After dinner, Anna got back in Yulin’s car.

She was impatiently, “Where the hell else are you taking me?”

“Don’t talk, just follow me!” Yulin didn’t give her an exact answer, just drove to the suburbs.

The location was getting remote and Anna was a little scared, “Where are you going?”

“What? Are you afraid?” Yulin smiled, but didn’t intend to stop the car.

“Weren’t you very bold just now? How come you’re like this now?”

Yulin’s laugh gave Anna goosebumps, she held her arms and winced, “Don’t be so shady!”

“I didn’t want to say it before, but since you have known, I have to admit it.”

“What?”Anna reflexively asked.

Yulin smiled even more sinisterly, “I’m sure you can see that I’m not short of money!”

“So … so what?”

What does that have to do with the current situation?

Seeing her confusion, Yulin couldn’t help but chuckle, “So have you ever wondered where all my money comes from?”

“How could I know!” Anna shrank back warily, “Besides, it is your secret, why would you tell others?”

“You’re going to contribute yourself anyway, so it’s okay if I tell you.”

Anna’s heart thumped, and she looked at Yulin quietly, waiting to hear what he would say next.

“I …”

“No!” Yulin stopped the car and suddenly came close to Anna, she was so scared that she couldn’t help but scream, and moved backward unconsciously. But because of the seat belt, she could not retreat more.

Yulin couldn’t help but snicker, and continued, “My job is to abduct young girls, bring them to the wilderness, and put them …”

“You …… you must be kidding!” Anna was very frightened, but forced herself to play it cool.

Yulin unbuckled himself and held Anna, “How could I be kidding? After I enjoyed them, I sell them to all kinds of places to get a large number of money!”

After saying that, his came close to Anna, there’s only a gap of a pin at the tip of their noses, and even their breaths met together.

“You … you you …”

Just now Anna had only a little suspicion, but now Yulin’s actions made her very afraid.

“Don’t do that, or I’ll call the police!” Anna reached out to pull out her cell phone, but was stopped by Yulin easily.

He laughed in a way that made people sweat, “I warn you not resist, or else it will be you who suffers!”

“Please, don’t do this, just let me go back!” Anna held back her tears and pleaded with Yulin.

And Yulin, after seeing how scared she was, finally couldn’t help but laugh loudly, “Haha, you’re so easy to cheat!”

“You … you are cheating me?” Anna had been relieved, but what if he was lying again?

“Silly girl!” Yulin couldn’t help but flick Anna’s head. It seemed that she was really scared just now!

“What are you doing?” Anna rubbed her head, and her eyes well up with tears because of extreme fear.

“It’s just a joke, why are you making such a fuss?” Yulin glared at Anna with carelessness and helped her unbuckle her seat belt.

“Get down!”

He jumped out of the car, and saw that Anna was still in the car, his frowned again, “Why don’t you come down yet? Do you want me to carry you?”

“Where is this?” Anna vigilantly looked at Yulin, the surrounding was wilderness, while the place where he stopped was a manor with many people there. She did not know anyone here, if he lied…

When seeing how cautious she was, he couldn’t help but laugh, “What? I was just joking with you, and you’re scared? It’s not the same as you were drunk.”

“You ……” Anna was speechless. She just got drunk once and he always threatened her with that!

She vowed never to get drunk again!

No, not even a drink!

“Come down quickly!” Yulin frowned, why does this girl like to wander so much, how could she start running away when talking to him?

“No!” Anna sat in the car and insisted that he had to take her back, “I won’t get out of the car until you take me back!”

“You come down, just walk me in and I’ll send you back later!”

Anna shook her head, “Don’t lie to me like that, I won’t believe any more! Take me back now, or we’ll wait like this!”

“Really?” Yulin suddenly smiled, “Fine, I’ll go in alone, but you don’t hide in the car and cry then!”

“What do you … mean?” Hearing Yulin’s words, Anna became a bit regretful! Nothing would happen in this car, right? He must lie to me again!

Yulin noticed that she’s a little wavering, and continued, “You know what, in the wilderness, when the night comes, I don’t know what kind of animals will appear. This car could defend small animals, but it’s difficult to deal with behemoths!”

“You are lying!”

Anna controlled herself not to think too much.

He must be joking, the man was always immodest!

“Fine, I’m lying! Then you stay here, I’ll go in!”

After saying that, Yulin turned around and walked towards the mansion.

Anna sat in the car and watched him walk further and further away. There was a sunset in the sky, and a rustle of insects chirping.

Everything around here made her feel that this place was incomparably bleak, and when a cool breeze blew by, she couldn’t help but shiver.

“Wait a minute!”

Hearing her voice, Yulin smiled secretly at that moment, but when he turned around, he pretended to be expressionless.

“What? Don’t want me to leave?” He recovered his sloppy appearance and found a tree to lean on.

“What you …… you just said is true?”

Yulin raised his eyebrows, “Do I have to tell lies? I could have used much simpler means to get you down, like just carrying you down!”

“You …” Anna wanted to scold him, but on second thought, that seemed to be reasonable. He had many ways to get her down, so it’s not necessary to tell a tie.

“Then … then you open the door!” Anna pulled on the door a few times but to realize that Yulin had locked it when left.

Yulin played with the car keys in his hand, and did not mean to approach her, the keys were tossed in the air and caught repeatedly, “Unless you beg me!”

“You …” Anna gritted her teeth. He brought her to this hell place, she didn’t even want to go in, and now she had to beg him, what a scoundrel!

Yulin finally threw the key into the air and grabbed it fiercely, “It’s useless for you to curse me in your heart, you have three seconds to think about it, if you don’t talk, I’ll really go away!”




Yulin stopped talking and was going to leave.


Anna gritted her teeth, “I beg you!”

“What?” Yulin put his hands behind his ears, “I can’t hear you! Speak


Anna clenched her fists, she just wanted to kick him hard, but now she was stuck in the car.

“Please, please let me out!”

“Is that how you beg?” Yulin bowed his head carelessly, but showed a sign of smiling.

Anna was furious and stomped her foot heavily, and the car immediately shook with it.

“Hey, don’t do that, this car is the latest one, it has to take millions to repair a little paint!” Yulin heard the sound from the car, immediately became less calm than before.

When Anna heard that, she was a little happy, for she finally knew his weakness.

“Fine, if you don’t let me out, I’ll kick it to pieces!”

Yulin finally ran to the car and glared viciously at the person in the car, “How dare you!”

“You can try!” Anna angled her head and kicked the car hard in order to threaten Yulin.

“OK, OK, I’ll let you out, stop it!”

Yulin hurriedly pressed the key in his hand, after the car rang, Anna opened the door.

“Ouch!” Anna accidentally fell off the car and cut her knee with a small wound.

Yulin was very angry. When he saw her fall from the car, he took a step back deliberately, wanted to give her a lesson. But when he noticed that her knee was bleeding, he’s worried about her.

“So careless, so stupid!” Yulin helped Anna up, though cared about her, he spoke in a mean way!

Anna glared at him and said angrily, “It’s all your fault!”

“And I just saw you backing up!”

“Don’t blame others for your own stupid, you can’t even get out of the car, you must be blind!” Yulin touched his nose unconsciously, although he did it on purpose, it was a little embarrassing. And he was always a gentleman, it’s all because she made him angry this time!

The two argued all the way into the lodge, which was decorated splendidly, and the closer they went, the louder they heard.

When arrived at a villa, she heard the sound of piano.

“Where are we now?” Anna frowned. There were several groups of people dancing together, and although she didn’t often attend such activity, she could recognize that it was a party.

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