Yvette was stepped on in this way, she did not snort, and struggled to leave here, she must leave, or she would be insulted by Zhao Yunlei.

This is absolutely impossible!

Zhao Yunlei saw Yvette twisting on the ground, he laughed abnormally, and he got unspeakable joy in his heart!

At this time, his thoughts have been abnormal to the extreme, he laughed!

The struggling Yvette suddenly changed his face, “You are looking for death!!”

Whoop, whoop, whoop!

Du Pei ran out of breath, she had lingering palpitations, but now she is fine, she is fine, she will not be insulted by Zhao Yunlei, and the Du family is fine. It seems that her decision is very good. It was too correct. She took refuge in Chuck Cannon. !

She looked back and saw that Yvette would definitely not be able to get out. At this time, she must have been tortured by the perverted Zhao Yunlei. Du Pei was a little bit entangled in her heart, but isn’t she safe?

She is here for the money, and in order to make money, she has to bear the risks she should have. She should be conscious, and what should she worry about? ?

Your own safety is most important.

Du Pei prepared to leave with peace of mind, she has to take a good bath and put on a mask. Today, she was beaten badly, so she had to apply the mask to restore her beauty.

Only at this moment, she suddenly heard the sound, the sound of the propeller, she looked up and was stunned.

A helicopter flew over. The speed was so fast that it caused a gust of wind around! Aroused the amazement of people nearby!

“My God, helicopter! This high-end helicopter is worth tens of millions of dollars, right?”

“Yeah, it’s so cool. Hurry up and take photos and post to Moments. Hehe, I saw the helicopter today, so cool…”

The people she saw rushed to take photos. This kind of helicopter was a plaything of the rich at first sight. They were so curious, who was inside this?

People from the four major families? ?

Du Peixin couldn’t open her eyes anymore, and the helicopter landed directly in the parking lot! Two people came down inside, a man and a woman.

Du Peixin saw these two people. She was pleasantly surprised and relieved. Chuck Cannon came over, so fast, was it all for herself?

Du Peixin felt a little unspeakable. How can she say that Chuck Cannon is richer than the Zhao family, but for her own sake, he flew the plane overnight? Shouldn’t others have this treatment?

she just let him like that?

To be honest, Du Pei felt a little proud of the appearance of this situation, as if the boss praised her in front of everyone in the company… attracting attention!

Du Pei knew it. Chuck Cannon is different from Zhao Yunlei, Zhao Yunlei is perverted, and Chuck Cannon is a businessman!

Du Peixin walked over, she decided that she would explain clearly to her family, and then work hard for Chuck Cannon for five years!

After all, he rushed over so late, for her own sake, then she must repay him!

“Mr. Cannon…” Du Peixin walked over, Chuck Cannon’s public servant, the anxiety and coldness on her face were all for herself.

At this moment, Du Pei felt great satisfaction.

“You came out by yourself?” Chuck Cannon frowned when he saw Du Peixin with a slap on his face.

“Yes, Zhao Yunlei caught me. I mentioned you Mr. Cannon just now, so he let me go,” Du Peixin was a little bit envious at this time. When did she would have the strength of Chuck Cannon!

“Stop talking, where is my wife?” Chuck Cannon was impatient.

“Old, wife?” Du Pei was stunned. Who is Chuck Cannon’s wife?

“Mr. Cannon, who is your wife?” Du Pei was really a little embarrassed. Chuck Cannon came in such a hurry, isn’t it for herself, but for his wife?


“Who is Yvette?” Du Peixin didn’t know her, but she suddenly thought of something, Blood Leopard, didn’t she say that her husband was also named Cannon?

Is it?? Du Pei’s mind was stunned. Could it be that the husband of the blood leopard is Chuck Cannon??

How is this possible!

Du Peixin couldn’t understand at all. If you want to know Chuck Cannon’s status, what wife can’t he find? If she can be Chuck Cannon’s wife, then it must be a rich wife, so how she comes out to be a killer? Come out to protect people for money?

