Chapter 423: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 423 Don’t Force Yourself

Anna withdrew her hand, sat up straight and stretched out her feet uncomfortably. Yulin Xiao smiled when saw her embarrassing look, picked up her feet and put her shoes on.

“Okay, have a try.” Yulin stood up and reached out to her.

Anna was in a trance for a moment, but quickly calmed down and took Yulin’s hand in hers. When she touched him, her palm glowed with heat.

“Is it hot?” Yulin looked down and saw Anna’ s strange expression, “Or the shoes are too high to walk in?”

“No … it’s fine!” Anna lowered her head to hide her inner stirring, she didn’t know what was wrong with her, she was always distracted today, and didn’t dare to look Yulin, as if she had done something bad.

Today, Yulin was completely different from the first time they met, she could feel the noble aura on him. Instead of being overbearing like before, he had become attentive and even a bit charming.

“Tell me if you really can’t, don’t force yourself!” Yulin instructed her as he took her downstairs.

Anna hurriedly assured, “I can, just a little scratch, it doesn’t hurt at all!”

“Yeah?” Yulin gave Anna a skeptical look, “Anyway, tell me if it hurts.”

Only after Anna nodded her head for the third time to confirm, Yulin led her downstairs. When the people below saw them walking down, they stopped what they were doing and looked up at them in unison.

Including the radiant hostess, who unconsciously clenched fist, when saw Yulin tenderly holding Anna’s hand.

Although she knew that Yulin most likely did this on purpose, she couldn’t help but be angry.

“Yulin, here you are!” The woman stepped forward and naturally took the other side of Yulin’s arm.

At that moment, the whole room was in an uproar, Anna felt her hand was on fire. She moved her fingers and finally let go of Yulin, and the moment her hand dropped, it was held by Yulin immediately.

“Hold on to me, don’t get lost!” Yulin said.

Anna froze, saw the woman in front of her frowning and glaring at herself, and agreed slowly, “Okay.”

Although Yulin were whispered, the people around could hear him clearly. They didn’t dare to talk about it, but showing surprise.

“Wei Xu, it’s your birthday, you should go to the stage now.” Yulin did not look at her all the time, and even helped Anna pull her hair back during speech.

Wei Xu held his arm tighter and laughed, “I want to you to come with me, you blow out the candles with me every year, don’t you?”

“I’m afraid I can’t this time, cause I don’t want to make her sad.” Yulin said dotingly and scratched Anna’s nose.

Before Anna could react, Wei Xu pulled her back, “No, you won’t, Yulin and I just grew up together as friends, I know you won’t mind, right?”

“What?” Anna didn’t keep up with them and looked at Yulin confusedly, but Yulin didn’t give her a look this time.

Wei Xu was aggressive, and she had no choice but to say, “I … don’t mind.”

“Look, she already said that, Yulin, let’s go up.”

Yulin pulled his wrist from Wei Xu and held Anna’s arm, “No, I know her best, she will definitely hide and cry by herself later, so I can’t leave her.”

“No, no…”

Anna tried to explain, but was interrupted by Yulin, “Just don’t trying to be tough, I know you.”

Anna glanced at him: what the hell are you talking? It is obvious that you do not want to go up, but also talk me as a shield!

“Yulin ……” Wei Xu looked at her hand, “You’ve changed.”

“People are growing up, we can’t stay the same, we should change …” Yulin said this with some regret, but more decisive.

“You’re right, this time, I should learn to go up there by myself.”

Wei Xu smiled at Anna, then raised her head, still like a princess, and walked up to the middle of the stage in a star-studded crowd.

The moment the lights went out, Wei Xu took a complicated look at Anna, who couldn’t help but shiver.

Anna had done nothing wrong, but there was always a feeling of shame, as if she had robbed something that Wei Xu cherished.

Lighting the candles, Wei Xu clasped her hands, closed her eyes and made a wish, before blowing out the candles, she picked up the microphone.

“Thank you all for being here today, I am very happy, but there is one thing that makes me a little distressed.”

With that, she shifted her gaze to Yulin, and everyone knew what had happened, expected that she would take the opportunity to vent her frustrations like a spiteful woman.

However, Wei Xu was always a condescending girl, it’s her limit to say such things in front of people.

After saying this, she suddenly smiled, “But bless you, my best friend, even though you didn’t tell me first about your girlfriend.”

Then she blew out the candle in one breath, and after that, she looked up Yulin arrogantly.

It’s like she’s saying, “See, I can blow out all the candles without you!

Yulin gradually tightened Anna ’s hand, at first Anna could withstand it, but Yulin got harder and harder unconsciously.

Anna finally couldn’t resist and came close to him and whispered, “My hand hurts a little!”

Hearing this, Yulin was like waking up from a dream, he looked down, found himself holding Anna’s hand tightly.

He let go of Anna’s red hand, and Anna frowned from too much pain, but when saw someone looking at them, she still held her head up and smiled.

Yulin felt a little guilt, although she was told to compensate himself, he knew that she didn’t need to do so, after all, she had no obligation to bear the sadness for himself.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt sorry for her. Yulin directly reached out and hugged Anna into his arms.

He did so as a simple apology, but to outsiders it looked like he was swearing sovereignty, and everyone looked at Wei Xu in unison.

