Chapter 423 – 424: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 423: 1VS5

“How dare you!” Bear King’s eyes turned red, and his whole body was full of momentum. It seemed that he intended to enlarge his moves!

The momentum of a Supreme Monster in the Fulfilled period was released fully.

Above the city wall.


The crowd was suddenly overwhelmed by this impelling force.

It was not something they could resist at all.

Tiangang Yuan who was in back-to-self stage was not able to resist, although Bear King did not deliberately target him. If Tiangang Yuan was deliberately targeted, he could be crushed into flesh foam in an instant.

It was too terrible. Just the emitting momentum could make them unable to react.

How much pressure would Kris suffer when standing in front of Bear King?

“Still have cards?”

“It seems that you are going to choose the other way. What a pity. Although I want to raise a bear, you are so stubborn that I have to kill you.” Kris smiled.

When Kris saying that words, a lightsaber appeared in his hand!

Sword Energy was still wantonly killing beasts around, and the smell of blood had rendered the air reddish.

Above the city wall, the dagger: kill Qin was still absorbing resentment!

Resentment almost condensed into substance, as if there were countless resent souls roaring.

The dagger: kill Qin was also so full of resentment that it was taken out of blood.

Kris condensed Sword Energy into a big sword or dispersed it to crush beasts with invincible power.

Another move, which Kris uses less, was to stack Sword Energy together.

It was like the sword he gave to Mei Shu last time.

It was based on ordinary sword.

In addition, it could be stacked without a carrier.

But it required the power of control, a tough body, and a strong Spiritual Power.

It happened that all three conditions were met by Kris!

The radiance of the lightsaber in his hand was almost as dazzling as the sun.

Ten Sword Energy, one hundred Sword Energy, three hundred Sword Energy and one thousand Sword Energy.

The lightsaber in his hand became hotter and heavier.

Kris weighed it out; it was at least 5,000 kilograms and still increasing!

What’s going on?

Did Sword Energy have weight when stacking? This made Kris think of the law of conservation of energy.

It was like air that could not be seen or touched, but if compassed, it also had weight.

1500 Sword Energy, 2000 Sword Energy!

When it was added to 2000 Sword Energy, the weight of the sword has reached 15,000 kilograms.

The Sword Energy it contains soared into the sky.

He was looking forward to how powerful it could be when the 2000 Sword Energy of back-to-self stage in Fulfilled period broke out at the same point.

If it wasn’t almost out of control, he really wanted to keep stacking.

“Bear King, we’re here to help you!”

Fox Rui flew over, followed by Spider Queen and other demons.

The unknown sword cultivator in front of him was so powerful that all of them felt great pressure!

Bear King nodded with his eyes colder and colder. He patted his stomach and a drop of black blood rose from his mouth.

The blood gave out a cold breath and was powerful enough to destroy the world.


The moment that the blood emerged, beast tide that remained here all lowered down their heads and groveled on the ground, didn’t dare to move a bit.

Ancestral blood, it’s actually ancestral blood!

Fox Rui said hastily, “Bear King, take back ancestral blood now!”

Other people like Spider Queen all dumbfounded that they knew well about how precious ancestral blood was, and they knew clearly why Bear King called out ancestral blood now!

“Bear King, don’t!”

“I’ve made my mind. I must kill this sword cultivator as he’s too tough!”

Bear King once again smeared ancestral blood on his head.

Suddenly, dark lines emerged in his head and then covered all over his body.

He grew stronger and stronger that wind blew around his body while there’s no wind here, fairy aura within hundred miles all affected by him and being absorbed into his body.

Other people like Spider Queen all felt so distressed, Bear King was absolutely a reckless waste of grain, ancestral blood was too wasteful to be used only one time.

However, the power of ancestral blood was amazing, with that Bear King broke the bonds between Supreme Monster and Monster Emperor!

It could be said that he already entered the stage of Monster Emperor.

His momentum as Monster Emperor suppressed the whole place, even Kris felt some pressure.


No one in Wuwei City could stand still overbearing by his momentum.

It’s like the god got mad.

“Third Change of Celestial Bear!”

The giant bear behind Bear King opened his eyes, a single hair in its body could be seen clearly, and a momentum that was so strong that made people frightened coming out from it.

