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Chapter 424: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 424 Are You That Casual?

Anna Xie stuck out her tongue and said, “It’s not my fault!”

Her injuries were all somewhat inseparably related to him. Yulin Xiao stopped disinfecting her injuries for a second after hearing her words, then he apologized to her: “I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would be like this.”

“You and that Wei Xu……” Anna wanted to ask what their relationship was, but when she started to say the words, she didn’t know how to ask him instead.

Yulin stared to disinfect her injuries quickly again and said, “She and I have been good friends since we were kids.”

“That’s it?” Anna didn’t believe it was that simple.


Since Yulin had said so, Anna couldn’t ask him any more. Anyway, whether their relationship was really that simple had nothing to do with her.


Surrounding was too quiet, and Anna suddenly remembered that when she got off the car just now, Yulin said there would be wild beasts. But how could he not be afraid at all and keep squatting outside the car door?

“Well, hurry up, in case later there really are some wild beasts……” Anna was not good at holding back her words, and she just said what went through her mind directly.

Yulin raised his head and stared at her extremely seriously for a long time before he spoke, “Do you really believe my words?”

“Shouldn’t I?” Anna felt quite puzzled, thinking: It is not strange that there are wild beasts in the middle of nowhere, right?

“You’re really stupid!” Yulin flicked her forehead, closed the car door and returned to the driver’s seat.

“If there were really beasts, why would a manor be built here? And even if there are many guard bars, it wouldn’t be hard for the wild beasts to break them through, right?”

Anna thought about his words carefully and felt that seemed to make sense, “So…… you were lying to me just now?”

“Of course.” Yulin felt she was funny, thinking: How could there be such a stupid woman, I’m afraid that even if she is abducted one day, she would still help the traffickers count money.

Anna was quite angry and turned her head to the window, looking at the scenery that past by.

“You’re not going back tonight, are you?” Yulin suddenly spoke as he drove the car.

“What do you want to do?” Anna looked back at him warily.

Yulin concentrated on driving and did not look at her, “I did not enjoy the wine I just drank, so I want to find a place to drink some more.”

“I don’t believe you!” Although Anna was careless, she was still very careful about her personal safety.

“Why do you take me to drink with you?”

“It’s not funny to drink alone! You were sad that day too, weren’t you? Doesn’t drinking alone make you feel more and more sad?” Yulin lowered his head to hide his feelings.

Anna then looked at him for a long time and couldn’t help but sympathize for him, because she knew that he was very hurt today and she had experienced such despair as well.

But he was the one who hurt others, why did he have to act like the victim in front of her.

“She’s getting married soon.”

“Huh? What?” Anna thought she hadn’t heard him clearly and asked again, “How come, isn’t today her birthday? If she’s getting married, how come that man isn’t around her?”

“She doesn’t love that man.”

“Then why……”

Anna was a little confused and thought: If she does not love that man, why does she want to marry him?

Yulin smiled bitterly, “She studied abroad for a while and broke up with me some time ago. After she came back, she suddenly got pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” Anna thought it was unbelievable, “Doesn’t this kind of tacky thing only happen in TV plays?”

“But it did happen.” Yulin felt quite painful, who did not what to think more about what had happened on earth, because the two of them were impossible to be together no matter how!

“Don’t be too upset……” Anna didn’t know how to comfort him, thinking: This kind of thing should be considered as being cheated, right?

“Who said I’m sad?” Yulin turned his head and said, “I’ll buy you a drink, are you going with me?”

“Em……” Anna felt a little sympathized for him after seeing him change his mood so quickly, so she raised her head and answered, “Of course. I’m not afraid of you!”

Yulin smiled and stepped on the accelerator at once, went to a villa all the way.

“What do you want to drink?” Yulin took Anna to his wine cellar, which was full of all kinds of wines.

Anna picked a bottle of wine and weighed it in her hand, “I will drink this, which looks quite good.”

Yulin didn’t stop her, and he chose a few bottles of wine for himself. Though Anna couldn’t tell what kind of wine those were, she knew that they were all very strong.

