Chapter 427: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 427 Bullying You

Jingyan Ye thought: How could Chuxue Ye ask her sister-in-law to wear such a revealing clothes! It was fine if she wore that kind of clothes herself, because he didn’t care about the way she dressed, but Yiyao Duan was different.

Yiyao was his woman, and how could she wear such clothes out.

Jingyan understood that Chuxue had come to their house to set a bad example for Yiyao.

Jingyan even had some doubts whether Chuxue had been kicked out or not. Maybe she just found a random excuse to get Zhao Nangong to lie to Jingyan with her again.

The purpose of her was just to stay at their house and set a bad example for Yiyao!

Jingyan frowned at Chuxue, “Go and take the wallet you brought here.”

Chuxue didn’t feel anything strange, so she also obediently went to get the wallet.

“Here.” Chuxue handed the wallet to Jingyan, who took a look at it and began to smile at once.

Suddenly he said, “Huh? Someone knocked on the door, Chuxue, go and see who it is?”

Chuxue generally did what Jingyan asked, so she just curled her lips and ran over to open the door. But there was no one.

Jingyan went behind Chuxue and gently pushed her out of the door, casually throwing her wallet out as well.

Then he clapped his hand and closed the door at once.

“Brother, what are you doing?”

“Brother, open the door, I am your own sister……”

“Brother…… Yiyao…… help me ……”

“Jing…… Jingyan, why don’t you open the door for her?” Yiyao finally could not bear to shut her out after hearing her pleading.

“No! She has so much money, why does she still live in our house?” Jingyan said firmly.

He said with a tough tone and a distinct attitude, and what he meant was that no one could open the door for Chuxue.

“Yiyao, let’s go to sleep?” Jingyan looked at her with a smile.

“No.” Going to sleep after eating is easily to make people become fat. Besides, she wasn’t very sleepy either.

“Why?” Jingyan pretended to look a little hurt as he looked at Yiyao, whose aggrieved look made her could not bear to refuse him.

“Alright, then let’s go lie down for a while.” Yiyao seemed to think of something after she finished speaking, “But what about Chuxue?”

Just now, Chuxue had been shut out by Jingyan, and it was scorching outside in the middle of the day, so what if Chuxue got heatstroke?

After hearing Yiyao talk about Chuxue, he frowned at that moment, and then he thought: Never mind, she is not stupid anyway.

“It’s alright, Chuxue is not stupid, and she will find a place on her own. Come on, let’s go and rest.” Jingyan looked at Yiyao and said gently.

“But …… is …… is Chuxue really okay?” Yiyao once again raised her head to ask Jingyan, still worrying about Chuxue.

“She’s fine.” Jing Yan frowned, thinking: What is wrong with Yiyao.

It was all Chuxue’s fault for making Yiyao not put him first.

Being not happy at the moment, he directly picked up Yiyao and carried her back to the bedroom.


“What are you doing, Jingyan.” Even though there were only two of them, Yiyao was still a little shy and even blushed slightly.

“Take a nap!” Jingyan hugged her, whose heart was bursting with joy as he finally kicked the clingy Chuxue out of the house.

Finally, it was time for only the two of them to be together again.

Jingyan laughed, feeling quite happy.


Chuxue, who was standing outside the house, thought: Hum, he should kick me out just like that, …… woo woo woo……

He is so cruel…… that he should throw me, a young girl in her flowering season and his own sister out the door! And he even did not give me a penny…… not even my mobile phone …… then how can I contact Zhao ……

Huh……? Well, it seems that he threw out something when he pushed me out?

The thing that was casually thrown out by Jingyan seems to be my wallet!

Chuxue then took random little steps and walked step by step carefully, looking at the grass next to her to see if there could be something there.

“Found it!” Chuxue found her wallet in the grass next to her.

“It’s still good of my brother to know to give me wallet before kicking me out. But …… but ……my phone is still in the house…..”

Chuxue knew she couldn’t go back, so she walked outside on the road by herself and called a taxi.

“Master, go to the nearby mall.” Chuxue looked at the slippers she was wearing on her feet and the clothes on her body, and said to the taxi driver without hesitation.

The taxi driver took two more glances at Chuxue in the rear view mirror, thinking: This girl is dressed really strangely, she couldn’t have left her keys at home, could she?

Well, it’s very likely that this is the case, judging from her look.

The taxi driver then imagined in his mind about why she came out in slippers and pajamas.


“Jingyan, would Chuxue still be outside the door by herself?” Yiyao still felt a little worried about Chuxue being out there alone.

Jingyan was not happy and frowned after hearing her words, and then he closed his eyes and said calmly:“She’s fine. Don’t worry about her.”

After thinking for a moment, she still felt quite worried and wanted to get up and go down to see if Chuxue was still outside the door.

“What are you doing?” Jingyan, who originally had his eyes closed, opened them because of Yiyao’s movement.

“Chuxue doesn’t have any money or a phone with her, where can she go? I have to go and check her.” Yiyao said anxiously.

He laughed as he listened to what she said.

Yiyao could only look at Jingyan innocently with her big eyes open, not knowing what he was laughing at.

Then Jingyan said: “I threw her wallet out of the door with her phone in it just now.”

He smiled and looked at Yiyao, who was stunned after hearing his words, then he reached out his hand and touched her nose.

“You just threw out both her wallet and the phone?” Yiyao was still a little confused.

“Of course, she’s my own sister.” Jingyan said, feeling a little amused.

No matter what Chuxue had done, she was still his own sister. Therefore, no matter what Jingyan did to her, he still loved her very much.

