“How powerful is he?” Yvette looked at Du Peixin at a loss, and she couldn’t help being so curious.

She felt that her husband, Chuck Cannon, had a strong background. After all, looking back at someone like Karen Lee, it would be impossible if he was not strong!

“Did you know? This hotel owner, Mr. Cannon, asked Zhao Tianlong, the owner of the Zhao family, to interrupt his grandson’s leg…” She was unbelievable until now!

It feels like a dream, unreal, but it’s something that really happened!

“This…” Yvette was surprised.

Is this Mr. Cannon so powerful? ?

“Really, if you see this Mr. Cannon, you feel very surprised, he is so low-key that you can’t recognize him as such a capable person.” Du Peixin said.

“Very low-key? My husband is also very low-key.” Yvette’s mind came to it, Chuck Cannon, who is not shameless.

He, except that time with a new look, cut his hair and bought new clothes, other times, he was very ordinary, he was obviously handsome, but he didn’t dress himself up.

However, in Yvette’s eyes, Chuck Cannon is still handsome, cute and lovely no matter how uncut.

Du Peixin wanted to say, how does your husband compare to Chuck Cannon?

Chuck Cannon is someone who is not afraid of the Zhao family!

It is not comparable to ordinary people.

Your husband is low-key, but he must be far behind! Not on time!

However, she must have not said such hurtful words. Du Peixin still knew this politeness.

“He should come out later, you can take a look, it will definitely surprise you,” Du Peixin said.

“No, no matter how big the background is, I’m not interested in special people, because my husband is the best,” Yvette shook her head and looked back. She was just a little curious, but now she is not.

Yvette is not a nymphomaniac in the first place, so how handsome a man looks? Yvette is not interested.

Du Peixin glanced at Yvette again. Does this woman really love her husband? This should belong to the lover’s eyes.

“Since this is the case, then let’s go, I’m tired, I will take you to my house, you now start to protect me every step of the way.” Du Peixin said.

“En,” Yvette began to work hard, and she already knew what to do after having a mission experience.

Du Peixin drove and took Yvette away.

As soon as they left, Chuck Cannon came out of the hotel. He saw Du Pei’s car away from him. Chuck Cannon shrugged. This woman was smart and Chuck Cannon didn’t dislike her, but Chuck Cannon wouldn’t help her for no reason.

But I haven’t seen Yvette for a few days and missed her a bit. Chuck Cannon sent Yvette a WeChat message, “Wife, where are you?”

Yvette returned after a while, “I didn’t do anything,”

“Then I’m going to find you, let’s learn to fight together,” Chuck Cannon has been studying every day for the past few days. He has not gone to school for the time being and has no time. After all, Overlord Lee may be coming over! He has to improve yourself.

There is no news from my mother, but my mother is monitoring everything in the United States. As long as Overlord Lee makes any rash actions, Chuck Cannon can know the news in advance so that he can make preparations in advance.

“Not now, Is something wrong,” Yvette hurriedly responded like this, how can we be together? I am now doing the job of protecting Du Peixin, letting Chuck Cannon know that she is doing such a dangerous thing, can Chuck Cannon have it?

“Well, love you,” Chuck Cannon was helpless, Yvette might be outside.

“Well, I love you too,” Yvette received the phone, showing a long-lost smile. Warm in my heart.

Du Pei, who was driving, was a little curious, Yvette felt so cold to her but smiled. Is this chatting with her so-called husband? ?

She did not ask her, and when they got home, the two got off the car.

Du Peixin usually lives by herself and is not used to men coming over, so the bodyguard she looked for is also a woman.

Yvette followed in. She didn’t look at how luxurious the house was but at the environment of this villa. This was the vigilance of being a killer and also of being a bodyguard.

This is Yvette’s second task. She must do it well so that her reputation can slowly rise!

In the end, surpass the current black rose and become the world’s first!!

This is Yvette’s current goal!

