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Zhao Yunlei’s ward.

Zhao Yunlei stared at his broken leg, the pain was no longer there, but his heart was full of resentment!

It’s all that because of Chuck Cannon, all that because of Chuck Cannon!! I got my grandson’s leg broken!

“YunLei, you must understand my good intentions,” Zhao Tianlong came to see his grandson.

“Grandpa, who is that Chuck Cannon?” Zhao Yunlei asked coldly, with hatred in his eyes!

In the past few days, he always wanted to find someone to kill Chuck Cannon, smash Chuck Cannon’s body into thousands of pieces, dreaming about it!

“He, I don’t know too much, but his family strength is ranked in the entire world! And it surpasses our Zhao family,” Zhao Tianlong sighed. He deliberately checked the US technology company these days. The result shocked him!

The market value of this company has exceeded 500 billion U.S. dollars…

What is this concept?

The concept of horror!

And it’s still being promoted. Once the metal developed is mass-produced, breaking the trillion yuan is just around the corner!

We must know that this technology company is not only researching this new type of metal, but also what kind of medicine is being developed. If it can develop medicines for cancer and terminal illnesses, how much is this worth?

I am afraid it will be appalling!

“Overtake our Zhao family?” Zhao Yunlei was vicious.

He also thought, if not his strength, how could his grandfather compromise and beat him? But he couldn’t accept that Chuck Cannon’s family had more money than his own. ? He can’t accept it!

“Yes, this Chuck Cannon, don’t mess with him, if others really want to deal with us, then our Zhao family will face revenge like an earthquake, Yun Lei.” Zhao Tianlong sighed.

He couldn’t even think of it, the dignified Zhao family actually bowed their heads with others in China.

“Grandpa, I…” Zhao Yunlei hates!

“Forget about what happened this time, take a good rest, just tell me what you need, and you will be satisfied at home,” Zhao Tianlong walked out.

Zhao Yunlei threw something in anger, crackling!

He got more anger in his heart. He got up from the bed and limped away. At this time, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Zhao Yunlei narrowed his eyes.

The door opened, Du Peixin walked in, Zhao Yunlei had a perverted smile on his face, “It’s really time to come, come here!”

He was going to get angry, and the anger Chuck Cannon gave him, he had no place to vent, only on women.

However, his eyes suddenly appeared astonishing. After Du Peixin walked in, a superb beauty with a peaked cap actually came in, beautiful, so beautiful…

Zhao Yunlei was attracted at once.

Yes, Yvette’s beauty is indescribable, and Du Peixin’s superb beauties will be so overshadowed in front of Yvette!

The appearance and figure are all perfect to the extreme!

Very line figure.

“Who is she?” Zhao Yunlei asked, pointing at Yvette. Hey, what are you doing here?

Du Peixin saw Zhao Yunlei’s expression, and she was actually so happy.

How can she say that Zhao Yunlei’s gaze is already fixed on Yvette, then… can Yvette replace herself?

This is a selfish thought, and Du Peixin has been forced to do it.


Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei’s heart, and Du Pei’s face blushed, and she was blindfolded.

“Let me ask you, who is she?” Zhao Yunlei grinned grimly.

“Me, my cousin,” Du Pei faltered, the hot pain on her face made her feel ashamed. Last time she was beaten by Zhao Yunlei, but last time it was only her and Zhao Yunlei. This time is different, and Yvette, when an outsider saw that she was beaten like this, she really wanted to fight back.

But she didn’t dare. She didn’t have the strength of Chuck Cannon. If she retaliated, then her family would suffer.

“Cousin?” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, showing kindness, and beckoned to Yvette, “Come, come over.”

There was cold in Yvette’s eyes. When she saw Zhao Yunlei beating her employer like this, she wanted to rush over.

Because it is her responsibility to come here.

But Du Peixin just touched her cheek, did not speak, Yvette couldn’t do anything.


Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei again, “Go, let your cousin come over,”

The shame in Du Pei’s heart made her eyes red, and she looked at Yvette.

Yvette walked over after being silent, “Something?”