“Alright, take a good sleep.” Jingyan kissed her forehead and buried his head in her neck, speaking calmly.

“Okay.” Yiyao looked at his side face and felt quite warm in her heart.

But from time to time, she still thought of that unborn baby.

That baby who had passed away due to an accident.

Just two days ago, she received a court summons, saying that in just a few days, the trial would be held. And the thought of it made Yiyao feel sad.

Jingyan noticed that Yiyao seemed to thinking about something, so he opened his eyes, looking at her tenderly, and asked: “Yiyao, what’s wrong? You can not sleep?”

Jingyan originally wanted to let her rest for a while at noon, but now Yiyao seemed to not be very sleepy.

“It’s alright, Jingyan, let’s rest together for a while.” After saying that, Yiyao closed her beautiful eyes.

Jingyan then narrowed his eyes, who knew that Yiyao might be sad again because of thinking of the baby.

“Okay.” Jingyan looked at her, who had already closed her eyes, and said in a low voice. Then he slowly closed his eyes as well.


After Anna Xie went back to school, all she did everyday was attending classes, without being late or leaving early.

Everything remained exactly the same as before and nothing had changed.

Recently, she did not had any classes. So she held many revision material and reviewed them in the library or the terrace classroom everyday.

Anna did not contact Yulin Xiao, and he also did not come to school to see her, who never…… called her once.

Yulin did not contact Anna during this week, and Anna herself could not say exactly what kind of feeling she had. But she felt kind of painful in her heart, who just felt hurt a little without any reasons.

But ……didn’t she herself not want him to come to her? Didn’t she decide to cut off contact with him?

So that was good…..just like now, no one contacted each other ……

Everything was the way she wanted it to be.

In the terrace classroom, Anna was sitting by the window, who was wearing a white dress today, with her long hair casually draping over her shoulders.

As soon as Yulin entered the classroom, he saw this scene: Anna was looking down at something seriously, and she suddenly laughed, then turned her head to look out of the window.

A gentle breeze blew outside the window, causing Anna’s hair to fly up from her shoulders, and she lifted her hand to pin the loose hair behind her ear.

Yulin was attracted by her, whose heart even seemed to have missed a beat. He felt as if his empty heart and low mood of the week had all gone with the breeze blowing in through the window the moment he saw Anna.


When Anna heard someone calling her, she turned her head and saw Yulin leaning against the wall and grinning. The sunlight was shining through the glass on him, who seemed to be an angel, but an angel with an evil smile.

“Why are you here?” Anna felt complicated when she saw Yulin, but she indeed was slightly delighted in her heart.

At this moment, Yulin was less unruly than his usual look and he was gentler and happier.

With a smile on his face, Yulin slowly walked towards Anna from the door, saying: “Well? I’ve come to see you, after all ……”

Then he paused and stopped walking, then he looked at Anna fixedly, saying: After all, our relationship is not ordinary, so it is quite normal to come to see you, isn’t it?”

Then Anna thought: Yes, Yulin is originally a young master of a rich family. So it seems that I have indeed thought too much……

Indeed…… how could he have come to see me just because he misses me?

Haha, Anna laughed at herself in her heart.

“What? Aren’t you happy to see me come here?” Yulin frowned, whose originally good-looking eyebrows became slightly twisted.

He thought: Why is Anna suddenly frustrated? She was obviously very happy just now.

Is it because she hates me? Or because of my arrival?

Thinking of this, Yulin felt a little depressed without knowing why.

But then he thought: Why should I think so much about it? As long as I am happy, it does not matter for me whether she is happy or not, and whether she hates me or not.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t I already compensate you last time?” Anna glared at him, frowning her eyebrows, and she looked at him with confusion.

Yulin snickered, “Yes, you indeed have already compensated me the last time, but ……”

Then he walked up to Anna and whispered by her ear: “But …… you haven’t compensated yourself for what happened that night …….”

Yulin felt that Anna was his own happiness, and he just liked to tease her without knowing why. He even thought she was quite cute when she was annoyed at him.

Yulin didn’t know what was wrong with himself, for he had not had this kind of “hobby” before.

When exactly did he become like this? He seemed to……have a change after he met Anna.

Thinking of this, Yulin could not help but smile, but Anna looked at him angrily and said, “That night was originally an accident, and…… and it was me who suffered a loss, right?”

Yulin then thought: So this girl is not very stupid, now that she knows that she is the one who suffered a loss.

Mentioning the thing about that night, Yulin felt quite awkward. After dropping off Anna that day, he had wanted to go to a bar with some of his friends.

But somehow, he drove to that villa without knowing why, and then he went into the wine cellar and stood there motionlessly, thinking about how he and Anna went into the cellar that night to get the wine. And the more he thought about it, the happier he became, and he even smiled unconsciously.

After standing there for a long time, he went to the room dizzily and stood at the door, remembering what he had said to that silly girl Anna.

Then he went back to the bed to lie down. Though the sheets had not been changed, and he had excessive concern for neatness, he still lied on the bed directly.

He had not noticed that a bit of blood was in the middle of the bed sheet.

But the moment he saw it, he had a extremely complicated mood, who felt excited, happy, nervous, and surprised at the same time.

Multiple emotions instantly occupied his brain.

“I don’t care. Anyway, that night Miss Xie was very active and took advantage of me.”

“Well, now you want to deny it?” Yulin came closer to her little by little, asking: “Miss Xie…… you don’t want to deny it by virtue of drunkenness, do you?”

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