Chapter 422: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 422 Pretend to Love Each Other

“Let’s go.” Yulin Xiao didn’t answer, just helped her went into there.

But Anna Xie stopped, “We shouldn’t go in here!”

Yulin was holding her up, then stopped too, “Why not?”

“Are you stupid? This is a banquet, not a big stall, and we will definitely be laughed at if we dress like this!”

Anna glared at him. A man who drove a luxury car, went to the upscale restaurants even didn’t know about this, what an upstart.

“Oh, I see!” Yulin laughed, “But your wound looks serious, if you don’t put medicine on it, you might get tetanus …”

“No, no!” Anna covered his mouth, “Are you cursing me? Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Uhhh…” Yulin didn’t expect her to cover his mouth suddenly, and was a little breathless, so he struggled hard to pull her hand away.

Anna thought he was joking with her and pulled Yulin’s hand tighter.

Their struggling sound caught the attention of the people inside the house. “Who are you?” Several people ran out, and the man in the lead frowned and asked.

Yulin was a little embarrassed, for he recognized that it was his good friend’s voice. If he saw Yulin in such a mess, he’s going to laugh at him for a while!

Then Yulin turned back. Anna thought he was trying to break free and grabbed him harder, but stepped on a rock and, accidentally pushed him down, and she pressed against him.

In this way, Yulin’s face was facing upwards. Those who rushed out later and saw this scene were staggered in place.

“Mr. Xiao, what are you doing here!” One of the leading men was the first to recognize him and ran over to pull him up.

Hearing this, the people behind him all understood suddenly and rushed over.

“Wait, Wait! You back up!”

Yulin afraid that they would hurt Anna accidentally, ordered them to back off, and he gently poked Anna.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“No, don’t move!”

Anna shrieked, and Yulin, who had been pressed under her body, immediately stopped moving, “What… what happened?”

“Nothing, a foot cramp.”

Yulin was speechless, what a fuss!

He inclined his head to look at Anna, “Now can you get up?”

“Oh …… oh! Sorry!” Anna had wondered why the ground was so soft, and she didn’t hurt when fell down. It turned to be a human flesh cushion under her.

“How about you? Are there any more injuries?” Yulin got up and started checking Anna’s body, and relieved to see that there were no wounds all over her.

His such performance made the surrounding people all feel surprised: is he the formerly prodigal playboy? What’s wrong with him? How would he care so much about a woman!

“Well … Mr. Xiao!” The man who first recognized him just now called him softly, then stood out from the crowd.

Anna was uncomfortable when Yulin looked at her like that, then looked in that direction of the sound, she only to be instantly stunned.

How could there be so many people? So they had been watching the embarrassing scene just now? God, what a shame!

“Why are you all here?” Sensing Anna’s shyness, Yulin couldn’t help but step forward and shield her behind himself.

“We heard a commotion outside and thought something had happened, so we all came out to take a look, but we didn’t expect it to be you, Mr. Xiao.” That man hurriedly explained when found that Yulin’s was unhappy.

Yulin nodded and said nothing more, “You guys go on, she’s hurt, I’ll take her upstairs to refresh the bandage.”

Turning around, he saw Anna’s confused expression and sighed, then took her in his arms and walked towards the crowd.

Seeing Yulin approaching, the crowd hurriedly scattered to the sides to make a way.

When everyone looked at them, Anna was a little embarrassed and hid her head into Yulin’s arms.

And the women around her had been glaring at Anna with jealous, and if there was no Yulin, maybe they would have rushed up and torn her to pieces!

“Do I have to go downstairs later?”

Anna asked Yulin tentatively when they reached the upstairs bedroom.

She did not want to go down, because she would certainly be ridiculed dressing like this. Besides, the stares of those women just now were already enough to make her unbearable, and if she went down again, there will definitely be trouble.

“Of course you have to!” Yulin looked up, “We come here for this party, why don’t you go down?”

“What do you mean? Didn’t you ask me to compensate you? What does this have to do with compensation?” Anna felt like she had fallen into a trap and was getting deeper and deeper.

Yulin flicked her head, “What are you thinking about? This is the way to compensate me!”

“What?” Anna was a little confused.

From the beginning, she seemed to be taking advantage, eating, riding in luxury cars, attending banquets, except for that little episode that he lied to her, while all of there had nothing to do with compensation!

“Today is a woman’s birthday, you just need to stay by my side and do nothing, and that’s it.” Yulin explained, but still didn’t make the point.

Anna didn’t know if it was an illusion, but felt that there was a hint of sadness in Yulin’s eyes when he said this.

She wanted to retort as she did before, but on second thought, she didn’t say anything.

“But look, it’s not appropriate for me to come here for a party dressed like this!”

Anna looked down at herself, a simple T-shirt, a pair of white denim shorts, a pair of white shoes, which were completely different from those dressed up ladies below. She would be a joke!

“Don’t worry. Let’s bandage the wound first, don’t get infected.” Yulin continued to clean the dust from the wound.

Anna watched him do it gently and had a strange feeling in her heart. When the cotton swab was dipped in alcohol and placed on the wound, a sudden stinging pain brought Anna back to her senses.