Bear King roared, “God-Exterminate Bomb!”

He bore huge pressure that he forced himself to break through the bonds, so his skin was now full of cracks.

A supreme God-Exterminate Bomb integrated from the giant bear’s mouth in the sky.

The energy was so ferocious that it could destroy the heaven!

Kris was grim-faced.


The lightening-blade was so quick that it rushed to the giant bear in a second.

The God-Exterminate Bomb that could annihilate the heaven made everyone frightened.

Although the lightening-blade was small, it contained not less energy than God-Exterminate Bomb!

Two thousand powerful lightening-blades integrated by Back-to-self stage could change everything.

“Slash it for me!”

The lightening-blade slashed the God-Exterminate Bomb into half.


The God-Exterminate Bomb bombed in the mid-air and caused a strong wind that made trees within ten miles all uprooted!

Half the walls around here have been destroyed!

Seeing the remnant of the bomb spread to the city, Kris took out a large insulate array in his deposit ring.

A light dome covered most of the Wuwei City in an instant!

Powerful remnant was blocked by the light dome.


Kris wiped off sweat in his forehead.

Luckily, he made this array when he was boring, otherwise half the population of Wuwei City would die in this bomb.

They couldn’t resist remnant from a war like this.

“What, that’s impossible!”

The God-Exterminate Bomb released by Bear King who almost entered the stage of Monster Emperor could be blocked by this sword cultivator.

How could it be possible!

Even Bear King himself was dumbfounded, his final move was blocked by this sword cultivator so easily.

But what most surprised them was the lightening-blade blew at the giant bear after it slashed the God-Exterminator Bomb!


A blast that was much more powerful than God-Exterminate Bomb blew.

Most of the beast tide had been killed by God-Exterminate Bomb, now the remaining herd was injured in this blast.

Kris himself didn’t know how powerful it is when two thousand back-to-self stage blow together.

But now he knew.

Fortunately, it blew in the air, if it fell to the ground, then nothing could survive within several miles!

He felt complicated, he didn’t expect that he made himself a walking nuclear weapon through cultivation!

And also, a pollution-free weapon.

“Let’s do it together, this sword cultivator is too strong, we couldn’t defeat him separately.”

Fox Rui said.


Spider Queen spun a huge net which was her final magic weapon, so fierce that people who was shrouded by the net would be dissolved into poisonous liquid by the venom in the net, even their primal spirit couldn’t run away.

“Bigger, bigger, bigger!”

This magic weapon already equaled to a medium Dao weapon, a net that could blot out the sky and cover the sun dropped at Kris.

“Soul Summoning Bell!”

Fox Rui turned his hand and took out the Soul Summoning Bell that ran in the Qingqiu family for generations.

This magic weapon was a Superior Dao weapon that could shake souls and manipulate minds, even devour primal spirit.

“Million Scales Armor!”

A light flashed and a brand-new shining armor appeared in Pangolin King’s body.

The armor could do both attack and defense, also equipped with ignition.

He called in his mind and then a golden scale whip presented in his hand.


Golden scale whip changed instantly and stretched so far that it slashed at Kris immediately!

Toad King saw them all summoned their best shot, how could him stand by and watch.

He opened his mouth and spat a blast of poisonous smoke, “Soul-Eating Smoke!”

That’s his natal poison, to be exactly, an interesting poisonous smoke.

Toad king was a talented person. Miasma that comes from marshes and woods are the produced by the Soul-Eating Smoke that has been diluted for thousands of times.

Even so, marshes and woods are forbidden areas for living creatures, other than creatures that living in, monster beasts would die once entering.

Bear King breathed heavily and called a holy lightening again, but this time he tried to call an advanced holy lightening.

“Five Divine Thunders!”

There’s a legend that in the Devil Land, there were five gods of thunder, Holy God of Thunder in the East, Divine God of Thunder in the South, Majestic God of Thunder in the West, Grand God of Thunder in the North and Swift God of Thunder in the center.

Five gods of thunder control divine thunders in five directions, they could destroy everything by crash a thunder and penalize human!

Dark clouds piled up, divine thunders summoned up, Bear King also paid a price!

He already did everything he could do, if he couldn’t kill Kris then… he’d better run away.

Huge net shrouded downward, attacks from those monsters almost blocked all his retreat ways!

