Chapter 427 – 428: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 427: Judgement (1)

At the same time, Fox Rui fled back to Shiwan Mountain like a miserable loser.

In just a few days, he lost two tails. The sword cultivator’s magical attack just now caused him to waste a drop of ancestral blood and a tail.

That’s two lives.

At this time he only had two tails.

He used up all of the strength to get himself to be a Supreme Monster of the Fulfilled period, but now its stage fell back to the Intermediate Monster King. What a big loss!

Bear King, Spider Queen were dead, Toad King was also dead, and Pangolin King’s life was in danger.

He thought he had overestimated Overseas Immortal Sect, but the fact was that he underestimated it.

This time he was seriously injured, and he needed to recuperate for two days before going to the Heavenly Monster’s Hall.

Tu Guan followed the Pangolin King back to Linjia Mountain, and then they moved all hundreds of thousands of pangolins from the tribe to a place which was a hundred miles away from Wuwei City, and this location was just the best place for them to settle, where they could live in peace with humans.

Tu Guan led the tribe and cleaned the battlefield. Millions of beasts’ corpses were enough for them to clean up.

Fortunately, Tiangang is not a stupid person. He understands that the Yuan family had already had some problems with Kris. He should put aside his damned dignity and try to please Kris.

After all, he is his father-in-law, right?

It took a full day for tens of thousands of pangolins and tens of thousands of humans to clean up the battlefield,

Animal skins, animal bones, animal teeth, Beast Pills, were everywhere and they filled thousands of storage cases.

What a big harvest this was, Kris made a fortune.

Except for the corpse of the Beast King, one-third of the meat of the other beasts were moved back to the territory by the pangolins, which would be enough for them to eat for several years.

As for the other beasts meat, Kris was not stingy person, and he generously divided them and gave them the people of Wuwei City.

Kris didn’t care about these low-level beasts meat.

At this time, Kris had already condensed 1,079 acupuncture points, only short of one so that he could fulfill the Pill formation!

He was now rich in materials, and he had great confidence in breaking through the Pill formation.

There was a big difference between the Pill formation and the Heaven-human-oneness stage. You must find the life point, and then gather the golden pills (The golden pills contain the essences of human beings). And in this Devil Land, if he could break through Pill formation, he lifespan could be increased by 500 years.

So he had to make some magical pills first, which could be used when needed.

After one day and one night passed, Kris adjusted his state and opened up the one thousand and eighty acupuncture points, which was the life point.

The Sword Fetus gave forth Sword Energy, the acupuncture orifice was opened, one patch of Sword Energy, two, three… until One hundred and eighty patches of Sword Energy.

The process was painful, but was surprisingly smooth.

What’s the situation?

Where was the fate?

Where’s Golden Pill?

Just as Kris was puzzled at this, more than a thousand acupuncture points lit up at the same time, as if there was a line that united these acupuncture points.


A huge suction force came from Kris’s acupuncture points, and countless auras of heaven and earth were sucked into it.

Kris had set up advanced spirit gathering array in the small courtyard. The aura inside was hundreds of times that of the outside world, and the aura was almost condensed into mist.

But even so, the aura stored in the courtyard was sucked dry by only three breaths!

The aura within a radius of five hundred miles was rolled, and an extremely exaggerated aura tornado formed in the sky above the courtyard.

The Sword Energy in the Acupoint Aperture seemed to have undergone a huge change. Was this going to be transformed into Sword Energy?

Damn it!

Too bad!

The weight of Sword Energy is dozens of times that of Sword Energy. There are nearly 200,000 Sword Energy in his acupoints. How much aura is needed?

He could hardly imagine it!

What a horrible number!

Fortunately, the Devil Land had ample aura. If you change this way of inhalation, within half an hour, the entire earth will be sucked dry by Kris.

Thinking of this, Kris once again deployed several large spirits-gatherings arrays, and set up Illusion Arrays and attacking arrays around this small courtyard.

Safety first.

The spiritual energy tornado was still rolling outside, and the sky turned gray: six hundred miles, seven hundred miles, eight hundred miles, and eight hundred miles, all was gray.

Fox Rui, who was hiding in the depth of Shiwan Mountain, then he opened his eyes, and was filled with doubts.

What was going on outside? Why did the aura of heaven and earth suddenly decrease?