Du Peixin went to take a bath and rest, Yvette continued to patrol. After that, she began to exercise!

Du Peixin, who came out of the bath, saw Yvette. She was surprised. Yvette had bruises on her arms. Are you working so hard?

“Your husband likes you like this?” Du Pei couldn’t help it anymore. She seldom chatted with other women, but how should she say, she felt good for Yvette.

Men like women to be flawless, but Yvette, with such bruises on her arms, can imagine that the rest of the body should be almost the same, or even more serious, what will happen to men after seeing it? Disgusted?

“I think, he likes it. He doesn’t usually miss it.” Yvette tells the truth. Fighting training is hard, and the body will inevitably have unsightly bruises, so when Yvette and Chuck Cannon are together, they both have when wearing short clothes.

Du Pei had nothing to say.

At this time, she was about to go to bed, but the phone rang suddenly, and she took it out to see that there was a change in her face.

“That Zhao family called?” Yvette came over.

Du Pei didn’t want to pick it up. It was indeed Zhao Yunlei who called. What is he doing? In the hospital!

Do you want me to come to the hospital by myself?

But he doesn’t answer, what should she do? Du Peixin plucked up the courage and took it.

“I’m in the hospital, come look for me.” Yes, Zhao Yunlei has been in the hospital these days. He is bored and wants to find someone to accompany him, so he thought of Du Peixin.

“I’m not here,”

“No? I told you last time, in three days, you opened a good room and waited for me, did you open it?” Zhao Yunlei was holding fire at this moment!

His leg was broken by his grandfather, and he couldn’t do anything. He was really annoyed!

“Me.” Du Pei hesitated, how did she open the room? ? She couldn’t get past this hurdle. To be honest, she wanted to confess to her family for a few days, but in the end, it must be her parents who forced herself to open a room for Zhao Yunlei.

Because at this level, family interests are higher than everything!

She must sacrifice.

But with this hurdle, she couldn’t convince herself that her body was for her future husband, not for the young masters of these big families!

“Give you an hour to come to the hospital, otherwise you will look good!”

The phone was hung up, Du Peixin sat on the sofa, Yvette said, “What did he say?”

“Let me go to the hospital to find him.” Du Pei’s heart was almost dead. At this time, she especially wanted to ask Chuck Cannon for help, but what reason did she find?

“You go, I’ll go with you, if you don’t wanna go, then I’ll be here to protect you,” Yvette said she was particularly disgusted with such things when women were forced to be so.

When she borrowed loan sharks, she was threatened like this. She hated such people!

Du Pei felt that Zhao Yunlei should not dare to treat herself in a hospital, such a place?

Not to mention Yvette.

“I will go to the hospital,” Du Peixin felt, this time to make things clear.

Yvette has no objection.

“When you get to the hospital, don’t say you are my bodyguard, but my cousin,” Du Peixin warned. This is to protect herself. If Zhao Yunlei knows about it that she deliberately finds a bodyguard to defend him, the consequences will be serious.

“it is good.”

The two of them prepared and drove out of the hospital quickly. While on the road, Du Pei wanted to call Chuck Cannon and ask him to help, but he could not find a reason.

She couldn’t open her mouth at all. When she got to the hospital, two people walked inside. Du Peixin told her, “By the way, you listen to my order. You don’t need to speak without me.”

This matter is particularly serious. If you rush to take action, then the Du family of Du Peixin will definitely be retaliated by Zhao Yunlei, so you must restraint.

“What if he wants to do to you?” Yvette asked.

“Anyway, listen to my orders… you don’t understand. I have a family behind me. If I offend Zhao Yunlei. It doesn’t matter what my fate is, but what about my family?” Du Peixin felt deep powerlessness. This is powerlessness against a powerful family. Feeling, yeah, if the perverted Zhao Yunlei asked her to do something in the ward, what should hse do?

“Okay.” Yvette agreed because Du Peixin is now her employer!

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