Chapter 425 – 426: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 425: Found Out His Identity

“You mean the old monster that has lying under the ground for thousands of years?” Kris Chen sneered: “If he is so awesome, let him come in person, and what do you guys do here?”

Fox Rui quivered with indignation.

He even looked down at the Supreme Monster?

Toad King and Pangolin King were also furious, but they dared not make any moves.

This human sword cultivator in front of him was so terrible, and maybe he has stepped into the stage of accumulated spirit.

The Sword cultivator was the first-class Practitioner. If he has stepped into the stage of accumulated spirit, he would be undefeated even if he didn’t fully enter at that stage!

No matter what you can do, he could break it with his sword!

“You, you are a dead meat!”

While speaking, Fox Rui quietly took out the ancestral blood and crushed it directly!

“Do you know why the villain died so quickly?”


Fox Rui was startled!

“Because villains always talk too much before they die!”

After he finished speaking, the sword of divine spiritual power fell again, and Fox Rui’s brain went blank, and his body fell from the sky!

He also died.

“Confine his soul!”

However, this time The dagger: Kill Qin turned up nothing!

“Huh, he did not die?”

Kris Chen’s sword failed, but he guessed that fox might have a way to save his life.

It didn’t matter anymore. It was not a big problem even if you escaped.

Even Fox Rui was killed, the Toad King did not survive. Looking at the huge toad on the ground, Kris Chen almost vomited up.

It was too disgusting.

But The dagger: Kill Qin was satisfied while absorbing those monsters’ souls.

If it continued to eat, it would probably be promoted again and be a Spirit Weapon.

It was exciting even to think about it.

It was told that Spirit Weapon had great power, which was a magic weapon that only gods and demons could possess.

“It’s your turn, Pangolin King. You just broke the array of Wuwei City, right?”

Pangolin King knew that he could not escape, and knelt on the ground, “Please don’t confine my soul. That’s my only request.”

“Well, it was not up to you. Why you didn’t think about this when you came to attack Wuwei City?”

After speaking, the sword of divine spiritual power was about to fall. At this moment, a voice came from the wall, “Master, wait for a second!”

Kris Chen turned around and saw Tu Guan kneeling on the wall. He had a runny nose and eyes.

Kris Chen waved his hand and Tu Guan came closer.

“What do you mean?”

“Master, please, do not kill my ancestor!”

Tu Guan knelt on the ground.

Pangolin King opened his eyes and felt the familiar smell of Tu Guan. He was stupefied, “You, you are Tu Guan? Why are you here?”

“I was sent to Wuwei City by the Bear King to attack Wuwei City. But I met Kris Chen, my master, and I worked for him now.”

Tu Guan said.

Pangolin King was speechless. He liked his grandson, but his talent was to change himself as a human. So he couldn’t become the king of the pangolin family.

From then on, he gradually distanced Tu Guan.

“You said this old guy is your grandpa?”

Kris Chen was a little embarrassed. If he didn’t kill him, he would feel sorry for the people who died in Wuwei City, and it would trouble his conscience.

But if he killed him, Tu Guan might grudge against him. Although he could kill the Pangolin King as he wants, he didn’t like this feeling.

The most important thing was that Tu Guan was obedient and could help him with some trivial things.

“Master, I know my grandpa is sinful and unforgivable. So I hope to die for him!”

“Tu Guan, you…”

Hearing this, Pangolin King was shocked and speechless.

“You two care about each other, but don’t forget that your life is mine.”

Kris Chen sneered.

After heard Kris Chen’s words, Tu Guan stopped talking, but knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

His grandpa was the king of the pangolin family. If he died, his brothers and sisters would be hunted.

The pangolins didn’t like fighting and killing. How could they survive under hunting?

“Give me a reason not to kill him!”

In the end, Kris Chen was softhearted. People always say that monsters are ruthless, but in fact, the human is the most ruthless animals.

Tu Guan kept thinking in his mind to find out a reason.

He understood that Wuwei City’s array must be destroyed by his grandpa. Although the array would be broken even without him, it could hold on for a few more hours at least.

He racked his brains and finally, he said, “Master, my grandpa can be the guardian beast of Wuwei City and all our family members could migrate here.”

