Chapter 425: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 425 A Drunken Mistake

Being stared at by Yulin Xiao, Anna Xie was a little uncomfortable. When Yulin burst into laughter, Anna took Yulin’s laughter as a ridicule. “Hey, what are you laughing at?” Anna said.

Anna didn’t know that Yulin’s laughter was really from his heart and he did not mean to laugh at her.

Yulin held back his smile and said, “Aren’t you going to take a shower?” Instead of answering Anna’s question, Yulin asked her if she wanted to take a shower.

After hearing what Yulin said, Anna thought of what happened last night and her ears were red. Anna held her beautiful big eyes wide and stared at Yulin. “The implication of your words is that I am dirty if I don’t take a shower as we had sex last night.” Anna thought.

“I…I…” Anna said. The blush, which had only been in her ears, spread to her face. She wanted to refute Yulin’s words, but at last she didn’t say a word.

Looking at Anna’s red face, Yulin smiled. Yulin felt Anna’s more and more amusing.

Without knowing why, Yulin wanted to play a joke with Anna when he saw Anna’s shy.

Perhaps Yulin did not even notice the smile on his own face. His mood was more and more cheerful because of Anna.

“What do you want to say? Why you stammered? Do you think I’m too handsome? Are you overwhelmed by my appearance?” Yulin said.

Yulin smiled with a gleam of teasing in his eyes, waiting for the dull Anna to respond.

Anna puffed out her cheeks and stared at Yulin somewhat angrily with her eyes wide open. “I didn’t stammer. Besides, you are so narcissistic. I won’t be captivated by your appearance.” Anna said.

After saying that, Anna looked at Yulin’s handsome face. Indeed, Yulin’s appearance is so perfect that ordinary people would envy him.

Yulin stood up and walked step by step from the bed to the corner. He looked at Anna and asked, “So you mean that I am attractive, right?”

As Yulin approached her step by step, Anna’s face became red involuntarily. “No.” Anna said.

Yulin lowered his head and moved slowly in Anna’s direction, saying, “Oh? Really? Then why you are nervous?”

Seeing at Yulin’s handsome face coming closer and closer to her, Anna leaned back subconsciously. But she found there was only a wall behind her and nowhere else for her to hide. She could only try to turn her head to the side.

Yulin did not stop approaching Anna because of her avoidance. Instead, he kept moving closer until there was only the space for a pin between them.

At that moment, Anna’s was as red as an apple.

Anna thought Yulin would kiss her and she was ready to revolt him. Unexpectedly, Yulin chuckled suddenly and said, “Go to the bathroom to take a shower right now. Do I have to carry you into the bathroom myself?”

There was a gleam of light in Yulin’s beautiful eyes, but Anna didn’t understand what the light meant. Even Yulin himself didn’t know what’s the meaning of the light in his eyes.

“I…you get out of the way first.” Anna said uneasily with red face.

After hearing that, Yulin smiled and looked at Anna. Then he removed his hands from the wall and turned and walked quickly to the soft bed.

He flopped down on the bed with a smile on his face. Seeing Anna doesn’t move, he frowned and said, “Do you really want me to carry you in?”

Anna was just a little afraid that Yulin would do something too much to her. But as she saw how Yulin looked, she thought Yulin would not do that to her.

Trusting of luck, Anna told herself again and again in her heart, “Anna, don’t be afraid. Be bold.”

“Hey, are you waiting there for me to take a bath with you?” Yulin said. “Why is she cowering? Does she think I will do something too much to her?” Yulin thought.

After hearing what Yulin said, Anna ran towards the bathroom swiftly, saying, “Ah? No. I will go to take a bath right now.”

As soon as Anna entered the bathroom, she closed the door and locked it. After that, she sighed slightly and leaned against the door in thought.

“I’ll give you only ten minutes.” Yulin said outside the bathroom. Then Anna took off all the clothes she had just put on quickly.

