Chapter 426: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 426 You’re the First Person I’ve Ever Had Sex with

Anna Xie looked out the window at the people and things passing quickly. She thought she and Yulin Xiao would never meet again and have any more connections, just like the fleeting scenery.

“We just met in a hurry and say goodbye in a hurry.” Anna thought.

Without knowing why, Anna was sad when she thought of these.

She didn’t know why she’s sad, and she didn’t want to figure it out, but there was a voice in her heart, saying, “I don’t want to have nothing to do with Yulin from now on like that.”

Yulin caught a glimpse of Anna in the rear mirror. He saw her twisting her clothes and tilting her head to look out of the window, lost in thought.

Silly, she looked out of the window. Yulin wondered what made Anna so entranced when he drove at such a high speed.

“There is a handsome boy in front of her for her to look freely, but she chooses to look out the window of the blurred scenery.

At the thought of this, Yulin felt somewhat displeased and suddenly sped up. “Ah…” Anna cried out in alarm. She was thrown forward by the sudden acceleration and hit her head at the back of the passenger seat.

“Why are you suddenly speeding up?” Anna said. “Does he want to commit suicide? If he does, why he takes me with him? Besides, is that how he usually drives? It’s dangerous to drive like this.” Anna thought.

At the thought of that, Anna glared at Yulin discontentedly.

Yulin wanted to say sorry to Anna because she hit her head for his sudden acceleration, but he didn’t do that when Anna reproached him and stared at him angrily.

“Shit…I was just trying to say “I’m sorry” to Anna. Is a hell!” Yulin thought.

Without saying anything, Yulin just looked at Anna in the rearview mirror and sped up again.

“Hey, what do you want to do? Don’t take me with you if you want to die.” Anna said. Anna has never been in a car so fast before, and she was dizzy. She felt as if the food in her stomach was being thrown up.

“Hum, it turns out that I am such a bad person in your eyes.” Yulin thought. Yulin lifted the corners of his mouth into a self-mocking smile, with a flicker of sadness in his eyes.

“Don’t shout, you won’t die.” Yulin said. As the car was filled with Anna’s roar, Yulin was annoyed.

“Hey, Yulin, can you drive slower?” Anna said. “Oh my god, is that how he usually drives? It’s dangerous.” Anna thought.

Yulin looked in the rearview mirror at Anna and muttered a curse, “Shit!”

Anna patted her chest, trying to suppress the discomfort caused by the drag racing of Yulin.

“That it’s really awful. Does Yulin usually drive like this? It’s too dangerous.” Anna thought.

Anna stared at Yulin, who was on his ears, and said angrily, “Is that how you normally drive?”

“What’s wrong with me driving like this? Aren’t you afraid your life is in danger? I’ve already slowed down. What else do you want me to do? What do you mean by questioning me now?” Yulin thought.

Yulin looked at Anna with disdain on his face and said, “It’s none of your business.”

“What? How could he say it’s none of my business?” Anna thought.

“Do you know how dangerous it is to drive like this?” Anna said.

“So what if I know? And what if I don’t know?” Yulin frowned and said unhappily.

“Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to drive like that? Are you aware of your safety? You have to be responsible for your own life, do you know?” Anna said. Anna was so angry that she wanted to grab Yulin’s ear and shout in his ear.

“He has no sense of safety. He doesn’t take his own life seriously. Driving like this will lead to an accident sooner or later.” Anna thought.

“What did Anna mean by saying that? Is she…” Yulin thought. “Are you showing me that you care about me?” Yulin looked at Anna with sparkling eyes and said. Yulin wanted to see something from Anna’s eyes, but Anna evaded his inquiring gaze.

“Just concentrate on driving!” Anna said.

Anna wouldn’t admit that she’s caring about Yulin, or Yulin would blow his trumpet, so she had to evade his inquiring gaze.

“Hum.” Yulin said. Yulin looked ahead, no longer tangled with Anna about what had just happened, but began to drive seriously.