When Kris Chen heard this, he nodded, “What you said makes sense, and if you want me to save his life, you need to ask him hand over his soul source and call me master!”


Tu Guan looked at Pangolin King sadly.

“Alas, okay. I shouldn’t have greed, so I should end it by myself!”

As he said, Pangolin King surrendered his soul source and knelt on the ground, “Master!”

Zhong Guan knelt on the ground, and he was convinced.

Tu Guan didn’t expect his grandpa would succumb so quickly. He thought that he would have to spend some time to persuade him, but now it was all done.

He didn’t know that Zhong Guan had been beaten by Kris Chen. Whether it was his indestructible body, the unstoppable swordsmanship, or the tactics to kill the spirits silently, made him dare not to resist.

It was nothing to be a pet of others. It was good to be a pet of a human being. As Kris Chen’s combat power, he had a bright future.

At his age, there was nothing to worry about. The only thing was about his ethnic group. With Kris Chen’s existence, his children and grandchildren could survive.

“Okay, you can stand up!” Kris Chen said.

“Thank you, Master!”

Zhong Guan stood up and bent over.

“I was confused with one thing. Do you know about it?”

“Master, please tell me, and I will tell you everything I knew.” Zhong Guan said respectfully.

“What is going on with that fox, why I couldn’t confine his soul just now?”

Zhong Guan stroked his beard and said, “Well, it was nothing. The Fox Rui is the patriarch of the Qingqiu. He is a nine-tailed fox and he has four tails. I didn’t know why he lost one some days ago, but each tail represents a life.”

“Damn it, he couldn’t even die!”

Kris Chen was also taken aback. A tail represents one life. Didn’t that mean he had nine lives?

It was so interesting! He would take this fox as his pet if he has this opportunity in the future. For some reason, Kris Chen seemed to be addicted to collecting pets.

A pet and a group of pets were similar to him.

After collecting those monsters’ fur, Kris Chen took Tu Guan and Zhong Guan directly to Wuwei City.

Seeing Kris Chen and those two monsters, everyone was a little afraid.

“Don’t be afraid, I am their Master now and they won’t hurt you!”

Kris Chen said: “This is Zhong Guan, the Supreme Monster of the fulfilled period. From now on, he will be the guardian of Wuwei City!”


Should a Supreme Monster of the fulfilled period be the guardian beast?

Tiangang Yuan was dumbfounded when he heard this.

Not only him, but others were also stunned!

Oh my god, he was a Supreme Monster!

Wuwei City was just a small border town, and there was a fulfilled period Supreme Monster guarding the city. Who would believe it?

“Mr. Chen, this…”

Tiangang Yuan was frightened!

He was the City Lord of Wuwei City and it was he who had to face the Supreme Monster after that.

“Don’t worry. He will not disturb you normally and he will only take action when other enemies come to attack Wuwei City.”

“Dong Zhang, well, long time no see!”

Xuefei Yuan blushed and greeted Kris Chen.

Kris Chen was stunned.

Did anyone know his alias?

He turned his head and saw a charming woman with a blushing face looked at him.

“How do you know my name?”

After he spoke, Xuefei Yuan was also startled!

“Why, why he doesn’t recognize me?”

She was suddenly confused!

“It’s me, you forgot who I am?”

Xuefei was anxious, “You forgot that day, in Shiwan Mountain, you saved a girl and her servant? Xuefei, do you remember me?”

At this time, a little girl, Yujie, who stood behind Xuefei, also secretly looked at Kris Chen.

Kris Chen thought for a while, and soon he remembered her, “Well, what’s the relationship between you and her?”

Xuefei was also dumbfounded.

“I, I am, that Xuefei!”


Kris Chen was also taken aback. He looked up and down at Xuefei. He remembered that day he saved a rough man, but now Xuefei was a beautiful beauty!

They couldn’t be the same person!

“No, you can’t be Xuefei!”

Kris Chen touched his chin. He concentrated on hunting at that time and he didn’t pay attention to their appearances.

“Well, I dressed up like that then.”

After she explained, Xuefei changed her voice and said, “Mr. Zhang, thank you for saving my life that day!”

Kris Chen just recognized her by her voice!

“But why are you here?” Kris Chen asked.

This time, without waiting for Xuefei to speak, Tiangang said: “Mr. Chen, she is my daughter, Xuefei Yuan!”