“What’s your name, beauty?” Zhao Yunlei looked at Yvette unscrupulously.

Yvette did not answer.

“You are so beautiful, much more beautiful than your cousin, and much better in the figure,” Zhao Yunlei chuckled, really, especially the temperament, glamorous, which makes people want to conquer.

Yvette frowned, “What do you want to say?”

“Haha, what do I want to say?” Zhao Yunlei grabbed Du Peixin’s hair, “kneel down!”

The intense shame kept Du Pei’s heart still, she was struggling, Zhao Yunlei sneered, and slapped her to the ground, “Being disobedient!”

At this time, Du Pei wanted to die. She couldn’t bear such an insult.

Yvette helped Du Peixin up and stared at him, “What do you want to do?”

If Yvette were alone, she would have killed Zhao Yunlei long ago!

But Du Peixin, the employer, hasn’t spoken yet.

“What are you doing? Your cousin didn’t tell you, who am I?” Zhao Yunlei limped and walked over.


“She said, you should be obedient then, come and kneel down for me.” Zhao Yunlei ordered.

Yvette’s eyes were cold, “You say it again!”

“Oh, there is a bit of character!” Zhao Yunlei laughed, “Seeing your cousin being beaten by me, she is a slave in my eyes, and you are a little better because you are more beautiful than her, I give you a chance to kneel down .”

Du Peixin saw Yvette getting cold, and she hurriedly got up. If Yvette did something, it would be over! Never do this.

“Don’t,” Du Pei held Yvette’s hands, “Don’t…”

Yvette frowned, snap!

Zhao Yunlei’s abnormal slap hit Yvette’s face. Yvette’s eyes were cold. At this time, her hands were hugged by Du Peixin, and she had no time to resist, and her face was hot and painful.

“Haha, as expected, a pretty woman feels better with a slap, haha.” Zhao Yunlei laughed triumphantly, Chuck Cannon gave him the anger, and he wanted to vent it today.

“No, you have suffered from resisting my family,” Du Pei begged.

Yvette’s eyes were fierce, “Let go.”


Zhao Yunlei slapped Yvette’s face again with a slap. Yvette didn’t frown but blushed with eye-catching slap marks.

“Dare to prepare to fight back, right?” Zhao Yunlei savagely, “I will let your whole family die, do you believe it or not?”

Yvette’s fist clenched, she looked at Du Pei’s heart, and she felt disappointed in her heart. It was all for this reason, why not resist?

Suddenly, she thought that when she went to buy a car, she was beaten by a salesperson. In the end, she did not resist. She was unable to resist. Now, Du Peixin is the same as herself at the time.

Yvette sighed suddenly. The woman was forced to this point. It was also pitiful. She felt a little sympathetic to Du Pei.

“Master Zhao, don’t fight,” Du Peixin realized that Yvette was going to get angry, she could only ask Zhao Yunlei, nothing else.

“I won’t fight if you tell me not to fight?” Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei’s face with his backhand, “Know what I asked you to come over for? I’m very hot, do you know?”

Du Pei held her cheek in his heart, and the hot pain made her collapse. She didn’t have the courage to resist, she wanted to die.

“I know, I want to talk to you,” Du Pei found courage.

“Talk to me? Are you qualified to stand and talk to me? Kneel?!” Zhao Yunlei laughed abnormally.

Du Pei was so ashamed that she couldn’t kneel down.

She especially wanted to run out, but what about her Du’s family?

“I let you kneel!” Zhao Yunlei kicked Du Pei’s heart. Du Pei held her stomach and fell to the ground, her face white.

“Do you think I like you? Your Du family is rubbish, understand? If I step on it, I step on it, if I want you to kneel, you have to kneel, or I will let you have nothing to eat!” Zhao Yunlei limped When he walked in front of Du Pei’s heart, there was a distortion in his heart. The shame Chuck Cannon gave him, he can only find it in others!!

“Kneel, do you hear?”

Du Pei sat up and was ashamed, so tears flowed in her eyes. What should she do?

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