Du Pei couldn’t pass this hurdle, but she didn’t kneel. At this time, Zhao Yunlei’s mentality was abnormal, and his Du family would definitely suffer!

Zhao Yunlei’s perverted delivery first, the tremendous pressure brought Du Pei’s heart to the brink of collapse. Her tears rolled in her eyes, and the shame in her heart hit her.

The Zhao family is too strong to say to kneel, what should I do?


Zhao Yunlei slapped her hideously and slapped Du Pei on the cheek.

The slap was heavy, Du Pei snorted and was knocked out by the slap.

“C!! She can’t help but fight so?” Zhao Yunlei spat on Du Pei’s heart.

“Beauty, don’t you kneel? Obedient,” Zhao Yunlei kicked Du Peixin a few times, but she still didn’t respond. Zhao Yunlei smiled abnormally, stepping on Du Peixin’s stomach and raising his head to smile at Yvette.

It’s just that this smile, like the devil, makes people feel chills.

Yvette’s eyes were cold, so she looked at Zhao Yunlei.

In fact, she especially wanted to do it. She wanted to do it the moment she herself was beaten, but the employer Du Pei asked her to take care of it.

“Beauty, you have to figure out who is standing in front of you, me, Master Zhao, I will let you kneel down, I will give you a chance!” Zhao Yunlei lifted his foot from Du Pei’s stomach and limped. Walked to Yvette.

“Won’t kneel? A little bit of character, you are really beautiful, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, just follow me, and step on the other families of China! This will be very interesting.” Zhao Yunlei said seductively.

Yvette didn’t answer her, squatted down to support Du Peixin, and then hugged her, because Du Pei was dizzy.

“I haven’t let you go, do you dare to go?” Zhao Yunlei laughed and stopped Yvette.

“Go away!” Yvette said coldly.

“Haha, you really are the most temperamental woman I have ever seen. Did it hurt just now? Huh??” Zhao Yunlei laughed and slapped Yvette when he raised his hand.

But this time Yvette was not held by Du Peixin. She resisted and grabbed Zhao Yunlei’s hand.

As Yvette’s fighting strength improved, his strength became stronger, and a man like Zhao Yunlei who did not exercise was not enough to fight Yvette!

Pushing back, Zhao Yunlei fell to the ground, “Haha, interesting, interesting.”

It was the first time that Zhao Yunlei met such a woman. He was slapped twice just now, which made him very happy. At this time, she actually dared to resist?

Yvette walked out holding Du Pei’s heart.

“Haha, you will regret it, I will let you kneel in front of me.” Zhao Yunlei laughed, he took out his cell phone and called.


“Follow me Du Peixin, the woman who was with Du Peixin, get me both of them back!”

When the call was hung up, Zhao Yunlei lay on the bed and smiled abnormally. The shame Chuck Cannon gave him was that he wanted to find a way to make himself happy, and he would feel happy if the great beauty Yvette kneeled.

Yvette came out holding Du Pei’s heart and got in the car. Yvette awakened Du Pei’s heart.

Du Pei’s heart woke up and struggled.

“Boss, it’s me,” Yvette said.

Du Pei was stunned. She hurriedly checked her clothes and they were intact, but she had feet on her stomach and saliva on her body.

She burst into tears.

What torture did she just suffer? ?

“Have you done anything to Zhao Yunlei?” Du Pei cried.

Yvette shook his head, “Nothing.”

“Then how did you bring me out?”

“I pushed the door and hold you out.”

Du Pei was flustered, she pushed Zhao Yunlei a bit?? Seriously, he is still not serious!

“Not serious, otherwise I won’t take you out.”

Du Pei panicked, “No, it won’t work, I have to find Mr. Cannon.”

She drove in a panic and took Yvette to the Night Sky Hotel. She didn’t know that Chuck Cannon was still there. After she drove there, “You wait here, I will see Mr. Cannon,”

“No problem.” Yvette felt that it was relatively safe here.

Du Peixin opened the car door and went out, and when she arrived at the front desk, he asked if Chuck Cannon was there? The front desk said he was gone.

Du Pei’s heart was cold and she hurriedly called Chuck Cannon.

After ringing for a long time, he answered, “Something?”