Xuefei Yuan, it seemed that Kris Chen had heard this name before.

Wait! Xuefei Yuan?

Tiangang Yuan’s daughter?

He suddenly turned his head to look at Xuefei, “What did you say? Your name is Xuefei Yuan? Have you got married before? And your husband is called Kris Chen!”

Chapter 426: He Is Kris Chen

Xuefei Yuan looked embarrassed. Her mind kept turning in an endless loop, and her hands twisted her clothes unconsciously.

“Yes…but, we just pretended as couples, and I remain chaste now!”

Xuefei plucked up the courage and said: “Do you hate me?”

Hate her?

Kris Chen laughed mockingly, and he did hate her!

He was not a fool, and he understood everything when he saw Xuefei.

On that wedding night, she was that ugly woman who dressed in disguise.

The purpose was to scare him away. As for the blood that night, she could get some chicken blood or duck blood instead.

It was ridiculous. Xuefei thought Kris Chen would pester her, but she was wrong.

Although she was beautiful, none of his wives was worse than her.

He used to feel that he owed the Yuan Family, but now he suddenly felt that it was his loss.

Saving Xuefei’s life that day was enough to pay off the grievances.

Xuefei’s heart was heavy, “Mr. Zhang, I, I didn’t mean to cheat you. That thing was complicated, and I…”

“Okay, you don’t have to explain it to me! I don’t want to listen!”

Kris Chen interrupted her without hesitation.

Xuefei’s face turned pale, Tiangang Yuan wanted to interrupt, but because of scruples, he kept silent.

“I used to owe your Yuan family, and now we should wipe out the past!”

While he was speaking, Kris Chen showed his real face.

Tu Guan also used his talents to restore his real appearance.

“Kris, Kris Chen, and, Prof. Guan!”

Tiangang was shocked!

Tu Yan’s heart missed a beat. When he saw Kris Chen, his body froze!

How could that be!


Yujie stared stupidly at Kris Chen, and she was also shocked.

Xuefei froze, and her eyes widened and tears fell from her eyes.

No, it was not true, and it couldn’t be true.

She couldn’t believe what was happening in front of her. How could that rubbish husband be a hero who saved everyone?

That day, he fell into the arena of that martial arts contest for marrying her.

She fought with him, and he was just a little monk who was talentless.

Xuefei only regarded him as a little novice, and how could he be an invincible sword cultivator!

Tiangang’s expression changed. When he saw Prof. Guan behind Kris Chen, he suddenly understood everything in his heart.

It was no wonder that Kris Chen would push him to be the City Lord, and it was no wonder that the people in the City Lord’s Mansion agreed with him so easily. All of this was done by Kris Chen secretly.

It was ridiculous. Tiangang used to treat Kris Chen, the invincible sword cultivator, as rubbish and allowed Xuefei to sign the peaceful separation deal with him.

He regretted his harsh words and behaviors.

But he didn’t dare to say a word because Kris Chen was too strong, and there was a vast distance between them.

Tu Yan was frightened, and he thought he used to embarrass Kris Chen.

Looking back now, it was Kris Chen who chose to pass over him. If Kris Chen was angry, he was dead meat now.

He lowered his head and dared not to look at Kris Chen.

Kris Chen saw everyone’s expression in his eyes, his anger went away, and he calmed down.

The Yuan Family and even this Wuwei City didn’t matter to him now.

Just when he was about to leave, Butler Mei shouldered his way through the crowd.

“Sir, Sir, don’t go!”

Butler Mei knelt on the ground, “It was all Miss Yuan’s fault, please don’t leave!”

Butler Mei understood that once today’s matter spread, the Yuan Family would be over.

How could they know that the rubbish son-in-law of the Yuan Family turned out to be a real dragon?

He did his utmost to save everyone’s life.

He killed millions of monster beasts, fought against several Supreme Monsters, and even adopted one Supreme Monster as his pet.

He was the savior of everyone in Wuwei City.

Now Tiangang has offended everyone’s savior, and they would not forgive the Yuan Family.

Besides, Butler Mei didn’t agree with Xuefei to sign the peaceful separation deal.

He was a servant of the Yuan Family, and he didn’t care what others think of him. So he was the right person to persuade Kris Chen.

