Yvette drove the car to a terrifying speed but was hit again. She stared at the back fiercely, and suddenly there was a big drift!

Okay, so awesome!

Du Peixin feels dazzling, Yvette is so good, right?

But it was useless, others caught up again.

“Hold on, Mr. Cannon agreed to come,” Du Pei said hurriedly.

She panicked, Zhao Yunlei was so overbearing to let people come over to arrest people, so unscrupulous, it shows that Zhao Yunlei is on fire. She is such a perverted person, she can imagine that if she is really caught, then what will it be like to be tortured, Perverted torture, and possibly to me…

Du Pei didn’t dare to think about it anymore! so horrible.


Du Pei screamed because the car crashed and the glass of the car she was sitting next to her was broken. Four cars blocked the car and she couldn’t get out.

Du Pei’s face turned pale, Yvette didn’t change her face!

She has just begun as a killer, but her mental quality is already very good. In this case, it is useless to beg for mercy, only desperate!!

“Boss, I’ll go out, and then you find a chance to drive away!” Yvette said it is her duty to protect customers.

At this time, the people in the four jammed cars came down one after another, all with hideous faces!

“C!!! They want to run! Brothers, smash the car for me! Force them out, but don’t hurt these two beauties, this is the young master’s order!”

“Such a beauty, we are not willing to hurt, especially the big beauty who drives is too beautiful…”

These people gathered around.

“What do you do?” Du Peixin bit her lip.

“You are the boss, I said, I will protect you,” Yvette took out the dagger, “you see the opportunity for yourself, step on the accelerator to the end, and leave!”

She walked out after she finished speaking. Du Pei was struggling a little bit, but she moved to the driver’s seat and she had to leave here, otherwise, she would really be unable to accept that kind of thing.

Moreover, this blood leopard was invited over at her own expense, so she should be here to protect herself.

She was worried about what she is doing

No need, it is her duty to do this, she is all for money.

Du Peixin persuaded herself and felt comfortable.

Yvette came out and looked at these two dozen people, her face blank.

“Beauty, still want to resist? Be good, don’t let us do it, you can’t hold it, our young master deliberately wants to focus on catching you.” The scared man who took the lead smiled slightly, extremely hideously.

Yvette didn’t talk nonsense, and attacked instantly!

Her fighting talent is very good. After constant training, she is already quite powerful. She must break a blood path. How can she fall into the hands of others? Insulted??

“Ah! C! This slut can fight, let’s go together and catch her!!” A man covered his bloody belly with his face inconceivable!

What a fast speed! Can’t stop her?

Everyone rushed forward, Yvette turned around, “Quickly get out of here!!”

Her client Du Pei is safe, so she can find a way to get out.

Du Peixin saw the blood, and she panicked. She blanched and stepped on the accelerator, rumbling, the car drove, knocked out an opening, and she drove away! She had to leave without any hesitation. She was scared and couldn’t control Yvette. She was invited by her own money!

The car is galloping!

“Is she! You go after them!” Scarface scolded and ordered the leader.

This kind of woman is not difficult to chase, because Du Peixin’s driving skills are not good. This kind of woman usually drives and can’t chase cars. How can it be possible?

Someone drove two cars to chase after her, and there were more than ten people surrounding Yvette.

Yvette saw that Du Peixin had left, she felt relieved and began to find a way to leave here.

“Still resist, come on!!” Scarface ordered, everyone gathered around.

Yvette knew that this situation was too dangerous, so she could only attack the leader, and kill the leader before she could leave!


Yvette attacked, attacking directly, and the dagger was thrust into Scarface’s heart!

Scarface laughed if he was killed by a woman, would he still be hairy? ?


Everyone attacked and punched the soles of the feet. No matter how many hands Yvette had, it was unavoidable to be beaten. She was kicked several times in a single stroke and punched several times on the back, but Yvette could hold it. This was her goal. Scarface.