There’s no turning back. Now Kris realized the importance of master a skill!

A real Primal Spirit Field can shift to anywhere he wants, he’s also a big one in Primal Spirit Field Stage, why he couldn’t do that?

The world’s suppressing him, without doubts.

That’s to say, Kris must cultivate to Primal Spirit Field Stage in this devil land!

Chapter 424: The Highest Grade Taoist Weapon

Those five hundred sword energies smashed the big net and the golden scale whip.

Face with the Soul Summoning Smoke, Kris Chen did not dare to be careless and closed his six senses.

This smoke made his hair stand on end and it was dangerous.


At this moment, there was thunder and lightning from the sky.

It was dark all around as if God was angry.


Kris Chen gritted his teeth and stood in the thunder.

Wasn’t it just being struck by lightning? It was an excellent opportunity to develop my body.

He just happened to practice Nameless Sword Tactics these days, and he felt that his body was much stronger than before!

He took out a Vitality Pill with colorful clouds from the storing ring, and the tremendous vitality exploded in his body.


Kris Chen could even survive under the thunder with manpower.

“He is too arrogant. These Five Divine Thunders are more powerful than the Three Divine Thunders.”

Bear King sneered. To some extent, Five Divine Thunders had half the power of the Supreme Monster’s promotion to the Monster Emperor, and a person in the primal spirit field cannot resist.

Even if he could survive, he would be seriously injured.

And he would die in the end.

Lightning struck on Kris Chen’s body, and instantly, his skin and fur were scorched.

The powerful electric current flowed violently in his body.

His muscles, bones, veins, and even cells were destroyed by lightning!

Then, because of the Vitality Pill, it continued to repair and continuously gave birth to new cells, flesh, and blood.

The newly spawned flesh and blood became stronger.

Kris Chen was naked in the air, and a series of sword patterns appeared on his body. Kris Chen didn’t know what did these sword patterns mean, but it appeared when he was practicing Nameless Sword Tactics.

However, with those sword patterns, his physical body further strengthened, and he felt that his body has become an indestructible sword.

With the repeated bombardment of the Five Divine Thunders, small thunder and lightning lines appeared on the sword pattern.

After a while, the lightning in the sky gradually decreased.

The breath belonging to Kris Chen was also getting weaker.

“Haha, the sword cultivator was finally killed by me!”

Bear King clenched his fists and started to laugh.

It was not easy. He did everything he could and even wasted his precious ancestral blood. He was determined to kill Kris Chen!

Above the city wall, Tiangang Yuan and others all looked terrified.

Xuefei Yuan also couldn’t believe it, “No, no, he will be fine.”


At this moment, a loud noise came from the sky.

Kris Chen, wearing a long robe, stood in the air.

The muscles all over his body were powerful, and after being stroke by the lighting, his body was further strengthened.

He was much stronger, and this feeling was wonderful.

Then, two thousand sword energies gradually appeared in the palm of his hand, the feeling of escaping and struggling was gone.

It was true that as long as the body was strong enough, it could condense infinite sword energies.

He opened a thousand acupuncture points, a total of 180,000 sword energies. If he could absorb them all, can he kill an accumulated spirit person?

When three thousand and five hundred sword energies appeared, that kind of uncontrollable feeling appeared again.

At this time, the weight of the sword has reached 50,000 jin.


While everyone was dumbfounded, the lightsaber was shining and gave out a laser, pierced through the smoke, and cut the big web made by the Spider Queen!

The Golden Scale Whip was also cut into two pieces.

Even so, the lightsaber had spare power and shot directly at the Bear King.

It was too fast, almost to the extreme!

And it was faster than before!

It was too late to dodge.

The Bear King roared and changed into his real body suddenly. Only by his real body could his defense power be the strongest.

A Purple Thunder Hammer appeared in front of him.

“Ring the Soul Summoning Bell!”

Fox Rui rang the bell quickly, and the breathtaking sonic attack attempted to disturb the mind of Kris Chen.

However, Kris Chen only felt some dizziness.

Now his divine spiritual power was extremely powerful, and it was wishful thinking that the Soul Summoning Bell would confuse his mind!

Kris Chen was not affected in any way.

Fox Rui exclaimed: “It was impossible! He was not influenced by it at all!”