“It’s the woman with you, is she still inside!” Chuck Cannon said coldly!

Zhao Yunlei, you are looking for death!

Du Peixin’s face was red at this time, so his wife Yvette, at this time, was she beaten by Zhao Yunlei? ?

“She, she is a blood leopard, Mr. Cannon, are you wrong? Hey, Mr. Cannon, Mr. Cannon…” Chuck Cannon rushed in without hearing it!

Betty followed!

Du Peixin wanted to ask clearly, but Chuck Cannon ignored her at all. When she was chasing, she fell to the ground and she was confused.

Blood Leopard is really Chuck Cannon’s wife??

This is incredible, and what’s more, Du Pei’s sense of pride is gone, because Chuck Cannon didn’t fly here overnight for herself, but for the killer blood leopard. She also promised him to work for him for five years, but this kind of talent is not as important as your wife? …


Zhao Yunlei slapped Yvette in annoyance. When he was about to do something to Yvette, he was suddenly kicked by Yvette and he almost fainted.

He clutched, howling in pain!

The slap print on Yvette’s face is already obvious to the extreme, too eye-catching!

But she had no expression at all, struggling to get rid of the tied hand, but it was too tight, she was unable to get rid of it at all, but with the kick just now, Zhao Yunlei has been subdued, and now she will leave here first.

There is a handle outside, surely not, so, the window?

Yvette walked to the window, frowned, it was too high, and her hands were tied. If this goes on, she will definitely fall to death.

When Yvette hesitated, Zhao Yunlei had already got up, “Haha, it’s interesting. It’s interesting!”

Zhao Yunlei rushed over and hit Yvette with a punch. Yvette frowned with pain, “Let you kick me, kick!!”

Zhao Yunlei has a hideous and perverted face, full of laughter!

Yvette was retreating, and Zhao Yunlei jumped up and slapped Yvette heavily!


this time!

Yvette fell to the ground, blood came out from her mouth, and her face was numb!

“Haha,” Zhao Yunlei limped and walked over, grabbing Yvette, and when he was about to slap again, suddenly there was a sound outside the door.

what! !

My subordinates seem to be screaming!

Zhao Yunlei frowned and roared at the door, “c! What the hell is she doing? Excuse me, I will let you die!”


The screams continued, Zhao Yunlei frowned, what is going on?

He snapped, slapped Yvette, and walked to the door, “What’s the matter? Say!!!”



Something hit the door as if a kicker hit the door.

“What happened? Say!” Zhao Yunlei savagely. This is the Zhao family hospital. There is only one patient on this floor, and all the others rushed down. At this time, someone was making trouble!

This is looking for death!

“Zhao Yunlei, you are looking for death!” Chuck Cannon said coldly outside.

Yes, Chuck Cannon and Betty went upstairs all the way through the pass. Betty is a master of fighting, and Chuck Cannon has learned a lot. There are more than ten people at this door, who are not enough to look at, and they came directly.

Chuck Cannon was full of anger.

He kicked the door with his feet, this man is bullying his wife!

Zhao Yunlei was stunned, his perverted mind suddenly became sober, this, this is Chuck Cannon? Ignore me, I have released Du Pei’s heart, why did Chuck Cannon come here?

Zhao Yunlei thought and thought, thinking that Chuck Cannon should have come to warn himself!

Zhao Yunlei sneered and wanna warn me??

One day, I will kill you, and you will die in my hands! Zhao Yunlei is mentally prepared, isn’t it just a warning? casual!

When a man bows his head, it doesn’t matter. When the strength becomes stronger, he can find it back a hundred times.

Zhao Yunlei hummed, looking back at Yvette, “Beauty, I will play with you later, I want to see someone now…”

He shrugs, warning? Come on, I’m not afraid of Zhao Yunlei!

“Master, I’ll come!” Betty had found an axe, and she raised the axe to hit the door!

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang, and this is hers!

She answered, “Here? Surround the whole hospital!”


Betty smashed the door open, and Chuck Cannon rushed in!

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