The two sat on the chairs in the garden and chatted, each holding a glass of wine in the hand.

“Why did you go to the bar to drink before?” Yulin held the glass in his hand and shook it, watching the golden liquid flowing slowly down the glass wall.

“Because of a jerk.” Anna dazedly drank a mouthful of wine, and after tasting the slightly sweet liquid, she could not help but smile .

“He told me that he liked me crazily, but in the end, I found out that he actually had several lovers.”

“How could you fall for such a man?” Yulin couldn’t help but feel disgust, thinking: How can such a person exist, who is so fickle in love?

“I don’t know.” Anna slapped her head, trying to wake herself up, “Maybe I was totally mad, just like I am now.”

“Women are such strange creatures.”

Yulin muttered and started pouring one glass of wine after another into his mouth, “Forget about them, let’s get drunk today!”

“Alright, let’s get drunk!”

Anna smiled and clinked glasses with Yulin. At last, she was so drunk that she could no longer tell which bottle of wine she had chosen for herself, so she grabbed the bottle and directly drank the wine in it.

“Well, what are you doing?”

In a daze, Anna saw Yulin move closer to her, and his face appeared in front of her eyes.

“Actually, you are quite good-looking!” Yulin was also so dizzy that he directly kissed her crimson lips after saying that.

“No!” Anna reached out to push on his chest, with her eyes wide open, trying to stand up.

“Don’t move.”

Yulin stopped kissing her lips and started to kiss her ears, making Anna feel so dizzy that she dropped her hands and allowed him to kiss her recklessly.

She thought: I must be crazy!

After realizing that this man was Yulin, she couldn’t even resist him, and she kept reassuring herself that Yulin had suffered from love and she could make him feel better.

But ……

But her heart was beating very fast for some unknown reasons!


The next day, after Anna woke up, she rubbed her forehead with one hand, then she felt that the other hand seemed to be pressed against something, so she turned her head and saw Yulin’s face at once.


Her shout woke up the sleeping Yulin, who stared at Anna in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You ……I ……” Anna looked at him and looked at herself, finding that neither of them had any clothes on.

“What’s wrong ……” Yulin asked her again with his languid voice.

Anna suddenly wrapped her naked body tightly with the quilt and stared at him incredulously.

Then she tried hard to recall what had happened last night: At first we were drinking and talking, then…… later I seemed to see a face, then…… then I don’t know what happened!

Thinking about this, Anna could not remember what happened. But after seeing their naked bodies at this time, she also knew that there was no doubt that they must have had sex last night.

Anna slapped her forehead twice, being quite regretful that she got drunk again yesterday. Every time she got drunk, something bad was doomed to happen.

Yulin also sobered up, who couldn’t help but laugh at Anna’s look. He watched her with amusement as she frowned with a frustrated expression.

Noticing Yulin’s gaze, Anna turned to him.

But as soon as she saw his handsome face, she thought of what had happened between the two of them last night, making her feel so embarrassed that her face turned extremely red at once.

“What’s the matter?”

Yulin then thought: So she’s shy now? He couldn’t help but want to tease this little girl again when he saw Anna’s funny look. Then he smiled slightly and said, “It seems that you would only become passionate after drinking. That was the case last time, and this time it is the same.”

Anna’s face turned red, and she was so embarrassed that even if there had been a hole in the ground, she would have burrowed right in and never come out.

But there was nothing like that in this room, only a closet which could be taken as a hiding place. But she could not move at all, because she was naked. Anna then took the chance to observe this room, which was decorated in a very simple way, without any extra decorations, and the dominant tone of the room was also gray and white. Then she lowered her head and noticed that even the tightly clutched quilt was also pure gray.

Yulin seemed to have thought of something, and he became quite serious, whose eyes had a trace of coldness and contempt, “Are you always that casual when you’re drunk, just like the way you are last night?”

There seemed to be a little bit of displeasure in his voice, but neither of them had the mood to pay attention to it at this time.