“Butler Mei!”

Kris Chen shook his head and waved his hands. Butler Mei was supported by a gentle force.

“I understand what you mean. Thank you for your care these days, the fate between the Yuan Family and me is over.”

To be honest, if it were not for the Yuan Family to provide asylum when he was weak, he would not have done so. Although he didn’t regard himself as a good person, he was not an ungrateful person after all.

As for Xuefei, he did not like her, nor did he hate her.

Xuefei’s face was pale and she bit her lips tightly. She did not hear any emotion or affection from Kris Chen’s words, and he was indifferent like a stranger.

At this moment, the so-called arrogance was worthless.

In front of Kris Chen, her arrogance was a joke. It was ridiculous that she used to look down upon Kris Chen and missed her Mr. Right!

“Tu Guan!”


Tu Guan answered.

“Clean up the battlefield and use the waste. I will wait for you in the same place!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Tu Guan nodded and looked at Zhong Guan, “Can my grandpa go with me?”


Kris Chen knew that they still had something to deal with, such as relocating the pangolin group.

After speaking, he suddenly disappeared in front of everyone.

Zhong Guan flew towards Shiwan Mountain with Tu Guan.

After they left, looking at the devastated Wuwei City, everyone felt sadness in the bottle of their heart!

No one dared to collect the corpses all over the ground, because Kris Chen just said it clear that these were his prey!

No one dared to challenge Kris Chen.

Xuefei drove to distraction, and Yujie kept crying. She just came to her senses and realized that Sir was Dong Zhang!

She was also very disappointed in her heart. If she could persuade Kris Chen more, maybe, he won’t leave.

Tiangang didn’t know how to comfort his daughter. Seeing her daughter was so sad, he was also heartbreaking. He stepped forward: “Xuefei, take it easy. Such a capable man like him could not be restrained to our family.”

Butler Mei sighed. He has tried his best, and he knew Kris Chen was a capable person while staying with him these days.

When Kris Chen gave his sword to him that day, he knew that this person was grateful.

It was a pity that he was supposed to be the son-in-law of the Yuan Family, and he could be a cornerstone of the Yuan family.

He touched the sword around his waist. This sword was given to him by Kris Chen, and it may play a big role in the future.

Back in his small yard, Kris Chen suddenly had more feelings.

At this moment, he was more broad-minded, and nothing could disturb him.

This feeling was awesome, and he could think everything more clearly than ever.

Of course, the biggest gain was his understanding of his combat effectiveness.

The fulfilled period Supreme Monster was not his opponent, and even the Bear King, who used ancestral blood in front of him, was defeated by him. Was he strong enough to kill the Monster Emperor or a powerhouse of accumulated spirit?

He was a little confused.

But it should not be that simple!

He didn’t know what methods accumulated spirits had. Besides, these monster beasts had very few attack methods. What if he encountered human practitioners of the same level?

Would he have many aces in the hole like him?

Thinking of it, Kris Chen secretly warned himself not to be careless. This place was the Devil Land, where the same race would kill each other relentlessly!

He couldn’t be proud and couldn’t think he was invincible.

Summarizing the gains and losses of this battle, Kris Chen gained a lot.

Now he just needed to wait for Tu Guan to come back. This time he has killed so many beasts, and they could change a lot of supplies.

Before he left, he still wanted to change his god-level physical skills. This time, if his attack method was not strong enough, he would have died there.

Once he has exhausted his sword energies, the only thing he could do was waiting for death.

Of course, he still had the sword of divine spiritual power, but what if it also didn’t work?

The dagger: Kill Qin was strong, but it was a weapon after all.

So even if he couldn’t beat others, he must have the ability to escape!

Anyway, only half a month has passed, and he still had plenty of time.

He was still a little worried about that the Heavenly Monster in his heart, who wanted to cross Shiwan Mountain. But Monster Jail Mountain was a hurdle for him.

No one knew what mysterious means that Heavenly Monster had.

Well, let it go. He was not God, and he was not omnipotent.

He could save Wuwei City once, but not a lifetime. If they were smart enough, then they should give up this place.

Or pay good money to find some powerful person to kill those monsters.

After figuring it out, Kris Chen started to practice Pill formation. He has now known the benefits of the boost of divine spiritual power!

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