“Have you finished?” Yulin said. “Why does she take so long to take a bath? Could she have passed out in the bathroom? If she doesn’t come out in two minutes, I will go into the bathroom” Yulin thought. The next minute, Anna was out of the bathroom.

Seeing Anna out, Yulin breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s a good thing she didn’t faint in the bathroom, or I’d have to go in and save her.” Yulin thought.

“I told you you have ten minutes. What took you so long to get out?” Yulin said. Even though Anna has come out safely, Yulin was still a little uncomfortable. “She made me worry in vain. What the hell was she doing in there? She took so long to get out.” Yulin thought.

“Does he think girls bathe as quickly as boys? Girls take slow showers, okay? And it’s normal for me to take a shower slowly as we had sex last might.” Anna thought.

Anna stared at Yulin with her big eyes wide open and said in a low voice, “I’m already fast.”

Just out of the bath, Anna’s hair was still wet. Drops of water from the top of her hair trickled down to the tips and onto the white floor.

Yulin narrowed his eyes suddenly and said to Anna, “Get the hair dryer out of the bathroom drawer.”

“Hurry up!” Yulin said in an almost commanding voice.

Anna thought that Yulin’s gone too far as he commanded her like that. After being shouted at by Yulin, Anna was somewhat sad without knowing why.

Seeing Anna standing still, lost in thought, Yulin said, “What are you waiting for? Go at once.” Yulin was annoyed at the thought that Anna might not have heard what he had just said.

Anna felt sad in her heart and said slowly, “No. Why don’t you get it yourself if you need it?”

“Hurry up. Do you believe I will do what I did to you last night again?” Yulin said. Yulin narrowed his eyes and looked at Anna with a deliberate look of anger.

Anna pouted with her eyes wide open. She wanted say something more, but as soon as she thought of what Yulin had said, she went to the bathroom to get Yulin a hair dryer.

Anna went to the bathroom quickly. She found the only drawer and took out the hair dryer. She mumbled something as she walked to give the dryer to Yulin.

Seeing Anna mumbled as she walked, Yulin was amused. He restrained himself from laughing. “She was so cute when she talks to herself while walking. The awkward look she has as has to give the hair dryer to me is also cute.” Yulin thought.

Yulin laughed in his heart. “Come and sit here.” Yulin pointed at the edge of the bed and said. Anna didn’t want to sit there, but she was afraid that he might make strange moves at any time when she saw Yulin’s serious face.

Finally, she obediently walked over and sat next to Yulin.

“Why he asks me to sit here? Is he trying to do something to me again? Will he do something to me because of what happened yesterday?” Anna wondered in her heart.

The more Anna thought of it, the more scared she was. But she did not dare to move, for Yulin was right behind her.

Yulin plugged in the hair dryer and put it on top of Anna’s head.

Feeling Yulin’s blowing her hair, Anna froze. She felt the soft place in her heart was scratched by Yulin gently and it’s itchy.

“It turned out that he had asked me to take the hair dryer not for his own use but to dry my hair. But why he blows dry my hair? Why?” Anna thought.

“Why?” Anna spoke out involuntarily.

Yulin’s hand, which had been holding the hair dryer, paused. “Yes, why I help her to blow the hair?” Yulin thought.

At first Yulin just thought that it’s not good for her health as her hair was wet. If she goes out later and gets caught in the wind, she will probably have a headache. So without even thinking about it, he just asked Anna to get the hair dryer. Then he naturally blow-dried her hair.

Why Anna asked him why, he was also confused.

“Do I fall in love with her? No, it’s impossible. How could I possibly fall in love with such a brat? It must be that I am sad for what happened yesterday. It just that Anna broke up with her boyfriend and that’s what happened to me. Therefore, I probably sympathize with her” Yulin thought.

“Why…It’s because I think it’s ugly for you to go out like that. I can’t lay my eyes on it.” Yulin looked at the top of Anna’s head and said with an ashamed facial expression.