As Anna was observing the room, she came back to her senses after hearing Yulin’s voice, who looked quite puzzled: “Em? What did you say?”

Yulin then frowned and repeated his words after thinking: This woman should not listen to me!

This time Anna heard his words clearly, who thought: What does he mean? Does he think that I am a slutty woman? Anna felt quite uncomfortable at once, as if she had been wronged.

She then pulled the quilt towards herself and raised her chin slightly, staring at him and said: “Does it matter to you? Although we had sex, who are you to say that about me?” Even Anna didn’t know why she was so angry.

Could it be that she was afraid of being found out, or else why did she response so intensely? Yulin thought he made her angry because he was right about her.

“I want to change my clothes, please leave here……” Anna was quite furious. In fact, she had wanted to get dressed for a long time, but because of the presence of him, she hadn’t dared to move.

“I leave?” Yulin raised his volume, “This is my room, if there’s really someone who must leave, that one should be you!”

“You ……” Anna was full of incredulity, thinking: Why is he so aggressive? If he weren’t that handsome, he would have been beaten up by others for many times! He’s really mean!

“I what?” Yulin seemed to have failed to see that Anna was already so angry that even her cheeks were puffed up, and he continued to provoke her.

Anna turned her face to the other side and didn’t say anything, thinking: Yesterday I seemed to have a strange feeling about this man, but now I just want him to disappear right in front of me. No, what I felt about him yesterday must be an illusion! Anna even shook her head as she thought so.

Yulin thought she felt uncomfortable, after seeing Anna shaking her head, and he should feel a little concerned about her, whose eyes were not filled with coldness anymore.

Anna looked back after she heard the sound behind her back.

“Ah……” Yulin got off from the bed with nothing on, so Anna was so shocked after seeing him that she closed her eyes at once as soon as she just turned around, while Yulin ignored her screams and walked straight to the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of the bathroom door closing, Anna opened her eyes a little to make sure that he was not in the room anymore. And only when she heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom, did she dare to get out of bed and pick up her clothes from the floor to put them on.

How could he finish the shower so fast, the bathroom door opened within two minutes after Anna put on her clothes. Yulin was still wrapped in the heat, with only a bath towel around his body and the water droplets were running down the lines of his muscles.

It was only then that Anna took a good look at his body, which had the wheat-colored skin, and the abs and biceps on his stomach could show that he often exercised in his daily life.

“Have you seen enough?” Yulin approached her step by step, who smiled slightly, after he noticed that Anna had been staring at his upper body for a long time.

After Anna came back to her senses, she was a little embarrassed, then she instinctively stepped back with her eyes staring straight at the elusive man in front of her, after she saw Yulin walking towards her.

“Bang.” Anna’s heels kicked the edge of the bed, then she stumbled and sat on the bed, and Yulin subconsciously grabbed her arms.

Anna sat on the bed and looked up at Yulin, saying: “Em …… can …… can you let go of my arms?” Anna moved her arms a little, and only then did Yulin noticed that he was still holding her arms, so he hurriedly dropped his hands. Then Anna moved to the side and stood up, because she was stared by Yulin, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Then Yulin thought: Haha, what is this woman hiding from me for? It’s not like I’m going to eat her. Besides, I’m not interested in her skinny body at all.

Yulin walked straight to the bed and sat down, staring at Anna, who was already hiding in the corner and felt very uncomfortable.

Anna didn’t know why Yulin kept staring at her, was it because she had something on her face? Or was she wearing her clothes inside out?

Subconsciously, Anna looked down at her clothes at once, because she was indeed in a hurry just now when she put on her clothes, so it was possible that she might have worn them inside out or something like that.

But after looking at her clothes for a while, she realized that she did not wear them inside out and there was nothing wrong, then Anna subconsciously touched her face and turned to look at herself in the glass to see if there was anything dirty on her face.

“Haha……” Yulin laughed out loud.

He could not help but laugh as he saw Anna checking her clothes and looking at herself in the glass, he then thought: Such a cute and muddleheaded girl!

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