The two men in the car fell into complete silence, and neither of them spoke.

Soon, they arrived at Anna’s school. Yulin parked his car at the gate.

Yulin caught a glimpse of Anna in the rearview mirror and said, “Here we are.”

“Yes, I know here we are. But as there are so many students, how can I get off the car?” Anna thought.

Anna looked at Yulin anxiously, with supplication in her eyes, saying, “Could you park the car a little farther forward? There are too many students who know me.”

Anna lowered her head immediately as soon as she said that. She was really afraid that her students would see her in a Ferrari.

There were already a lot of students looking at the direction where Anna and Yulin were, because the yellow Ferrari is too much of a draw.

Anna lowered her head. She was afraid that some students would see her through the window, so she had to keep her head down.

As it’s noon, there were so many people coming and going. Yulin was amused to see that Anna wanted to bury her head under the car.

Looking out of the window at the crowds, Yulin nodded and said, “OK.”

When Yulin started his yellow Ferrari, the eyes of a large number of people were attracted again.

“Wow, here is a Ferrari. It’s so cool. I don’t know what it’s like to be in it.” A female passer-by said.

After hearing that, another passer-by mocked at her mercilessly, “Hum, you are dreaming. You want to sit in a Ferrari? Why don’t you piss a puddle to look at your true reflection?”

Yulin parked his car in a less crowded area. Anna leaned over the window and looked outside. After confirming that there were no students she knows, she was ready to say goodbye to Yulin.

“Thanks for the ride.” Anna looked at Yulin and said with a smile.

“What’s wrong with her? Why she didn’t say anything after having sex with me? And why she just said “thanks” after I sent her back to school? Is it possible that if any man had sex with her and then pretended to be kind enough to send her back, she would also smile and say “thanks” to the man? Shit!” Yulin thought.

Yulin frowned somewhat unhappily and did not answer Anna’s words.

“I’m leaving.” Anna said. Seeing Yulin does not speak, Anna thought it was his acquiescence, and she was about to open the door. But Yulin suddenly grabbed her arm as she was about to open the door.

Anna cried out in alarm. Looking back, she saw Yulin’s pretty face with some displeasure.

“What do you want to do? Let me go.” Anna stared at Yulin angrily and said. “Where does he get his strength? Why can he make me painful every time? Are boys all so strong? Do boys always grab girls with that much force? It’s so strange.” Anna thought.

“Do you have anything to do with other men?” Yulin narrowed his eyes and stared at Anna closely. He didn’t want to miss a single expression on her face.

“What? What did he mean by saying that? Last night was the first time I had sex. How could he say that?” Anna thought.

The more Anna thought of it, the more wronged she felt. Then tears welled up in her eyes.

“Just tell me.” Yulin said.

“Did you have sex with other men before me?” Yulin asked.

Yulin persisted in asking. It was as if he would break Anna’s arm if she said yes.

“No.” Anna said. Anna didn’t know if she cried out of the pain in the arm or because of Yulin’s words.

All she knew was that she was very sad without knowing why. And then, for no apparent reason, tears rolled down her cheeks. She tried hard not to cry, but…

Seeing Anna ‘s tears, Yulin realized that he might have been holding her hand too hard. He immediately pulled his hand away and let go of her arm.

Yulin still looked at Anna with burning eyes, stubbornly waiting for Anna’s answer.

“No. You’re the first person I’ve ever had sex with.” Anna said in a wronged way with red eyes.

After hearing what Anna said, Yulin’s unhappiness instantly disappeared.

Somehow Yulin was in a very good mood. The gloom on his face also disappeared, replaced by his usual ruffian smile.

“Can I leave now?” Anna said. Anna didn’t want to be in the car for a minute, not even a second. She wanted to stay away from Yulin, an unruly man who is on the other side of the tracks.

“OK.” Yulin leaned against the chair with a smile on his face and said.

Getting Yulin ‘s permission, Anna opened the door and left as fast as she could.