Wei Xu was having a toast with others one by one, and although surrounded by the buzz, she looked some lonely.

The glass in her hand was refilled again and again, and the smile on her face was impeccable. Yulin looked at her for a while, felt uncomfortable and turned back.

“What’s wrong?” Anna felt that something was wrong with him and subconsciously asked, but after asking it, she felt regret, what else could make him uncomfortable here, except the woman surrounded by the crowd?

Although she didn’t know exactly what their relationship was, she could tell from their behavior that they were definitely not just good friends.

“Let’s go.” Yulin did not answer her question, but took her directly to the crowd and handed her a glass of wine.

After a pause, he said, “If you can’t drink, just sip it, don’t force yourself.”

Anna rolled her eyes at Yulin, she was a very good drinker, otherwise how could she go to a bar alone.

“So how did you get drunk?” Yulin asked, understanding the meaning of her expression.

“That was just an accident!” When he mentioned it, Anna was depressed, if he wasn’t too sad to got herself drunk deliberately that day, how could there be such a shitty thing today.

“Come on, stop muttering, after we go in there, you don’t have to talk, just follow me.”

Anna nodded, he said as if they was going into an tomb, and she would be killed in danger here if not careful.

Anna laughed out when she thought about it. Seeing her staring at the crowd, Yulin knew that she was thinking about something again, and held her hand tighter.

“Don’t wander off!”

“Oh.” Anna responded with grievance, this hand was the one he squeezed just now, it hurt a little when touched.

Seeing her look, Yulin followed the arm to saw their holding hands, and then released, “Sorry, I don’t know…”

Anna looked up and smiled brightly at him, “I’m fine!”

Of course you don’t know, you just focus on that Wei Xu, how could you care about others!

“What are you whispering about?” Anna could tell right away that it was Wei Xu’s voice.

Looking up and seeing her holding her glass gracefully with an impeccable smile, Anna was a little disgusted.

Both of them were upset inwards, but pretended to be indifferent. Anna got a little angry if Yulin kept asking her questions, but by suppressing herself like this, she seemed to become more angry.

“Yulin, cheers.”

Before they answered, Wei Xu had already raised her glass to Yulin.

Yulin moved his fingers and finally raised his glass as well to toast with Wei Xu, “Happy birthday to you!”


The two looked at each other and then drank all the wines.

It reminded Anna of the parting scene on soap operas, where both men drank their wine with determination, then turned and left in their respective directions.

The reality was not as grandiose as the TV show, but it made people feel sad.

Anna didn’t know whether her sadness came from Yulin or Wei Xu, or both of them.

“Staying here tonight?” After drinking, Wei Xu wiped her mouth with a tissue and asked in a seemingly casual manner.

“No, I’ll drive back.” Yulin pressed his temples, “So I can only have this one drink today, otherwise it will be a DUI.”

“You didn’t used to be like this!” Anna wondered.

Yulin inclined his head and lifted Anna’ s hand, “I used to be alone, but now I have her, so it’s better to be careful.”

“Well?” Wei Xu paused her wiping, “Yulin, you’ve really changed!”

Yulin didn’t reply, just said, “It’s getting late, we should go.”

“If it weren’t for your face, I’d think you were a fake Yulin.”

Yulin paused for a moment, “I’m still the same Yulin.”

Yulin walked out of the crowd and picked up his pace. Anna was able to keep up with him at first, but it was a bit difficult later for her injury on knee.


Finally, when she was about to walk out, Anna tripped over the threshold and sat down on the floor.

“How are you?” Yulin heard her shriek and rushed over to help her.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry.” She knew he wanted to get out of this place quickly, but her leg hurt!

“Sorry for what?” Yulin was angry. She didn’t do anything wrong, it was all his fault, but she apologized to him first.

“What’s wrong?” Wei Xu heard that and hurried over, and her followers also came and gathered around.

“She fell down?” Wei Xu frowned and turned around to order the maid, “Go get the medical kit!”

“I’m okay.” Everyone came over and surrounded her, and she was a little breathless sitting on the floor.

She wanted to remind them to spread a bit, but on second thought, she was nobody, how would people listen to her?

She sat on the floor and struggled to breathe, but still felt a little uncomfortable and couldn’t help but close her eyes.

Yulin recognized that and pushed Wei Xu away, who came close, “I’ll do it, you take them to leave!”

Wei Xu was surprised and answered bitterly, “Fine.”

Then she was the first to turn away, “Let’s go, it has nothing to do with us anyway.”

Yulin also stunned for a moment, but quickly paid his attention to Anna.

“Are you okay?”

Anna nodded, “Yes.”

She was some guilt, feeling that he and Wei Xu were the prince and princess, while she was the witch between them.

Yulin picked her up directly, “Your wound is getting worse, I have spare medicine in the car, I’ll re-bandage it for you later.”

“Oh.” Anna crouched on Yulin’s shoulder. Through the crowd, she saw Wei Xu looking right at them.

She shivered, and thought about that sultry and painful look.

“What are you think about?” Yulin carried her into the passenger side. She had been quiet abnormally.

“Is it too painful?”

Yulin bent down to look at her knee, which had oozed a little blood, and in addition to this wound, there were many small bruises and scrapes on her skin.

“How careless.” Yulin frowned. She merely attended a party with him for over an hour. How did she get herself so many injuries?

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