At this rate of speed, he would have to rest for at least ten days.

“Could something big happen again?”

Fox Rui didn’t dare to stay here for a long time, and continued to go deeper into the mountain.

Luckily, within the sphere of 10,000 miles of Shiwan Mountain, there is only Wuwei City. If he was placed elsewhere, he would definitely attract others’ attention.

How high was the spiritual aura concentration of this Devil Land?

The spiritual aura in Kris’s small courtyard almost turned into liquid.

Ordinary people can get rid of all illnesses if he or she takes only a single breath of the aura.

But Kris was swallowing the aura like a whale, and he was continuously inhaling these spiritual energy into his body.

And that was not enough, he stuffed the magical pills into his body one by one.

The vigorous and terrifying medicinal power dissipated in the body, and Kris’s physical body expanded again, he sat cross-legged on the ground.

The speed of Sword Energy’s turning into Genuine Vital Energy was fast, but the speed for absorbing spiritual energy was not as fast.

A hundred acupuncture points, two hundred acupuncture orifices, five hundred acupuncture orifices; two hours later, all of Kris’s acupuncture orifices turned into swords.

The sky above Wuwei City was also shrouded in dark clouds, like splashing ink, it looked as if the world was going to be destroyed.

Everyone in Wuwei City didn’t know what was going on, and everyone was scared to hide at home and dare not go out.

In front of this scene, they were as small as ants.

Outside the courtyard, the Tu Guan was stunned.

What the hell was this?

Was it accumulated spirit?

It’s terrible, so terrible, could Kris really survive this level of thunder?

If Kris died, then they would also be finished.

“Trust the master, he will be able to survive the thunder catastrophe successfully.”

Tu Guan said.

Kris closed the formation; and over the sky, thunder was still brewing.

The power of this thunder tribulation was ten or even a hundred times more powerful than that of the earth.

Then Kris flew directly outside the city.


“You two take care of home, I will come back soon!”

At this moment, Kris looked like a giant, especially the mysterious lines on his body, which were full of magic, and he was a bit like an ancient god.

His flight speed had exceeded the speed of sound, but within ten breaths, he came outside Wuwei City.

This large grassland was a good place to get out of the catastrophe.

In the sky, Kris summoned the dagger: Kill Qin. Inside him, the deadly poisonous insect hadn’t awakened yet, even if it woke up, it might not be able to help him much.

This time the thunder was a catastrophe for him, but it was also a great opportunity.

Bear King struck him twice with sky thunder, and his body had made great progress.

He didn’t have any flesh cultivation techniques, but he was building up his physical body through his own exploration.

After the catastrophe, he must go to Seven-treasures House to see if there is any skills for cultivating the physical body. And This is too important.

His biggest attacking method was the Nameless Sword Tactics. If he wanted to infinitely enhance his attack, his body should be the foundation.

He quietly adjusted his state, grabbed a handful of Vitality Pills, and swallowed them.

In the sky, Heaven Thunder had been brewing for half an hour, and finally it was with enough power.


A sky thunder that was with black and purple color and with the thickness of a bucket came down from the sky.

The destructive power made people creepy.

We really didn’t know how much pressure Kris had suffered under such a huge thunder.

Above the city wall, Tiangang, Xuefei, Tu Yan and others stood there, watching.

The power of Kris had refreshed their perceptions once again.

Was this really something that humans can do?

In mid-air, Zhong Guan said to Tu Guan: “The Thunder that our lord needs to deals with turned out to be the most terrifying Nine Heavens Thunder!”

Tu Guan’s pupils shrank, and he knew that the thunder from Nine Heavens was the most horrible one.

“Come on!” Kris directly took the thunder, and the power of terrifying thunder and lightning pierced every cell of his body,!

Right at this moment, Kris’s body was crushed.


Infinite thunder and lightning flew through Kris’s body, and his body was roasted in just in one second.

But soon his body was repaired under the tyrannical power of Vitality Pills.

Not only that, Kris also felt that the Sword Energy in his acupuncture orifices had also been touched by the thunder, and even the primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power were also affected by the thunder.

With this, Kris took a deep breath!

This Sky Thunder was too damn cruel!

Chapter 428: Judgment 2

Kris Chen dared not be careless any more!

Was the heaven of the Devil Land so terrible like this?