“Oh.” Anna said. “It seems that I mistook him. How could he possibly care about me?” Anna thought.

Yulin threw the hair dryer away and said, “Well, your hair is dry. Go to comb it. You look so ugly.”

Anna nodded and stood up to go to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror and found her appearance’s ugly indeed.

“How beautiful Wei Xu looked yesterday, but my present appearance is so ugly. Yulin must like women as beautiful as Wei. No one should like a woman like me, and that’s why I was cheated by that two-timer.” Anna thought.

The more Anna thought, the more self-abased she was. She just wanted to get out of this place and keep away from Yulin. She hoped they would never see each other again.

But it was all preordained. She and Yulin were destined to have more connections.

Anna combed her hair casually and walked out the bathroom. “I’ve combed my hair. Well, I want to go back.” Anna said to Yulin.

After hearing that, Yulin frowned and asked in an unhappy tone, “Why do you want to go back now?” “Why she is so nervous. Does she think I will do something to her? Does she need to get away in such a hurry?” Yulin thought.

“I need to go back to school. You don’t have to give me a lift. I can take a taxi.” Anna said carefully.

“No.” Yulin said. “Anna hates me, which is why she is so eager to run away from me.” Yulin thought.

At the thought of this, anger came to Yulin’s heart without a reason.

Looking at Yulin ‘s sullen face, Anna asked with great care, “Why?”

Then Yulin seemed to think of something and rolled his eyes, saying, “Well, you can go back if you want. Just go.” Then he lay down on the bed with his eyes closed, not looking at Anna.

After hearing what Yulin said, Anna’s mood was mixed. She seemed to be a little sad. There seemed to be a voice in her heart complaining, why did not Yulin continue to ask me to stay?

“Never mind, I will never meet him again. It’s not bad to say goodbye now.” Anna thought.

As Anna didn’t bring anything but her phone with her, she went out of the room and went downstairs hurriedly after she took her phone.

When Anna went downstairs, she found she was in a villa district, where seems to be no taxi available.

“Hum, Yulin must know there is no taxi, so he let me go easily.” Anna thought. Anna stamped her foot angrily on the spot.

Yulin was behind Anna and he saw what Anna did. He smiled and thought, “She is so cute.”

Yulin walked up to Anna and looked at her with a smile, saying, “Oh, why are you still here? There seemed to be a person who wanted to leave immediately. By the way, you can’t get a taxi here. Have you been waiting for a long time? ”

Seeing Yulin’s triumphant look, Anna puffed out her cheeks and stared at Yulin. She looked cute in that way.

“Hum, it’s none of your business. You’re not gonna give me a ride, anyway.‘’ Anna said. Anna was very angry when she saw Yulin’s laughing. “He did let me go first, but when there is no taxi after I wait for a long time, he comes to laugh at me.” Anna thought.

Yulin raised his eyebrows and said, “Maybe I will become benevolent and give you a lift.” Yulin was happy when he saw Anna staring her eyes.

It was as if teasing Anna is a very funny thing for Yulin. He was happy to see Anna being bullied by him. “Come on, I grant special favour to you and I will give you a lift.”

Anna didn’t want to ride in Yulin’s car, but she had no other choice. She bit her lip and thought for a while, and then she nodded and followed Yulin.

Yulin drove the eye-catching and coquettish yellow Ferrari.

Anna sat in the car, her fingers twisting her clothes. Her mind is full of thoughts.

“I didn’t want to have anything to do Yulin again. But I am sitting in Yulin’s car now and Yulin he sends me back to school.” Anna thought. Neither of them spoke after they got into the car. Yulin didn’t even ask where Anna was going.

The reason why Yulin didn’t ask is that he knew Anna could only go to her school but nowhere else.

Anna felt very embarrassed and did not want to have anything to do with Yulin in the future. She didn’t want Yulin to be responsible for her. As that’s an accident happened when they were both drunken, neither of them was to blame.

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