Yulin looked up once more, “What’s wrong? Does it hurt?”

Anna was uncomfortable by his look and blushed, “Yes, a little …”

“Then I’ll be more gentle.”

Yulin looked down again and focused on cleaning her wounds.


A soft female voice sounded at the door, and Yulin froze for a moment, but quickly resumed cleaning the wound.

“I knew you would come!” When the woman saw that Yulin was ignoring her, she didn’t get angry and just said.

Yulin still didn’t say anything, and there was silent throughout the hall. The woman waited for a while, until Yulin still did not speak, then she sighed softly.

“Anyway, thank you for coming!” After saying that, she stopped waiting for Yulin and turned around to go downstairs.

Anna looked down and saw Yulin’s gradually relaxing after the woman left, which made her a little sad.

She suppressed that strange emotion and asked, “Who’s she?”

After waiting for a while, Yulin said, “It’s the main character of today’s banquet, we’ll have to go down later.”

“Oh.” Anna replied absent-mindedly. Just now when woman entered the door, she could feel that innate temperament, and that superiority that made others inferior.

But she was still curious and took a peek at the woman’s face, and for a moment, she blamed God for being so unfair, for giving her supreme glory, and an incomparable face!

She had delicate features, even when frowning was more beautiful than others.

“Okay, try standing up and see if you can walk.” Yulin bandaged her up and then got up and took a half step back.

Anna stood up obediently, took a few steps, and did not feel much pain.

In fact, she felt this is not a big deal at all, but he may be used to seeing pampered and spoiled girls, so he thought she was also weak like them.

But Anna simply did not care about this little injury, even without bandages, she could move freely, but a little tingling occasionally.

“Here are some dresses, try them on, if they don’t fit, I’ll find others.” Yulin pointed to a row of dazzling gowns behind her and said.

Anna turned around and was speechless with surprise. There were all kinds of colorful dresses in the back, each of them was like specially tailored for a princess.

“Then you can pick one first, I’ll be right outside, call me if you need anything.”

Yulin said and went out. The moment he closed the door, Anna felt relaxed completely, she didn’t want him to knew her discomfort.

She always felt that if two people were not on equal position, then she could not talk to him without fear.

The clothes here were all too flashy, she looked around and didn’t find one she liked. In a crowd, she did not like to be too attractive, so finally, she did not choose anyone.

Opening the door, Yulin turned around with a smile, and expected to see

a woman in full dress appearing in front of him, but only to find she had changed nothing.

“Why didn’t you change your clothes?” Yulin frowned and asked her.

Anna was a little nervous, “The clothes inside don’t quite fit me, so …”

“So what?”

“So can I not go to the party?” Anna closed he eyes and asked it finally.

“Not go there?” Yulin laughed, “What do you think I bring you here for? Do you think you have another choice?”

“I can compensate you in other ways!”

In fact, in addition to those inappropriate clothes, she also had some selfish thoughts that she didn’t want to be a shield between he and that woman, which made her a pawn without dignity.

“The compensation is up to me, except for this I haven’t thought of any other ways yet!”

Yulin did not want to talk more, walked directly to the dresses, and casually picked one, “Just this, you are not the main character, so don’t have to wear so bright.”

“I’ll come in in ten minutes.”

Gave it to Anna, Yulin closed the door again.

Anna took the dress and stood frozen in place. It was a knee-length white dress in simple style, without too many decorations but a large bow around the waist, which looked very cute.

“It’s been three minutes!”

Anna heard Yulin’s sound at the door and immediately woke up, for she knew that a scoundrel like him would rush in when time’s up!

Anna started undressing without hesitation. If that was a compensation, she had nothing to lose. She just had to eat and drink at the party, and enjoyed the upper life by the way.

“Ten minutes is up!”

After saying that, Yulin pushed the door immediately. Yulin froze when he saw Anna.

Although he could only see her back, with her slender figure and such a dainty gown, her looked so elegant.

“What’s wrong?” Anna turned, she heard nothing and thought she was wearing a wrong clothes.

“Nothing, it’s beautiful.” Yulin was also a little embarrassed. He’s a playboy who had seen many women, how could he be charmed by a little girl?

“Let’s go.” Yulin held out his arm for her to take.


Anna took his hand and was about to take a step, while Yulin stopped and called her, “Wait a minute!”

“What’s wrong again?” Anna looked at him in confusion.

“You wear these shoes?”

Anna looked down at the white shoes on her feet and asked rhetorically, “Can’t I?”

“God!” Yulin was furious, how could there be a girl who didn’t know how to match her outfit!

“Sit down.” Yulin didn’t wait for her response, went straight to the shoe section and picked a pair of high heels over.

Touching Anna’s ankle, he suddenly noticed the injury on her knee, “You can’t wear high heels, right?”

“Huh?” Anna hurriedly waved her hands, “I can, I can wear!”

But Yulin went back to the shoe section and re-found a pair of heels that were only three centimeters high.

“This would be better, after all, you have to match this gown with high heels.”

“Okay.” Anna agreed, and when Yulin was about to put on shoes for her, she quickly stopped, “I … I can do it myself!”

Yulin’s looked at her eyes, “We should pretend to love each other!”

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