He had no idea that the thunder judgment he was going through at the moment was the Holy Thunder of the highest heavens; even people of the accumulated spirit period were afraid of it.

The first thunder lasted half a quarter.

At the moment, he was naked and unarmed.

Before he could catch his breath, the second thunder fell.


The thunder was even more terrifying than the first one. Kris fought hard.

And he endured the pain with his human body.

The thunder patterns on his body became clearer and more mysterious.

However, what made Kris surprised was that the little insect hiding in his body was also awakened by the thunder.

It fluttered its ten wings and its body turned golden.

The Ten Winged Insect Emperor?

If the Eight Winged Supreme Deadliest Insect was comparable to the people of Heaven-human-oneness stage, what about the Ten Winged Insect Emperor?

It should be as powerful as the primal spirit.

“Get away from here; don’t get affected by the thunder.”

Having no time to explore further, Kris ordered.

Kris didn’t have to say that. The little insect knew what to do. It turned into a beam of golden light and appeared somewhere several miles away.


The third thunder fell, like a roaring thunder dragon.

With its powerful attack, it got Kris hard to resist.

His body was burned then recovered; the cycle went again and again. His primal spirit was also withered under the heavenly power. The Divine spiritual power little person showed a look of fear on the face.

“Damn, I’m not afraid!”

He roared, “Do you want my life? Can you? “

“Come on!”

One thousand and eighty acupoints in the body started to absorb the thunder and lightning.

One hundred and eighty Sword Vital Energy started to kill the thunder power in the acupoints.

It was too painful!

This kind of pain almost made him faint.

The third thunder lasted half a quarter before it disappeared.

At this time, Kris was messy with blood all over his body. And when he shook, the burnt flesh on his body started falling down.

Once again, he swallowed a lot of Vitality Pills, Concentration Pills and Stablizer Pills.

He recovered instantly! This was the power of an alchemist!

What doesn’t kill you makes you strong, doesn’t it?


The fourth thunder came as expected!

The thunder changed it’s formation into a dragon horn, dragon claws, even dragon scales!

The thunder changed its formation!

How could this be possible?

In the distance, Zhong Guan almost pulled his beard off.

Tu Guan didn’t understand, “Grandfather, what’s thunder formation?”

Zhong’s was frightened and said, “To put it this way, it’s the punishment from heaven.”

“Heaven’s punishment? You mean it’s not thunder judgment, but heaven’s punishment? “

“Yes, it’s heaven’s punishment!”

Tu’s palms were sweating. This was really ridiculous. How could it be heaven’s punishment?

“Grandfather, but the master didn’t do anything harmful!”

“Did you forget that he slaughtered tens of thousands of monsters beasts almost by himself?” Zhong said.

Tu was dumbfounded, but… Didn’t Kris also save the people of the whole city?

Zhong was a little confused, too. “If it isn’t for this, there only would be the second reason. Our master is so evil that even heaven is jealous and wants to kill him!”

“What… Even heaven is jealous?”

This was the first time Tu had heard this.

“Yes, for millions of years, many gods and demons in the Devil Land have been envied by the heaven. If they are too evil, they will be punished.”

Zhong said, “the punishment is ten times more dangerous than the judgment, but if you can endure it, you will get a lot of benefits, which are the compensation of the heaven to you.”

“Do you think the master can survive the thunder?”

Zhong shook his head. “I don’t know, but I hope he will.”

When the thunder changed its formation into a dragon, the power of thunder dragon increased tens of times!

The moment the thunder stroke on Kris, Kris was instantly shattered .

It’s too strong.

Fortunately, his magical pills were very powerful, and Kris’s physical strength was also very strong.

Otherwise, under this attack, his body and soul would be totally destroyed.

“Refine the pills!”

Kris made a strong effort to extract the power of the magical pills to repair his body.

The thunder was too terrible, and Kris wasn’t supposed to take the fifth thunder with his human body, absolutely no!

After the fourth thunder, Kris spat out blood. They were blood clots discharged from the internal organs, which were extremely smelly.

Another mouthful of Vitality Pills.

Kris didn’t dare to overestimate himself. He directly accumulated two thousand Sword Vital Energy.

At the moment the Light Sword weighed more than a hundred thousand grams.

Fortunately, the Light Sword could be manipulated by mind, otherwise the weight was really too much to handle.