In the middle of the night, Chuck Cannon was already asleep..

“Mr. Cannon, please help me, I just offended Zhao Yunlei.” The first time she was so flustered, she could think of what Zhao Yunlei would do next.

“Reason.” Chuck Cannon was indifferent.

“I, I,” Du Pei hesitated.

“If you can’t find a reason, don’t bother me!” Chuck Cannon was angry, as people stopped him from sleeping in the middle of the night.

“Wait, Mr. Cannon, I, you can let me do anything except not sleep with you,” Du Pei burst into tears.

“Won’t sleep with me?”

“Mr. Cannon, your reason, is it to let me accompany you…” Du Pei’s heart is no longer cold, men are like this, they are like this!!

Just fancy your own body, it’s all abnormal!

“I think you have misunderstood. I never said that I want to accompany you. You are a bit too high on yourself.” Chuck Cannon told the truth. Du Pei has a beautiful heart and a good body, but Chuck Cannon has no idea about her.

Maybe, Chuck Cannon didn’t know what was wrong with her, he just didn’t think about her.

“I…” Du Peixin was speechless, with a fiery face, as if Chuck Cannon had slapped her invisibly.

“You can’t do that for this reason,” Chuck Cannon was about to hang up.

“Wait, I’m sorry, Mr. Cannon, I just misunderstood. Would you like to tell me, what can I do so you can help me this time?” Du Pei bit her lip, this is her biggest compromise.

But at the same time, she felt relieved, at least my innocence was preserved, and my body was reserved for my future husband.

Yvette was waiting in the car. She felt a little bored, so she opened the car window to breathe air.

She rubbed her face, a little pain, she was slapped twice. The task this time was more complicated. She sighed and had to bear it, otherwise, if her task would fail, she would be one step away from the first killer! She can’t let this happen!

“Ms. Yvette, why are you here?” Suddenly, a surprised voice came.

Yvette looked up and found that beauty in professional attire came by, who was actually Yolanda, the former school flower.

When Yolanda just went out to buy supper, she thought it was wrong. The woman in this car was wearing a peaked cap, but her profile was pretty good, so she walked over and asked. She didn’t expect it to be Yvette, a former school teacher.

“Yolanda.” Yvette was a little surprised as she walked out of the car.

“It’s really you? Teacher Yvette, it’s been a long time.” Yolanda was happy. She came to this hotel to manage, but she didn’t have any acquaintances. She herself felt bored and no one spoke.

“It’s been a long time, but I’m not a teacher anymore,” Yvette shook her head. She is now a killer, but Yolanda will definitely be scared to hear that.

Yolanda appeared in this hotel, is this coming with her boyfriend?

Yvette understands, of course, it is hard to ask this matter.

“Ms Yvette, what are you doing here? Are you waiting for Chuck Cannon? He has already gone back.” Yolanda smiled slightly, Yvette knew Chuck Cannon had bought this hotel so soon!

“My husband…Chuck Cannon went back? He just came here?” Yvette was surprised. What did he come here for??

Is it with Yolanda? No, no, don’t think about it yourself.

Yolanda is Chuck Cannon’s square manager, he will not mess around.

“Haha, yes, Chuck Cannon was here,”

“What is he doing here?” Yvette’s eyes were a little nervous.

“Teacher Yvette, don’t you know?”

“What should I know?”

“It seems that the teacher really doesn’t know, Teacher Yvette, don’t get me wrong. Chuck Cannon came here for work,” Yolanda felt strange. Since Yvette didn’t know that the hotel was bought by Chuck Cannon, why did he come here?

This car seems to be…

Du Peixin’s heart. When Du Peixin came to find Chuck Cannon just now, Yolanda saw clearly that this car was Du Pei’s heart.

But, Yvette, how come with Du Peixin? Yolanda can’t figure it out, there is absolutely no reason!

Yvette’s current dress, still wearing a peaked cap, what is this for?

“Work? What job?”

“Hehe, Chuck Cannon didn’t tell you, Chuck Cannon bought this hotel, he is the owner, of course, he has to come here to take a look,” Yolanda said with a smile.

“What? This hotel belongs to my husband??” Yvette was stunned…

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