Scarface laughed, kicked out, Yvette’s eyes were quick and she stabbed with a dagger!


Scarface suffered severe pain in his legs, and the dagger pierced into his bones.

Yvette was about to kill him, but suddenly, she had three or four knives on her neck.

The sharp blade has already made Yvette’s skin hurt.

“Still resisting? There are so many of us. If you run away, we will still be mixed up? Rebelling!” Someone laughed.

Two fists are hard to stop with four hands!

Dealing with so many people alone, do you think you are the champion?

“Ah!” With a grim face, Yvette made him foolish!

“Do you still dare to stab me? I told you to stab!” Scarface slapped!


Hit Yvette on the face, he wants to vent his anger!!

Yvette was motionless, just staring at him, but her beautiful face full of collagen had a palm print on it, which was particularly eye-catching.

“I will kill you!” Yvette’s eyes were fierce.

“Kill me? You still don’t understand what you are going to face, you will be played by the young master, do you know? Haha!” Scarface laughed grimly, Zhao Yunlei did a lot of things like this!

He deeply knew how perverted Zhao Yunlei was! Yvette needs to be obedient, so she can survive, but if she is not obedient, she will be tortured crazy, just like a slave.

“Take her into the car!” Scarface scolded, he didn’t dare to go too far. After all, this is the beauty that Zhao Shaoye fancy, I don’t know if Zhao Yunlei will be angry…Scarface was a little bit worried.

But it’s okay, I have been with Zhao Yunlei for so long.

His subordinates dragged Yvette into the car. At this time, a car drove over. Yvette turned around and felt cold. Several people dragged Du Peixin out of the car. Du Peixin was full of fear on her face. She did not run. Drop.

“Don’t catch me, don’t catch me…” Du Pei was panicked.


Someone slapped Du Pei with a slap.

“Bring her in the car, the young master is waiting anxiously! It has delayed the young master’s interest, so we can’t eat and walk around!” Scarface bandaged the wound by himself, scolding others to get in the car first.

The others got in the car, Yvette and Du Peixin were pressed onto the car, Du Peixin shook her head and wept, “It’s over, it’s over…”

Yvette sighed, what are you afraid of? The big deal is death. Scarface leads the car to drive, he must hurry up, Zhao Yunlei can’t wait! Haha!!

Chuck Cannon got up from the bed, Betty was still protecting him, and Logan was the same.

It’s just that Chuck Cannon didn’t mean to disturb Logan, he said directly to Betty and called someone out.

Betty didn’t ask why, she nodded to inform people, and soon everyone was there. At this time, Zhao Yunlei was still in the hospital, so he just needs to go to the hospital directly.

Save Du Peixin, then she will honestly work for him for five years. Of course, Chuck Cannon will not let her do it in vain. Chuck Cannon will not be less for how much money should be given. Moreover, Du Peixin will do a good job at the end of the year. He will give her award, Chuck Cannon will not be stingy.

“Master, if we are in a hurry, we can fly there,” Betty said. This distance, a straight plane, would be much faster.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “No, just drive.”

“Yes, the following is ready,” Betty nodded.

Chuck Cannon thinks that it is not a bad thing to make Du Pei suffer a little bit. At the very least, it will make her work more honestly for him.

Chuck Cannon followed downstairs. Ten off-road vehicles were prepared below, which brought a lot of people, which was enough.

This time, Zhao Yunlei should be taken care of!!

Chuck Cannon got in the car and Betty together. When asked to drive, suddenly Chuck Cannon hears his cell phone rang. He took it out to see that it was Yolanda’s. She hadn’t slept so late?

What’s the matter? Chuck Cannon didn’t think much and swiped to answer. Ten seconds later, Yolanda spoke in it, her tone of voice was anxious, and Chuck Cannon was shocked, “Yolanda, what did you say?… Okay! Rest!”

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and said to Betty, “Sister Li, stop? Let’s go by plane! Hurry up!!”

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