He wanted to see how much power had been increased after Sword Energy had been transformed into the Sword Vital Energy!

In the sky, dark clouds were rolling, as well as the lightning and thunder.


The fifth thunder dragon appeared without warning.

This time, the lines on dragon’s body were all delicate and vivid, and its power had been enhanced once again.

Thousands of kilometers away, he could feel the explosive force and destructive power of the thunder dragon.


The Light Sword turned out to be a stream of light that directly hit the thunder dragon.


The pressure of the huge impact wave became hurricane and spread around.

Light Sword and thunder dragon confronted each other.



The thunder dragon roared and came down with boundless power.

Naturally, Kris would not give up, and his light sword rushed into thunder dragon’s mouth.


The earth-shaking explosion sounded, and the thunder dragon was directly broken in half.

What, only half!

Kris was shocked. His muscles swelled and turned into a giant more than three meters high, and behind him appeared the shadow of a demon!

The demon had three heads and eight arms. They were either crying, laughing, or angry.

Each hand held a different weapon.

Compared with the earth, in the Devil Land, the real body of the demon summoned by Kris was incomparably condensed and solid. It was so real.

The moment the demon appeared, the evil thoughts in the hearts of people in Wuwei City were raised.

Zhong was surprised!

What kind of magic was that?

He didn’t expect that Kris could still use this method.


With a roar from Kris, the demon behind him suddenly opened its eyes. its scarlet eyes were cruel and brutal. It looked upon all living creatures as ants.

Its two arms suddenly caught the thunder dragon.


With a slight force, the thunder dragon was crushed directly by demon!

Naturally, Kris would not waste the scattered thunder and lightning power. He activated all the acupoints and absorbed them into his body. He had a feeling that if the power of thunder and lightning could be used by him, there would be great benefits!

Heaven’s punishment was directly crushed, and everyone witnessed the scene. Kris looked just like a God and a devil.

It’s not human force at all.

Tiangang Yuan roared in his heart, “Whatever it takes, I have to make Kris change his mind, even if it takes his life!”

As good as Kris was at the moment, Tiangang regretted as much, not only he, but also Xuefei Yuan!

God knows how she spent yesterday.

She could kill herself in front of him.

Yujie, on the contrary, showed a face of worship, looking at Kris in the distance, who was fighting against the power of heaven and earth.

In theory, the body of the devil was the highest secret of the earth, but after coming to the Devil Land, it seemed to have a mysterious and unpredictable power.

It’s like a demon with a soul.

Its power was greatly enhanced.

Was there any mysterious connection between the earth and the Devil Land?

But at the moment, he had no time to explore further, he just wanted to survive the judgment safely.

The power of thunder and lightning got violent in his body, but was suppressed by the Sword Vital Energy in the acupoints!

It was all absorbed by him.

Five thunders fell finally, and the punishment seemed to have got weak. There was a roar above the dark clouds. Kris knew that it was still accumulating energy.

He couldn’t be careless!

According to his experience, the power of the thunder would only get stronger and stronger.

The two thousand Sword Vital Energy was not enough, so he continued to make more!

The Sword Vital Energy soon added up to three thousand, which was still not his limit yet.


After accumulating enough energy, the sixth thunder directly came down.


He didn’t know how powerful the three thousand Sword Vital Energy was. Anyway, no one could stop him, because he was in the primal spirit stage!

The dragon was at the moment covered with thick armor of thunder and lightning. The power contained in it made people heartbroken.

The Light Sword hit the sixth thunder. It broke like an irresistible force, and cut the thunder directly from the middle!

But that’s it. The power of the Light Sword was used up.

Only the strong ones of the accumulated spirit stage could release such strong power!

Kris thought in his heart.

However, when the power of Light Sword was improved, its consumption was greatly increased as well.

Moreover, it improved by more than ten times! His cultivation had already been ten times more difficult than others; how could he handle the ten times of power?

Looking at the thunder dragon’s broken pieces, Kris did not hesitate to inhale them into his body!

That was the purest aura of heaven and earth.

Although the energy was a little violent, it could only obey Kris after it entered Kris’s body.

In the sky, the seventh sky thunder had not fallen for the time being, and it should still be accumulating energy. But its power had a genuine change compared to the previous six thunders.

It felt as if the seventh thunder was about to give a bid strike!

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