Seeing Anna gallop away, Yulin smiled with some gentleness on his face.

When Anna was out of sight, Yulin started his Ferrari and drove off.

After Yulin drove off in his Ferrari, three girls came out of a shop on the left. The girl at the head looked at the direction where the yellow Ferrari left and smiled secretly.

“The one who just got off the car seems to be an old friend of mine.” The girl at the head said.

“Qiaoqiao, I think that girl is Anna.”

“Yes, that’s her. How dare her seduce the president?”

The girl who is called Qiaoqiao looks very gracious. She looked at the other two girls and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s go back to school.”


Chuxue Ye held his phone and pointed to one of the clothes, asking, “Yiyao, don’t you think this looks nice?”

“Well, does it look nice?” Yiyao said. She really didn’t know what to say about the dress.

Chuxue showed Yiyao a dress of the latest style. The dress is bold in design. It’s with contrasting and bright colors.

“Isn’t it particularly nice? Yiyao, let’s each buy one.” Chuxue said. Chuxue blinked her eyes, waiting for Yiyao’s answer.

“Ah? No, the dress doesn’t fit me.” Yiyao waved her hands and shook her head and said, showing she really didn’t want to buy this dress.

“Why the dress likes this? The neckline of it is V-shaped, and the hem of it likes that of a fishtail skirt, but why the lengths of the both sides are different? Besides, why is the dress patchwork? And why the colors are so bright?” Yiyao thought.

Yiyao thought there would be many people look at her if she goes out in that dress, and there must be some people dish out criticism to her. Though she can endure the criticism, she really doesn’t like the dress.

Seeing Yiyao refuse her, Chuxue curled her lips. “Yiyao, let’s buy it together.” Chuxue said in a peevish way.

“Er, I really don’t like this dress. Chuxue, buy it yourself if you like. Leave me alone.” Yiyao said. “You really don’t have to worry about me. I don’t like it and I don’t want to buy it.” Yiyao thought.

Of course, Yiyao didn’t speak out what’s in her mind.

“Yiyao…” Chuxue held Yiyao and said.

Not knowing what to do, Yiyao looked at Jingyan Ye, who was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine.

Jingyan had noticed them for a long time, but he didn’t go to ask them or look at them.

He waited for Yiyao to ask for help. At that moment, his goal was reached.

Jingyan took a look at Yiyao and then walked slowly up to them.

“Chuxue, what are you doing?” Jingyan looked at Chuxue expressionlessly and said.

“Nothing. I just want Yiyao to buy the same dress as me.” Chuxue excused herself in a low voice.

“I really didn’t rock the boat this time. This dress is the latest fashion and it’s in vogue.” Chuxue thought.

“Oh? Buying a dress? Let me see how it looks.” Jingyan said. Squinting his eyes, he reached for the phone in Chuxue’s hand. Looking at the dress in the mobile phone, Jingyan’s face gradually became sullen.

“Ha, ha, my brother also thinks the dress looks good. I knew it.” Chuxue thought. “Brother, does it look good? I think I and Yiyao will look good if we go shopping in this dress.” Chuxue said.

Chuxue felt very excited at the thought of her and Yiyao wearing this dress to go shopping. She thought they would attract a lot of attention.

“What did Chuxue say? She said she wants to go shopping with Yiyao in this dress? She also said they would look good. I can’t let her stay at my home anymore. She is so annoying.” Jingyan thought.

“Chuxue, how much money did you bring when you came?” Jingyan asked Chuxue expressionlessly.

“How much money do I have? I don’t know how much money I have. I just know my money is enough for me to squander for a long time.” Chuxue thought.

“I don’t know how much money I have. Anyway, I have a lot of money and I can afford to buy this dress.” Chuxue said. Chuxue thought Jingyan didn’t want to spend so much money to buy the dress for Yiyao, so she said, “I will buy the dress for Yiyao and you don’t have to pay for it.”

“Is she really my sister?” Jingyan thought.

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