The lightsaber directly smashed the Purple Thunder Hammer, and then came out!

It directly pierced through the body of the Bear King and his monster soul!

“Kill him!”

Kris Chen screamed and rushed to him directly.

They all thought his sword was the most powerful, but in fact, his body was also very powerful.

His speed has surpassed the speed of sound, and the surrounding air became vacuumed, making a sonic boom.

“Quickly, stop him!”

The Spider Queen and others’ magic weapons were destroyed and they were also injured.

Especially Pangolin King, he was badly hurt!

The Spider Queen spewed extremely poisonous smoke, and the Toad King’s Soul Summoning Smoke was also blocked in front of them. Could he dare to touch these poisonous things?

Their poisonous smoke could corrode the primal spirits.

They were too stupid, and I would not use my body to rush through.

The sword!

Kris Chen yelled. In the sky, the Kill Qin which absorbed enough grievances turned into a stream of light and flew directly into his hand.

As soon as he held the sword, Kill Qin gave the promotion information to him.

It was the highest grade Taoist Weapon!

In addition to absorbing grievances, there were two more skills.

It can form ghosts and summon souls and turn into ghosts!

The second skill was the most practical, and that was confine souls!

“Great, that’s awesome!”

Kris Chen laughed. He finally made it after waiting for so long!

“Confine the soul of that bear for me first.”

The dagger: Kill Qin exuded an invisible sound wave. The sword went through the thick toxic smoke and caught the Monster Soul of the Bear King, who was about to die!

After being caught, he was taken into the sword body. The dagger: Kill Qin could choose to swallow and strengthen himself, or he could turn him into a ghost. Of course, his strength was only one-third before he died.

Fox Rui and the monsters just saw the Bear King, who was stronger than them, died in front of them, and his monster soul was taken away by Kris Chen.

He could never bear again!

The other four monsters thought of it at the same time!

“Kill them!”

The dagger: Kill Qin wielded the sword energies, the sword energies formed by the insidious grievances and it was not afraid of these so-called poisons, the grievances were the most poisonous thing in the world!

In an instant, the poisonous smoke that enveloped them has swept away!

“The sword with divine spiritual power!”

Kris Chen did not want to talk nonsense with them. He knew his strength now. Under the accumulated spirit, no one should be his opponent. Similarly, the fulfilled period Supreme Monster also did not work.

As for Monster Emperor and people at the accumulated spirit, he didn’t know.

An invisible sword was condensed above their heads, invisible and untouchable, but the four monsters felt that big rock was pressed against their hearts.

If they didn’t escape now, they would all die here!

Although the Spider Queen was vicious, she didn’t want to die.

A diversion appeared 100 meters away from them, and she didn’t even greet them before leaving. She was terrified.

Although the ancestral blood was good, she must survive first so she could have a chance to use it!

Just when she was about to diversion a second time, the sword of divine spiritual power went directly to her.

The sword did not encounter any obstacles, and easily killed the monster soul of the Spider Queen.

Unlike the Silver Wolf King, his sword of divine spiritual power stopped on the halfway.

It was better now, and his divine spiritual power was several times stronger than before.

It was like cutting butter with a hot knife, and it was quite easy!

The Spider Queen rolled her eyes and she was out of breath in an instant. Her body transformed into the real body and a huge colorful spider fell from the sky!

“Confine her soul!”

The dagger: Kill Qin once again confined the soul of the Spider Queen.

“Again! Other mysterious tactics!”

Xuefei covered her mouth with excitement in her heart.

There was a little complaint in her heart. You were a liar, and he said that he was a master of poisoning. But he didn’t use poison at all.

Of course, it shouldn’t rule out that his poisonous method was too high and she couldn’t see it!

But these were not important anymore, and he looked elegant, composed, and steady now.

The images of resisting the thunder alone were all deeply imprinted in her mind.

“Who will be next?”

Kris Chen glanced around.

Fox Rui, Toad King, and Pangolin King were even more frightened.

They didn’t know what Kris Chen did and why did Spider Queen die without any struggle!

Demon, this man was a great demon!

“Practitioner, do you know what kind of mistake you made?”

Fox Rui said courageously: “You have hindered the recovery of Lord Heavenly Monster, and the Lord Heavenly Monster will not let you go!”

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